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Ada Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Ada, Oklahoma i Ada crime soars 300 per cent from 1960 to 1966.or does it i by w. L. Knickmeyer from 1960 to 1966, crime in the United states a rocketed 48 per cent according to statistics compiled Over the 7-year period and released last week by the Federal Bureau of investigation. J. Edgar Hoover Fri director should have come to Ada. The 48 per cent figure made Banner headlines in most newspapers but nobody apparently got the word that Ada experienced an increase during the same period of 300 per cent. Statistically that is. Official records of the Ada police department show a total of 43 reportable crimes in 1960. In 1966, the figure Rose to 173. The list includes the same crimes used As a basis for the Fri report murder rape. Robbery aggravated assault burglary larceny Over $50 and automobile theft. Murder held its own Over the period with none reported in either year there were a few in the intervening years though. Rape Rose from 0 to two robbery really rocketed from 0 to four assaults shot up from two to six. Among the property crimes burglary went from 29 in i960 to 38 in 1966 larceny from six to 98 and Auto theft from six to 25. If you like rockets in your statistics a Adas got Mem boy. Look at the larceny figures an increase not of a paltry 48 per cent or even 300 per cent. No sir Light fingered activity in Ada Rose no less than 1,533 per cent. Now nobody really believes that figure or the Overall 300 per cent increase accurately reflect conditions in Ada. If we did we d All be Home with our doors locked our Heads under the covers and our shotguns in our hands. One trouble with the Ada statistics of course is the Small a a Sample covered. Thus if you had one murder one year and two the next your homicide rate would have shot up too per cent. But you still would t have had Many killings. An even More Basic drawback though is a difference in record keeping and reporting. As District attorney Gordon Melson puts it a the increase is largely that is there weren to necessarily 92 More Larcenie in 1966 than in 1960 somebody just kept tabs on them better. A about All you can say for sure a Melson continues a is that crime has increased. We can see that in this office. But it s impossible to say exactly How As a matter of fact even the District attorneys increase May indicate Only better police work rather than a higher crime rate. Again comparing the years 1965 and 1966. The Fri found serious crimes increasing by la per cent. But in Ada there was a decrease of so per cent. That did no to make headlines either. There were 185 offences reported in 1965 173 in 1966 a drop of 12. Here again ifs the size of the Sample. Actually Over the last few years Ada has rocked along at about the same rate up a few one year Down a few the next. One trend May perhaps be noticeable in the Ada statistics an increase in Auto theft. For the seven years beginning in 1960 and continuing in order to 1966, the figures Are 6, 9, 16, 16, 16, 25 and 25. Melson ascribes the apparent increase not to the work of professional Auto thieves but to a a kids a youngsters who pick up a car drive it around for a while and abandon it. No comparable figures Are available for Pontotoc county As a whole. Sheriff Burl Griffin says monthly reports Are sent to the Fri but no copies Are kept Here. District attorney Melson attempted to Replevin the information from the Fri but received the following Telegram in reply signed by John Edgar Hoover himself a crime statistics from Pontotoc county sheriff s office for Calendar years one nine six Zero through july one nine six seven Are incomplete. We Are unable there Ore to provide requested cases filed in District court during the period Are no great help totals of the crimes listed by the Fri for the seven years in Orde Are 27,14, 23, 33, 27, 33 and 35. Murders As in the City Hung about even one each in 1960.1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966. Rape rocketed 200 per cent a from one in 1960 to three in 1966. Car theft charges jumped from Zero to two. The Ada police department then is the Only local source of statistics comparable to the National figures of the Fri. Indeed the local figures Are those actually sent annually to the Fri and Are included in that bureaus report. No doubt other agencies reporting to the Fri have gone through a similar rocketing improvement in record keeping in the last seven years. It kind of makes you think does no to it bus system set for Ada schools students in the Ada schools who live a mile or More from school will be Able for the first time this year to ride buses to school. However Craig Mcbroom director of transportation reminds parents that they must apply for bus tickets before the beginning of school. A few people have applied Mcbroom said but most of them have been those who were in doubt As to whether they qualified for transportation. Mcbroom emphasized that All children who ride the bus must have bus tickets and that parents not just the students must apply at the school superintendents office 20th and Stockton. Enrolment for the 1967-68 year begins thursday. Classwork starts sept. 6. The enrolment schedule is As follows first Grade am thursday 9 . To noon no Friday 9 . To noon second Grade aug. 28, 9-12, 1-4 third aug. 29, 9-12, 1-4 fourth aug. 30, 9-12, 1-4 fifth aug. 31, 9-12 1-4 fifth aug. 31, 9-12,1-4 sixth sept. I 9-12,14. Junior High in Junior High auditorium ninth Grade aug. 29, 9 . Eighth aug. 30, 9 . Seventh aug. 31, 9 . High school in High school cafeteria seniors aug. 29 juniors aug. 30 sophomores aug. 31, All at 9 . Water problem