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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 4

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Ada, Oklahoma Fag 4the Ada evening news Ada. Oklahoma. Sunday August so. 1967 the Ada evening news w d Little 1888-1966 editor and publisher William d. Little manager George e. Gurley. Managing editor Ernest o Thomoson news editor j h. Biles. Advertising manager Helen Thadey business records Marie advertising Clinton manager published each evening monday Quot through Friday and sunday doming by news publishing and printing co. 114-118 North Broadway Avenue Ada Oklahoma 74820__telephone be 2-44 member of National advertising representatives the Allen Klapp company no. 552 audit Bureau of circulations second class postage paid at Ada Oklahoma yearly subscription rates in Ada Bra drier $18.00 in Oklahoma by mail. $12.00 outside Oklahoma by mail $16.00 coaches overlooked great possibility in Mccarthy it has not been too Long since Ada made headlines All Over America during the escape and subsequent capture of Emmett Ray Mccarthy. There was a great Hue and cry and a lot of people went around saying a lot of things. Wire services and newspapers and radio and television stations were All calling. Everybody wanted information and they wanted it Quick. But one group was not represented among the curious and the group was conspicuous by its absence. The members of this group evidently never did Tumble to the situation and one can Only wonder it looks like a lot of coaches in this sports conscious country of ours Are asleep at the switch. This Lack of interest from members of the coaching profession in the entire Mccarthy affair is completely mystifying. Accounts have varied slightly but Mccarthy a statistics Are pretty impressive. He is in the Vicinity of 6-10. He weighs somewhere around 240 pounds. With that height and that weight and certain other qualifications it looks As if he would be a prime candidate for participation in a wide Range of sports. Basketball comes quickly to mind and any coach who is a real Recruiter and can see the potential ought to be interested. Sure a nuff you just done to stumble across a 6-10 specimen every Day with enough weight to get in there and move them out under the Basket. He has Good coordination. He has what basketball buffs Call pretty fair he is obviously a Tough Man to guard and he a proved it. No �?o1-on-l�?� situation Here. He is elusive. He a just hard to catch. On his first spree he covered quite a bit of ground and managed to Swap cars and people several times before he was run to Earth. He a got to rank pretty solid in the a a Speed department. On his second spree he eluded searchers for a time and finally wound up in the trunk of a car indicating he must be pretty a a Limber for a Man of his size. He has shown conclusively he will take the initiative if Given even half a Chance. He is obviously Quick to see an Opportunity and equally Quick to seize it. It might be fairly said that he is both imaginative and inventive remembering the manufacture of the knife in the local Pokey. It would probably take some research but it is reasonable to assume he has some years of eligibility left. This could be established. Of course the question of passing grades must receive consideration. While basketball is an obvious Choice there Are other possibilities. If Mccarthy can throw his stride Max Lerner would take him Halfway to Home plate from the Mound. He would be staring right Down a Batter s Throat. By any Standard he would make one Heck of a net Man in Tennis. If he has any a Spring a there is the pole vault or High jump. Evidently he has what coaches like to Call a a Good pair of he has the height and he has the weight and it looks like he has the Speed. He is big enough to Block on Interior linemen and All those qualifications Point toward a prime Prospect As a tight end. And judging from his previous escapades he might develop into a decidedly elusive broken Field runner. They might have to have men at the Gates. Yes coaches May be missing a real bet. They ought to stir around a Little and see if they can to get Mccarthy a signature on a letter of intent. It is reported however that he does have some previous commitments he will have to Honor. Still and All the coaches Are forgetting an aspect of the Legal scene in America today. Why his Case might wind up in the supreme court of the United states. The supreme court has made some pretty wild decisions in recent years. What if Mccarthy wound up As a free agent. Fair game for any enterprising coach one never knows the Power of the written word. Some years ago a Man came to me from Fayetteville North Carolina and said a a in be waited a year to come to see you a the thoughtful Man went on to Tell his Story a i was a drunk in a ditch in Fayetteville sobering up from a As i woke up i found a newspaper yellow from age in the ditch beside me. As i glanced through it i came to your column and for some reason it spoke to me As nothing had Ever done before. It was gods word for me in that moment i have not touched a drop of liquor since that Day. I am trying to make up for the lost years to my family. I have waited a year to come and see you and thank you for the message that helped to change my we have spent time in prayer and thought in trying to write this column since 1945, and one Man with that thoughtfulness seemed to make it All worthwhile my Grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Ii Cor. 12 9. Three elites Carlisle a. A visiting