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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - April 19, 1937, Ada, Oklahoma Monday april 19, 1937the Ada evening news Page five Trau for adventure by Nard Jones a 1937, Nea service inc begin Here today failing with the help of Gerry Neal. To locate her companion. Betti Haynes abducted by Jack Speddon Martha Brittain starts North from san Francisco up the West coast. And suddenly she decides even though she loves Neal that he is implicated in Bettye a disappearance fro she has him arrested. Arriving in Seattle still in search Oft Betty Martha finds that <1 Johnny Cion in. Underworld character is involved in the Case. And a few hours later Martha too or abducted by Speddon who tricks her into meeting him at n trailer Camp she is chloroformed and eventually finds herself aboard clan Lka a ship. Speddon shows up and informs her that clan to wants to see her then it is that Martha learns that she and Betty have become innocent victims of a Gigantic dope ring whose leaders wanted to try out a new trailer As in narcotic conveyor and used the girls to make the test. Ulcnik offers to take Martha into the ring threatening death if she refuses. Rut Martha is Adamant. Angered at this Defiance. Cox null Calls in p slinking Oriental. Horrified Martha sees the yellow Man approach but she is never to know what orders he was to carry out for Ai that moment a terrific detonation Shook the ship. The coast guard was catching up with them in the excitement Martha escapes later finds Betty and together they climb to the next deck. Then they realized the reason for Cizniak s concern for them. Now go on with the Story chapter Xxiii looking out Over the dark Waters Martha saw that the speeding Revenue Cutter was close astern of i Znika a vessel. A great Mustache of White foam Rode along before the clean cutting prow. Then suddenly a blinding Glare of Light struck at them. A ifs the new coast guard Cutter that was brought around from the East coast a Martha heard one of the men shout. A this tub can to get away from a a she a got to a it was Speddon roaring above the Din. A a they be Given us one shot As a warning a the other Man yelled. A next time Well get it Square. In a going to Tell Pete to get those engines in reverse a a not until Cizniak orders you to a Speddon rasped. Martha and Betty crouched Low on the deck afraid that the illumination of the cutters Searchlight would reveal them to some of i Znika screw. A a we be got just one Chance a Betty whispered. A a that a to signal that coast guard Cutter. If they know we re aboard they wont a but Cizniak is sure to a a Stybe. If he does hell make certain that the Revenue men never see us a Martha put a hand on Bettye a shoulder. A you stay Here. Ill try to work around to the other Side. Surely be Able to see me. If in a a it might not work though a the voice of Cizniak said suddenly. A we tricked them that Way once with a Sailor in women a clothes a Martha turned startled. Cizniak stood there on the wet deck his face working angrily. In his right hand was a revolver. A a done to move either of you a he yelled Speddon a name. A take these two below Jack. Ling is Down there and he knows what to a a but a a do As i Tell you a Speddon reached into his pocket. A get going a he said. Their hearts like Lead Martha and Betty preceded Speddon Down the steel companionway. A keep going until you get to i Znika a room a Speddon told them. The Placid Oriental was there As Cizniak had said. He smiled at Speddon. A please hold them quiet with gun a moment a he said. With surprisingly Strong arms he pushed the two girls onto the bunk and within half a minute had bound the legs and arms of both securely. They sat stiffly faces White As paper watching Ling and Speddon. A what about their traps Lertg a Speddon asked. Ling smiled. A i have handler Chieve ready. People meeting death sometimes like to Speddon rubbed his hands nervously. A we ought no to to have to do this. Wed never have run afoul of these gals if Neal had not got queer on he looked along the passageway. A a in a going up above. Done to forget what Cizniak told Ling smiled and walked across the room. Slowly he opened one of the big port holes wide and stood there his eyes half closed. A a what what Are you going to do a Martha cried a i Hope. Nothing a the old Man said. A but if boat overtakes us then i must do As Mista Cizniak suggest a you can to kill us find us Here and it la be worse for you than if you let us go a Lings thin eyebrows raised. A find you a he repeated altering his voice in question. The eyes rested on the big port Hole with its Glass swinging wide. A no of. They do not find you. Not until Many Days 1\ tar that a head seemed to be a a spinning. She dared not face Betty. A