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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 11, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Win. S. Bart in “ Wagon Tracks—Ifs the Gold Fields of Yesterday, California of 49, and the Sigh Morals of a JU im—Liberty Today ie gfoa Abetting J^etos! VOLUME XVL NUMBER 232ADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER ll, 1919 THREE CENTS THE COPY HIES III NI ED FLOODS ll SOOTH .A  ......    ^ TOK 400,600 HITI MI Nots COAL TOOl'SANDH HOM KL MSS IN ALAMI NKI IS ARK: PLOCKI NU TO RAMA, (iM)IKIA AND MISS-I THE KEYNOTE OF THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE TO CONGRESS H WORK AS iSKSri/r OK AOK NMM KNT. By th# Asattciated Pre# INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Dec. ll.- IHSIPP1- INVRT9 ARK (NED. By the Awxiatnl Pn|» ATLANTA, Gal Dec. ll -Several General operation of bituminous thousand persona were homeless coal mince of    tie    country    which    today, and many! were    out of em- have been idle    lot nearly six    weeks    ployment as a regilt of    flooded riv- as a result    of thf strike of    miners    ere in    Alabama, georgia    and    Miss- on Get. 31    is predicted for    toinor-    issippi.    Railroad schedules, partic- row. Coal    will lie moving    rapidly    ularly    in lower Alabama    and    Miss- by the first of $ext week    in the    issippi    were demoralised,    and    prop- opinion of operators    here.    erty lost was estimated    in millions. Officials of    tie    United    Mine    Rivers in three plates    had reach- Workers of Aincrlra, who last night ed their highest stige in many years sent telegrams to jibe 4000 locals of as a result of thd heavy rains the the organization, telling of the ac- first part of the yeek, but gener-tion of the miners general com- ally were receding today, mitres in accepting President WH- Havitteburg, Mississippi, was the son s proposal to return to work only city conipletiy isolated by today were confidant that there will flooding water, although a score of! be no delay on the part of union others were parti* cut off. It was members in resuming work.    estimated that 2.5'jo persons, chief- Reports reaching here this morn- ly negroes were timeless as a re-ing told of the return as early as suit of floods artfund Havitteburg | last night of some or the miners    and    Meridian. in nearby fields and in other in-    A    squadron of airplanes    left    the stances men were reporting for aviation fields today at Montgomery J work today. It is pointed out, Alabama at daybreak to search for however, that in most cases the tel- pe»^one missing a$id believed ma-1 egrams directing the end of the rooned as a result jot the flood. One strike were not received by locals Hundred and thtrtw persons maroon- ! until this morning and the locals ed at Alabama state convict farm in turn must notify their members near Montgomery *told the warden before The majority will again enter by telephone that unless assistance' reached them sofn the buildings J The mine operators on their part    probably would bo swept away, promised to bend all their energies    A    stage of 55.5! feet was    reached toward the resumption of normal by all rivers at Montgomery and operation and promised that if the predictions were for a maximum rise miners respond promptly movement of 58 feet, which will put the riv-of coal from the mines will be- er in the union depot, come general in a few days. All sides in tho controversy were highly satisfied today with the agreement reached by the general com-' mittee of the milers in their sessions here yesterday. The miners were especially pleased with the appointment of a commission compos-* ed of one miner, one operator and BIOGRAPHER TELLS WHY THE GOLON EL WA? TOD THE “IN GOD WE TRI IST" TAKEN PROM X)INS. SO SAYS ITS GOVERNOR IN ANNUAL REPORT IN WHICH PLEA IS Bf ADE POR LIBERAL POLICY. By the Associated Press! NEW YORK, ^ec. ll.—A new] By the Associated Preks WASHINGTON. Dec. 10.- Declar- and interesting explanation of Col.! {ntr ««# i 4 - , a. Roosevelt's objection to the use of g tbat for lac* of intelligent gov- O O Ada Playhouses At the American. The par roue of the American! ill be looking forward to the pro- the phrase “In Gcjd We Trust” on United States coins, is afforded in an article in the December Scribner’s by Joseph Buckfn Bishop,, the former President's f biographer. A letter written!by Mr. Roosevelt on Nov. ll, 1907. to a clergyman who had differed with h*m about placing the mottp on the coins i ead : “When the question of the new coinage came up we looked into the la ar, and found thefe was no warrant therein for putting ‘In God We Trust’ on the coiiu. As the custom, altho without legal warrant, had grown up, however, I might have felt at liberty to keep the inscription had I approved of it on the coinage. Bqt as I* did ont