lecturer at the army War College Here at Carlisle is struck by the prevailing mood of intellectual eagerness and open mindedness. These More than 200 colonels and Lieuten ant colonels preparing for advanced duties Are no colonel blimps such As presided Over the declining arc of British Empire. Nor Are they politically ambitious colonels As in France in the late 1950s or in Nasser a egyptian takeover or in Greece today who Are convinced that Only the military can keep order in the polity. They Are much More like the officers i have met in israelis army and air Force basically civilian in their thinking Alert to what is happening inside the society aware of the fact that a military officer today must know far More than military technology but also aware of the line that divides military duties from civilian control. One can discuss with them in a free give and take a Broad spectrum of issues from the psychological roots of War and peace and the current global Power struggles to the inner City riots and the emergence of the hippies Hie of the issues that interested me most not often discussed from that Angle was the role that the new elites play in the strength and cohesion of the society perhaps seen Best in the soviet Union communist China and the United states. In the soviet Union the formerly intense political religion of communism has settled Down into a ritual Church. After a half Century of the regime the 50th anniversary will fall on nov. 7 this year the Power has moved into the hands of two men who act As front and spokesmen for a Small commanding elite in the party state and economic bureaucracy and in the military. But the dynamic Force of the soviet society is not in the bureaucrats but in two other elites a the technocrats and the intellectuals including the whole Range of creative people from Kent tif to poets. These three elites a the poll Titian bureaucrat the Technocrat and the intellectual a form the focus of social struggles in the soviet Union As in every society today. The big difference today Between the soviet Union and communist China is that in the soviet Union the elites have come tolerably to terms with each other while in China they Are engaged in a life Eddeath struggle of civil War proportions. This does no to mean that there Are no elite struggles in the soviet Union. They Are very real. The commitment to communist ideology on the part of both the technocrats and the intellectuals has been eroded by the discipline of the machine process. The rebellion of the poets and other writers a As symbolized by Svetlana a migration and her Book by the trial of the poets and especially by the new manifesto of the writers for some measure of intellectual Freedom a is a very real rebellion. Much of it is directed against the party bureaucracy of the writers themselves As shown by Andrei Voznesensky a attack on the a lies lies lies bad manners and lies of the writers Union. The rebellion has considerable support not Only from the scientists but also from the new class of technicians. But the commanding elite meaning the party and state bureaucrats and the military men has made an accommodation with the rebels. The two Camps have struck enough of a truce if not a peace to keep the regime stable and the society reasonably cohesive. This is not True in China where the politician Bureau crat elite is split Between the Liu Camp that wants to follow the russian Way of accommodation and the Mao Camp that fears the technicians despises against Liu is actually against the new class of technocrats and scientists who have emerged with the new Industrial technology. Mao feels the need to destroy China a cultural tradition from which they get their strength and go Back to the pre Industrial spirit of the Long March. The result is a breaking of the fabric of Trust Between the elites. As each Calls on mass support a Liu on the factory m a of s War outwardly the intellectuals and has declared War against both. The a cultural revolution of Mao and Lin is really an api cultural revolution. The Case of America is so Complex that it must be discussed in another column. It is marked by an extremely High development of the intellectual elite brain trustees in and outer. A brain Drain toward the United states the a think tanks and by Sharp hostilities Between the elites within a framework of Freedom. The notable fact about America is that while the politician bureaucrat and Technocrat elites Are in control of the effective Power at decision Points it is the intellectual elite that sets the mood of the country. Hatloy a do it every time a but just scrub it and everything gets dropped on it a a including a few Choice words Quot of we play Vietnam War then nobody wins Kwh Una of i syn Cau Junkin Lloyd Jones on stretching teachers in a few Days a record number of Young americans will be streaming Back to the Public schools and we will be faced once again with a a teacher shortage that grows worse each year. You cure labor shortages in one of three ways you train and hire More workers. You require your existing workers to work harder. You evolve new techniques which will improve the output without increasing the work Force or adding to the work Load. The entire Success of the american Industrial system has been based on methods of boosting the output faster than the work Force. Only by so doing has it been possible to increase real wages to pay the dividends necessary to attract capital for expansion and to accumulate surpluses so that obsolescence May be fought. We do not look upon Public schools