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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Warren Kerrigan in a Romance of California in the Days of *49, When Justice Was Meted out in Summary Fashion—Liberty TodayEt)e gfoa Chewing; Jletos: VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 235ADA, OKLAHOMA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1919 THREE CENTS THE COPY A CLOSE SHAVE FOR THE OLD HOOKER coin. n Em nm mc BRITISH FLANS AKE FOK THE REPORT OF ONE ORGANIZATION L\IU;KST MEASURE OF SULK SHOWS that 551 AMERICANS HOV KRX ME NT OF WHICH    HAVE KEHN MURDERED FOY IT IS CAP ARIAL    SINCHE 1010. By the Aworiated Prm    H> Ow Asm* ated Prw WASHINGTON. Dec. lo.—Great WASHINGTON. Dec 15. — The Britain's plans for establishing a National Association for the Proconstitutional form of government tection of American Rights in Moxi-in Egypt are set forth in an of- co has sent out for publication in ficial statement made by Earl Cur- newspapers throughout the country ann. British Minister of Foreign a map and statement showing that Affairs, which has been received 551 Americans have been killed in here. Objects of the Milner Mission Mexico since November 20. 1910. which goes to Eg>pt to arrange the Of this number, the association proposed new government are des- states. 423 were civilians and 123 cribed in the statement.    soldiers or sailors. One hundred and The British Foreign Secretary an- sixty-seven Americans were slain nounces that it is the intention of during the Madero and Huerta re-the British government to establish giuies, while 383 lost their lives the largest measure of self-govern-1 since Carranza took control of the rnent for which Egypt is believed Mexican government, according to capable at this time. He states that the statement. the Milner Mission is not author- In the Bat accompanying the map iaed to impose a constitution on a number is assigned to each Ameri-Egypt. but rather to study the situa- can killed and his or her name, date, lion and confer with the native place and manner of death and the leaders.    source of information concerning the In part. Earl Curxon’s statement individual case are given. The man follows:    nor of death ranges from “killed by! “It was m 1914 after we had been stray bullet" to wanton murder, and compelled to declare war upon Tut- includes instances of alleged torture key that the British protectorate and mutilation. over Egypt was declared. So    far as    The association    gives as the th.s being intended or indeed re- sources of its information in pre-garded at the time as a high-handed paring this map and statement act. aimed at the suppression of three lists of Americans killed in Egyptian libert.es. it was decided Mexico or along the border, pre-upon b> Mr. Asquith's government Pared by the state department; as a much milder and more generous casualty lists of the war depart-policy than that of annexation which ment; a list of Americans killed in at thai time was strongly advocated Mexico prepared by Thomas E. (ribby some. Cyprus, which had long bon, author of "Mexico Under Carbeen administered by the Colonial ranzu;” information submitted to Office as part of the British empire. the senate by Senator Albert B. Fall was annexed. But the opportunity of of New Mexico; newspaper articles incorporating Egypt in the empire £*'ing the name, date and locations was deliberately, and I think, wisely of murders; and information in the rejected because it was intended, in possession of the National Assocla-a wide latitude of opportunity which fi?n for the Protection of American the fomulae of a protectorate af- Hights in Mexico, fords, to give free    scope    to the    In dimming up.    the association political aspirations    and the self-    "Bandits” were responsible for governing capacities of tile Egyptian    the murders listed on the •people.    map. according to the authorities “I need hardly elaborate the r» a-    Officials,    officers, soldiery sons for which Great Britain is or followers of Carranza are charged compelled to interest herself in the with 78 of    murders, according political fortunes of    Egypt,    and is    To The niaB Villa    and his band unable to give any encouragement to killed 81 of the Americans listed, the claim of complete national in- Huertistas account for 41. Maderis dependence. Quite apart from the ta“ for 13 and Zapatistas for five, fact that Egypt, if left to stand miscellaneous outlaws listed by the alone, could neither protect her fron- authorities cited as '‘rebels." “revo-tiers against external aggression nor lutanists.” “cattle thieves.