approve of it, I did not direct that it should again be put on. df course the matter of the law is .absolutely in the hands of congress,?and any direction of congress in tine matter will be immediately obeyed. At present, as I have said, there is no warrant in law for the inscription eminent assistance the truly great resources of Alasfca must perforce lie in idleness,” Governor Thomas Riggs, Jr., in his annual report today, voiced a p|ea for the adoption by the government of a more liberal Alaskan policy. The report said lawlessness, “particularly that fomented by pro-Germans, I. W. W. and Bolshevik Clemente,” was becoming a menads. “Appropi|ations are placed at such a low figure as to preclude effectiveness; riel! mining regions ar© made unavailable for lack of transportation facilities; fisheries are threatened with exhaustion for lack of protection; natives, in time of epidemics are allowed to die of disease and starvation abd, as a result of law^ an* regulations, at every turn appelrs the* huge Teutonic sign ‘Verloted> t#ie governor said.    ' a third member not affiliated with pram for tmia> and ,omorrow when GERMAN REPLYfTo THE they will again see the wonderful either side to investigate wages and coal prices and Aa both at figures ‘ xh“    ,on,Eht commie!iff' <«*«» reasonable. This Nalimova it, "The Brat,-. aIld the president the'" 'inth! J^t ¥°'"e °f h<>r b<-M W°rk    reP'r    '°    ,he    su»    councll    a    notP Show tty tho Associated Presa she TA RIS. Dec. ll. of her best as a street waif. ALLIED tOTK REGLI VED Police Capture Five Engaged -The German meantime to receive an advance of 14 percent over the scale paid in the Central competitive fields prior to the strike. J KANSAS U'HEvr YIELD REDOUT SHOWS UP BK; Br the Anat Moated Pi pas TOPEKA, Ka; i.. Dec. ll.—The fi- lurnia *»oiu r tent oraina ana I na I report on he wheat yield in well worth    the price    of    the    entire Kansas for 1919 issued today by the show.    Special music,    matinee    and state board of agriculture, show’s a night. production of 141,795.455 bushels of    ______ winter wheat, ald 133,737 bushels Steel needles were not made until of spring wheat/    1370. demanding the signing of the pro- - toed putting the peace treaty into At the liberty.    I    effect has been received in Paris The Heart Breaking Baby Dolls ;ind *h‘f an:'"'°?f *“8 overgoing are giving the show-goera ai the <™slatlon by the German dele-Uberry Theatre a regular program 5»*‘on. according lo the newspaper each night this week that is certain Iv worth the money. The pictur tonight is a William S. Hart Cal forma Gold Field drama and In Poker Games “The people of Alaska,” he at “My own feeling in the matter is1 fnk2°MJU* <?*'r Mf" due to my very fi*m conviction that! J," Kn?\ *s . supplicants to put such a    motto on coins,    or to!    ? *    y! *    in ^petitiyfi    to be alii use it in any    kindred manner, not I    .    deve]°P ss wipe    the Wesmrn j only does no good but does positive] If1**    now    11\0 great western harm, and is in effect irreverence j R^ s*    r / which comes dangerously close to! Inferring toythe menace rn m-sacrilege.    j    creasing radicalism in Alas!# the “A beautiful anil solemn sentence i rePort said:^ {such as the one la question should!    pifl    hi a cJfttinued ! be treated and tittered only with immigi^MiFastheresW^ amy that fine reverence which necessarily! demaMTzation and the closlmr implies a certain Saltation of spirit* warlCe induces. Atoskffe* £ Any use which tepds to cheapen it, cefving the extremes of th« I and above all,    ani use which    tends^    elal    scales    ^    ' to secure its    be|ig treated    in a*    I ™    scales-    °n the we hand the spirit of levity, is from every stand-1 i8    men    °f the type who    " point profoundly ftp be regretted. 1 ^e,0I>e^ the fjeat Western states are* -RIG RAiiKKTRAv i r>ali is a motto ^hich it is indeed'k D5 ev,dent in increasing num- ED FOR TnviruT    to    have inscr^ed on our ^reat:    and',.0D the other ha«d. the I. Si H EDV LED FOR TONIGHT, national monumends, in our temples!^* W‘ a,ien enemy and Bolshevik, . m. ^ . -TTv I a    ..    