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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 6, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Opening Next Monday and Changing Program Each Day Cornea “ Heart Breaking Baby    the    Liberty    Theater WXie !H$ia Cbcmntt ('LI ME XVL NUMBER 228 HESSEE MUSI SITUATION HH OE ADA, OKLAHOMA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1919 Burning the Bridge Behind Him THREE CENTS THE COPY J \ { I j I i GOVERNOR nonplus DKMKS SECRETARY LANSING SAID (K>V-THE RIGHT OF ROTH ORBK-    Bl I.NM HNT HAD NO FART IX A Ti HIS AXD MIX KRS TO    SM    TRI    KG RBL KASE OF REMAIN IDLE    JENKINS By the Associated l“re*s    By the Associated Presa KNOXVILLE. Tenn.. Dec    6.—    WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.—The Notice was served on miners and American government has not operators here today by Governor changed its attitude on the Jen-Koberts that all resources of the kins case and had no part in ob-state in men and mo ne) would be taming the consular agent’s re-1 used to produce coal unless the lease on bail. Secretary Lansing de-! strike was ended speedily.    dared    today    in denying rumors that    I • The owner of a coal mine has the state department had unoffici-not the right to use his property ally passed the word to the embas-j or decline to use it to the detriment sy of Mexico city to see that the* and injury of tin* public.' the Gov- consular agent was liberated on! ernor said. and. “on the other hand. bond. the moral right et the men to strike Officials here refused to com-J is not in any way an absolute one”, meat on reports that J. Walter! Governor Roberts warned the op- Hasen who furnished the $500 bond { era’ors that they must either mine was acting for Lewis Carera. Min-j coal or exhaust every effort to do ister of Finance in Carranza’s cab-1 so. “ or be prepared to answer to met. They are awaiting reports on the state for failure to do so this from the American embassy) through its courts, or military pow- at Mexico City. ers as the state may elect.”    The    state    department,    it was said, A number of miners and opera- his not yet been advised officially! tors were in the audience which that Jenkins was released on bail. heard Gov. Robert address. He it rt^ceived word here today that was accompanied to Knoxville bv at- Jenkins himself did not know until torney General Thompson and Ad- after he was liberated th* bond infant General Sweeney. MISAS GETTING COAT BT VOLUNTEER PIAN was fin Dished and that he is contin'tm: »r investigation on his own account to determine who was responsible for his liberation. DOCTOR DERCUM SAYS MR. WILSON IS STILL BETTER Mil KHIEU SfiJTaCHIGANi THIRTY VOLUNTEERS GET BUSY SS    AND    MOBE ABE reported GHERING NUMBER j TO BE FORTHCOMING OF HUNTERS. AT ONCE By th® Associated Press    I    ..    A,    ,    ...    _ CALUMET. Mich., Dec. 6.—There Governor j’’ B A -RnVirtTn^ *2 were four fatalities in the upper jJohn Af WhUehurst chapman ^5 peninsula of Michigan during the, state council of defense, volun-deer hunting season, which ended teer “iners Today began removing Nov. 30. This toll is considered fight coal from the striP Pit mines six- in view of the large number of deer hunters, estimated to be about twelve thousand. It is believed that fully 8,000 hunters crossed the straits into the upper peninsula this year. Most of them came from the lower part of the state, although neighboring states were well represented. Weather conditions were ideal for hunting, and there was an unusually heavy slaughter of deer. Sportsmen are already demanding a closed season on deer next year, believing this step to be necessary if the animals are to be saved from miles south of McAlester. With moving picture cameras clicking as he worked, Governor Robertson himself lifted the first shovel of coal from the pit. The governor wore tall rubber boots and an outfit of heavy wooles resembling an army fatigue uniform. He stood at work in the pit for several minutes, until he had shoveled out a goodly pile of eoai. Chairman Whitehurst, similarly attired also used a pick and shovel for a time. Governor Robertson, Chairman Whitehurst, George Clark and War- extermination. In some counties De-! de? Swltzer of tbe state penitentiary titions are being circluated for pre- e out to the mines in a mule- -..... K cart driven by a negro convict. The ‘’ix mile drive. The governor told the convict driver, who made a lengthy plea for pardon during tho six-mile drove. The governor told sen tat ion to the state legislature and the state game commission, asking for a closed season until 1921. The movement to prohibit deer hunting for a year or more was begun even before the opening of*be convict to “write me a letter.