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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 3, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma Battling Wallace Reid Does Some Remarkable Fist Fighting in -The Lone Burglar,: and He Rather Likes the Roughness; Liberty Today Wyt Abetting J^ebjsi VOLUME XVI. NUMBER 225 AMZN MUE! IS GEHMUT HI ADA, OKLAHOMA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3,1919 LEFT TO WORK OUT HIS OWN SALVATION m111'1'    OI    THE    some    say    it    is    because    the \YOIlL|> Tllt.MNU TO THIS Cill EAT WOK HEK SIHI! FOR KEW OUTLET. T KITED STATES SKKATE E A I EKJ) TO RATIFY THE TREATY'. By the    Citu PARA, (Mouth of Amazon River) By the Associated Frees PARIS. Dec. 3.—Germany has de lve. 2 —The industrial development Tided not to sign the protocol pre- t°h ^,e,*»tmiiZOnf I* * is a,tracIing ^nied *o her by the allies as a conche attention or European countries, dition for putting the peace treaty British., German, Italian. Norwegian, into effect, the peace conference swedish and Dutch capitalists, ea- has been notified It was learned gineers and importers are making today that Lersner. head of the investigations ot the mineral and German delegation, informed the the 'a,Uv ;>r have conference on Monday that Germany obtained concessions to establish in- had made such a decision S?onhr,ifi0e *merican parJ Th‘« attitude is taken as confirm-ncipanon in his dexelopmeut work mg the report of sharp reaction in, is conspicuous by its absence. Germany within the past fortnight English engineers are up river at Trained observers of German de^j DolsibiitX. oT ’Jv?ftIga;iu* velopmenu has expressed the view i possibilities ct vegetable oils; Eng- that there has been a conmlte trans-l practicability ar,f hext_ Studyiug Iba formation of the situation in Ger-1 pra<.ucabim\ ot extracting starch many and that it is due to the. Sf nmnduia1 *lcot£l {’°‘a the. root fai,ur* of the United States Senate* OI mandioca. an hellish engineer to ratify the peace treaty aa returned to ’bis city from The question upon which the* A1*1®8 I    tiqiip!!U :i- wilh German representatives appear most I U makingtend the ^amination be secretive is the allied insistence, It pf    a mineral area of upon the trial of Gorman officers a BriUrt    U    °f    *"    Kr‘nCe    *“2 helh?..1’a,l‘an S-'nd,,'aU' Wh,fh i,Jf Th“* f« it i* stated no lad' vegetable nil fLtnrv * k lnental Satl°ns have reache<l Paris of any Vf r/Lwf#    Z I 41    ;own dippo^ition on the part of the Ger- a bo uf ^0inihf^r To?imn*y KlVer- ®ans to modify their attitude. apout    iou miles* iroin la*a.    has ap-    ________ plied    for a concession lo    open a large    factory in Para for    the ex traction of illuminating and edible oils from the nuts of the palms and trees which abound in me fores s. A slmiliar concession ha* been ghen Ut a group of loci*.; capitalists for the establishment of oil lac lories in certain municipalities throughout the state. Concessions have been granted recently by the State Congress for    _ ' arious factories to manufacture glass,    hammocks and thread, salt    KEWHKKRY’FORD    CONTROVER- and its products, paper of all    grades,    SY    1X>ME    El*    IK THE    SENATE lubber goods, vegetable dyes and AKB AK IV VESTIi' %TIO v ink and buttons from vegetable ivory nut. These so-called “concessions'*    ROER ED. are not to be confounded with the    ___ exclusive monopolies ^ popular in other Latin - American countries hy ,h* Aworiatai Free* which in the past have proved to be WASHINGTON. Dec 3 .    -    -    —    —    —------ —... Inventi- • na rn per instead of an aid to cation of the Newberry-Ford Sena- "<we^M»*Vto0^aMUlB ";azil * '<,nal ron'rov*‘rR>’ from Michigan i.'s.o^ in ,he l.uTs rno,2o,2^,,oday by ,he a ‘ Charter.'- with. in    f .*    „ ro*>lutlon presented ' special tax exemption* for a niiZr ohio Pom<‘ren"‘ D^mo<'ra' Investigation by grand jurv of the in a resolution presented by of -----»    *w* a uuuii/n '" or years, or privileges in the matter of import dues on machine!