but perhaps the boat does not overtake us a Ling said solicitous by. A i have seen this happen Many times. This ship look very old very slow like Ling but she is really Strong. Below us Are Good engines. Very new. Very fast. You still have a most excellent most excellent Chance the sinister words rang through Martha a head like a crazy tune. Suppose Cizniak did escape the Cutter what would be bests to be dropped unknowing into the Black water or to stay imprisoned with Cizniak it was Odd How. At this moment she thought of Gerry Neal. It was Odd How she could not hate him. Somehow she wished that he was Here. Even though associated with Cizniak he would have found some Way to help. Yes she had been a fool. A a you a better let me stick with you a he had said. A a you re in something that a bigger than you he had Given her that warning and she had refused it had foolishly believed in her strength to fight something which she could not see. Her mind stumbled longingly Back Over the Days and weeks. She remembered How she and Betty had started out blithely on their vacation to the coast had been so careless As to find themselves stranded in san Diego. And then to be caught up from their innocent Way whirled into something from which they could not extricate themselves. If Only she had never persuaded Betty they should take a vacation together. If Only Detty stirred beside her. A i done to hear anything a she whispered. A a we we must have got away from them a but no sooner had she uttered the words than there was a frightening indescribable sound above As if the cutters fire had struck. Heavy objects were falling to the deck and too men seemed to be shouting at once. The engines slowed almost stopped then trembled into reverse. There was the noise of running feet and then a lurch of the ship As though it had been rammed hard by a weight equal to itself. Martha looked toward Ling. The ancient Oriental had been thrown to his Knees by the lurch. Fascinated. She watched him slowly regaining his feet. A Ling what the Devil a she saw Cizniak in the doorway knew from his tortured face that he and his gang were caught. A shut that door Ling a he started toward the two women. Martha saw his Arm raising a revolver. She closed her eyes cringed closer to Betty just a the sound of a shot filled the room rang hideously against the steel plates. To be continued Alley top bleaching Bones along the Trail by Hamlin 7 Les see now. Umm Quot this a of >5 to so we face we last saw cps \ \ new Jungle on. Is a to my sac4 of a at a. We w in by Golly it vj5ta jumped into to Spivez we in twerp 5 Potwin Tydo but Cross Ove an see of we can pc up two Trail on in a n _ hmm unless i m v Shakin. Al w i t was to same in Kip of a / vkosxj2 j Critter that cake de w Sones t Phi away or so is a 9 i was Ascot the same she too / Sav w gosh i Gonder / cd Copp let 7 by in staved tote t m lift to. A. Of pfc boo oddities in the Days news Many asked All missed Edwardsville 111., april 19 a up it a there were 171 applicants for the position of superintendent of schools Here but the Board of education unanimously chose e. A in. Hour and a half Bronson l. Alexander who had not form explained a we finally gave up ally applied. Anc started the erty District theater acceded to their demands to see the feature picture. Manager George Bronson announced last week that the children would not be permitted to remain for the picture which was to follow their program. Bronson repeated his announcement today and was greeted and Boos. He summoned police and the Boos increased. At the end cheap Bracelett proved expensive new York april 19.�?lf hot musician put on hot spot paid Syracuse n. Y., april 19.�? Leroy Mcfarland 23, negro por 1 a Syracuse University a much ter in a times Square movie heralded Junior prom almost did theater counted himself Lucky he told police at the lineup today when he found a Bracelet under a seat. He took it to a pawnshop and when asked How much he wanted thought five dollars would be Fine. Two detectives making a routine inspection of the shop became interested. The Bracelet made up of real diamonds the pawnbroker determined was Worth $5,000. Mcfarland was held on a charge of appropriating lost property to his own use. Police cameramen Kingston n. Y., april 19. Not come off on schedule even though several Hundred co eds and College boys were All dressed up and ready to go. A delegation from the musicians Union called upon the orchestra Leader As he raised his Baton last night and said a Union cards or dues pay or you done to they paid and placed. Pitkin critical St. Louis april 19.