solved fish faces one More Tishomingo staff a with its water filtration Plant on the verge of completion and a Safe water Supply assured Tishomingo now finds itself facing another problem. Recent tests by the state health department have shown that the City a sewage Plant is operating at Only a Little More than 20 per cent efficiency. Mayor Lee Rowe said he had received a verbal report that the Plant is removing Only about 21 per cent of the solid wastes leaving about 79 per cent to go on Down Pennington Creek and into Lake Texoma. State sanitarian Don Miller said results of the tests made by the departments Mobile Laboratory in May have not been entirely correlated and Analysed. But Miller added that preliminary reports show about 23 per cent efficiency. Miller said the state department in compliance with a Federal order had informed All state cities and towns in 1964 that they must within to years Supply a secondary treatment Plant with at least 75 per cent efficiency. Tishomingo a Plant consists of no accidents reported in Ada no accidents were reported Here Friday leaving the August total at 21. The last Accident on Ada streets was reported tuesday. In municipal court saturday Kenneth Jerry Smith was found guilty of a charge of assault and Battery and fined $10. Kenneth f. Pierce was found guilty of Public drunkenness and fined $10 suspended. Henry Wright was found innocent of a charge of assault and Battery. Charges of assault and Battery and disturbance filed against Fred l. Keller were dismissed on motion of the complainant. Bonds of $5 each on charges of running Stop signs were forfeited by Mary sue Parker Garvin Houston Morris Otto f. Newby Jackie v. Laughlin and Robert Dale Kirby. Also forfeiting Bonds were Lloyd Wendell Weaver speeding $10, and operating Cycle without proper Windshield $5 David Lynn Graham improper exhaust $10 Thomas Henry Mcintire no Drivers License $20 Dewayne Isom speeding $10 Patricia j. Blevins speeding $10 Charles Edward Brady improper exhaust $10 and Billy reef jr., assault and Battery $20. An Imhoff tank which gives primary treatment Only. The Plant is old but still serviceable for an Imhoff. However in its Best Days it was never capable of More than 40 per cent efficiency. The Plant is simply a tank which retains raw sewage for a certain length of time to allow some settlement and some digestion. But the Plant was designed for a population of about 900, and it is now serving a population of about 1,750. With the overload the sewage Isnit retained Long enough for proper operation. Moreover Miller said Tishomingo a actual population is close to 2,500�?which Means that some 750 people Are using outdoor privies or septic tanks. A a you be got to remember a Miller said a that the Plant Isnit All of it. Those Homes that Arentt even connected to the sewer line pose an even greater health mayor Rowe said a succession of City administrations have recognized the problem and attempted to do something about it. A every new mayor that has come in has tried to get something done about it a he said. Rowe himself has tried to get help from the army engineers but without Success. The corps of engineers built one Plant for the City in 1942 when Denison dam was constructed to form Lake Texoma. In 1958, after the floods of 1957, the corps relocated and rebuilt the Plant. Rowe said he feels the Plant is the responsibility of the corps of engineers. A they should have built an adequate Plant the first time a he said. A the Federal government is trying to fight water see a a water Page 2 Hunt ends saturday for mental Escapee Davis a search in Southern Oklahoma for an armed Man believed to be a mental Hospital Escapee was abandoned saturday. The manhunt through the Arbuckle mountains South of Davis went on most of Friday after a woman reported seeing a Man with a Rifle in the area. Murray county sheriff Harold Roady said the description of the armed Man fit that of Curtis Britts Clayton 34, who walked away from Central state Hospital at Norman wednesday. Clayton was committed to the Hospital from Oklahoma county in May. Of Aik Majk m Ltd a w w a a a i i la ii 111 ii in 11 la Mil Iii in til Lull i ii til 11 to i in la i Iii Mph 1111111111 Iii 1111111111111 la 111111 i 1111 111111 la 11m m1111 my Mim in 1111 la it i of 1111 la 11 la in hmm i i i i it Iii t Lull i la 111 Iii 1111 ill 11 Iii Hill 11 Iii Iii it la i Iii h11 Iii i m la m la 11 in i Lull i i la m m la Iii h m i i la 111 la �. Stokely Carmichael charges $1,000 for speeches at Quot White Quot colleges and $5oo to sound off at Quot negro Quot schools. Black Power or screen Power the Ada evening news 64th year no. 137 34 pages Ada Oklahoma sunday August 20, 1967 5 cents weekday to cents sunday by Naomi Knickmeyer plans for a new High school Are on the drawing Board and construction is due to begin within a matter of months. A new team has taken Over school administration with Max Skelton replacing longtime school superintendent Rex Morrison. An atmosphere of change prevails in the school system a and the obvious next question is what of the real meat of the matter what of the school curriculum itself detailed interview sessions with Skelton indicate no drastic changes in the curriculum area but rather a quickening Pace to keep up with innovations in teaching and new demands on the school system. Skelton who came to Ada from an administrative position with the Norman schools and who also taught in Oklahoma City rates Adas school system As a definitely above a we Are not As progressive As some particularly in the metropolitan areas a Skelton comments a but we Are definitely above average in terms of All the schools throughout the at the present