* and equipment. The Alsatian Plantations Co. German syndicate, has reopened plantation near Para. which abandoned when Brazil entered the    complaints    and    “public    charges war on the side of the Allies. This of fraud and corruption” made by mump THREE CENTS THE COP ANXIETY PREVAIL AS CABINET MEMBERS AWAIT DELIVERY OF NOTE TO MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. NORWEGIAN ENGINEER DEVISES PLAN TO PROVIDE WATER AND POWER FOR ANCIENT PROVINCE. Bv th© Associated Press WASHINGTON, Dec. 3.—State department officials were marking time today awaiting word from Mexico City of the latest American note to the Mexican government and the subsequent action inspired by it. The message was garbled in transmission and this delayed its presentation to President Carranza. In some quarters it was believed that Carranza would order the release of Jenkins soon after receiving the message and prevent a complete break between his government and the United States. Private advices from Mexico indicated that some of the Mexican officials were not taking the negotiations seriously and felt that it involved only an interchange of diplomatic notes. A different attitude was evident at the state department, however, where the situation was being gravely considered, and should Carranza continue to hold out against the government’s request pressure was expected to be brought which would force Mexico to accede to the demands. INDUSTRIES CONTINUE TO SHUT DOWN AND REGIONAL DIRECTORS ANNUL MORE PASSENGER TRAINS By the Associated Press CHICAGO, Dec. 3.—Further dis ruption of national industry because I By the Associated Press j CHRISTIANA, Dec. 3.—A Norwegian engineer has devised a plan to provide water and electric power for Palestine at an .initial cost of $40,000,000. Albert Hjorth of this eity proposes to utilize the varitaion of the level between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea and by means of a tunnel for water, to provide electric power to be used for pumping stations, irrigation and general purposes. Mr. Hjorth proposes to dig a tunnel 37 miles long, from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea, passing under Jerusalem. This tunnel would carry water from the Mediterranean to the western slopes of the lower end of the Jordan Valley. Thence the water would pass through pip** down to the Dead Sea where a pov£ er plant would transform the water power into electricity, to be distributed as light and power -through the country. This power would be used to drive a pumping station, at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Gennesaret ) The surface of the Dead Sea is about 1,300 feet below sea level* that of the Sea of Galilee 650 feet below sea level. , Preliminary estimates, Mr. Hjorth tat es, show that tens off thousand* of horsepower might be developed rn this way by means of a tun el carrying 20 tons of water per second. He estimates the rise of the S Sea caused by this at not more an a part of a yard per year. The abmfw Ona Sea Which is "w about 4,096 square miles, would be square    *° about 4‘800 Two canals would be built running parallel with the river Jordan and from these canals water could be distributed among the fields slop-ng toward the Jordan sufficient, it manv U d f<?r the irrigation of acres Ddreds of thousands of Mr. Hjorth claims it would be By the A Maoc I it ted Frees LONDON, Dec. 3.—Two years ago the British government issued a declaration of nolirv ill POR child presided and read a letter from Lord Ourzon. the Foreign Minister. ■ Riving assurance that there had I been no change in the government's policy. Hon. Scott Ferris of Lawton will bas 200.000 banana trees the lieutenant governor of Michigan I and IOO,VOO abacaxi? < pine apples) and others. United States District 1 By the    Pie*. Sirssris - countries, an/^^win^^^the^^tr^    J."’ wial aR8isTant*    United    trif chaiJ'* confronted William Car-j before, and he “felt* suie *that they1 nomination fo^United1^^™^^    without ^nLn^    ^    Supplies    were ordinarily even d Z ie V Para r- Sl^f *******    Aliner. JKS    bos-    J would yet see the stablishmnt Of <J°°} Oklahoma.    ** ^ quire little attention when growing.    unetwee were summoned from    piLaJ toda> ^ifh a bullet hole in his    their desired home, because it was    dial|y invited to hear Mr. Ferris. The Para and Amaxan bananas are eVf*r> parT of the state and repre-    .cheet*    while armed guards1 the will of an overwhelming nam- who is Oklahoma’s best known said to be Hie best Brazil produces    both political parties. Thev    nover<ad in the back grounds to    ber of their Jewish brethren and    con-ress»nan. The speaking will be- and are in great demand in Rio and numbered into the hundreds and Pr**ve“» escape.    wai; ajso (he deflire of the rest f Pin promptly at 8 o’clock. Buenos Aal reg; they are said to included both men and women Carlisle was shot down in a cab- the world    '    Ferris arrived in Ada at noon    ____ stand shipment unusually well    Chase 8. Osborn former governor of    in >e»terday by .sheriff Roach of    The meeting adoDted a resolution    Uoda>' ov*r the Frisco from Tisho-    wape incr*as«‘    decreed by the    gov- Norwegiaus are operating a large    Michigan and one of the Repulican ! " beaHand as the bandit, cornered,    moved by Herbert Swnuel member    J!!    ?!**** he, had been workingj    ernme,Jt were    fort;    coming. . .w “j11    Iiha    das Oncas, an candidates defeated for the nomina- rea°bed for an automatic pistol to of Parliament re-afflfminu “the un- IT 2lef68t*i? hi^ candidaO*- He| A alight ray of nope. however. iMand in the Guajata River opposite tion by Mr Newberry in the pri- KiVe battle. The imsse had trailed shakable will of the Jewish moonie    ? g e, afttrnoon going w^ found in optimistic reports from to tbe city of Para Aith,*..<rh        ..    *         .    !    w,u    OI    u,e    ••WM*    people    about    town mewling his nimmm... thd nnprai^    ju*.:.*__x.___ *re of man (Continued on Page Eight.) of the fuel shortage brought about | more difVuU to build this by the strike of bituminous coalman the proposed railway tunnel miners was in prospect today. Re- under the English Chan in el ma gional directors of railroads had! estimates that the cost of the’ TWH authority to annul passenger trains *-----  ,J    “ where the public would be least inconvenienced and many additional manufacturing plants throughout the country were facing shutdowns cither through the exhaustion of their coal supplies or the strict ra- administrator^ *    ^    -orks    constructed State executives who, under ap- Sea tunnel (double) with a mini- S40m0OcroOO °/ 1hi hsquare fw' at to wh'ch must be ad-led 5,ei “st of, the power plants, factories, canals and irrigation works. IL',* ^°ln,ted. out ,hat '»e estimated rnn!„le? in th‘S PIa" ^OeS not compare unfavorably with the irri- immense* fomts Afun° ofh Jood* "'ar> *‘1'p1'on- wi,h ,he first witness Carlisle since Sunday morning thru1 to reestablish their national home friends ° , L    summoned,    a bl.zsard with learns aud on horse in Palestine.” feint inned a; pLI    «overnment    officials    asserted    that    bark- and '‘"ally on fool when drifts        ..VI,,. town meeting his numerous the operators of the district embracing southeastern Kentucky, Tennes- SKNATE ORDERS MOST ,      in    Asia \f. if?lea during the past decade. frrolT' H:*orth s Pla»s have met with f.?at symPathy a mong leading scientific authorities and practical in Norway- lt ^ proposed IcJpnnr °Ut a . ^orwegian technical scientific expedition which, with the ment«Pnfe?h SUPP°rt of the R°vern-ments of the great powers interested a vearsMhf t0 ,Palestine and make f»,‘ borough investigation of all the conditions relative to the realization of this project—topographical £y*le°mcglCetc. .,echnical‘ geological; If the matter reaches such a s'age iSIi lhe realization of this -reat ■ roject can be seriously contem- COAL ROBBERIES MUST STOP, SAYS that in many respects was without *‘iW who had elud<Hl capture since nearly 500,000 parallel in American annals. They hi* escape from the