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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 17, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma / fLiberty is Showing Mickey Today, Coming Tomorrow a Double Program, Lila Lee inMHearts of Youth,9*Charlie Chaplin in “Dog's glba €bcnmg VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 237 ADA, OKLAHOMA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1919 THREE CENTS THE COPY CHRISTMAS AND THE PRODIGAL SON 10 (El UKF TWO MATTERS OF ^VISUAL LM- OOitfOfiATION COMMISSION OR- POHTAM’K TO BE Ai'TED ON THIS WEEK BY THE HIGHEST BODY. DEUS CONSUMERS TO MAKE DEDUCTIONS FROM BUilA AiXOUNT LOW PRESSURE Service:    ‘    ^ News* Special Service OKLAHOMA CITY Dec.^17.—-Two OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 17.— ' £".<£< ““"‘I lm,lh“rt“."C.e are Consumer* of gas. having become i .... court th?- seek nl ti? rfU’ awar* °f ‘he state corporation com-, the speical court which heard*the    ord"    las' Sa,urda> salary cases involving increases in direc,tng ga# attributor* to make! pay to the members of the gtftte deductions because of low Pressure supreme coun and the state indus- s*rvke. have been inquiring as to trial commission, will assemble and tb€> method under which their dell is expected to hand down its ductions will be made. The diree-l deciaou. On Friday the case invoiv- tkrna to the distributing companies lag the referendum petition filed Is based on the “Nowwata order” in against House Bill 509. the new au- which specific directions were aet tomobiie license law, is to be sub- out for the adjustment of bills by nutted to the court. The opinion of the distributing company at that; the court rn the case involving the place ^H°n*    the rat. The order of last Saturday, which I exrvecte i with m<5» *>ro i*? n#, applies to domestic consumers only, exited with each approaching opln- Tequiree tha( during the period the| The seventh legislature, in session pre88Ur« is between four and) from January 6 to March *’9 last thr*e    measured at the re passed a bill increasing the pay to cordm8r Pressure gauge nearest the! members of the supreme court and consu™er,s meter, the sendee shall} members of the state industrial he considered to be seventy-five commission. When this law became Percent service; between three effective Frank Carter, state audit- ounce* and two ounces, fifty percent or. refused to issue the warrants at between two ounces and one ounce, the new rate to members who were twenty-five percent and below one in office at the time the law* be- ounce no service, came effective, This action was Distributing companies are requir-en *V* C°?. niit* wi!b an opinion ed to make daily reports when prescient holden!rrif h^ * ^^cral s depart- sUre is registered below four ounces prohibits a erat* pi con®t,tuVou and from these reports compile a promotes a state elective or appoint- .„»i j*    T    .    . ive officer accepting additional fees    °r d,aPraiu bowing the per- or emoluments to tho<e provided    furmanoe of    th* Pressure    guages    . when he took office. Chief Justice    durinP eaoh    “»onth. The    Nowata Owens, on his own behalf and for order held that a consumer requires other members of the court, insti- pas service for about sixteen hours luted a proceeding in the supreme out of each twenty-four, these be-court to require Caner to issue the in£ fixed at six o’clock in the morn-warrants. Judge Baxter Taylor took Ids until ten o’clock at night. Us-the same procedure in his own be- ing thirty days as the monthly bahai: as a member of the industrial sis this gives 480 service hours commission Chief Juaice Owens and during the month. The diagram will otne* members of the supreme bench show the service for each of the '™m*e,lv:s and Governor separate sixteen hours of each day. justices to hear the*ease"tsi sbwla!    Tb<“ pressure    for the total    service justices to nt-ar the case. This court    th.    mAntVl _,4n    * assembled Dec. 1 when the case    8 . J e    month will be added, was submitted    a deduction* made until the cus- The seventh* legislature also pass- IOmer CAn h* *hown that there W8re ed House Bill 509. changing the a *lven numb«*r of hours the method of taxing automobiles and month during which his sendee was other motor driven vehicles; this ll- imperfect. This might be, for ex-cense tax. formerly collected on a amPle. forty hours during which horsepower charge basis. was. by the there was no service, twenty-four bill, changed to a taxation based on hours during which there was sev- -the manufacturer’s price of the car.! enty-flve percent service, and forty Automobile dealers and owners cir- hours w*hen it was only twenty-five * tulated a referendum petition which percent sendee. This would be con- J. ELMER THOMAS WRITES THE GOVERNOR CALLING ATTENTION TO THE NECESSITY OF SPECIAL SESSION un By News’ Special Service OKLAHOMA CITY. Dec. 17.