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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 9, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma 1111 'A':: gjp^PJsFS kN:^*«*:’n^'- >o>oXi ■ ^•n.».|.4,»».|.»»t,m.,n.».|.l|,lil,| I I*il;I 11 It ♦♦'W1IIHWM1    >tl"t‘»»‘i"l    1111 tti I It 111 ll 111 —when a fine set of pictures will be shown, giving views of the Bible land of Armenia, showing the atrocities of the Turks, and the indescribable conditions prevailing in bleeding Armenia and the surrounding country; also the work of relief. A great crowd is expected. Nearly all the churches are co-operating. C. V. DUNN, County ChairmanTHE EVENING NEWS, ADA/ OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1919 UNCLE SAM’S NEWEST SUPERDREADNOUGHT TO HAVE GUNS®*™cake making machinery operated by electricity PAGE FIVE essssEggss .Aural rTW    I    <?* ^    >aMg^:C    7*    Js    Va.    .V.:    '    v^vx    I [; . ■ /SNF*-    } s^JiaRfc. ms. ira SuiimiiYadiiaughl ( alifornin ait it looks today at Mar© Island. Hun of Got ii at Gwin 6 Mays Havs your Photo made ct West’s Xmas Furs—Burk’s 12-3-2td-ltw Rains Grocery has it. Call 840-841.    12-4-11 R. W. Simpson made a business trip to Wetumka today. Mrs. D. L. Palmer of Bing was in the city shopping yesterday. Correct Shoe Fitting a specialty at Burk’s Style Snop. 12-3-2td ltw. A. W. Parker left on the Frisco this morning for Francis on Business. Dr. E. N. Anderson made a professional trip to sasakwa this morning. Mrs. Ada Manns of Tyro was in the city yesterday receiving medical treatment. Pay cash— pay less. Try a eau of Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee.— Rains Grocery.    12-4-11 Mrs Joseph Parker of Ada left for Shawnee    yesterday    to    attend district court    there. G. W. Burris of Stonewall was in Ada this morning looking after professional business. C^r^*pnBUrr«TTjTAlin'S?    Pilf0 m‘“ i8 ,0 COS' OS.000.000. of the electric system. The guns made.—Rains    Grocery.    ’    12-4-U    constructed    on the    Pacific coast    She    urn    gU“S    WiU    b®    fifed    by    electricity‘ and    her wa*    lln.n7h«A . ti*    rtfi. * ll    e    V1} be e,ectricaHy driven    and    ventilation,    laundering.    printing, J. W. Roper left on the 1:55 Fids- *he Mare Nhnd    g°Th    operated.    Her turbines of 28.000 cake making and ice cream freezing co yesterday for Fitzhugh in regard 6    Island    na'5    >ard    The    horsepower    are the principal units, will all be electrically operated. to securing a school there.    "    -———— --- A.    T.    Boger    went to    Sasakwa    this* Mrs. J.    L.    Jennings returned    to    morning    on busienss. her home    in    Tupelo    this morning after being    in    Ada on    business.    B.    Odom    returned \o    his    home' „    in    Stonewall    after a business trip I Miss Kittle Harrison left yesterday    to    Ada. afternoon for Hughes County where FOR HER: SII MINE LEADERS SURRENDER TODAY she will teach again this winter.    S-    ^da    Snarks left for her home in Stonewall this morning after visit-1    - Mrs. James Fowler and son El- ng friends in the citv. mer, Jr., went to Oklahoma City , ^    y    the    Pre*, yesterday    and will    return todav. *    ,,?05,n    9    1?    of    Williamson,    Hal-    INDIANAPOLIS,    Ind..    Dec.    4.— sell,    Frazier Co.,    of shawnee,    left    for    Six    district    official*    nf    tho    i’„i#    h Mrs. A. Z. Guinn left on the Katv Coalsate on business for his firm. I M1 w .    .    the    I    nited yesterday evening for Konawa for • ■    -...... I    Mi“e    Worke™    ot    America    appeared a visit with her son, Henry Guinn. L. M. Miller representative of Morris £ Co. at Ada made a business trip to Mill Creek yesterday. W. B. Mac Daniel left on this morning's    Katy    for    Dougherty, Okla.. after a visit    with    his wife in the city. Wedding Custom. ne custom of throwing an old shod *irer a bride is quite misapplied when tt is done by her companions for luck. According to the spirit of the ceremony, which is of very ancient origin, It should be done by the parent or guardian of the bride as indicating a ra anociation of all authority over her. First Piano Ad la New York. New York’s first piano advertise I iwmff rononti as- k . .    ...    New    York’s    first    piano    advertise .h^y!    Jhe.led.er„bUl,dl“* 8h0rt* be"i «■*«• Panted on Jan. ,0. KSP from the army, left this morning for Caddo to visit an uncle there. fore noon here today and surrendered to United States Marshal Mark Storm, who held capiases for their arrest in information filed yesterday charging officials of the F. Ridgway of the Eagle Lye I!”'? CO"'tmp' of court for Milwaukee. Wis., left on 8l'el> Permitting the coal strike to Joe Mayer, small son of Bruno Mayer of Steedman, underwent an operation at the hospital this morning. _    _ .    _ _    me ivaij inis morning for Coalgate Har\e\ Frizzell of Roff returned after one of the several visits a year im his home yesterday after spend- which he makes to Ada. ing the past week in the city. visiting friends Works of Milwaukee. Wis., left on ' ' the Katy this morning for Coalgate*c°ntinue They provided bonds of $10,000 each which was furnished by a J. A. Cowling came up from Stonewall last night to hear Congressman Ferris speak and spent the night In Ada. W. L. Nettles returned this morning from Garvin where he had gone to join W. Slatier, B. Cooper and B. Stewart on a bunting trip. surety company. The hearing will be held at IO o’clock next Tuesday morning. J. E. W ebb and family have returned from Portales, N. M., It begins to look like the poet who prayed to the    woodman    to ‘®P*re that tree” appealed in vain. High School Cadet Band in con- Mr. Webb hi*" been' inkin'. Yfter' in’*.i,«U^ektIS.,?*l/Dd old ,ree cert at the High School gym Friday the interests    of    the    New-Mex    Oil I    aha    Frnre.i    doomed.—Chicha- night at 7 o’clock. The best pictures company.    Express, nod good music, lo and 15 cents.    ;    —1 Come out.    12-4-2U    Mrs.    Joe    Rushing,    who under- Paul Carson, of the Guaranty State Bank, who has been ill with doi ** da?9 *f£; ia    *°    J* pneumonia at his home in Allen, re- abl ' fo    , turned yesterday.    £2lt wh£T    * High School Cadet Band in con- Th„ firat    _    . cert at the High School gym Friday tion ... ..    .    ° ,    a,ce a don*- night at 7 o’clock. The bes, pie- V n -I    Childrens Nursery    was n^rl___J      «    a .    mm    Ll* John Jacob Astor, whose store was a 81 Queen street, “next door but to the Friends’ meeting house.” wa-the advertiser. He announced the s of “an assortment of pianofortes the newest construction, made by %st makers of London.” True Economy. Economy consists not in going will out needed things so much as in usln| all things, money ‘Deluded, to the bssl possible advantage. Lady Astor seems to have started something over in old England, for now that she has landed a seat in the Commons other women aspirants are coming to the front.—Shawnee News.    # KID GLOVES $1.75 to $3.95 HANDKERCHIEFS Plain and fancy in linen and silks, 15c to 65c SILK UNDERGARMENTS Teddies--------$3.75 up Gowns $6.50 to $12.50 Camisoles $1.50 up Petticoats $4.95 up SILK HOSE $1.50 to $3.75 TOYS For the Children: Let the children visit Toy Land. We also advise early shopping if you wish to get what you want. KIDDIE CARS $1.75 to $3.50 AUTOS AND WAGONS For the Boy IRON TOYS 25c to $3.00 STUFF TOYS 25c to $2.00 GAMES 10c to $2.00 BOOKS 5c to $3.00 DOLL FURNITURE FOR HIM: TIES The finest line ever at the prices. In Holiday hriYPQ_ $1.00 to $2.50 GLOVES for all occasions— $1.00 to $3.95 SHIRTS In silk and other good' materials— $1.50 to $11.00 HOUSE SLIPPERS All sizes— $1.95 to $3.00 ALL KINDS OF GIFTS FOR THE HOME These are only a few of the many hundreds of gifts we have for you to select from. Our stocks are very complete as in the past years, so come and make your selections early to avoid disappointment. 9 DEPARTMENT STORE S.M SMAW. PROP, PHONS Established 77 in IOO* ONLA Coon, who has known the lures and good music. IO    and 15    V--~‘    vvw.