�? Ltd it a Walter b. Pitkin author and member of the faculty of Columbia University asserted in an address Here a we Arentt properly preparing people for life when a girl leaves College with so Little practical knowledge she goes out herself with a Imp a the Board of police commis land electrocuted sinners today took under consid-1 Curling Iron by making an 1m ration a proposal to equip policemen with moving picture cameras with which to get evidence in Drunken driving cases. Ottawa Kas. April 19.�?cb when Harry Dodd uncovered his Canary Cage this morning his four canaries weren t in sight. In their place was a four foot Blacksnake apparently too full of canaries to get out. I troop nine there were 47 scouts and officers present at troop nine a scout meeting last Friday night. The boxing eliminations attracted several troop four scouts. Tile opening part of the scout meeting included the opening exercise and the inspection. At last the Beaver patrol took first place. Stunts followed the inspection and everyone present enjoyed the stunts Given by the patrols and visitors. This scout meeting was elimination night for troop nine boxers. Out of a group of 15 boxers six got to the finals. These finalists will fight against the boxers of troop four next Friday night. The troop nine warriors who will Box Are Larue Holland Bill Holland Paul Young Gene Wells Jimmie Lowrance and Frank Byrd. Other later news concerning the inter troop boxing will be published later. The business session was held after the boxing eliminations. All the discussion was about some phase of scouting. In the reports of Good turns by the troop nine scouts and officers it was found that All of them had done at least one Good turn for the Day. The scout meeting ended with the giving of the scout Benediction and the distribution of the treats. Everyone takes part in the closing exercise especially in getting the treats. The warriors of troop nine added another Scalp to their Victory Belt last Friday evening when they took the troop four scouts in a baseball game. At first it looked like the troop four boys were going to take the game but when the warriors got Down to business the things changed. The game ended with the score 8 to 6 in favor of the warriors. The next victim or Victor of the warriors will probably be the troop 18 scouts of Allen or troop three. Later the warriors Are going to tangle with scouts troops from Fittstown Stonewall Homer school and Colbert school. As soon As school is out troop nine will try to work out a regular schedule so All scout troops that would like to schedule a game with the warriors write or see Jerry Folsom at Ada. A by a the chief of the near shearing Cincinnati miss Agnes Lorenz answering the Telephone in the Stock Exchange Lizard a feminine voice inquiry a do you sell goats a miss Lorenz said no Only stocks and Bonds. A they told me to Call the Stock Exchange a pouted the voice. Sit Down strike at matinee show Pittsburg april 19.�? -i3 a one thousand boys and girls turned a to cents children a matinee into a sit Down strike today until the manager of an East lib proper electrical r wallpaper a greater returns for amount news classified ads. Any time i n Good time to re Lee orate your Walls hut the Best time is wow. Harris amp Johnson a 116 s. Broadway phone 71 mild Way of saying anything or nothing Chicago april 19.�? of a a lexicographer came Forth today with an expression that can mean almost anything or nothing and can be uttered without opening the Mouth. It is a cum hum. A the term delighted Many English visitors to our shores before the revolution a said or. M. M. Mathews assistant editor of the dictionary of american English. A with easily achieved tonal embellishments and modifications they pointed out it could be made to mean anything from simple in fight for a King of rails title on her Way if a Are a Montrose w. Va., to Havana mrs. Flanagan Winner Roosevelt essay contest Spons by the National pro Roost association of women Law inc., had been dogged by Luck since she won the or j a nine Day cruise. Last Winter it was the Man s strike which held he j two Days ago it was a sit a strike on the Panama Pacific i or California which threaten hold her up. That settled. I got away today though sure that she was actually going i a i wont believe that in a g to sail until they take up gang Plank. Something is to happen a she told women greeted her in the ships lib greatest rein n 3 for amount �?