— Governor Robertson received a letter from State Senator J. Elmer Thomas, of Lawton, suggesting the calling of a special session of the Oklahoma legislature for the pur- state fuel administrator, pose of enacting legislation which WHITEHURST SAYS HE WILL RELINQUISH COAL RESPONSIBILITY WHEN EMERGENCY IS PAST OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 17.-^ State supervision and distribution of coal will not be extended beyond te next three or four days, it was announced by J. A. Whitehurst, ™> WFMI By the AnioriktMi I ftw WASHINGTON, Dec 17—Mexico’s would provide the state with an in dustrial court. The Lawton senator’s suggestion, while not in the same detail, is considered to be the proposal of such a labor court as will be considered by the special session of the Kansas legislature, calle<f by Governor Allen to assemble on January 5. Governor Robertson offered no comment upon the suggestion of Senator Thomas other than to say that he believed that such legislation would be beneficial providing it followed the trend of Federal legislation. He pointed out that many of the matters which would likely come before a state labor or industrial court would be of an interstate nature and believed that there would be an overlapping of authority or jurisdiction unless congress first paves ay by forming a federal be of the same sort. For several days there have been suggestions and conversations par-j ticularly in the corridors bf the ‘ state house and lobbies of the down-j town hotels where politicians usually get together, that there is a growing sentiment for an extraordinary session to consider many matters of statewide import. Governor Robertson has repeatedly pointed out that those who suggest or insist upon a special session of the legislature must bring their arguments to the point where they conform with his view as to the wisdom of calling I the legislators together. He believ-1 es that before a session should be I called that the necessity for such an assembly and the benefit to be , derived from its labors must be j commensurate with „ the expense I which the session will entail. I Although he has never affirmed "‘The coal now on hand will J>o distributed to the points whore it. Is needed most, principally on the west side of the state, and when we ilgYO eased over the emergency we wnl relinquish this duty,” said Whitehurst Normal production, Whitehurst said, would be resumed within the next few d&ys. Departure of the Federal troops from the coal mines may begin Saturday at which time Governor Robertson will lift hie martial law proclamation. A conference will probably be held between the governor and some of the larger wholesale dealers to discuss the matter of commandeering the utput of the mines. “We are both working to the same end,” said Dorset Carter, president of te Oklahoma Coal operators, “and the matter can be adjusted without any difficulty. The governor is fair and I am sure that a satisfactory adjustment can be made.** Mine workers returned to their work yesterday and the mines are being operated without trouble, he said. Thirty-eight per cent of the miners and 29 per cent of the day men returned yesteroay and the rest will resume work as soon as they arrive in the fields. With a constant call for coal from people in all stations of life in Ok-laoma City, no coal is available for distribution, according to managers of leading coal yards. Up to last night no coal had been received and no relief was in sight before tomorrow. REPORT OF MASSACRE BY PERSIANS DENIED petition and Wood appealed to the i”* Undf,r I"1 Sa!,Urda1y’a °J state supreme coun    der    Thls    example would entitle the CALAMITY FAILS. aud official? uecftifced to comment oil _ the text as giv«i out in Associated Secretary of State Morris refused r<"‘s,mier to a ,uu* more than    >' i>ss dispatches from Mexico City to accept the filing of the refer- twenty Percent discount on his net Yesterday morning Mayor Gary The CarranxA government' now By ,h(a Associated Pres* end urn petition against the legisla- char*re for the month.    