*i’    ,wuw0    Known    me cents. Come out.    12-4-ltl    nurseries    for    „d    years,    and    donated    a    graphophone to    furnish Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Searcy    of Atoka returned to their home    on the 10:15 Katy last night after    a visit with Mrs. Fischer and family. music for the children. C. T. Perry', general manager of the    Baker-Reidt Motor company,    of u ^    .    McAlester,    and    Hugh    Donnelly,    of! Fancy head and leaf lettuce, eel- Oklahoma City, are in the city to-! cry. green peppers, green beans and day. They have secured a loca- StT.P^L0eS nSmao <‘ating ,aP?‘w tlon on Nonh Broadway and about I a Peck.-Ra.ns Grocery. 12-4-lt ,he fire, of January ^ open Community motion pictures under r00018 *or the Chandler and Cleve-the auspices of the High School land car® and the International Friday night at 7 o’clock. Try it once tro<*h- and see how you like it. High School     —- gym. IO and 15 cents. 12-4-2tl Mrs. Stella Wiggins    met her    husband who came    in on    the Katy    yesterday evening    from    Ahloso where he had been visiting relatives. WAR CIM ACAIN . HOVERING NEAR I A good, clean show, and plenty of entertainment — all first-class.    -_ High School gymnasium. Community motion pictures, the best made. IO    By    ,he    Pre** and 15 cents.    12-4-2tl    WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. — Secre- t mo,    ,    tary Lansing will be called before J. M. I arber attorney left for Shaw- the senate Foreign Relations Conine© yesterday.to plead for the Plain- mittee before action is taken on tiff in the ease of Joseph Parker the resolution of Senator Fall, reel. Osage Cotton Oil Co., of Ada. publican of New Mexico, requesting a c,nnj i .    .    .    President Wilson to sever diplomatic A good, clean show%and plenty of relations with Mort™ Th* entertainment—all first class High    , Mexico. The com- .School gymnasium. Communliy mo- before uTater l fhe "eCreUlry Mon pictures, the best made. IO and    .a 15 cents    i2-i in    wnen the committee made the * 4-iti request Senator Fall said the whole Hie IU. Rev. Theodore P. Thura- 8ituation wa8 to ad uncertain state. ,.«pn, D. D.f Bishop of    Oklahoma. wlUi^^tor    Hitchcock    of    Nebraska,    ac- $1 st th© Episcopal    Church Friday1    tive    democratic    leader,    said    admin- . morning next, at 7:80 P. M. I Aration senators had not taken any . 12-264    I    definite stand on the resolution. „    .    republicans    were    indisposed    to Community motion pictures under; favor the resolution, but they wHrt.a.U^i.'£8o,0f, ‘.hf Pigh Rcho°1' Jolned wlth °*« democrats in deair-Friday night at 7 o clock. Try It once tag to get ell facta from Secretary and aee how you like It. High School Lawing before reporting to the sen-gym, IO and 15 cents. 12-4-ltl    ate. Mrs. W. A. McKinney of Mangum, Olla., arrived this morning to visit her sister, Mrs. A* F. Poindexter and family of this city. The sisters have not met for 34 years, since their mother. Mrs. V. A. Cartwright, died, at the age of 84. at their old home near Howe, Texas, after residing there    60 years. Dr. L. M. Overton    was a business caller at the Evening News office this afternoon. The doctor is very much Interested In the OU Clues Highway which Is routed thru Pontotoc County and hopes to ess soma substantial work done on this highway In the near future. AMERICAN Special Attraction Constance Ta I madge -IN- Hie Temperamental Wife “It’s a Matrimonial Nightmare” A John Emerson-Anita Loos Production-full of comedy, romance and peculiar circumstances. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY HOW’S YOUR BATTERY? Doe, Your Car Start? No? "ell. Call Va—We Cha FU Yon Up Grant Irwin Garage CHONK a TO-DAY LIBERTY Paramount Picture Corporation Presents • Everybody’s Favorite— Charles Ray, in “BILL HENRY” If its Charles Ray and a Paramount—ifs got to be good. Coming, Friday—Katherine Calvert, in ‘TUE CAREER OF KATHERINE BUSH” From the story by Elinor Glynn ;

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