“ “smug-! guarantee a strong or impartial gov- piers. and similar marauders, were eminent at home, her geographical responsible for 70 murders and 23 position at the gate of Palestine. Americans were killed by bullets at the doorway of Africa and the "hich crossed the border. Yaqui and high road to india, renders it im- Ma> Indians killed 18 Americans possible that the British Empire during the period covered by the with any regard to its own securitv map. and casual rebels murdered and conditions should wash its hands 8ix In 25 of the cases listed the of the responsibility for Egypt.    authorities were unable to determine “Egypt is of course, primarily an * h° did the killing." Egyptian interest, the good govern-     *- ment and the prosperity and happi- KA IEM'AY ADMINISTRATION ness of Its peoplpe are the highest AND BROTHERHOODS AGREE consideration. But it is also a Brit-    -- ish interest of capital importance By th* Anonated Pre** and    I suspect that    there    are few    WASHINGTON,    Dec.    15.—Under who would deny that it is also a an agreement between the Railroad world in-erest, and that the world Administration and the four brother-interest is best secure by leaving hoods of* train and engine men. an-Egypt under the aegis of a great nounced today, time and one-half civilized power.    for overtime in slow freight service "But within these boundaries is will become effective as of Dec. I. a wid*j and ample field in which the AU arbitraries and special allow-Egyptians are invited to participate, aures formerly applicable between and must as time passes on. partici- terminals were eliminated, but spe-pate in an Her increasing degree in cia! allowances for switching and the    government of    their    country,    similar    work    at    initial    terminals We recognize the legitimacy of these were preserved. These, how'ever, will aspirations, We desire to provide be at the old rates, for their satisfaction The progress-    * ive development of self-governing in- uiNBRft AT WORK IN FULL stitutions in Egypt    is an    ideal in which they may share with us and we    with them. It    Is not to be nr s. CHIEU ii COMMISSIONER OF IMMIGRATION BUREAU OPPOSED TO ALIENS OF UNDESIRABLE CHAR* AUTER ONLY WIDESPREAD SOCIAL AND IN-DUSTRIAL UNREST MUST CEASE BEFORE W E BECOME NORNIAL By the Associated Press    J    By    the Associate press WASHINGTON. Dec. 15 —Crea-    LONDON Dec. 15.—The world tion of an additional office of As-1 can expect no relief from the pree- sistant Secretary of Labor with jurisdiction over all immigration matters, deportation of alien draft slackers and strengthening of the border patrol service against undesirables, are among the recommendations made by Commissioner General Caminetti of the Immigration Bureau in his annual report. Suggestions that immigration be suspended completely were opposed by the commissioner on the ground that it would have an “injurious effect upon our efforts to further American commerce and enterprise | in foreign countries.” Continuance I of war-time passport vise regula-j tions and assignment of immigration ; bureau representatives at consu-; lar offices to aid in excluding un-! desirables was urged instead. | Only two aliens were excluded j from the United States during the fiscal year on anarchistic grounds, ent high cost of living and the shortage of commodities until the widespread social and industrial unrest has disappeared and the war-shattered economic machinery has been put in order, according to Charles A. McCurdy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food. Mr. McCurdy expressed this* view during an interview with a correspondent of The Associated Press, and added that he was not particularly optimistic over the chances of any marked betterment of the situation in the near future. “We have Bolshevism at one end of the world and widespread strikes at the other,” said Mr. McCurdy, “‘and not until society resumes it® normal course can we right economic conditions. “It is very difficult to prophesy regarding the food situation of tho future in view of the fact that the whole economic structure of th© ****************** ♦    * *_    J UHT    A    < COMPARISON    * ♦      * ♦    The    Daily    Oklahoman    today * ♦ was eight Pages, the same size * as the Evening News. The * News carries, eight pages and * more reading1 matter than the * Oklahoman. )due to the fact * ♦ that the Oklahoman carried * ; * nearly three pages of* want ads. * SUPREME COURT SAYS SIGNING * The News carries news matter.