Kitchens    received    from    the American a^ree* *hat th« Jenkins case has such a suggestion it is likely that ! the governor is of the opinion that 1 there are several matters of sufficient import to go before a special session of the legislature. Even if convinced that the legislation^ deair- ( la was made by the war offlce to_ eel would be enacted, there is Btl . aay. The announcement stated the question of whether such legit- <hn this report “had been repeated lotion would bring about the results Uo the war office wllh0„t comrlent that must be attained to relic; e ab- by t he commanding officer at Me- By the Associated Press LONDON, Dec. 17.—Official denial of the report circulated by the Russian Bolshevik! that hostile Persians had massacred the British garrison of 1300 men at Meshed, Per- ture’e enactment ratifying national    understood    that    the    Okla- itirely different as- NEW YORK, Dec. 17.—Astonish- prohibition, on the ground th.tli horn. City distributing company ha. | ™ A    ^    °f    ,h.“    .**»•    SET    SSS    mem^who    have normal conditions. Opinion as to the probability of a worth shed three days after the alleged destruction of himself and his command. was not subject for referendum be- volunteered to proceed on this bas- <op-' ^ a lettei written by the local Tillar agent onioail and expressed    iv.    •    •„    j    ♦ cause ii was merely the rstlflcLtion is without ouewionina the order »»a”“«*r. J. U. Kitchen, to the the hope that '-lins case shall no f”.1 JZ an^nd ,,oda/ The ominous been capital visitors during the past of national legislation The antis issued list Saturday and make the txcXlxwaile Oil & Gas Co., in which tonger disturb [the good relations    ,    ? f I* an<‘ls has been well two or three weeks appear to be of appealed to the mate supreme rot a,”!,,. ' .h..TL?k,.    he notified the MacThwaile company which it sinceitdy hopes exists be- P1'fn,od and some astrologers and the opinion that the session. will and the ^e was submi?t^ sere a Z    ,ha‘ u,,1<'ss a bi'l »f M6.277.23 is tween the American and Mexican    varaad    witchcraft had come but their conclusions, after all, weeks aga    d,J*n    from    P^'1" ‘-uaE<> rf'Porl8' Paid b> ,he 2Uth of the month that people." • ^    I    H,1„»    * J 'hat at, ‘he precise mo- are merely matters or opinion. 'he gas supply, furnished the Mac- After Jenkins' release on $50# .’J'    ,    ni''J°r    cadersor    the    - - * ,a solar system formed themselves in Neptune. Mars, By th* Anwifia’fti LONDON. iHtc. IT.— The government was declared by Justice Sir John Sail key. of the Kings Bench Division, today to be without power to prohibit th^ importation of certain r;oods and that therefore its proclamation to this effect was invalid and illegal. The judgment is I ft| nil ATAII Ill TIII*    Th    wait©    company    by    the    first    men-    bond without the consular agent’s .    ^    J    *ms< I ■rill YT AR    III    I Hr    °~ed-    wUI hf cul off-    knowledge, off .Irs here said there    with Neptune M IlLlI Ullll)    III    HIL    Tlle    oriK"ial    letter was    mailed to had been no cling* ii, the govern-i.Yen“s ™d Mjreury. BUSINESS FIRMAHEKT DECISION is RENDERED AGAINST THE < H ER NM ENT the gas company and is as follows: nient’s attitude. • Ada. Okla., Dec. 15, 1919.    ----- “MaeThwaite Oil & Gas Company, “Ada, Okla. “Gentlemen:    , *    j    '    lf    we    do    not    have    a    check    to .    # a r»    cover the enclosed statement. With ?h»* entrance of A. P. Brown    amounting to $16,277.23 on or be- into the mercantile field in our    city,    fore the 20th of December, 1919, ihere has come to Ada a business! will shut off our gas from your considered one of the most impor- man of rather unique and most pro- ,,ia^n8*    *    —~ tant ever rendered against the gov- gressive id«*as of merchandising. His    “Respectfully yours, eminent.    string    of    stores    and    his    uniform    sue-    “American    Oil & Refining Co.. -*------cess in his line of business mark _____    „    him as a man far removed from the .    mayor naturally became federal grand jury summoned by ffOHTI    THREE    Kll.LED    AND .ordinary*    alarmed at the tenor of the letter    ta    S.    District Judge    A.    B.    