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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - April 9, 1919, Ada, Oklahoma flu gfta Cbemng J^ehjg volume xvi. NUMBER 23 ADA, OKLAHOMA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1919 Easter Styles in Clothing you see them; they a dress-up look, the w j OI ’LL like them when Y have a different air; fabrics are new and lively. You'll make no mistake if you come here for your clothes. They are made bv— Hart Schaffner & Marx The styles are right; the fabrics all-wool. Waist-seam models ready for you; many style variations in pockets, lapels, collars. Good ones, too, in one and two-button sacks; all sizes. Prices $25 to $50 Furnishings that are new—to complete your outfit- there are new hats. shirts and neckwear in new colarin*:? and fabrics, shoes, hosiery, whatever you need. Let us know STEVENS-WILSON CO. NOTICE WATER Yon: w.itet tent for Mardi is now due and becomes delinquent after the luth inst Service will be discontinued on the lith and it will positively cost *1.00 to have the water turned on. P. H. DEAL. 4-7-4t    Com. Pub. Works. Let a Want Ad get It for you. By Jh< A**<>< anet] Press ( () PDNHAGEN.    April 9. The raj lure of seven villages, 5<»0 prisoners and large gutta titles of war material is reported in an official statement issued from Esthonian army headquarters. Esthonian troops are continuing their advance, according to the Btalemnet. Making Faces Fhat's what we do for a living We can make prettier the prettiest and make pretty the bomi lest, Chon*- an appointment. Stairs Studio PHONS 34 HEAVY WINO AND RAIN SWEEP AOA Ada ftjs visited by a heavy wind, driving rain and electrical storm this morning about 3 o’clock. Uttle damage T as been reported from the wind. The rain amounted to it0-1 OO of an inch and falling in a very short space of time did some damage to gardens and fields. TWO CENTS THE COPY It UPON T SA V* ToTih AMOUNT TO HK I N AtTKI) WILL HK FI .VKI) HY (t>N KER KNUE MCI KNIK BILKA I WIIJ, PIT I A BBK KOIDE OK Of KK KBS IN FIELD JULY I. ADA DISTICH T OVKIC WHELM KNO-LY KOH ISSUE OK $50,000 KOH NKW HI ILDINO. Bv I Im- Asv>,    t PARIS. April 9 The terms of the preliminary peace treaty will require Germany to make an immediate indemnity payment oa account of 25,OOO,bon,non, about 15.000,000,-; OOO in cash and raw materials, according to the JScho de Paris. The treaty, this paper declares, will not I ' leave uncertain the total amount I which Germany will be called on to pay in a series of annual installments. as it has been agreed that the amount will be written info t document. The report . as been cit ciliated that the i it 11 amount will be fixed at $ 4 5.OOO,ii*)0.OOO. I lie question of capa ration has been one of the tartiest the allied commissioners have had to deal with, but ii lias been * /sorted t* at an agreement was in s»ght. tty the    Pres* WASHINGTON. April 9. Wartime prohibition, which takes effect July I. w ill he vigorously enforced, according to announced plans of the revenue bureau. Three thousand revenue agents, working in specially arranged /ones, will be assigned to the work of enforcement. Nearly $00 inspectors will be trained for the work will be added to the force of 2 - I blowed wit 283 already available and the ma- pol,ed onl>’ 7-_ chi aery for enforcement will be in] 1 total he working order before the date set for I ,w,|*|ws: lr-1 absolute prohibition to become ef- •    J’11'8** 204 loi ond, 146 for The school bond election in Ada district Tuesday was a landslide in favor of the proposition, 627 votes! being polled in favor of the bonds and only 33 in opposition. The ladies took some little interest in the matter, 235 of them voting. Those of the first ward turned out to the number of IOO. The fourth ward came next with 70, the second followed with 5 8 and the third vote by wards was as feet ive Mil Cill FOB and and Third. 4 4 for and Fourth, 147 for and 6 against; Sec-none against; 14 against; 13 against. Properly Draped and Well-Made Dresses The school board will at once take steps to locate a site and let I the contract for the building. The ; total of the bond issue will be I $50,000. *P BP GERMANY FACES IN* H KAM NA, DISORDERS IN GEHMAN V REPORTED ALARMING GOVERNMENT. \IKn. tot.LINS KILLED AND KOI k MEMBERS ok ED HEEDS FAMILY I NJ I KED. IG iii    :ated    Prejf'i PARIS April 0. At the latest session of fft< German cabinet council, the government, alarmed by the in-  -.    creasing unrest, considered the po.s- anviMwi *    .    ....    J    Bible *\entuaJity oi making an ap- A tornado    t'hTei    ‘Ti"    a"'Vd    “'"‘T    *“    main,ain aouth oi J,..s„    hi, morons 7t 2 p - ".