* CITY OFFICERS TAKE TWO PRIS- OF ARMISTICE WD NOT ABROGATE CONGRESS' WAR TIME POWERS. * several horns later than the * * Oklahoman uM has also nearly * * twice the amount of display * * advertising f<Jr merchants. * * Thus the News beat the Okla- ♦ ONERS ANI) THREE GAMMONS OF DEADLY POISON WITH TRIMMINGS h-riM, By lh. Associated Pr*u WASHINGTON. Dec. 15-The war J J™,"1"/ time prohibition act was held con- * piav advert is stitutional today by the supreme * * bonum iii both the quality and * * quantity of mews carried, as * t amount of dts- L. M. Scott of ftoff jjuid J! O: C» * iv of Ada are in the ” V jail, ai * in, the big, /steel sp-fa ” mlice head * quarters ii* three’ gallon glass jugs. thought of that a race like th* Egyptians, possessing in its upper FORTE IN IOW A FIELDS Hjr th. At'Wtrialfd Prfrt DES MOINES. Iowa. Dec. 15.— Practically full forces were at work announced here. ranks a high culture and historic ln Iowa 5°^ Jnln«8 ,oday- u wa8 memories, should be content with a role of passive subordination in the administration of their country. “It will be the object of Lord FOUR HUNDRED RETURN TO WORK IN 2 KANSAS MINKS Milner and his colleagues, in con-    Bjr    ,h** saltation wi'h the Sultan and his LEAVENWORTH, Kans., Dec. 15. ministers and representative Egypt- - Four hundred union miners re-ians of all classes, to devise the turned to work in two mines in this detail sof a constitution bv whirr field this morning. all these parties shall be able in    _^___ their several spheres and in an in- ****************** creasing degree to co-operate in the *    * management of Egyptian affairs.    *    WRITE    TO WASHINGTON    * British assistance and British guid- *    * anc* will still be required Nor will    *    Suer is Kiln *    up unless Mr.    * any of those who have followed the    *    Average “    nulla it down.    * history of Eeypt for the last forty    *    Th houge * V* • r to ex-    * years and seen the astounding ad-    «    tend the s.»r    *"^rtlon    * Vance that she has made under our    *    board’s controf    rippled skin ^    * auspices question the necessity of    *    yond Dec    31    No    o rn- ^    * this supervision. ^    *    ment bureau has the*1' io * T^rd Milners n^sion is, nof going a fix prices. You, Mr. Average * out to    T , a constitution in    *    Citizen, must    do    it yourself.    * its Pocket. It intends to consul all * Mr Average Citizen is the * parties before t even forms an * owner of the government of * opinion. It Iii not authorhood to im-** the y s Th„ memberg of «j ijlmT* f. *»    i i “p    *    congress are his agents. i,**t ♦ What it has to do is to undertake * yr Average Citizen write to * the prel rn leary work that is neces- * ^ congressman, directing him *, sary before the future form of gov- * to continue ail the powers of *! em ment is determined.    *    the sugar equalization board * * into tbe coming year.    * Masons. Notice.    *    Don't delegate the writing to *i * somebody else. Congress is * Ada I-odge No. 119, A. F. A A. * never influenced by letters *! M., will meet at 7:15 tonight for * unless there are enough of * work in Entered Apprentice Degree. * them to start the members *i ——R* H. Gladwin, W. M.    *    worrying about the wrath tO'*i -*- ;    *    come. Write yourself.    * Don't let that room stay vacant *    * when a News Want Ad will rent it. ******************* —^------- ............. , . ^    «?is    niiw    simon    glass    jugs court. In deciding the question, the    *    *    * + * * * * * * * * * * * * * *»    frll of enough poison to    kill Very supreme court also dissolved    it El F ASMnuvvttm I Hi    ,an oa Maln fitreet if    s*uff junctions restraining internal reve-    ‘    ' ^ THAT THEY MAV SAH    .*aken ,nwardI>* ^ the*    *• *’Weutl: nue officials from interfering with hr tFn- A«*onat«>ti    o    iii tended it 'should be taken b> th,, ,.    _    .    .    ,    ,    .    .    WAQuiMMTnL    i    c    P°or ' i' t'nis of ».he^-liquor habit -to the removal from bond of about " ASHINGTON, I>ec. 15. Hestric-( .    .    ..    .    *    . „ ,    ^    ,,    * inns apainiit Hiininivin» f.»«i    lA,iwhoili    they evidently4 intended to 70,000.000 gallons of whiskey worth I f against supping fuel coal to min Ann k«i a i ti.-.. foreign ships were relaxed today by, film , ii* J the Ken,uck>’ the railroad administration to per-    claftns' t-o be a jitney driv- ... . ____ _____ Distiller and U art*house companies mi( rhe    of    hundreds    pf    er . ** Roff and according to his for regisjpdion bf all 11    f'    . e‘ ..?* he signing of foreign vessels which have been held story had cb me to * da for Curry, p^obatio^f status for u    I! abrogate the jn Atlantic and other ports since the wftrn the tidy at the house where _j„r    e«r Ii i con^re,‘J8* ^88p* shortage of coal became acute. (’un > had been roon aig t.p!