* the season just closed.    j    —- By the Att^fiatad Press    —_____ KANSAS CITY. Mo., Dec. 6 — Kansas is getting coal in fairly ap- By th® A*ao<-i*t*d pre** preci&tive quantities through vol-    WASHINGTON. Dec. 6.—Dr.    F. X. unteer plans today; Missouri hopes Dercuni, the Philadelphia neurolo-to be going by night; Oklahoma gist. made his weekly visit to Che where martial law has been estab- White House today. He said he lshed in coal producing counties, found President Wilson’s condition hopes to be in the busineaa*by Mon- good, but that he would not give out Seed Situation Will Be Serious Next Season Extreme Cruelty And Non-Support Alleged By Wife Ada, Okla., 12-6-19 Carter vs. Carter is the style of a The seed    situation should be    giv-    cas« filed in district court yesterday en prompt consideration bv    all    a,tt‘inoon* wherein Mrs. Mary Carter —wv ... — ~ .I i mm** -v»- - —. —------ .    formAI(D -    ...    .    ,    seeks a divorce from her husband. day and Arkansas reports indicated a statement as Senator Fall of New    rariucrs in    this county. As    the    Ernest Carter. C. O. Barton is at that probably it will have launched    *Jexico» who had conferred    with the    large per    cent of    cotton and con its mining venture by early next    * rodent, had made that    for him.    has been    damaged    during    the unweek. In many localities concerted The president conducted    some of-    favorabl    weather    this fall    ” efforts were made to secure supplies    “T*1    “g?1"!    r T. I,^ torney for the plaintiff. Missing Boys From Missouri Arrive in Ada SECRECY HOVERS AROUND NOTE TO GERMAN GOV’T BOOZE FLOWS FBEELY III ST. LOUIS ISOAY .sheriff Duncan’s office had the Evening News print a lot of cards last night, asking for information concerning two boys from Mountain Grove. Missouri. They left Mountain ! Grove some time ago and were By the Associated Press PARIS, Dec. 6.—The htmost secrecy is being observed regarding the terms of the note which was unanimously adopted by the counsel this morning, but it can be said that By the Associated Press ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 6.—All sorts of intoxicants were sold freely here today following the order of Federal Judge Farris yesterday, temporarily restraining the United States District of cord wood and other fuel. San of a foreign warrant and a bill to This condition exists over a large defendant three weeks, and that noisome lo her petition plaintiff states driving across the country tn Roff ». Shf Tnirma,nied to def*nda"tiTheir family at Mountain Grove hadl ^u7 Cl08ed* ! April, 191a. that she lived with tailed to hear anything of them for    bote    re. conf^ren^l l l ¥ firmly that the, attorney and the collector of intenral conference expects the discussion; revenue from interfering with the with Germany regarding the putting, sale of such beverages. e !rea*y into effect will be Thousands of gallons of whiskey ^    Iand wines were disposed of and it recalls that to make the was a common sight to see persons Antonio reported that Major Goner- £«!?!?    °f    k*6    P?liCe    ?n    *ht*    part    of the 8tatea *»d all men who J    ..££v?    ,been    born    to    lhe! about a1 Dickman had received orders from    the measure the president1 used* an    have    good wel1 Dlatured seed should    the ' marriage said'    defendant aIuPfT™ for information.    The sheriff's the war department to have soldier?    