�3 classified a in remembers this when you need a laxative it is better for you if your i body keeps working As nature j intended. Food wastes after i digestion should be eliminated every Day. When you get const i rated take a dose or two of purely vegetable Black draught for prompt refreshing Relief. I thousands and thousands of men an draught Are ii bus l. A. Ellison insurance fire Tornado automobile answering the Challenge of a popular upstart in railroading this sleek steel steam locomotive is taking the rails to pit its Speed and efficiency against the streamlined diesel electric engines on the same Chicago Burlington and Quincy Road. Weighing 400 tons with Coal and water the steam engine has a cruising Speed of too to 125 Miles an hour As against 122 Miles an hour at which the 216-ton diesel electrics have been clocked. Only two stops for Coal and six for water Are required by the steam locomotive Between Chicago and Denver. And keep it a hand for use at the fir constipation. Have i or Black draught a Good laxative John b. Stetson Jim yes to a yes indeed. To listening go ahead yes i thought so a not a not at ally and a of bad Luck ends she s finally on cruise j new York april 19.�?cf�? j at last mrs. Mary Flanagan of j rebuilt and i re blocked hats old tires made new retreading Vulcanizing save $20 to $40 on a set service station mikes i toe North Pidiry. Phone j j 118 x. Broadway i i i i i i phone 2221 j Boud s fixity shop j scissors sharpened bicycles j a repaired. New electric lawns Mower Sharpener. J 116 s. Townsend Only $1.50 each All sizes and shapes other hats $1.00 i unclaimed tailor made suits j $30 to $40 values Eja a leach.31/� u Millers i phone 878 j cleaners and hatters phone 422 i i 108 s. Townsend a 1 i Home builders Supply co. Lumber Ada Oklahoma j More for your Money j 615 n. Mississippi phone 26681 of 4 Bey girls Gus Lemp signs phone 585 123 East main of own official scout shoes 3 Khal for boy i $3.9$ for girl i ? $3.9$ Hill and Shipe shoe store 120 East main Gray cleaners 115 s. Francis phone 2344 suits dresses 2 or. Pants 35c prompt delivery keep your clothes Bright and new Wuth Quality cleaning Honor to a great athlete Jarrup no x of the world s Charon new Vork Yankees thirteen years in the big league. A a Rookie Gehrig signed with the Yankees in 1923. By 1927 he was the american league s most valuable player. And won the same Honor again in 1931, 1934, and 1936. A great first baseman. Louis prow Ess As a slugger is matched by his Brilliant play at first base. His record last year a Only 6/1000ths Short of perfect. Lou holds More records than any other Man in the game today. Here Are a few for any four game world series most runs batted in 9 most Home runs 4 most bases on Bills 6. He has scored too or More runs for 11 consecutive seasons a batted in too or More. The Home run King Gehrig has an average of 38 Home runs per season. He led the american league with 49 homers in 1934 and again in 1936. Gehrig a follow through is shown above. It takes healthy nerves to connect with one and As Lou says a camels done to get on my 1937. R. J. tobacco Como Are Aal. N. O. Instalment Loans on automobiles and other personal property. Your business will receive prompt Ano courteous attention. Witherspoon finance co. Successor to Massey amp Witherspoon phone 777 Ada 11o n. Broadway clean up Man for the most sensational slugging aggregation Ever known. Pity the Pitcher who faces the Yankees starting lineup. Three heavy hitters to face a then Gehrig Steps up to the plate Lou holds the american league record for runs batted in. He a walked More than any other player today. A sense of deep Down Contentment. Just give me camels Apter a Good Man sized utile phrase camels set you right covers the Way i Fel. Camels set i right whether i m eating working or enjoying life baseball a 44iron-man�?� when Lou Steps out on the Field hell be playing his 1,809th consecutive game. Injuries never stopped a Iron Many Gehrig. Once he chipped a Bone in his foot yet knocked out a Homer two doubles and a single next Day. Another time he was knocked out by a a bean bail a yet next Day walloped 3 triples in 5 innings. Gehrig s record is proof of his splendid physical condition. As Lou says a eau the years in be been playing in be been careful about my physical condition. Smoke i smoke and enjoy it. My cigarette is x Marks the spot where once there was a thick Juicy Steak smothered in mushrooms a Louis favorite dish. Gehrig is a big Man �?6 it. I in. Tall a weighs 2 to pounds. And he has a big min s appetite. Lou cats what be wants and in t bashful about coming Back for a read what he says below. Hear a a ack Dame s College Quot a a camels x Aafje made \ from finer Mori expensive tobaccos turkish Ano Domestic it than any other popular Quot a Brand ave a gala show with Jack Oakie running a a a colleges in his own Way Catchy music Hollywood comedians and singing stars tuesdays -8 30pm e.s.t.<9 30 pm . 7 30 pm c. 5-t. 6 30 pm m.s.t., 5 30 pm p.s.t.,. Smoking camels at mealtime and after gives digestion a helping hand by speeding up the flow of digestive fluids increasing alkalinity. Enjoy camels freely. They re mild and do not irritate the Throat we to. V t a a of i a. \ v ii 1/ in so

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