>*'d the rl^ini ti    ,trtar*d,    ln    —----♦ ------ officers off and "tWby caused J^slfce    Braudel*    said    th,    govern ,TA"A\ <^:NKIIAI. WHI.    .their    arrest. Police headquarters men, did    UqJo"    „    W    T'"'"    ^    '* by stopping its domestic sale as the TRIFSTF »w 15 iv»n*rai ‘    moving    c    it    and    that way was left open for exporting it. Cavicle'' forme? secretary of war *    ** KeU' ,he'JlS i0J,dpd in,° tht' The judament of the court in ’ arrlw-d’ it, Trmate today on a TJt 1    ,|,y fr<MU RoM- They were a,s0 Kentucky and New York cases was oia| miMlon from Genwit BidoeHc llo,if“'d ,hat suspicious goods were .“he?’"™ „JU8,iCe B;aDd^S “id sw°nd^ in^command 07 the itrtMi^'. Io,ded/ ,    „    „ there was no reason for the con- army. to take over Trieste The; lis wal*hing took policemen Fos- tention that President Wilsons state- ^featest secrecy m maintnin*xfi bv ,er an<1 botcher to the scene on nre,MMH hla fnieMa*e vetoing the government officials regarding th‘eldoub,e ’Blick time and the two men p rohibition    enforcement    act    that tho. .solution    of    'Die    Fiuine* question.    *n    Question were taken into custo- J?    an    end    waB a* Nothing    has    been    given out    front    d>-    In their possession was found Sr tho    makinK announcement government regarding the most! the three jugs of what proved to be 1    ,    d„° hthe Wa/ In,ire“df:in« recent agreement. *    I    denatured alcohol, together with a entire,J toV ♦----------- I    Quantity of burnt sugar, fruit color- ac, and look no adion on the so- J ****************** in* and other extrMts with w hich called beer cases which also at- I    hri iv txuHtssiiuu.    *| the fly-by-night ‘ dieltller" was evi- I tacked the constitution.    !*    HKLLt* AMBASSADOR.    * dently attempting to color the stuff *-IL.    ?    ..    to    resemble Jamaica ginger. A,, molders * i id    ‘ * i>> pr<J5*aination ^    quantity of magnesia was also found. * should assemble ail the powers * V/*a IO v iv ^ A AJ va Ut va 9} .while 37 aliens in the same class world has been so badly dislocated, j were expelled from the country and i There is hardly any factor of busies are now awaiting deportation. ness that is 8table, and we do not I To reach American citizens who en- *know what wa«es are t(> k«- As a | gage in similar propaganda, the re-1 result of thes^ conditions the rego-port urges that “the acts prohibit- lar channels of distribution are dis-©d by the anarchistic provisions of organized and until they are normal the immigration laws” be made I ^    be    impossible to tell what criminal offenses.    effective supplies there are as com- Deportation is ‘‘not punishment pared with the world sto<*s. for crime” but merely allows the “While it is true that America, alien anarchist to change his field England and eome other countrie® of activity, the report said and add-1 are sufficiently supplied now so that |ed that it was to be hoped that “the!there is no distress among the peo-i lot of the anarchist will not so con- i ple' yet this comparative abundance tinue, but that by the common con-!1® in reality a fictitious one, and may sent of civilized nations something *not lasl- Great sections of th© more may be done to provide for his world are actually hungry because adequate punishment as an interna- of the impossibility of distributing tional outlaw.”    supplies properly. If the channels An additional Assistant Secretary of distribution were open and the of Labor, together with a larger “ec<wlomic conditions were such that legal and administrative staff; is re-1 food a«4ffs could be purchased by commended on the ground that it •thos<* countries which need them would obviate delays now encount-iwe Probably would find ourselves ered within the department The ar-i fa5ed with a shortage An - many rest during the year of many inad-1things' miscible Japanese and Qhinese, as! Eor examPle. if ■ #ie peoples of well as several alien enemies who Central Eur°Pe yhduld be in posi-?ad been smuggled intp.the country,k]ioV~ n^xt year Purchase the meat [compted the proposal to strength-;fhey.nee^ l^‘ie would be a world ‘en border patrol forces    | shortage of/several million tons. It I “{The bureau notv’ has a small IisIkapos^Wfe. tofar in ad-'forcer1 doing effective work along!vance* I    ,tl a year from IhaU liti- on thk border^ of Canada ! now ,^mgs ' viiI Jtes.    brought and Mex a* on bur coasts, but a heal* . * v/NoflHK*® ~’<f .will ’is’ ne^d^ a e materially increas-j e, aJ^ing ^    -'r*?eon v id ‘ This class of I _ There are er ' ” the rep' k needs . evote « -heir er *. A proposed , sufcuiiitted h\ put the bordel bilify upon perso jitney driv-1 ter the V ited Sta. \0 This cfass of , _ fffcers who! * am wr°nf imre and I there will be *• figure it no otli tainly are mf" which are St xhey need in when the it will i wn | missibiTty is not clearly T»- The law would add to ,    , .    