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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma President of miners Union says British strike will take place London apr Britain appeared today headed for a National Coal strike probably beginning on sunday As the president of the miners Union rejected a government plea for new talks. Joseph Gormley president of the National Union of mineworkers said he had a no doubt 5 that the Long feared strike by 280,000 miners will take place. Gormley addressed newsmen after he turned Down a last minute plea from employment Secretary William Whitelaw who had asked for a meeting Between government negotiators and Union leaders. The 27-Man leadership of the miners Union was meeting to decide whether to order the strike approved by the miners in a referendum last week. Whitelaw wanted the meeting to plead once More with the Union leaders that a miners5 walkout will spell disaster for a Britain already struggling under the Energy crisis and Gigantic foreign Trade deficits. Confident that there will be a strike Gormley said a i can tse any useful purpose in meeting or. Whitelaw and we would not have any time Coal supplies 70 per cent of the nations electricity and the government says even with nonessential Industry on a three Day work week the Power stations have stocks enough to last them Only until the end of March. An even Shorter work week is expected if the miners go out. Earlier Gormley said a strike was not inevitable and that a better Cash offer from the government might keep the miners on the Job. A strike vote last thursday and Friday ran 81 per cent in favor of a walkout the largest margin Ever recorded by the miners Union. Leaders said the miners executive group would agree to More talks Only if the government increased its wage offer which it says is already As High As possible under its seven per cent anti inflation ceiling. But prime minister Edward Heath failed in a four hour session monday night to win the support of the leaders of the trades Union Congress for his latest plan. He proposed that the miners accept the present offer then put their Case for More Money before a special body that would compare their pay with that of other workers. The miners base pay is Between $55.64 and $80.94 a week and is the lowest in Europe. The pay is highest in West Germany with $150 a week the maximum. British householders also pay Western Europe slowest Price for their Coal $39.82 a ton. Meanwhile the railway engineers Union began a series of one Day regional strikes to support their pay demands. They struck the Western Region of the state rail network including London s Paddington station. It normally handles 50, too passengers a Day half of them commuters. The engineers plan to strike the Eastern Region on thursday. They Are demanding a bigger share of $114.4 million that has been allocated for raises for All railway employees. The engineers have refused for the past two weeks to work overtime and on sundays. The sooner cynic has declared wednesday Quot step on a flu Bug Day the Ada evening news Toth year no. 280 Ada Oklahoma tuesday february 5, 1974 to pages to cents weekdays 15 cents sunday Ada schools discontinue classes Bug hits three others in county the flu Bug won out. Ada schools Are discontinuing classes for the remainder of this week. Hie announcement came from the office of or. Max Skelton superintendent. Or. Skelton said a Check with All the schools monday showed a total of 600 youngsters out with the flu from a total enrolment of 2,300. Some of the schools were harder hit than others. Hayes reported a 40 per cent rate of absence because of illness. School officials had watched the level of cases grow steadily. Friday the total stood at 400 and there was a jump of 200 additional cases Over the weekend. The discontinued classes do not represent a vacation. The lost time will be made up at the end of the year. Originally school would have been out May 23. Now it will thousands of truckers violent shutdown end officially on May 28. Short time monday then closed county superintendents office Ernie Staggs director of the again until wednesday. I said Byng Latta Stonewall Ada boys club said the club James Barnes superintendent Roff Mclish and Ahloso would of a non at 19-4 n m a Vanoss said the school schools were reporting about would de open at 12.45 . Would be dosed my next Mon Normal absences each a this week. Day. About 135 students out of six school systems closed boys a and girls a who do the 503 enrolled were reported across Oklahoma monday be not have the a a bugs Are invited out sick. J cause of spreading influenza to come to the club said at Pickett Center superin while classes resumed at least Staggs. Pendent Howard Eisendorf Dis for a time a in 19 school sys three other county schools missed school tuesday after terns which had closed last Allen Vanoss and Pickett Cen noon. The school will reopen week. Ter. Were closed due to the flu. Monday. Or. Stanley Ferguson state