time curriculum changes that Are being put into effect or Are anticipated in the near future involve specific areas that show weakness. At the senior High level some of these needed changes will have to await completion of the new High school. However several changes will be made this year. Ada High principal Elton Stewart said the school will offer a third year in French for the first time. Also added this year will be debate and drama physical science for special students a music theory class separate from the choir and glee club programs and an Industrial education program. Also algebra i will be placed Back in Junior High to open the Field for More advanced geometry later. Facilities will be the main Factor in future curriculum development. In physical education for example the school is limited by space and facilities in the existing High school building. Senate probes rap commission no ouster charges recommended Oklahoma City a Senate investigators chastised state corporation commission-1 ers saturday for being a a indiscreet and guilty of a lax administration a but said they could find no cause for recommending ouster proceedings. J the investigators issued a report wrapping up its findings in the five month $15,000 probe calling for dismissal of one employee possible perjury charges against four witnesses and possible disbarment of four attorneys. The report said a appropriate judicial action should be taken to determine whether ownership of Stock in Livingston Oil co. By commissioners Harold Freeman and Ray c. Jones constituted a violation of the Constitution and cause to vacate their offices. Sen. Richard Romang a Enid said it was his position the attorney general should investigate the situation and if he finds Livingston constitutes a i Legal pipeline company should take appropriate action to vacate the offices. The Constitution prohibits commissioners from having an interest in pipeline companies which Are under the Agency a regulation. The committee report said it was unable to determine whether Livingston is a pipeline company. The report also called for massive reorganization of the powerful state Agency into three divisions a utilities division a conservation division and a transportation division. Each should be under the authority of an expert in the respective Fields the report stated to prevent what the investigators found to be an overlapping of responsibilities. The regulation of Cotton gins time capsule a Survey shows Senate s support. For War slipping j up Ada Puzzle a what it of a Norman tap something right out of Prince valiant. Turn to Page 2 and find out. Staff photo change sweeps schools what about curriculum Skelton says added space and planned facilities in the new High school building will not Only permit physical education classes for All students concentrating on physical fitness but will also permit expansion of Adas already solid competitive sports program. At the present time Ada High participates in football basketball Tennis Golf and track. Within the next two years Skelton says wrestling and baseball will be added to the schedule. Two new teachers have been hired one at the senior High and one at the Junior High to Correct another major Lack in the school curriculum a the Lack of widespread instruction in speech and a speech program that meets the needs of More than just a handful of students. Skelton comments that last year Only la students were involved in the High schools Only speech course compared to 60 students who have already signed up for this year with the announced expansion of the speech program. See a a change Page 2 Washington apr Senate support for a resident Johnson a Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorsement of his asian policies. An associated press canvass which found 84 senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another. J a breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans backing the president. Those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who criticize the president do so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their belief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion. On the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is escalating the struggle dangerously by bombing near China targets is failing to get the South vietnamese to do their share and is leaving no opening for a negotiated peace. The substance of the com-1 ments of individual senators indicates there is such widespread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in August 1964. I in All the Congress Only Sens. Wayne Morse d-ore., and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. But a number of senators including chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign re see a a Survey Page 2 Atoka girl Dies in i Friday night wreck a Young Atoka girl was killed in a two car collision of the South Edge of Atoka Friday night raising the state s death toll to 572, compared to 491 at the same time last year. Dead is Susan Kay Mansell 17, Atoka. Her death and that of an Edmond Man and his daughter boosted the toll to 572. Killed in a two car crash in Edmond Friday night were Monte e. Bryant. 