lof Justice' in our legislative halls,!knowin^ the unprotected condition The East Central basketeers will and in buildings ^uch as those at of the ferritory. are arriving in have their first tilt this evening at West Point and Annapolis—in short force and making their presence 7:30. when the Francis high come wherever it will tend to arouse and known. The great numbers of for-i for a lonP sought scrim- j inspire a lofty emotion in those who signers in Alaska who can hardly mage. They will be led by Guy took thereon. But It seems to me speak the English language fall easv r Charity Begins at Home (No. 2) Ada, like all other cities, has her constant calls for charity. “The poor ye have with you always” was spoken two thousand years ago, almost, and no process for the elimination of poverty has yet been discovered. The hand of misfortune rests heavily when it falls, and there are many who thru no fault of their own .have never yet been able to escape the blow of misfortune’s hand. The poor we shall have with us always in Ada. Not only the poor but oftimes the prosperous are stricken. An epidemic or an isolated class of illness may bring to the door of charity a family that has always been thrifty and prosperous. A week’s misfortune may abolish a bank account and vitalize a mortgage. When calamity comes the whole world becomes neighbors and must accept the responsibility imposed by chance and fate. Ada will always gladly take care of her own. But two pennies a month is a small contribution from the prosperous. A postage stamp is no evidence of giving till it hurts. Each month the people of Ada give for purposes of local charity only two cents per capita. This is the average for our ten thousand T>eople, as will be seen when we recall that the monthly budget of our United Charities is only $200.00. And one can read the expression on the Recording Angel’s face when at the bar of the last reckoning some citizen of Ada pleads: “During the blizzard of 1919 I gave a postage stamp to save the unfortunate of our city from cold and hunger.” DU. DSI.HIC OH OX HO IU) IS SLIGHTLY I MCKOY Kl) By th# Associated l’r*ss OXFORD, Eng., Dec. ll. Rani medicine has been slight!)  -j    Young, last year’s normal captain | eminently unwise to cheapen such a victims to the l'nsi'd^^prb^g^da #    _    who will probably    play with hisjm®tfo »y use    on coins, just as it    of the seditious agitator. It does not lite    colored men from Darktown    proteges. Having no    football season, | d    to cheapen it by use on    seem right that the decent,    honest abiding majority should not protection at all times.” remoras report deplored tho alala    i    “v v“*vvi, m> xxiBitup saia ne roundf    ^    congress    in    failing to blast and high pressure last night! u    »    t    .    .a    number    from    Rttd^ard    KiDline    aPPropriate money for the relief when policemen Goatcher, Matthews However, the locals should win I written in that Ninons author’s of the native population during tho and Wick Adair appeared on the 1 a pood niarS»o* 8 he> have been characteristic wafr, th# is, in the; fecent severe outbreak of influenza scene. Believing that the door was practicing daily since the close of tiniest chirography. |    j    to the far north. There were more locked    or barred    the laws arranged’    ^l0 football season and have shown; In a    letter    6ritte|f fin 1908 the    ^an 1,500 deaths chiefly    among to break in. Mr.    Mathews being a    sPu/to of basketball    at times. Nat- j Colonel    said:    ^GrpaC/Heart is my    ^ke natives, Governor Riggs    report- < XII/OII AIK! LEGISLATURE RATIFIES WOMAN SUFFRAGE*-“b h*d °f th° la-WS proxin,it>’ stated,    and hundreds of children turned j    starved    or succumbed to cold. [r'm| Despite this serious situation, said m?!m.i!i'Governor Rigg9’ “a bU1 introduced ” written    in the    senate appropriating HOO,- his h.ad in the middle of the    TT.kT ‘"I when the Colonel ditd.' "    P0?    for    Alaskan relief passed that Tile first intimation that the poker ? lf received in (he football same, Colonel Roosevelt’s admiration for y but failed in the House” a1-*    cl    i    ini    ran    I,    ■    *'    ^    ^ * av* “    ■— 1 *— * ^ By th* Associated Press ity was; J?urant* 4    _    Mite Great Emancipator was also ough at the 9111119 time Congreae an up-    e Prospects for a good team are shown in a letter which he wrote on1 was considering' appropriations of ie club)tbe best in ypars ana a good sched- Maich 9, 1905, a few* days after^^ his. $1°°,000,000 fof the relief of tho house of representatives of the Colorado legislature today adopted unanimously the resolution ratifying the a onian suffrage amendment'to the federal constitution. The resolution will come up in the senate for final action late today. I‘X>UR DAYS REQUIRED TO START COAL FROM TEXAS usual amount. Hamilton Being Fun By t ii# Associate^ Press j FT. WORTH. Tex., Dec. ll.— i Four days Will be required to re-j suine the flow of coal from Texas I mines, it is estimated here by lead-I tog operators. Many of the striking miners have left the districts and * are engaged in other occupations I and two or three days will be re-I quired to go! them back. Z *-* FORMER ROUMANIAN PREMIER SIGNS AUSTRIAN TREATY By tho Associated I rosa LANARKSHIRE, IO.—Hamilton late Duke of H who was prem By the Associated Press PARIS, DW. ll.