Allen schools reopened for a Darmeda Ryan Deputy in the epidemiologist said the exact a Strain of influenza would be known this week. He said preliminary cultures and tests indicate it was either the a Vic Toria or a England strains. Officials said schools in Guymon would be closed for the rest of the week after 22 per cent of the student population was absent monday morning. A we thought the weekend would get us Over the Hump but it did no to help a a Guymon school official said. At Hooker where jobs in Wake poster child at play a deter Jhhdl-?,? fh.o0,f.p�� his brother Mark 4, in their Home in Ellicott City own problems. Mine happens of be f. Is s research Feu Quot Daio Quot the Erst Grade a ent is Quot a wire photo my Michael is the everybody has their legislature considers putting welfare recipients to work by the associated press the Compromise plan report in Maryland police reported More than 17 000 Auto work thirty six states were feeling edly involved la Points which three separate incidents in ers Werp Aid in nine n1antq closed Friday Haws effects of the shutdown of inde the truckers consider a min which trucks were fired on i _ i ,. A i called off again say. Pendent truckers today. Thou mum acceptable monday but there were no in in Wisconsin Indiana Illinois Sands of workers have lost in general the demands in juries officers said. One Driver Missouri and 0hio As parts de their jobs temporarily in affect solve the Supply and Price of suffered Eye injuries when a liveries dwindled to a trickle de industries. Truck fuel freight rates Driver Rock was thrown through the because of the shutdown the violence continued. Near safety standards and Federal Windshield of his truck As he a offs Werp Troi opted in lactic Lafayette. La., monday night and state regulations under crossed a Bridge in Baltimore project to last two men in a car fired one shot which truckers operate. J police said. At a paper Laden truck driven the truckers key Point re in Oklahoma protesting tru Laaby Richard guse of Kinder la. Portelly is a demand that Thev a prs Hon Kph trunk traffic a 500 persons were out of work in the Bullet pierced a fuel tank be permitted to pass increased t q co locked truck traffic on Glass and electrical plants be guse was not hit. Fuel costs through to shippers near g Cabin for four cause of Supply shortages. There were food shortages on a Dollar for Dollar basis plus hours monday before police1 the National association of and layoffs As Federal state be an additional surcharge on ended the traffic tie up. One food chains said in Washington got gators and representatives of existing freight rates. Driver was arrested that most food stores have striking Independent truckers the National guard was on tried without Success in Wash j duty in Michigan Ohio and i see a a adar Page 2 from one Day to a week. In West Virginia at least 3, most workers return to work Oklahoma City a a Resolution directing the Legisla schools five Council to study the feast were vilify of putting Able bodied welfare recipients to work on state projects was on the Way to the House today after being Rolls. Passed by the Senate. His Resolution originally referred to rumours of Able bodied persons drawing welfare benefits but it was amended to state that no Able bodied person homa City the resolutions principal author said it was not an attack on the welfare system. He also said did not know if there were any Able bodied persons on the welfare the Senate passed the Resolution 30-15, despite statements from some senator that okla. Homa has no welfare program at Lindale Plant f0la.bie? should draw welfare without sen. E. W. Keller a okla proper counselling and working at projects beneficial both to the recipient and the state. Sen. George Miller Dada said the Only persons drawing starting salary for Highway patrolmen if they have the same qualifications. After two years it would re enough meat and produce to Supply Normal consumer de Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Ecu Ami uni Autu Caa in wait i Uuie in Mic Man Umo in ton to reach a Compromise Pennsylvania to keep order and Shapp authorized the use of $1 Mand. That could get the rigs rolling prevent the shootings Rock i million in state funds to Deal j gut the american meat in again j throwing and tire slashing with the strike after issuing Artinise reported Slaughter was sources close to the Negotia-1that have marked the wide a proclamation of extreme Down sharply because of the tons had indicated monday spread tie up. Which began last Shapp said 50,000 truckers action. A spokesman night that agreement was near thursday. One trucker was workers in the state have been said 19 per cent fewer cattle but the session broke up Early killed. Laid off by the shutdown and today without a solution. Talks guardsmen were on standby predicted the total would hit were scheduled to resume later Alert in Connecticut Kentucky 350,000 by the end of the week today. Land new Hampshire. If the protests continued. The