31, Edmond and his daughter Julie Bryant to. Could you turn the clock Back five years in 1972 a group of Ada students will be Able to do it. They made sure Friday morning when they buried a time capsule that will be unearthed on aug. 18, 1972. The time capsule was a project of the Chi rho department of the vacation Church school of the first Christian Church. Literature on the project said a materials for the capsule were gathered by the Chi Rhos in an attempt to represent Many facets of today a world a its values problems fashions Etc. It is hoped that when the capsule is retrieved five years later interesting comparisons can be made to Aid in understanding a rapidly changing the capsule made from a Large potato Chip can was filled with objects that represent Many aspects of life today. The contents could be categorized in four main groups Small articles of common use textiles and materials religious items and miscellaneous items. The material ranged from a Bible to a to guide to a toothpick to some Burlap to a comb. More than 50 different items were placed in the improvised capsule. Also included were communion bread and wine and the students will take communion when the capsule is opened in 1972 when All of them have completed their senior year in High school. Members of the class included Teresa duty Jerry Vandever Terry Hougas Maurice Brashear Wendy Howard Kelsey Sweatt sue Hensley and Peggy Duncan. Teachers were or. Norman Frame and Nancy Frame mrs. Martha Griffin and mrs. Janet Peery. When the capsule was buried the group Sang a song. Or. Frame offered a prayer and Jerry Vandever blew each class member took a turn with the shovel. Where is the capsule buried that a a class secret. Rap Brown s attorneys protest $25,000 bail the report said should be transferred to the state Board of agriculture. Even As the committee finished work on the report in a closed door session. The associated press Learned that Morris head a whose dismissal was recommended in the report a has resigned his position As special investigator. Head 63 and in failing health said he was quitting on doctors orders. The report stated authorities were being alerted to take a appropriate action concerning alleged a false testimony Given by James g. Welch Clyde Hale or. Morris head and Marguerite Estep. Hale was the key prosecution i witness to appear during the investigation presenting evidence showing his late father i while an attorney for Utility firms made payments to the campaigns of the commissioners and to attorneys for the commission. Some of the payments. Hale testified were made while the commission was studying rate cases which finally were decided in favor of the Utility firms. The younger Hale testified his father Clyde Hale sr., made the payments during a 15-year period from 1950 until the elder Hales death in 1965. The question of conflict of interest one of the major reasons for calling the probe last Spring remained unsettled by the report. New York a h. Rap Brown jailed on a Federal gun charge was held in $25,000 bail saturday Over the protests of his lawyer who said the militant negro Leader was a political prisoner. Brown chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee was arrested at 2 . Outside a friends Manhattan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention. Browne a lawyer applied for reduction of the bail set by . I commissioner Earl n. Bishopp. But the move was turned Down by Federal judge Inzer Wyatt who denied that the bail violated Browne a constitutional rights. A the real crime is his being rap Brown and a militant Black Man in America a said William Kunshier Browne a attorney. Brown was charged with carrying a semiautomatic car-1 Bine on an airline flight from new Orleans to new York while under indictment a violation of the Federal firearms act punishable by up to five years in jail and a $2,000 Fine. He is under indictment in Maryland on charges of arson rioting and inciting to riot. When arrested. Brown was not armed but Federal agents said they later searched the apartment with a warrant and found a gun in a plastic bag with a a a banana clip of 31 bullets. A carbine is a Light Short barrelled Rifle. Asst. . Atty. Stephen e. Kaufman said Brown was seen carrying the weapon in Baton Rouge la., thursday and also was seen buying ammunition. When airline agents in new Orleans asked him Friday if he was carrying a gun Brown replied yes and turned a Rifle in a plastic bag Over to an agent for transportation during his flight to new York the complaint said. Kunshier said that the gun was always in its plastic Case. A if he had a gun he had it to protect himself in Louisiana a said the defense attorney. Pontotoc county free fair is set for oct. 19-21 october 19, 20 and 21 have been selected As the dates for the Pontotoc county free fair. The fair is historically held in september but construction and relocation at the Fairgrounds necessitated the change for this year. Bill Thompson chairman of the fair Board stressed the change will be for this year Only. In 1968, the fair will revert to its regular dates. Thompson said fair books will be out soon. Vastly improved facilities Are not the Only changes on tap. A what we re trying to do is streamline the fair a Thompson said a and bring it up to Date make it More realistic. We Are cutting out a lot of things that really done to pertain to us fair officials also feel it will make for More uniformity in exhibits of livestock by cutting out the multiplicity of classes. Changes will also be noticed in other classes. In poultry for instance Only a Young trios a pens of three will be accepted instead of the Many previous divisions. Hogs also will be limited and exhibited under certain Ages and weights. Thompson also asked exhibitors and other agriculturally oriented people to Volunteer for service As supervisors in various divisions. Such Volunteer work will Cut Down on fair expenses but will also increase participation. In addition to Thompson Board members include Frank Jared Carrel Bryant Clem Stone Martha Mote Sherwood of Neal m. L. Crawford Wayne i Gray Cotton Holland and Auto i Mccullar

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