indelible pencil because of the diffl-    save    them for planting purposes, as    guilty of extreme    cruelty toward primed hi tend iii    °f inquiry cut wood from the military reserva-    cult) of using the pen in a re-    they    will be in demand when pint-    Pontiff, and cursed    and abuse? her pother Dofnts^n    T' U°n forests for army use if nee es- dining position. This was the first ifJ fl_ JLL    “    P    I    to her great mental humiliation; andtor? theytit 6ar7*    time in the history of the nation Kansas volunteers exeperted to that a document of this nature had be working in ter mines today. Un- not been signed with ink. official reports were that when they    ---V— quit work last night a total of twenty-one cars had b^pn taken out. mg time comes. J. B. HILL. County Agent. failed to treat her should treat his wife.' MAN WHO KILLED CZAR NICHOLAS IS PUT TO DEATH Train Schedule Badly Crippled By Coal Shortage L .    .    .    the>'    could    get    the    cards into That    i    niSiI    the    two    boys dr°ve into , r"at defend- Ada. Their names are Lewis Foster ant failed to work to support plain-1 and Chester Carroll tiff. altho an able bodied man, and     —___ _ that plaintiff had to work to support1    * herself. Wherefore, plaintiff ask’s a divorce and the restoration of her maiden name of Mary Johnson. VV ..VU. .....TUi.llg DI lilt- 111 IOT I Irpo.v    .    --,     —       “    vv.au.wu    “‘(.Ul    IU    acc    yci SUUB days and had become uneasy! uiotp' rpiP!10    e    imme-    boarding    street    cars    with    large    urbin them, writing to the local of-L Thl    i    Prison-1    jugs and bundles    of    quart    bottles. Germ an v    it    b*f    Erecting'    Whiskey    wholesaled    at    from    $17 to ToeoT failing wMnh    ,frmi!l,ce pro'    n a galIon' Bottled    goods    at    aa tocol failing which    action, the coun-    average of $10 a    quart. sel declares it will    be compelled?    ----------- to adopt measures of coercion of a By the A*x»euit«*ii I'r*->e COPENHAGEN, Dec. 6.—The so- Effective at midnight viet authoritie.- in Russia have radical changes will be made iii the punished by death the individual schedule of passenger trains run-held immediately responsible for Bing thru Ada. Both the Frisco the execution of former Czar Nicho- and Katy are effected by the change las and his family at Yekaterinburg Altogether four trains in Jun€ vak troop- were approaching the night trains on the Frisco—the city where the Imperial personages southbound due at 11:49 p. rn. and were then being held prisoners, ac- *be northbound due at 4 a. rn. cording to a dispatch from Kovno "ill be discontinued. The Katy train today.    due here at 10:15 from Oklahoma By the Aaeociated Pres* PARIS, Dec. 6.— In a note draft-ed by the Supreme Council today. .mu av, .hat body demanded that Germany A XIE Ii HAX LEGION TO MEET MONDAY NIGHT The American Legion will meet •n regular meeting Monday evening a* 7:30 at the city hall. A. R. OIL PRODUCERS ARE TO BE PROSECUTED military nature.    I    THE    4RMY TANK Owing to the importance of the ~    - -    XiVVtV note, Puestres, the general secretary of the peace conference, will hand it* man mission. personally to the head of the Ger- 1918, when the Czecho-Slo- off for the time being. Both Yhe courR* to mil,tary measures sign the protocol providing for the J Chandler, the delegate to the na carrying out of the peace terms, failing in which the allies it is set forth will be obliged to ha vt re- ’ioii.il convention will be ready to i! i a K r ais report. Plans for the Whit Hyden Died Last Evening of Gunshot Wounds    Michigan: _____    In    Keeweenaw county, it is pro j posed to use army tanks for packing IN NEW SPHERE OF USEFULNESS By- the Associated Press HOUGHTON, Mich., Dec. 6.—Th© army tank which had a big share in revolutionizing methods of warfare during the late world conflict, is to find a new sphere of u?eful-ness in the snowy wastes of th*1 far northern states, according to plans by t ho Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.—Prosecution of western oil producers for alleged profiteering was ordered to-    ,    .      ,______ t*ay by Attorney General Palmer.! Whit Hyden,Who was shot yester 1 deep snow on the public bigben complaint filed by Senator Capper dcy morning bv E. \V. Ussaprv n.i ways during the long, hard .inter Baron Yon Lesner’s communication which was received by Premier Clomenceau Thursday declared the Allies were misinformed regard- ins their complaint that Germany u’Tio atte^ A message quo»«*s the Bolshevik ( it.v and the one arriving here at j forces*^rnGUed10    °*    mi,ilary    1 newspaper, Pravda. of Moscow, as 5 a. in. will be eliminated from the ___________ jail    pending    a    hearing,    a    E    J    •    m    . Cation established an embargo ef- char«e of murder having been filed a..e °A u* The tank- carryin g ita fi ctive Monday against the shinnied I against him this morning authority for this statement. The schedule. Pravda’s account states that M This change will leave only two her under the treaty. The text of Premier Clemenceau’g note to Von Leaner concerning the MICKIE SAYS Johantowoff, member of the soviet, trains a day on the Katy and makes excessive German has been condemned to death and Th** schedule about as bad as can;    which executed for ordering the execut ****************** * * * * ♦ * * ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ * ♦ ¥ * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ TO THE PI RU*’: Police court characters and others who become aggrieved by reason of any reflection that the publication of news items may seem to make upon them, are hereby notified that the editorial staff have set aside one hour each day to hear complaints against the paper. Owing to the rush incident to the publication of a large daily paper such as the News, we are unable to give the time to these hearings until after the paper is on the streets in the afternoons. For this reason we designate the hour of from four to five in the afternoon to hear complaints against this publication. This is the custom practiced in the offices of most of the large metropolitan papers of the country’ at the present time, and we trust -that it will meet with the approval of the public here. You will con-■erve our time and enable us to publish a still better paper if you will follow the rule. nim Kiln mnra un    M    cr,P-|fhe    formation    of    Imperial defense i m,,l> an unaatl«factory *er-[,roops wHh organizing security po- i ‘ *e and emergency volunteers which I taking off a number of switch engines on its Iii * v*re, leaving only one train each I |jc ^ way on points below Ada. The (have been declared to be virtually J ta lr i n ar „ff    °    I ^ Germany to restrict her forces ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ * * * ¥ ¥ ¥ GOV. ROBERTSON WITNESS IN THE FEDERAL COURT I    until    the strictly to the limits of the treaty. The supreme council today took under consideration Germany’s ex- ? press desire that custom payments on goods entering Germany by land be made in gold as had already been done on goods sent by sea. The ^ Br »b» Auoci.ted Pram * KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Dec. 6 — ^ Governor Robertson of Oklahoma 4 was the first witness for the gov- * eminent today in the trial of 28 * alleged members of the I. W. W. on * trial before Judge John C. Pollock * in federal court, Kansas City, Kane. <'HJt'AGO PLANTS ARE STILL SHUTTING DOWN tag the Auori.ted Pram CHICAGO, Dec. 6.—The shutting down of industrial plants Monday iii Chicago on account of coal shortage will put out of employment at least 200,000 men, it was estimated * The eignature of Michael Sap! Loda,J/    w“    .by « IHT. one of the defendant, who lat-j®, gl    I!fl0,nha'    f“el (?lr1cctar . er t„ ...j .    . ,    ." or me northwest, that the fuel ad- *:« I. .aid to have become an offic- luiniStratU)„ would K„ farther than the schools in conserving coal to relieve the distress. Funeral Announcement Funeral sendees In honor of Whit * ial in the organisation, was identi * Tied by Gov. Robertson. The signa-*| lure was attached to a question&ire. * Gov. Robertson was a member of * the legal advisory board of Okla- * boma at the time the .elective Ber-1    ,nonor.or    wh't * vice act wa. in operation.    W*°.dl*.    U.,t-eveP*n». wi" *    ^    «*>e W4 at 3 o’clock Sunday after- *    !    noon at Oak Avenue Baptist Church, *    Musk is the chief and most valu- by the I. O. O. F. and the W. O. W ¥ able export of Tachineiklu, Szechuan. Odd Fellows and Woodmen are re^ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥\    ™eaitf    the    annual    I    quested to meet at the Hall at 1:30 destruction of !««.««* leer.    o’clock to prepare for the funeral Ie through the deep snow f it. The tank, carrying its gainst the shipment! aKainst nfm This morning    -    ow ii motive power, will do the vork of tuei oil from the west to points* The funeral services of Mr. Hvden !iluch mort raPidl> abd, because of east oi St. Louis and Chicago. This wil1 be beld at Oak Avenue Baptist* strength, much better than was j action, it was explained, was neces- Church tomorrow afternoon at 3 possible with thfc rollers, the high-isary to conserve the small supplies °’cloek under the auspices of theist ^muiissiouers believe. of coal available for the territory Woodmen and Odd Fellows    I    trouble    in    getting    the    tanks west of thp MiKsiaainni u»i..