state peniten-1 paid it extended from the most pop-l,iar>’ at Rollins. November 15, aud Kli(C»IONAL CHIEF uloUP *ard« of Detroit to the Indian Ule subsequent robbery or the Los Reservations on the shores of, Lake Angeles Limited near Medicine Bow, Superior where aborigines were vot-, November wa» strapped to the see and Virginia that the backbone Plated, the resources of Nor wav will of the strike there had been brok- !lot suffice alone, but the aid of international capital will be invited. wtouiM/ttnAM wv    iers a* one small mine in Missouri WASHINGTON, Dec. 3—A general with the statement that they as MICKIE SAYS OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 2 Oklaho- according to the behest of the back of a horse for the descent investigation of the federal trade j Americans could not see their neigh- r'Sn bW^idesrdered by ith0 9en-| bors Sl,ffer: and the adopUon bv the charges Senator Watson T    ?f    °ne ,W,T V‘r8i,nia publican, of Indiana, who charged1    8    resolution    favoring ma was threatened with Immediate Newberry campaign organization 4 suspension of all train service “be-1    ---- \ tween points in the state and Athrough it" in a message to Govern- Ilf 11 OOIIJQ Dill 1111111 FuertrrX    WILoUN 0 KAILKUAU Ix)ui8. Mr. Bush s communication re-    ^    —— cites repons that three separate    |l[PPlPr    nCCCDDLII Tar    3o    ItooAht    UtrtllncB and that interference with region-a1 distribution must stop under pain of train service suspension.    By th** Awiocietwi pre** jdown Larmi Peak, erghteen miles : southwest of here, and was then j bundled into an automobile and ■ rushed to this city. Just what disposition will be: 1 made of him has not been determined. Carlisle has been in Wyoming since the train robbery. CARRANZA TO HANDLE THINGM WITH UNCLE SAM 'By the AxMoriated Free* MEXICO CITY. Dec. 2.—The so /VcKMA KMM ^SSSa vfe «M«K TCOMC    -KUE J WW OvrtEH IkQgMRtECkS >NO«fMl I OE NDNEftT\%\H&    OXX    ( ItAMDOEUH NhWtYMHGr IE I ^)V)1 \ ITO conc avowt oorc 'n tell 'v* ■ that the commission was a hotbedrpturn to work under the of Socialism and Bolshevism The'    per    cent    in<?rease Plan    until a committee will take up the commis-! satisfactory    adjustment is    made, sion’s attitude toward business In-' terests. and toward all business1 agencies in general. u . .... .w... .V.r ~    W'ASHINtfTON,    Dec.    3.—President . t MANY STEAM KRS Iii'It KKD    Wilson will not begin preparation of |ut,otl difficulties arising out of AND PROPERTY DAMAGED bis special message to congress on 'n,^rnational affairs with the United BALTIMORE, Md., Dec. 3.—Two the railroad situation until Director; *Statcs were intrusted entirely to wharfs of the Canton Lumber com- General Hines has conferred with President Carranza without legislat-pany at Trenton a suburb, the State ‘Senator Cummings and Representative intrusion by the senate at a se-Oyster, a steamer. Governor Mebane ■*t*ve Rerh.chairmen of the senate and cret session here today. R^ations and five other vessels were destroy-j hoime *nter»ta*e commerce commit- with the United States were described and four steamers slightly dam-    on    e    P*PdinK    railroad    bills,    ed during the session as "very deli- aged by fire early today.    ii uaK sa*d i°^ay tbe White cafe." One mao is missing and a score of1 Ho“*e'    , ,    .    .    ---- other* had narrow escapes. The crew of *he"“ isUtTon^ miKh^be^uch^hU? (iKllMA»V WHJ, MGN of nine on board the Governor Mc- ' Hie I’r.-sldent would not reaard *t    „    TODER    CONDITIONS lane were obliged to jump over- as necessary to address cellaress on „ ARIS/ De'- S —Germany is wil- 2r:df lh    n.‘e“- s«ver-;«he subject. Congressional leaders "8 ‘°.*1*n ‘,b* Protocol putting the a1 of the men were taken to the! are determined to press the bills e, trea,y lnto    the    moment hospital suffering from exposure. [but they have expressed doubt that rar,a,ntiobjectionable to her “— ~    —    —    their enactment could be completed ffe    .    ^elfner»    bead    of Troxc4l-liaml».    I before Christmas.    <    t!e German .delegation here, told Thomas Earnest Troxeli of Howe I 8ome officials and railroad men Associated Press this afternoon. and Miss Lillian Lamb of Steed-1 are of the personal opinion that the    - man were married this morning at I President will await action on the RKflJ8K TO HANDLE) the court house in Ada. Justice j Pending legislation. Those at the    VOLUNTEER    PRODUCT Brown performing the ceremony. A White House refuse, however to PITTSBURG, Kan., Dec. 3.—Rall- fact that lent Interest to this mar- comment riage is that both the contracting;    —-—--- parties are deaf mute.,    j    Ut    a    Want br M It for top. road trainmen at Frontenac hare refused to handle cars containing coal mined by the state's volunteer miners. second report ON SEVENTY FIVE MILLION Tonight at the First Baptist Church at 7 o’clock we will hear the latest report of the team workers in the Baptist Seventy Five Million Campaign. The teams have been at work since Sunday and several more subscriptions have been made. We will hear the final report Sunday night at the services IN KANSAS FIELDS By the Associated Press PITTSBURG, Kan., Dec. 3—Eleven strip pits in the Kansas coal fields will be in operation by the state this afternoon. Governor Henry J. Let's have n    *lA1ien    ^Bounced this morning just prayer in«2?n£    tonTht    ^"C«    **    5e,ore 8tar,inK on a tour of the Pr_a>^r ®eeling    tonight.—C.    C.    Mor-    district north of Pittsburg. ria, Pastor. WEATHER FORECAST Cloudy tonight and Thureday. with rising temperature. Masons Elect Officers. At its regular meeting Mondav night Ada Lodge No. 119, AF & A M., elected and installed the lollowing officers; R. H. Gladwin, W. M.; F. R. Laird, S. W.; Chas Heaver, J. W.; B. M. Bobbitt, Treasurer; F. C. Sims. Sec.; W. P. Lee S. D.; Frank Arnett, J. D.- A M Russell, S. S.; E. C. Peay, J. S. Mrs. w. L. Reed, formerly a resident of Ada, returned to her home in Ardmore yesterday after a week's visit with ^elatives and friends in the city. Miss Nettie Frizzell of Roff, who has been visiting Miss Bess Laird, left for her home yesterday. * C. D. Sample, one of the state's receivers, announces that eight or ten cars of coal would be shipped out of the coal fields tonight. The first car load went from Pittsburg late yesterday to Coldwater, Kane. Whether members of the four brotherhoods of railroad employes working out of the coal fields will refuse to handle the coal was to be determined at a meeting late this afternoon. The railway employes expected word today from their national organization on their request that they be permitted to refuse to handle the state mined coal. M. o. Belmont formerly of Ada, returned to his home in Bonham, Texas, yesterday morning after visiting old friends in the city for the past few days.# GERMANS WANT TO” TRADE POTASH FOR AMERICAN COAL Bv the Associated Press Pof^h qINU Dec- 3—Th« German Potash Svndicate is negotiating with America again, save the NORTH GERMAN GAZETTE which beleve" will be able to reach an agree- U!^ntuin* regard to the exchange of potash for American coal. 'Negotiations took place between the Germans and Americans last spring but failed, says the paper, because America still thought it could rely on its own substitute for potash and refused the German offers. whereupon Germany sold her output, which was intended for tho United States, to Sweden. Negotiations, says the Berlin paper, have now been resumed to enable the German potash mines, of which 120 are crippled through lack of coal while others have only 25 percent enough fuel to buy American coal with dollars and recoup by selling potash to America at dollar rates. Other negotiations are also underway between Germany and Holland for milk and dairy products in exchange for potash. MEXICAN DEPUTIES WOULD RESTORE BULL FIGHTING Bv IIM Awditij Pre, MEXICO CITY, Dec. 2—By aa overwhelming vote the Mexican chamber of Deputies today passed a bill restoring bull fights. The senate will vote on the measure tomorrow. ;

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