majority of workers at Lindale corporations Ada Mobile Home manufacturing Plant began returning to work monday ending a temporary Plant shutdown. Jim Gurch Plant manager Here said that 35 workers returned to work monday and others will return during the remainder of the week As their specialities Are needed. A welfare Are those More than 65 quire All starting corrections of years old or those who Are flyers to have a bachelors de Blind of totally disabled. He Gree or pass a training course said the companion Aid to de equivalent to that required of pendent children program is beginning Highway patrolmen limited to providing benefits for meanwhile state rep. Leo children. I Wynn Pepper up an otherwise in other action the Senate Dull Day in the Oklahoma passed a Bill to provide starting House monday by saying the corrections officers the same i see a a legislature Page 2 penal affairs chairman says reports on gassing disagree Oklahoma City apr a recent tour of the Mcalester iwas fired a i i i la a. Vav v. Iii Luuri i vile Ici Vav do were killed monday than one proximately 76 of the 102 pro rep. David Riggs says some in prison by riggs5 committee houses week ago and hog Slaughter auction employees Are scheduled formation he received on Gas that there were some 34 As iroc Matirn Sqq non Nannt i c-�i-�4 in i1im of 4l/\ Ink i Cirr of inra�4 4u _ a a i it _ for into empty cell a psychological it councilmen Okay election for firemen was Down 39 per cent from last j to return to the Job week. Negotiators unable to reach Compromise Washington a negotiators working into the Early morning today were unable to reach a Compromise aimed at getting striking Independent truckers Back on the roads but they agreed to continue their talks later in the Day. They were scheduled to resume the sessions at noon. Sources close to the negotiations said the Compromise plan involved la Points which the truckers considered a minimum acceptable the sources said that in general Point list concerns the Supply and Price of fuel the operating conditions of the Drivers Driver safety and the Federal and state regulations under which they operate. Reportedly the crucial demand involved a request for the truckers to pass through increased fuel costs to shippers a major stumbling Block has on a Dollar for Dollar basis plus been the truckers5 demand for a Rollback in the prices of diesel fuel a move opposed by Federal Energy chief William e. Simon. Sources indicated that the Rollback was not a part of the tentative Compromise under discussion. However they said the truckers were seeking freeze on fuel prices. An additional surcharge on existing freight rates. The Senate Commerce committee has announced plans for a meeting today to consider the administration request for speedy action on a Resolution aimed at speeding interstate Commerce commission ordered a Relief for the truckers. Shortly from the House Commerce committee. The Resolution would eliminate the 30-Day delay required before new inc rules can go into effect. In addition to the pass through and surcharge sources said the proposal would also enable Independent truckers who Are exempt from inc regulations such As those hauling produce to carry freight on their return trip which they cannot now do. The change would Only affect truckers who action was also expected i own less than three trucks sing of inmates at the state Gurch said that the remaining j Penitentiary does not agree employees with less seniority j with reports he received Mon have been notified they cannot Day from acting department of be recalled at this time. The corrections director John Grid december shutdown was the re or. Suit of seasonal factors and the the Tulsa Democrat said he current economic crisis. Gurch said the current sales volume is still Short of a Indales a full production requirements. Drivers of trucks that deliver Mobile Homes to Western dealers will return on a graduated basis starting next week according to Gurch. Will make no judgment on the matter until he has had time to read the reports he received monday and compare them with information he obtained previously. Riggs Dairman of the House Public safety and penal affairs committee received official re sing incidents from the end of Grider said Johnston october of the first of january. After the reports were released to Riggs the department of corrections issued a Ada City councilmen monday night authorized City manager Jim Cook and City attorney Les in younger to prepare procedures formed him that Gas was fired for a secret election for local into empty cell houses when inmates in other areas were causing trouble because the statement saying there were 18 j sound of the shells had a Cal other instances in which Gas i Ming effect on inmates. During the shutdown a cadre ports on 16 gassing incidents at of 19 administrative and supervisory personnel remained at the Plant to handle service and sales contacts with ers. The Mcalester prison from sept. 4. 