Anderson MANI    INJURED    IN    KXPIjOSION \jr Brown started his career    as a    ^‘om Kitchen, owing to the fact    to, investigate    alleged    violations    of merchant about nine years ago, with i a.!__* ,° peop*e    be    in    a    the Lever act and anti-trust laws by TO PROBE LEVER ACT VIOLATIONS WANT MOMENT OPERATION TESTED on one side of the *sun, and Uranus on the other, tho earth, which had moved four or five solar paces to the front of the line, would behave like a “one ho8s shay.” Astronomers have predicted the end of the world on ! so:new-hat similar occasions for cen- 'lh. wnri^K^JiLi” ,Uer .^U1136 WASHINGTON, Ow. 17. Protesting ;#ned    nu! .*    (he enartmen* of the Cum- t he escape did not prevent "surfier nlinga ™ilroad b‘U now brtor».‘h« from predicting a universal deluge penate* Samuel Gompers, president I tor the year 1524. a year, as it turn of the American Federation of La- RHODE ISLAND WANTS TO KEEP J. BARLEYCORN By the Associated F.ess WASHINGTON, Dec.    17.—Tho state of F.hode Isl .ad, through its attorney general E >r §rt A. Rice, asked the supreme court today for permission to institute original proceedings to test the validity of the national prohibition amendment and to enjoin federal officials from enforcing it in that state. J. It. Kitchen, Manager." INDIANAPOLIS. Dec. 17.-- The    °",t wblcb was distinguished for bor and representatives of the Rail rand iurv summoned he!d. ouths Mo,her Shipton, witch of '»ad brotherhood, with spokesmen By thf Amociu'ed Pr*M BERLIN. Dec. 16. workmen and women Forty-three only $400 in money, and with head- desperate situation if the gas were operators and miners and charges . /ere killed quarters at Madill. By pursuing^'    off asresult of difficulties of fon*p»wv bv both in InX and more than on hundred injured sound and    progressive methods his .    ®?.n    the# two comP«>le«. and    with    lhe    strike    of    bituminous coil in an explosion at an ammunition interest* have multiplied    very' rap-! inimediately furnished the    state cor.    ut    bituminous coal depot near Wilhelmshaven today, idly, now    having stores    at Madill tporation    commission with    the facts.    t morning. The explosion occurred while shells Weleetka    Mill Crook    Henryetta ln rep,y    he received the    following    JudRe    Andersou,    in a lengthy were being unloaded.    I Bokchito ’ and Ada For this half- tele«ram from th« commission; charge to the jury, instructed it to *------- doz<an hollB€R M Brown buvs goods “Oklahoma City, Dec. 16. 1919. ‘/vestige the charges that the I I    .    ..    .    .    °    “\(n,.nK    A    /I.    lilt 11x1 nu’iiui u fin!    nn I.. KKKUhlaKj BERNAI CLAIMS ARE OEFORE PEACE BOOT In very large quantitii-s 'and “pilyi "Mayor of Ada,    mine owneis not only conspired cash for every purchase, thereby Ada, Okla.    aga must themselves to limit the pro- obtaining his goods at the very low- "Notify gas company commission duct ion of coal, but they* also con-possible price. This immense wd* not Peru,it gas being cut off. spired with the miners to the same buying also places him in a most Muh^ settle their differences with- end. favorable position with    the big out inconvenience to citizens of Ada.j     *--- wholesalers and manufacturers, who    .?2rP£rai!0u    Commission,    \    Indian    Is    Disarmed put the big buyers nexi to "good    R    E.    Echols.    Commissioner."    Mack    Kll)g    was    a„algn#d    ,hig By the A«M>ctat«kd Pivmi I*A RIS, Dec. 17. German claims    uuniIir3B    lo    g|lc    uUuuc*uont___-_____-__* „ in connection with the settlement of of a monthly journal for his several    8ari,y settle the tangle between the    .    J*    honer”    for    the    privilege    of    inpeace term details were again be- stores in which he quotes pricesi    MaeThwaite people who hold    the    du,S*nF    in    this    mode    of    protection. lore the supreme council today. In against the mail order houses. it;fra»chise on the city, and the dealing with thtse. the council ja claimed that this method of ad- American Oil A Refining Company, reached an agreement to permit the; vertising has been a Jolt to the! corporation furnishing the gas Germans to collect customs duties| foreign houses in the various com- supply to the MaeThwaite Company.) in gold    munities where he does. business! "'hen interviewed by a News re- In a further discussion of a ques-jBy selling strictly for cash he is porter ,h,s morning Mr. Kitchen did, lion of compensation for the sinking cabled to give the long-distance!not Miniate what his next    step1 or the German ships at Scapa Flow, ’ competitors a run for their money    wou,d he, but it was evident    that • a discrepancy was developed between. Mr. Brown has come to Ada to.the incident was not closed. the estimates of the reparation com-|«tay. Although he will continue to    -•*- mittee and that of German experts j make his home at Madill, he will! A* Parker received a letter * a.1of._merC8?ll,,le at a!