i_ |< ded class aliens who “prav^StGu 111    tuG    WOFK    OI    til6 avocate, teach, sanction or vn^ .    . »ge the extortion of money or pro;S1011    are    invited    to    Call erty”, aimed at members of black hand society i.    ^ CommenU, 4 ttp^m 4 . itupiber ,of g "picture .hrifbes” wl^xiiave come to this country from Japan,'the report I Europe and giving the degree of restriction wlHc.£!a might have been, and probably w* anticipated by those who took nam in teh negotiations, but that result “grows out of the terms the agreement rather than the ma ner of its observance.” {;, State Bank and get :™rRY ATLAS show- Discovery of aluminum recently be has made possible substitution of * and Drircinaliti^ of hell In J Some f!end incarnate rece aluminum for copper in manufac-1 * convention to elbct and dispatch *1 pp°*^«d that the poison could lure of many cooking utensils.    +    lo ^arIh a d^lllon begt qualified *! (Continued on^Page Five.) ......... *—......-■    -    I    t ll rn .pa.*    ■■■'"*'    *'    1    ...... : WINTER WHEAT AREA MEXICO ASKED FOR I KIDNAPING REPORT!: * to arrest the processes of * * civilization;to palsy the arm * * of philanthiopy; to clog the * wheels of the ekafinf of prog- * refs; to blight ▼    ♦ »iie mildew * * of death >e, ^rations of * youth, antf ti t ,«arful admon- * itiong of fond mothers* hearts; * to turn widows and orphans *, * homeless and friendless out to *j if * $ THE GOLDEN ' AGF^ O*^ ADVERTISING. ‘ > V 'S to it. 0 t a e*“ L" r;- ‘NGS BANKS. ^ |rucr I* '94.a“«ompounded 11^ n J a* i sn -?p k; Because bf I it! to lip port *iitt t* coming4, ' * regard. SMALLER TIII YEAR : die; he could not have sent * By th® Auociaten Pre«    j    *    a demon better equipped to At WASHINGTON. Dec. 15. — The1* carry on and consummate every * American embassy at Mexico City | ** item of this black inventory * was directed today by the state de partment to make report to the Mexican government regarding the k better than the hideous mon** * * ster BOLSHEVIK. This very * * moment he has millions of our * kidnaping of Fred G. Hugo, the * fellow creatures chained to his * * burning car, with wheels roll- * * ing in blood and axles cir- * * ctinivolving like lightning down * American manager of the Dobtc ranch near Muzqulz by Villlstas last week and the American consul at Eagle Pass, Texas, has been in-1 * the slippery highway of degra- * st meted to make an independent!* dation; he is hurling them into * investigation of the Incident The latter will also Investigate the reports that the Vlllletas carried off another American named Phillips. By Francis HL Sisson. * “Advertising is on the thresh- * turn tto Its * old of its golden age. It will,** “In rega _ * increasingly attract better *jvable surplli f c * brains, and it will increasing- * * ly offer fuller scope to the * creative geniuses of business, * science, in fact, challenge the * boldest and most far-reaching * I* imagination.    * * “Never have our journals and *j    - * periodicals enjoyed such enor- *j Fair tonight and * mous circulations or been so * rising temperature. auic oui pm '    1 compagedodJ t h* DI?I?TY Jm po r f %    r? n' KjKjmJ (Contin ?3d on  v T WEATHER By the Associated Pren * - WASHINGTON, Dec. 15. — The, — — ------   - winter wheat sown this fall is 38.-w*de1y read. A large and con- * 77o aaa aflrno    *    scantly increasing reading pub- * . Ort acres, the department of * uc    eagerly    to    know,    and    * agriculture announced today. The]* it is the mission of the pub- * revised estimate of last year’s area * Heist to inform and advise * was announced as 50,489,000 acres. *them through all the mediums * The condition of the crop was 85.2 * at his command.    * per cent of normal compared with * “That time has long since * 98 5 «>er cent December last year,;* passed, if indeed it ever exist- * 79.3 tper cent in 1917, and 89.5 for * ed, when advertising, under * * eternal chans    , th,* if n year December average. The * proper conditions, could be* * bank Ai etc v    universal    *    .own    to    rye    Is    estimated    at    *    considered as an experiment or * J Dan*ruptcy.    *    .,.530,000 acres, compared with * a speculation.”    * * 7,238,000 acres, the (revised est!-*    * ****************** mated area for the ft*, of 1918.    ****************** Sank YOU HAVE □NLY, O DAVITO SHOP /WIP TMF ADS ;

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