1973, through Jan. 4, 1974. Grider said in a Brief let Deal Ter accompanying the reports that there had been no gassings the Tulsa Mobile Home show j since Jan. 4 opens wednesday and three Riggs said he understood of a Indales a newer Home to state Penitentiary Warden Sam dels will be featured there. I Johnston As having said during scientists switch on sets for Mariner debut Oklahoma truckers May hit turnpikes by the associated press blocked the Highway until Criag Independent truckers Block pts a lu88 i Orph o nor the it Irish no climbed behind the wheel adet a Northeast Oklahoma and drove he fluff Pasadena Calif. A scientists Are set for their first close up look at the Clouds surrounding Venus As Mariner to glides by the planet and beams photos Back to Earth. The pictures from nearly 27.5 million Miles out in space were to be taken today As the 1,108-Pound spacecraft moves to a Point about 3,585 Miles from Venus. Two cameras were to Start operating about 30 minutes before Mariner comes its closest to the Venus and will continue taking pictures for the next 17 Days. As Mariner moves closer to Venus the planets Gravity is expected to slow the spacecraft Down and allow the suns Gravity to Bend mariners course heading it toward its prime target Mercury. Launched last nov. 3, Mari Ner has travelled a roundabout route of 107 million Miles to reach Venus photographing Earth the Moon and the Comet Kohoutek along the Way. Scientists at the Jet propulsion Laboratory say they do not expect to see the scalding surface of Venus because of the thick cloak of Clouds. Temperatures on Venus Are 800 to 900 degrees. But the scientists said they hoped the information provided by the photos and other experiments aboard Mariner will teach them More about the venusian atmosphere. They said such knowledge might help meteorologists better understand atmospheric conditions on Earth. Astronomer Michael j. Belton a member of Quot the team that will Analyse the pictures told newsmen that until now scientists have not known for certain whether the Venus Clouds Are layered or How one layer might differ chemically from another. He said that based on information collected by two previous mariners and four soviet satellites it appears at least some of the Clouds Are made up mainly of sul uric acid droplets. He said the venusian atmosphere appears to be about 97 per cent Carbon dioxide compared with .03 per cent on Earth. Highway for four hours wednesday and the truckers hinted that the will Rogers and Turner turnpikes might be the next target. The blockade of u. S. 69 near big Cabin okla., resulted in the arrest of one trucker and the impoundment of his truck by the Oklahoma Highway patrol. Nearly a dozen Highway patrolmen and a half dozen units from the Craig county sheriffs office converged on the intersection of u. S. 69 and interstate 44 after a trucker pulled his Rig across the Highway and walked off. The truckers allowed automobile traffic to drive through a service station driveway to bypass the blockade on u. S. 69 but All trucks were stopped. Authorities said the truck i one trucker who authorities said attempted to obstruct traffic with his Rig while the other truck was being moved was taken into custody by the Highway patrol troopers. Several shouting matches then reportedly erupted Between the troopers and truckers during the event but no violence resulted. Sheriff Floyd Moss identified the Driver in custody As Donald Edward Korb of Miami okla., and said he had been charged with reckless driving. The other truckers reportedly raised Korbus bail Money. Korbus Rig was impounded and some truckers were discussing the possibility of Legal action against a a someone because the truck was driven rather than towed to impoundment. Firemen. The election will a a officially determine whether or not a Union is properly formed Here for firemen. Firemen have already voted to form a local under the International association of firefighters. In fact the local no. 2298, has already been chartered by the Union. The City manager however pointed out the City was not involved in the election and had no Way of knowing it was properly staged. He stressed he was not questioning the election which had been held but since the City was intimately concerned any balloting should be under carefully controlled procedures. Firemen had requested the local be recognized As the sole exclusive bargaining agent for the department. Councilmen took no action on this request. After procedures Are outlined and a new election held the City would then be in a position to take action on the matter. In other matters the Council approved a bid from r. A. Young co., Oklahoma City for $1,100.40 for a Sand spreader. Agreed to the substitution of five blocks of overlay on s. Broadway for a like distance on w. 16th. Adopted an ordinance adopting and enacting a new code. Approved a workable program for 1974-76 for the Ada Urban renewal authority and see a a Council Page 2

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