As we o upon Industry yet there Are limitations that Are common to both. An educational system that underpass or overwork its labor May have trouble with walkouts and will certainly have trouble with recruitment. Voters who wont pass Bond issues or submit to higher school assessments Are the equivalent of angry stockholders. Hence it is not unreasonable to expect educators to seek among the successful devices of business some answers to their own problems. Teaching is a form of salesmanship. Neither is adequately done by a Mere recital of Dull facts. Both require what we Call Impact. The Best sold customer is the one who becomes excited about the offered commodity or service and identifies his welfare with its Possession. The Best taught student is one who becomes excited about the subject and who sees in its Mastery some relevance to his own welfare or happiness. It is in this matter of in it act that our schools Are far Hind proven techniques of salesmanship and advertising. Take a High school course in Shakespeare. We have literally millions of students who Are a a taught Shakespeare without Ever having seen a shakespearean play. Yet not fewer than five have been done magnificently for the screen. No student should Ever finish the study of an act without watching an Olivier or a Gielgud do that act. Shakespeare can Best be a a sold As High drama. Modern language has too often been taught As an exercise of memory instead of a live method of communication. Some of our Best schools have a language labs in which tapes Are used to Good advantage. You cannot ignore Dull essentials like vocabulary and grammar. But few students Are benefited from language study unless they think it will be useful. The French class of the future will use color motion picture travelogues containing printed French subtitles keyed of course to the class level of proficiency. Students will simultaneously absorb not merely the language but a lot of geography and history. The Day must come when the finest voices of the stage will read English poetry to our kids. The nasal Monotone of an a sifted classroom teacher can kill poetry and often does. The Day must come when no class in physics or chemistry will be without film clips showing the practical application of each Rule or process when by Russell Kirk ology will go far beyond directed frogs and dramatically reveal live processes by animated diagrams and Microscope photography. A teaching machines and programmed learning Are in their infancy. There will be Blind alleys but any device that turns learning into a game has value. Machines Are now available that can Grade hundreds of multiple Choice examination papers in seconds. Much of the Drudgery of teaching can now be avoided. Best of All we can give education Impact. Hollywood knows about Impact. Madison Avenue knows about Impact. Americans Are the worlds greatest salesmen. They Are the masters of mass dramatics. Instead of complaining that their students waste time staring at to or going to the movies let our educators rub the same lamp. We Are now at the Point where a million Dollar educational film would be a tremendous bargain if it could comprise one High school lecture series and be shown to tens of millions of students Over a period of years. Aug. 20, 1107 a Marine sergeant honeymooning in Ada had to Cut Short his leave and report for duty because of the International effects of the sino Jap anese War. Menus pre shrunk Wash pants were on Sale at a downtown store for $1. The regular Price was $1.49. The Ada independents beat the Elk City elks 8-7, and entered the finals of the state sandlot tournament. Trailer Camp Host in those states which contain big National or state Parks proprietors of private trailer Camps tenting Sites and the like Are complaining of unfair Competition a from Uncle Sam and from their state Park or forestry services. For in a fit of absence of mind Federal and state governments have become outdoor innkeepers. What with the camping craze administrators of National and state Parks eager to accommodate the Public have paved Large areas with Asphalt or Concrete installed plumbing built Bath houses the typical Public Park Wash House in Michigan Cost $25,000 a All in a mood of a the More the but at the same time the natural Beauty and wildlife of these Parks Are being diminished by the intrusion of masses of campers so that the problem already is serious even in some of the biggest and most famous Western National Parks. Meanwhile the Federal government has embarked upon a policy of encouraging the conversion of marginal Farmland into a privately owned recreational areas a of developing depressed areas by increase of Holiday and tourist business and of smiling upon the development of Small businesses in such regions. The latter policy is not always consonant with the function of the government As trailer Camp Host or As sponsor of outdoor often to preserve the Beauty of a Park or nature Reserve a spoilt it would be better to situate Camp grounds on nearby private land once cultivated or used for grazing. Theoretically Many people in government favor this. But it does no to work out that Way because it is most difficult to compete with the government As Host. The proprietor of a private trailer Camp for instance has to pay substantial local property taxes and is subject to costly regulations concerning plumbing and drainage Protection of his customers and their property and has to hire an adequate staff often. But the government Camp pays no taxes is exempt from most regulations and operates