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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 28, 1962, Ada, Oklahoma Our regular writer of toplines is out with a case of poison ivy he got at .the Wrinkle Sox Ranch during Saturday'sBig Rally. To him, in his absence, we say, "good Ralph Ttrry Hurls 19th Loop Victory; SM Sports, 8 Man Survives A T.rribU Ordtal At Sta, 5 59TH YEAR NO. 144 ADA, OKLAHOMA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 Pigei 5 CENTS WEEKDAY, 10 CENTS SUNDAY Congress Takes Step To Ban Poll Tax WASHINGTON (AP) Capping a 23-yearbattle, Con- gress has approved a proposed constitutional amendment which would ban poll taxes in federal elections. Now it's up to the states, which have seven years to make up their mind. With 40 votes to spare, the House completed action Monday on a resolution submitting to the state legisla- tures the proposition of making it consitutionally wrong to require payment of a .poll tax to vote-in elections federal officials: The vote was 295- to 86. A two- thirds majority was approval. The winners included 163 Democrats and 132 Republi- cans, On the losing side were .71 Democrats and 15'Republicans. Most of the dissenting Demo- Texas Probes Scandal In Slant Drilling DALLAS (AP) An assistan state attorney general charged to- day that L. Dwight Murphy, for mer Texas oil control official, ac cepted bribes to permit slant-hoi oil drilling. The assistant attorney genera' David McAngus, testified Texas House Investigating Com mittee well scan dais. Some oilmen are accused o pumping oil from beneath lane which they do not operate by de viated drilling. McAngus' testimony was prel aced by a statement.by commit tee counsel David Witts that th committee will trace bribe money Murphy was former district en gineer for the Texas Railroac Commission at Kilgore. The com mission controls- the state's oil in dustry. McAngus' testimony followed.) state police undercover jagent' statement Monday .two employe of the Railroad Commission prol ited through permitting the illega drilling. The agent named them as Mur- phy and Nelson ah inspec- tor for the commission -at Kilgore He said he by checking bank accounts. Boft men were fired earlier. Sooner Youth Dies In Fall In Colorado ESTES PARK, Coto. (AP) Kern Murphy, 19, Kingfisher, Okla was killed in a fall, while climbing Longs Peak Monday Forest Service rangers founere; said his office has been try- ing to locate Clark since July 25. Judge 'Chandler said a receiver lad been appointed.''for the Clark )il Col- and: jts' sister firms be- cause "there is imminent danger hat 'the property of the -'defend- may be placed' beyond the urisdiction" of the court 'Ond reach of creditors.. John attorney, for the lil-.'firm filing the jreceivership suit, said- "ori..the basis ..of infor- mation we..have' from a .private, detective firm I. think he went to Brazil, or. some place in South America." Clark, an independent oliman (Continued on Page Oil Revenue 'Rescues' Sfcrfe Lodges OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Oil royalties are assuring the success of Oklahoma's, multi-million dollar park .-lodges! When lodges.were fin- ished and. expanded in exactly strike'a tourist "gusher." The' lodges, Lake. ;Texoma, Lake Murray, Quartz MountauY.and Roman -Nose state parks quickly as summertime .rvacation .spots. Bui little.'business. in'the Jong- off-season" and the: state -had .'.to scrape .'of its' .tourism barrel' to make annual .payments on a ;bohd issue. Then as. year-rounc business increased steadily at the big lodges a windfall'came.; Oil buildup in shipments, to Cuba; whic royalties were, sold on apportion -IOAI of the acre state 'park, at Lake The-state'Planning and Resourc- es" Board, which the lodges and -parirsystem, 'used the money'to'help'pay off'ithe. and it hasn't-been in a bind "since. ..-Oil-royalties oh another chunk of Lake Murray Park-were sold: this bonuses totaling 451. After making" this '.'year's bond payment 'of 'using some-funds" for board-.already has.turn- ed'over to tl until' "We're over' the -Jiump- says Jeff Griffin, director of the planning board's tourist division; Griffin 'said the' lodges are '.doing enough business now that- 'pay- ments should -be'easy- to meet on the still outstanding in the .bond issue. The lodges stay- 95 per centfilled through .the three summer months of ;June, July, and. August, -Grif- fin said. Most nights-they are fill- ed to cpacity and reservations of- ten are needed.- 'For ;the 'other the average-is 32 per cent occupancy. Altogether there are, 724 lodge and cabin' rental units in .Okla- system. Some of these, are. at -parks which do not have a lodge.' Two huge new lodges are to be built "within the .next 18 -months at. Lake which will" be Oklahoma's 'largest' lake. These projects are to cost about mil- lion, with of. the. money to be raised through .self-liquidating bonds. planning board operates Lake Mountain and Roman Nose Lodges, 'while Murray and Western Hills are underlease. attempts' to cancel the Lake Murray lease are .being made by the" board.- The board has voiced (Continued on -Page Two) Plan Calls For Withholding Commodities From Markets DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Flushed with victory over the repudiation by two large firms of a controversial farm report, the National Farmers Organization, launch- ed today an attempt to boost farm prices by holding pro- ducts off the Oren Lee Rea, Mo., NEO president said he is confident such an action would force processors of farm products to agree to long term contracts calling Russian Carries Food To Havana Soviet.mp- torship Us'tyuuzhiia left'Odessa'for Havana today carrying tons of grain and a 100-ton crane, the .Soviet news agency Tass reported. Tass said-it .was part of .a big are -expected to double -the 1961 figure.. 10...Soviet ships-are al- Teady- beading for.Cuba'with car- gos including agri- cultural.'equipment: goods and', r- ships "are- being called in. to.