‘L***.,n,er“t of o'clock, kitling Mrs. Collins and in-' L\,    " op''' !h,> Zu,ipl> juring four members of the family ] of Ed Reed and doing great damage! lo property aud crops The homes* of    " GENERAL STRIKE ORDERED AT HERLIN; STRIKERS HOI JI KREPP WORKS. J. H. Lookout anti H. H. Moss Luiope, the Zurich correspond-of Le Journal reports. Aeeord-ins. to the mwspaptr Le Claire Gen. Humbert, former commander of the French third army, will be appointed I Central Europe. are reported totally destroyed The c.u:iuaa,ndrr of th** a,Iied troops in path of the storm was about a quarter of a mile in width. Only meagre reports of the storm have reached Stonewall and details are lacking. O. this Airs. had W. Walden and wife of Ada morning received word that John Murphy and two children been killed in the storm. WOAD OE APPRECIATION f To Du Patrons ami Taxpayers of the Indep* noent School District of the| Bv iii**    Press PARIS, April 9. A general strike has been proclaimed In Berlin and its suburb of Spandau, advices received here say. Herr Noske, minister of defense, is reported as having concentrated 30,000 troops at the gates of Berlin for use in emergency. ThMips Sent to Essen. POPENHAGEN, April 9. - German troops are marching on Essen where a collision has occurred between strikers and the Christian workers organization, members of which desire to continue at their employment, a Bertin dispatch announces. The strikers have occupied the Krupp munition plant, the message adds. Ka Ply \\onicin knows the difficulty in making' a good fitting dress, that hangs gracefully—and looks finished and smart. And they would thoroughly appreciate the beautiful, effective styles we are showing. The season’s popular materials are shown in colors and trimming combinations of embroidery, tucks and frills are most effectively used. TO $34.50 T0 $49.50 \ isit our Ready-to-Wear Department and make your selection before our stocks are broken up. Dp-to-date Millinery7—the latest creations in every occasion. Hats for DEPARTMENT store PHOM S.M. SMAW. PROP. Established In 1909 AOA, OKLA. WNS MAY {ALLIES EVACOATE COMPtlCATE PEACE RUSSIAN CHY BOLSHEVIK! LOSE TO ESTONIANS REIN HITS TKI,L OK I,OSS OK LIKE IND PROPERTY. By tile Aswh luted Dress DALLAS, Tex., April 9. Unconfirmed reports of fiifteen deaths were received today in fragmentary reports Idling of a windstorm oi unusual seventy which passed over Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas last night, (treat damages was done to telegraph and telephone wires aud it was impossible to gather many details. Deaths reported in the messagei were as follows; Near Durant, Okla., six. Denison, lex., four; Wood county. lex., two; Ector, Tex., three. Mr. and Mrs. Grover At nip and two sons are I relieved to have been swept into a swollen creek near Canaan. Tex., and washed away, Canaan itself was, wiped out. The storm was central over Oklahoma today and Western Kansas reported itself in the grip of J one of the worst spring blizzards in yea re. Cill of Ada We thank you for the overwhelming vote cast yesterday in favor of the new bond issue of $50,000.00. It prove* that the City of Ada eah a1-; ways be depended upon to stand by ifs schools .and that the children of! the city and the school district will never be deprived of their priceless] inheritance of a free education. We flatter ourselves, a little bit.] maybe .in believing that your vote was likewise in a measure, a vote of confidence in the present school administration. Every dollar of this mom y will tie spent for value received. as every dollar pf the schools’ money has ever been spent by tilt board. We have already taken into consultation with us on this new bond issue, several of the best business men of the city .and we will a1-| s be glad to receive their advice suggestions on important mat-1 ters like this. During tile present school year,! the running expenses of the schools; will have cost the district approx!-J mainly the sum of $55,000.00. This' enormous sum of money has been I handled and paid out by Apri* 9-—There is much By the Associated Pres* apprehension iii peace conference cir cie* as to the effect the establishment of a soviet government at Munich may have on the conclusion of peace. Peace delegates are considering the eventual necessity of ne- ARIS, April 9.—Evacuation of the Black Sea port of Odessa by allied forces is offiicallv confirmed. Shortly after the armistice a French army was landed at Odessa and marched some distance into the — ----------v vt     —       ll    laid    lift*    HIK got ta ting    two    treaties    with    Germany    Ukraine in pursuit of menacing    botone with    Berlin    and    the    other    with    shevlki forces, but the latter    re- Munich.    ceived strong reinforcements    and ------------- gradually forced the French back to the coast. NI KEM IU IIG, GERMANY, STENE OF RIOT AND PILLAGE. wav ann By the Associated Press BASEL, Switzerland, April 9. j Storage sheds of the American Red Cross were among the food depots pillaged by armed crowds in Nuremberg Tuesday, according to dispatches received here. Goods to the value of $700,000 are said to have been taken from various food depots by Die looters. I MCKEOWN TO REST UNTIL REOPENING OF CONGRESS    —    "■ WASHINGTON, April 9 I Repre- ciKNh:KAL STRIKE ORDERED • tentative T.    I). McKeown    of Oklaho-    ,n    ITALIAN WORKERS ma at rived    this morning    from Pan-    Bv rh,.    Associated Pres* ama. where he has been ill of fever j ROME Vnril <* Th* , i r since leaving the United States Hr ' ti !    ’    ,    pnJ    9-~The (OUDeil of evnecis to i*»v* th* i ♦ r ♦ k , I general federation of labor has o, \da ,o    vl, ', ,    upon    a general strike to o“counts    opening    last twenty-five hours. The strike Mess’    ,ls set to begin Thursday at 6 a rn. af an expense of only $75 month, which is the secretary’s ary. The five members    of School Board and Treasurer of school district, draw no salary Count y Ex ami na ti* ut s. .County Superintendent A. Floyd,! innounees that tile next county exilic Board; amination* for teachers will be coo per sal- the the and ’ SPORTING UKE” IS Ii \SED ON FAMOUS OLD ENGLISH PLAY Maurice Tourneur’* Photoplay Exciting amt Filled With Thrills. Showing a phase of English life Pure Juice j£i| of the ogonberry receive no compensation whatever for fheir services, and the services performed arf- many and various. I Our office is over tile Surprise! Store and we will thank you to call and see the various details of the! Board’s work. Every patron should call at the office and see for themselves the vast amount of work' done. Wlork will be pushed on the new! as that under the stress or the war may building as rapidly as possible, in never be seen again, “Sporting Life” ! ord«* to have it ready for the 00111-Maurise Tourneur’s splendid pictur- fDK    It will be located ization of the famous Drury Lane melodrama Which scored so heavily two decades or more ago, is one of the greatest motion picture spectacles produced in this country in many years. “Sporting Life” will be shown at the American theatre morrow. to- two the THE CHEERFUL CHERLYB rrr t Out of tile Golden West comes nature’s answer to thirst. It is PHEZ—the rich, ruby red juice of the piquant loganberry. To make a delightful drink, always add two parts of water. You really quench thirst with PHEZ. Though life really To-dhy )5 like tomorrow, 0r\e minute filled wr session. somewhere in the southeast part of the city, the exact location has not yer been agreed upon. WTe have sites under consideration, best will be selected. Respectfully yours. L. T. WALTERS. W. L. WHITAKER. J. H. COLLINS, THOMAS P; HOLT, E. C. HUNTER, Board of Education. E. S. HARAWAY7, School Treasurer. J. E. HICKMAN. Supt Attest MABEL BROW ALL, Secretary GWIN & MAYS DRUG CO. AT THE PEAY UTO AMERICAN. Another installment of Houdini, the Man of Mystery, the Strand comedy, Some Kind of Girls, and Tog Mix in the lively western drama, Ma‘s Girl, compose the program of this evening. An entertaining hour for everybody. Fair weather Thursday. ..-j*.* Sec me before equipping your car. Try Racine tires.—Ford Service Sta-Uioa 229-231 £v>t Main. 3-12-lmo Ii LIBERTI7. Brand new program will be presented by the Bobby Greer Musical Comedy this evening. The picture program features Pauline Frederick in he drama, A Daixhter of the South It is a Parumofnt picture. ducked April 24, 25 and 26. The eighth grade examinations will bt* held April 16 and 17. Second eight grade examination will be May 15 and 16. The examination for State Certificates will be conducted in the six State Normal schools, State University and the A. and M. College, May 29 ,30 and 31. The. Free Scholarship Examination lot* A. and M. College will be given June 13 and 14 in my office. Senate Bill No. 65 iii regard to the A. and M. Scholarship is as follows: Section I.—That for the purpose of placing practical training in agriculture within the reach of every boy in the State of Oklahoma, and the stimulating of interest iii scientific; farming, two annual scholarships for' and each county in this state are hereby •created, said scholarships to be for , a period of two years, and providing } fqr the payment by the state of the ; sum of $100.00 per year on each j scholarship and to be awarded each year as follows:    On    the second Fri- i day and, Saturday or June of each year, there will be held in the county seat of each and every county, an examination to be given under the direction ami supervision of the county superintendent of schools) questions for the said examination to be furnished by the president and faculty of the A. aud M. college under the rules and regulations to be prescribed by the president of the A. and M. College. Section 2. All boys of each and every county, who have completed the common school course, as prescribed by the state board of Education and who have taken their examinations and received their diplomas, or are entitled to such diploma, shall be eligible to take such examination, *T hope the boys of Pontotoc county will take the advantage of the opportunity of competing for the A. and M. scholarship,*’ nays Mr Floyd. Easter (Crratinns IN Cabbage, tomato and other plants ready now See B. F. Stegall, one block northwest Frisco depot 4-7-6t.    . Oxfords, Pumps and Colonial, Every whim of Fashion has been anticipated in our collection of New Spring Footwear. Every style from the most conservative to the most elaborate Colonials have been presented for your inspection. Oxfords and Pumps in Brown and Black Kid and Patent PRICED FROM $5.00 1° $9.00 MISSES’ AND CHILDREN’S SPRING STYLES ARE NOW READY The Surprise Store Established 1903 J15-117 West Main St. . Phone 117 ;

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