| f'mes be interested in Ada thl® morning from Judge McKeown for ?he InLtt Ilf n^rni.a,Va!naMr Pon##t»c county and expecU to wbo is ill In Washington stating :rjs.s,T,.c.iss?,jr‘.f.*.*sPB5.“ — — —|r ss sa HURRY. I /I DAYS TO SHOP W READ THE AOS • tlie two Tudor periods, was credited for some fanners organlzatioAs, to-v th being equally sure that four day urged Chairman Cummings of hundred years after her time, in the Interstate Commerce committee, 11881. to be exact, the world would to withdraw the measure and give come to an end. The prediction government operation of the roads caused much agitation in England a thorough peace time test. when the date arrived. Thousands The brotherhood members an-ot^persons t.eserted their homes and nounced that they planned to go to th* l<bnd n,°    to    aw*Ml,the    White House during the day to 1      j    urge President Wilson to use    his ANN    ARBOR. Vlch., Dec. 17._]    innuence against the passage of    the Prof. Albert Porta, who is generally! J. „    . *    . . credited with having predicted the Mr* G°mpers declared that organ-e>ui of the earth today, made no ized ,abor wanted, the government such flat statement, according to in- to retain control of the railroads formation received in University cir- *°r two years “for the purpose of des here.    ■    testing out the brat method    for Porta, who is said to be an ama- j their continual operation.” teur astronomer at present living    ----i-y- ju?t outside Loa Angeles, predicted* LANE DENIES REPORT earl. in July according to this in-!    OIH RESIGNATION formation, that beginning about the By the A»o«lat*d Pleas 'i iddie of December and continuing, WASHINGTON, Dec. 17.—Secreting! the middle of January there; tary Lane today issued a statement would be a series of terrific storms, denying published reports that he earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.1 had placed his resignation before The opinion is expressed in Uni- ’ President Wilson, disclosing, how-v rsity circles that these forecasts ever, that he intended to leave the have been strongly enlarged upon in cabinet when he can dp so without telling that the end of the world adding to the President's "burdens prediction was attributed to Porta.{and worries.” It is understood here that Porta    -—.. a number of years ago was a pro- BOLSHEVIK FORCES CLAIM fessor in the University of Turin,. _ TWO IMPORTANT CAPTURES italy,    ;    By the Associated Presa LONDON. Dec. 17—The capture Rising Temperature Enables Machinery At Capital to Move By News’ Special Service: OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 17.— With moderation of the temperature at the capital city Monday conditions at the statehouse began to resume a more normal aspect. All departments were in operation as usual, though on two days of last week two departments practically were obliged to close up. Workmen resumed work on the capitol grounds and grading is being prosecuted at a rate that forecasts an early completion of the work of beautifying the capitol district. WEATHER FORECAST Fair tonight and warmer Thure |Kupinek. southwl claimed in a Bolshevik statement t^e occupation of yfest of Kharkov, are ss.'* - —■ “ — —ss w Ksvsas ILL MILLIONAIRE APARTMENT HOUSE By the Associated Press NEW YORK. Dec. 17.—An all-millionaire apartment house 16 stories high, to cost $4,000,000 will b^ built shortly in the exclusive Cen tral Park West Section of the city. it become known today when a lease on the property for 21 years at an aggregate rental of mbre than two million dollars was obtained by a syndicate of bankers. Apartments in the proposed building will range from 29 rooms anc ten baths to 17 rooms and seven baths. A staff of trained servants will be maintained and a restaurant will be operated that win take up the greater part of the ground floor,. ;

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