-help with-the'increased.-So- yiet-Cuba-.' traffic. Among -ships said.-are.the West the Norwegian .Tove'Lilian, and the-'Italian. Airone.. ships-will the-So- ietjgnipn.with Cuban ?ass said. Official Asks Pdrents To Resist Church superin- tendent of public- schools in Pla- quemines Parish has urged Roman Catholic parents to take-their chil- dren .oat of-parochial schools rath- er than accept "I am a when my church starts fighting' me, I am going- to fight said. the school. Sam.' A. ..Moncla. Moncla told a -group of about 600 .Catholic-parents Monday, night that the .public.schoolsihave facili- ties to" educate Catholic- children removed -from parochial-schools. The parents, attended. a, hastily called meeting- to discuss, an .an- nouncement that a' parochial school in desegre- gated next month! The in the archdiocese, of .-New- Orleans which was: directed last- spring by Francis. Rum- mel to accept all pupils regardless of race in its parochial-schools. Moncla joined President .Leander who was. excommunicated for- defying the church desegregation edict, in urging Catholic parents to "boycott parochtalr schools; they: accept Negro Small Motor Plays Big Role In Space CAPE; CANAVERAL. FU. A small ace-in-the-hole motor 37.3! pounds: is the! big key -to .America's attaining' the world's most .significant .interplan- etary' -the spacecraft on; ploratory mission past Venus. If the complex space messenger sweeps miles'of'Ve- nus in December- as er a 180-million mile mark, a the United in the race-for space. Information relayed by; Mariner 2 could help'scientists and'astron- omers. unravel -secrets concealed for- centuries by .the 'planet's. con- stant cloud layers. It could deter- mine whether 'life as- we: know :it possibly .'could, exist -on the something doubted by most scien- tists. The "-spacecraft" motor, .'became all-important Monday when analy- sis-6frtrackirig..data indicated an excellent. chance'Mariner 2 can be directed 'from" the 'ground the vicinity r of Venus'even though .it is-Jar .off "The. by ground signal, is scheduled ten- tatively .for next Tuesday, Sept. 4, 'after the flight speed and other factors-have been The National Aeronautics -and Space -.Administration expressed! much' concern shortlyVafter -the launching when early tracking in- dicated --the spacecraft- was off by as 'much as miles. This would have. _been; great for the inidcourse which .has a capability of correct- ing an error up it is essential that the .probe ap-i proach within miles; of, Venus iTit is.to-gather the-de-- sired-.measurements. .Several.-hours later, however, refinement of; tracking signals re- vealed Mariner .2's error iwas onlyj miles. Project officials an-' noiinced the is trajectory that can be corrected: to make it fly by.Venus.-withint a. distance, of .as. planned." for "NFO members from 15 states were to vote today on proposals to nold hogs, sheep and grain off the market The organi- zation went into its meeting after having gained statements from Ford Motor Col and Sears, Roe-, buck and Co. disclaiming any con- nection .with' a- farm plan proposed Committee on Economic Development 0. Yntema, Ford president, -and Theodore V. Hom- er, a -were mem- bers of research" .com- mittee-that call- ing -for rraoyatvqf-.some two million.farmers.JEroin the farms and sup- ports-over the inext-flve-years. The Demoutemtlon .demonstrated against.the two firms-demanding that'they issue statements clarify- ing whether'-the-report represented the .com- panies. .Ford repudiated'the report .Sun- day. Staley said he received a telegram Monday from Sears offi- ciaTs, it not connected In "ray way the report on-agriculture'by CED." Staley said he expected quick approval of the holding action by the more than NFO' mem- bers expected-at. the meeting. "We also plan to discuss.the possibility of including miDc among the products we will keep off'the Staley said. "Our plans.call for the.holding action to' start mighty soon." .The- proposed .action would be the' seven-year-old NFO's 'most ambitious attempt to -hike farm prices. Three previous ac- tions'on hogs by: NFO members failed to_create noticeable effects on'Tiog prices. "I believe we are stong enough now to have a reasonable'chance of Staley said. "And we intend to hold out until .contracts with processors are signebL" HoH Back Staley' said the holding propos- als call for members to keep'hogs off the market until farmers.are paid; a hundredweight 'for 190-210 pound butcherhogs graded No. l.and 2. -He said other .minimum prices sought include 132.45" a hundred- weight .for .choice.cattle weighing pounds, for'slaugh- (Continued on Pege YoungKonawan Remains 'Poor7 At Hospital KONAWA (Special) Don Gal- lagher, -Konawa High School jun- ior, who suffered a ruptured liver in pre-season practice of the Tiger football squad appears to be, improving, a spokesman at Valley View Hospital said- Tues- day-morning.. His condition is still listed as however. The-16-year-old is classified as a junior at Konawa High School. The 1962-63 -term opened Monday. He is the. son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Giillagher, "323 North Young'Gallagher was hurt-in blocking "drill day. Rushed -to- the surgery .was .performed Saturday evening, and again early Sunday. SPACICRAPT 'ON ITS WAY TO VENUS Thli: 'The trajectory error was Mariner 2' spacecraft .'that .was- hurUd iloft'f ro'm Cipe y-an unexplained rolling motion TOt-day flight toward executed-by the first stige of the lirly ilgn.l. mdicited the tpMecrift .had-.unfolded prop- erly thit .the were supplying.power- to the (Continued on Twe) enft's bitteriti.. (NASA Photo OKLAHOMA Clear to partly -chmdy (fail afterMoa Ikroafk! afternooa; little 'chaafe'lo temperaturei; low night 10-74; Ugh Wtianimy tt- High temperature la Ada Mew- day wu N; low Monday miftit, H; readbf at 7 a.m. TUetday, M. ;

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