on a permanent subsidy far from having to make books balance. Thus the fees which a private operator must charge often Are so much higher than those charged within the Park that the Independent operator a commonly a Farmer or former Farmer a gets Only overflow business at Best. If the government really wishes to encourage the development of private recreational areas and their fringe businesses and really wishes to preserve the National and state Parks from disastrous overcrowding probably it will be necessary to charge camping fees and the like which Are equivalent to the actual Cost of the operation that is equivalent to those at neighbouring private developments. After All if the camper can afford to travel hundreds of Miles with a $5,000 trailer he can afford to pay the Basic Cost of maintenance of his Camp site. At no Cost to the Public purse Large tracts of America could be opened to Public recreation a if the Little Pioneer in this Field Isnit discouraged and regulated out of existence. William s. White peace offensive the supreme Effort to Force the United states out of Vietnam has now been opened by the outright pea Cenik and the yes but blocs in the Senate. The counteroffensive has been signalled not by coincidence at a moment when president Johnson is falling in the popularity polls. The underlying Assumption clearly is that now that the president is in trouble at Home this is the time to destroy the bipartisan policy of determined military resistance to the communist invasion of South Vietnam of which he is the current Symbol. The j. William Fulbright the Robert Kennedy and other democrats of the new isolationism joined Here and there by such turncoat Republican sex Hawks As Jacob javits of new York Are Basing their new strategy on the inevitable internal difficulties of South Vietnam itself. They Are using the argument that if the forthcoming National elections in South Vietnam Are to be corrupt there will be no regime Worth this country a continued efforts to defend. They Are proceeding from this proposition to a conclusion that these elections though not yet held must necessarily be corrupt and thus the United states will have to withdraw from the Field in one Way or another and under one sort of Alibi or another. They Are scorning such old fashioned nonsense As that of waiting for the evidence before they reach a verdict. To them the verdict is already in and a Surprise Surprise a the verdict by innuendo is that the military leadership of South Vietnam is rigging the voting and thus that the elections Are a failure even before a single vietnamese has voted in them. Never before in so somber an Issue have so few prejudged the vital efforts of so Many. The new isolationists have already predetermined the Case and not All the factual information patiently supplied by americans on the ground in South Vietnam including ambassador Ellsworth Bunker makes the slightest difference. Bunker has reported Over and Over that charges by the civilian candidates that the present Heads of South Vietnam generals Thieu and Kvare loading the electoral Dice have no foundation in truth. The generals themselves have without Avail invited our More loudly suspicious senators to come to South Vietnam and see for themselves. These senators Are in actuality demanding of South Vietnam a land tortured by invasion and by communist subversives from within a perfectionism in a a clean elections that has never been found in the United states itself after nearly two centuries of democratic experience. The realities As stated by ambassador Bunker an honorable Republican in his seventies who has no political ambition and no conceivable motive to mislead his own government and his own people Are these there is Freedom of expression in the South vietnamese press. All presidential candidates including of course the civilians Are being Given Money for their campaigns by the present supposedly evil military government and Are being furnished transportation by that government along with free time on radio and television. The United nations various National governments and the International press have been invited to come and observe with no strings attached. The complaints of a a unfairness a from among the civilian candidates amount to the perfectly Normal Campaign outcry of any outs against any ins. Indeed the real and Central complaint is that the incumbents have the inherent advantage of already holding office a an advantage of which the Kennedy the Fulbright the Javit ses and so on Are Happy to Avail themselves in this country at election time. These Are the facts of the matter. But the new isolationists have Long since abandoned any notion that facts Are to be respected unless they support their own tireless Campaign to repudiate the pledges of three american presidents to the people of South Vietnam. 7�?Teday kit Fittry today is sunday aug. 20, the 232nd Day of 1967. There Are 133 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history Quot on this Date in 1741. Alaska was discovered by the danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering. On this Date in 1778, George Washington eluded the British in Brooklyn n y., and moved his army across the East River to Manhattan during the revolutionary War. In 1833, the 23rd president of the United states Benjamin Harrison was bom. In 1914. German forces occupied Brussels Belgium during world War i. Or. Tweedy by Ned Riddle a i think we d better give up on trying to Christen your new Lott

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