—General Coan-da, former -Roumanian Premier, signed the Austrian and Bulgarian treaty for ^e Roumanian people last night. Hi also signed the treaty guaranteeing the protection of minorities. DOLOUR JhOPPiH furnishings soli able prices ha) the sale of the The total aggr of $1,277,700. Most notable was that of t ’alace Is ismantled; titure Is Sold when they saw .the policeman ended in the middle of the ____ _____ floor. The gamesters were brought Iule is in    prospect    for the teachers, inauguration, to Sir George Trev-1 destitute in    Europe and    $1,000,000 The best    teams obtainable will be; elyan, the English ‘ historian andj f°r fighting    influenza    in    the United seen in action here including Ken- nephew of Macauley; in which the States. dall College, Burleson and Austin Colonel said:    |    ! Great credit Was given the Am- Colleges of Texas,    and Central and1 “It has been profoundly pleasant erican navy    and the    Red Cross for me to find that Imv snnnnrtorc DENVER, Colo. Dec. ll.—The before the mayor and assess**! the Northwestern normals. -A-*- Scotland, Dec. Palace, seat of the milton and Brandon, >r duke of Scotland, is being disms ntled and even the at auction. Remark-been realized from pictures and jewels. gated the equivalent among the paintings e “Beckworth Children” by Ron Bey, which brought $260,000. ^re $24,000 for thu balustrade, $15,000 g in the old state Other prices Charles ll oak for the panelli dining room a id $9,760 for the Seventeenth ce of the picture The black rn consists of a d tory oak panelling Jlery. b>e staircase which Juble flight of steps and a gallery I tiled to find a purchaser. ds in the heart of the Lanarkshire coal mining district immortalized bl Scott in one of his most spirited lallads. It was built to 1822 to 1129 and one of its marvels was & portico of monolith us which were cop-'emple of Vespaslon foundations of the me so affected by found necessary to Istoric edifice. Corinthian col led from the at Rome. Th palace have time that it wi dismantle the to me to find that tiny supporters are to be found among the overwhelming majority i|honi Abraham IRISH    BILL INHOUSE    j    Lincoln called the ’plain people’ OF GOJfMONS    POSTPONED! As I suppose    you know, Abraham I Lincoln is my    hero, fie was a man By tho    Awnociated Pfess    I    of the people    who ajfvays felt with of there will be homes today. voluntary assistance during the epidemic. The report incorporated the following recommendations: Reimbursement    of    the    territory for money speRt    for    the    relief of natives. LONDON. D*. ll.—Introduction I and for the people, bat Who'had not ,„fh0"1?“daU0,K^f al!tS°^ernmental the    Irish    b    I    in    the    House    of    the slightest touch of the demagogue' I,    !.    , , s    ln the Department Commons    was    igain    postponed    to-    in    him.”    01    toe interior. J day. Andrew Be lar Law, spokesman    ........#...    ,*_ Removal    of restrictions on export for the governr ent, announced that* ___    I    of birch timber from public lands. in consequence of the visit of Pre- THE PRESIIJENT raier Clemens rn. Premier Lloyd!    1 mxir * George would >e unable to bring    AAlNIxKATiJLATES the matter forw rd either Monday or    TUI? TLITTVTi^ on a nn Tuesday and ti it he could not say    I filii MIJN^ HEADS whether it w uld be introduced! next week.    i_ ,    .    J _ j By the Associated Press MISSOURI VFOf NTKE,W    j    den! WU^„™V t$grlJhedPAct CE AME MINING TODAY^ ing President Lewis bf the United By the Associated pf*. "    !Minp Workers of America, his ap- JEFFERSON MTY, Mo., Dec. ll.    acti°n Volunteer we kers in the mtoesiak^rJiy , Tm*“ers JJPresentatlves ceased working he mines in Barton JT ®, ayat Indianap<ill8. The pres-county and natl nal guardsmen senti .Ii,8 ^®togram follows; returned to their! ^*ay ^ not    to you and I through you to the dfher officers of your organisation tny appreciation of the patriotic fiction which you took at Indianapolis yesterday? Now we must all work^{together to see to it that a settlement just and fair to every one Is retched without delay. Signed: Wold row Wilson.” better tlURPYl ONLY I 12 I days: I TD SHOP j || Regular StarHHj officers* be oreiH tor. MMS Establishment of a uniformed constabulary. Assignment o£ naval or coastguard ships to continuous duty in Alaskan waters. Transfer of jurisdiction over fisheries to the territory. Assistance to farmers by loan of money and cattle. Restoration of national forests to the public domain. Appropriation for Mount McKinley National Park. Increased telegraph service. Increased appropriation for work among natives. I Increased appropriations for the protection of game and the suppression of the liquor traffic. Increased appropriation for the establishment of aids to navigate. Increased appropriations for coast surveys. Renewal of biali contract system for the delivery of mail. WEATHER FORECAST Partly cloudy tonight, warmer in eastern portions. Friday probably cloudy and unsettled, colder in t north and south portions. ;

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