— ——■___ *    !    over the snow is anticipated and it st of the Mississippi River and to compel the use of fuel oil instead wherever possible. WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.—Oil producers. Senator Capper, said. have increased their prices from $1 OO a barrel before the strike to nearly $4.50 a barrel. Declaring that scores of industrial plants in the west had converted their fuel equipment for oil consumption since the strike began, Senator Capper said the increases in oil prices had plac-jed a burden on them. Senator Capper also asked the de-, partnient of Justice to investigate complaints that oil producers ‘“had got together on prices”, he skid the quotations made by the bigger concerns were practically on even terms Memorial Service Tomorrow William L. Byrd Camp of Confederate Veterans will hold a memorial service at the First Baptist Church at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in honor of the late Dr. D. M. Hailey of McAlester. A historical sketch of Dr. Hailey will he read by R. C. Roland and the memorial ser-uon will be delivered by Rev, C C. Morris. Singers from the other churches of the city are invited to assist in the ceremonies. Everyone is cordially invited to attend this service and do honor to one of Oklahoma’s greatest men. is proposed to have them driven by Keneenaw county young men who were soldiers in tho tank service during the great w^ar anti who are, thermore, accustomed to the w’ayq and vagaries of the tanks in slimy mud and clay—not unlike, in the difficulties provided for locomotion, the snows of the north. Snow falls to a depth of several feet and The enrollment for the winter * dri**s’. *n places> a score or more A OIC ENROLLMENT AT NORMAL SCHOOL term at the Normal school was 267 at the close of business yesterday. This is just 18 per cent over the enrollment of like date last year. The number of young men entering is very gratifying to the management. In several cases, young men who are on the farm come in for the winter term taking double work in agriculture and courses in Eti^lish, penmanship, etc. The courses in agriculture are largely the attritive features. Furthi mation regarding the feet in depth in the passes and along the trails of the cliffs and little mountains of Keweenaw. The government, in turning army automobile equipment over to th© states that have road improvement programs, will give Michigan, it is said, several army tanks and caterpillar tractors and Revreenaw’s road commission will seek one. WEATHER FORECAST Th  ...... \ ___ii    circumstances of any solar Cloudy tonight and Sunday. Cold- i°n    4    rall?08t    exactly ar tonight    I    *    of    6585,    days    and    8 *    hours,    or approximately is years. CAN'T INCREASE PRICE . TO RAISE MINERS* WAGES Furthermore, infor- I By th« Associated Presa . t    Ig    the    courses in. WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.—Not on© agriculture has been carried abroad c*nt can be added to the price of % by the school and county fairs to coal to finance any increase in the a very large extent as the Normal!    °* owners, Fuel Administrator has been quite active in this kind i Garfield declared today after reading of work. These young men are Rress d*«Patches to the effect that very welcome indeed and the school ! Xiov®rn9r Co* of 0hio had Proposed only hopes that it may he able to do some real effectivd^service for them It is Interesting, also, to note that 67 new student# enrolled this term —just 25 percent of the present enrollment. Flint weapons used by the modern savage tribes in no way compare with the finely finished weapons that miners and operators in that state compromise on the basis of a 25 per cent advance in pay for the men. Dr. Garfield indicated that the government would have no objections if the increase could be given without advancing coal prices. w»».« mc fmeiy nnisnea weapons andP?rr0t ^ldca x,rr$sjr - ——'ta: Saar*"= ;

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