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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 5, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Was Her Triumph Worth the Price She Paid— Catherine Calvert in Eltnor Glyn ^Adventures of Katherine Bush”-Liberty Today ADA, OKLAHOMA, PRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1919 I NUMBER 227 THREE CENfS THE COPY WE MAY EXPECT ANOTHER APOLOGY FOR THE MURDER OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS WHIT RYPRX DANGEROUSLY SAY® GOAL PRODUCTION GET" WOUNDED IN DIFFICULTY    TING OLOWTR TO NORMAL, WITH K. W USHA KRY *    THOUGH CONDITION IN THIS Mi ARNING    AOUTH IN MIDDLE WMT GOVERNOR GOVERNOR ROBERTSON D ] CLARES MA TIAL LAW IN FIVE COUN TES TO PRB-SERVE Of AL SUPPLY Bar th* Associated Pilss MCALESTER, bk la., Dec. 5.—The first coal to bl moved from the Oklahoma fields aby the use of volunteer labor win be shipped from the strip pits Ax miles south of here Saturday miming, according to Governor J. B. A. Robertson. Governor Rolertson, John A. Whitehurst, chapman of the state council of defense, and Adjutant General Charles w. Barrett, arrived here last night with a detachment of thirty volunteer [miners and sixty members of the Oklahoma National Guard. Governor Robertson and local operators are at| work at the pits today making a Preliminary survey relative to starting actual work. A squadron of (United States cav airy from Columbus, N. M., will arrie here for gush'd duty Saturday mornings accord mg to Governor Robertson.    I Whit Hyden w s shot and dan- th* A*«o«iatsd Pm gerously wounde this morning WASHINGTON, Dec. 5.—Fuel Adobo ut 11:30 o’cUAk in the 300 minietrator Garfield returned to block on East 6lh Street. E. W. Washington today from Wllliama-Ussaery is charged with the shoot- town. Mass.. to take personal ing. Hyden hast two loads of shot charge of the coal situation. After in his arm and lide and is said to a conference with Assistant Attorney be in a precarioi i condition.    General    Ames, he went to the White Reports as to he incidents of the House to attend the cabinet meeting, shooting are a nflicting. Accord- Director General Hines also met ing to Ussaery ie interfered when with the President’s official family. Hyden attacker Mrs. McBroom Dr. Garfield appeared to be opti-with threats of killing her. where- mistic. He said coal production upon Hyden at ticked with a knife, was getting closer to normal alerting a gash in his right sleeve, though the stringency in the Mid-He then shot Hyden with a shot die West was still acute. gun.    I    Members    of    a    general    committee According to J the story of other representing the coal operators who parties Ussaer>| after some words remained in Washington after the with Hyden we* into his house aud adjournment of the general confer-got his gun. aid after exchanging ence of operators yesterday, denied some words sljr»t Hyden who was in a statement published today, re-standing several feet away. After ports that they had considered of-the shooting Ussaery phoned for a feting any amount to the miners physician and pent to the sheriff’s greater than the 14 per cent wage office and gar! himself up.    advance    suggested by Dr. Garfield. It is said tint Hyden Is an epi-    ----- leptic and subject to hallucinations.    # He is about flirty five years old. FC SVT fit Pf/T    C /ft Ussaery is abAit sixty years of age. "SVQfPiMiff HQS MFI By the Associated Pr bs MCALESTER, Dec. 5.—Governor Robertson has ssued a proclamation declaring rn irtial law in Pittsburg, Latimer, L flora, Haskell, Coal and Okmulgee c unties, to take effect immediately * The ;proclamat on seta forth martial law is tecessary “to promote public pea se; to secure coal for fuel purpose ; to prevent criminal syndicalism and restore the mining section t i its normal condition/’ Brigadier Gen iral Chas. F. Barrett will comm? ad the troops. In the proclamation Gov. Robertson announces that ie has ordered on duty the entire ruard organization to occupy the c< a1 fields, “to preserve coal in th* present crisis.'’ GOVERNO Et ASKS FOR OLN INDIAN SCHOO!! BUILDING Angry Wife Goes Gunning^ For The | Second Woman SENATORS FALL AXD HITCHCOCK TO MER PRESIDENT TODAY REGARD!NG THE MEXICAN BREAK. UNLESS GERMANI PHIAL PEACE ll AND FHAkKSXH OCCUPII AGREES TO IMS ESSEN WILL BH . H» ih« Aaanetaiad Presa WASHINGTON. Dec. 5.—President Wilson will see Senator .Fall, republican, of New Mexico, and Senator Hitchcock, democrat, of Nebraska, at .2:30 today to discuss the Mexican situation. Senator Fall announced that immediately after the conference he would make public the evidence on which he based his charge in the senate that the Mexican ambassadors and consuls in the United States were circulating “red’’ propaganda. Senators Fall and Hitchcock were named as a committee yesterday by the senate foreiim relations committee to confer with the president to seek his views on the subject of Senator Fall’s resolution that the president sever diplomatic relations with Mexico. The Hitchcock substitute proposed in the congress as assurance that the president had its support should he decide to brmik • with Mexico, also will be considered at the conference. The sensors will go to the White House after the president’s cabinet concludes its special meeting at which the Mexican situation will be discussed. The meeting was called today by Secretary Lansing, who spent nearly two hours before the foreign relations committee yesterday in the discussion of the Fall and Hitchcock resolutions and the Mexican Question in generals By th* AMBdaMd Pkm WASHINGTON. Dec. 5.—The foreign relations committee will not meet until Monday Co receive the report of the senators as to the president's view on the Mexican situation. Decision to have the senators Halt the White House was reached by the committee after Secretary Lansing had told that Che president had not been consulted in the present diplomatic exchange with Mexico regarding the Jenkins case.THIS INJUNCTION MAKES MISSOURI WET IN RI,ACESGEN. WALTERS RECEIVES ADVICE OF MEXICAN RAID #*** ************** %    CHURCH    NOTICES    ■    •% Grandma R. B. Holmes (eft on Katy this morning for Wapanucka *£< live with her son there. She had heretofore been a ward of the coun-^ ty, living at Ada. From time immemorial the News has been most liberal with all churches and affiliated societies and organizations in the matter of carrying. on Saturday, free of charge, voluminous announeeds argo, voluminous mn-Sunday programs, etc. We do not mean to discontinue the practice, but hereafter, in order that we may get out on tune Saturday the same aa the other days of the week. we will have to have these announcements on the copy hook not later than 5 o’clock in the afternoon of Friday. If they come later than that, do not be disappointed lf they fail to appear in the paper. . Bf tim Aiwdttil Pm HOUSTOIf Tex.. Dec. 5.—General J. F. Wafers, commanding the Texas cavalry with headquarters here, today! received advices of a raid by Memrau bandits on a store near the birder eleven miles south of Zapata, I county seat of Zapata | county. TMe information is that the I owner of fie store was bound, the place looted and the bandits fled , across th«| border. The report was : telephoned by W. M. Hanson, a captain in tis ranger service, who is Erving am special examiner for the senate investigating committee.Bick William's Barber shop Sold To Frank Arnett The nut Contribution. The woman of Ada who has the honor of first contributing to the Armenia* fund is Mrs. Mary Kerwin, 320 W. lith St. Her contribution is five dollars. The people of Ada do not need to walt until sunday or Monday. Any time from now until Monday night will do. Phone to C. V. Dunn, county charman, phone 04, or to J< A. Smith, county treasurer, Guaranty State Bank, Ada. Lot a Want Ad get it for yon/ Frank Arnett has bought the barber shop on North Broadway from Dick Williams and took possession this moring. This is thb shop in the rear of the Guaranty State Bank. Mr. Williams has not decided Just what be will do in* the future. Frank Arnett la one ut Ada’s most popular barbers and is rare to have all the work he can possibly do. A. B. Baker of McKean A McNeal, cotton seed growers of Luling, Tex., was in the city today and sold a ear of seed to the Osage Cotton Oil Ca ;

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