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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1974, Page 4

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma Page 4 the Ada evening Newsad Oklahoma monday february 4, 1974 the Ada evening news William d. Little or. Publisher George e. Gurley editor Jack Purdy. Advertising manager Marie Crabtree. Circulation records Helen Tinsley. Business records Marie Hickey. Classified advertising published each evening monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada okla Bahoma Telephone 332-4433 National advertising representatives member of Ward Griffith co., inc. Audit Bureau of circulations yearly subscription rates in Ada by Carrier $22.75 in Oklahoma by mail $20.91 outside Oklahoma by mail $24.00 second class postage paid at Ada. Oklahoma area youth shows interest in Loral employment something of extreme interest happened recently in Ada at a corps of engineers hearing on the proposed Parker Reservoir. The thing that happened was that a Large number of Young people presented testimony for the record. High schools in Allen Stonewall Tupelo and Coalgate were represented and they were represented Well by extremely Able Young spokesmen. Several East Central College students presented testimony on behalf of various government leaders. It was wonderfully refreshing to see these Young people involved in this sort of thing. Almost All of them favored the proposed Reservoir. They also favored something else. They favored strongly the creation of an Industrial Park in relation to the Lake to utilize some of the lakes water Supply. M these youngsters made some telling Points. All of them spoke of their love for this area. This is where they have been educated. This is their Home. Their friends live Here. They Are known and they Are surrounded by familiar and comfortable things. In a nutshell they done to want to leave. This applies immediately to High school seniors who do not intend to pursue their studies in higher education Fields. But it also has significance for the College graduates. After completing their schooling Many of them would like to return. But there Are few jobs for these Young people especially jobs that lie outside a minimal level and offer the Prospect for increased financial Reward and satisfaction. This is the big concern of these Young people. Their concern is fully justified. In fact the continued migration of Young people is regarded by Many As the single most outstanding problem smaller communities face. We be said it before and Well say it again. Big cities Are fast losing their Lustre. Today a Young people often prefer the Friendly and More casual atmosphere of Small town living and the advantages such towns offer for rearing a family. But there must be things for these Young people to do. The participation of these area youngsters also indicates something else refreshing. In a Small Way they Are taking part in the demo Max Lerner cratic process which heaven knows has come in for its share of lumps in recent years. They Are contributing. They Are trying to do something. They Are willing to go on the line for their beliefs. They deserve All the help they can get. These Young people represent our Hopes for the future and we need to keep As Many As possible of them at Home or at least in this area. What these youngsters want to do is Reserve a trend. They Are tired of seeing their friends and their Brothers and Sisters go away. They Are weary of being forced to leave their Homes because of a Basic Lack of Opportunity. Tragically Many of them have no Choice. There Are no jobs for them. They must leave. They move away to larger towns or cities and few of them return. What it amounts to is that Many of these smaller communities Are systematically exporting their most valuable resource. Anything which can be done to reverse this tragic trend will prove of everlasting Benefit. We Are told that one of Ludwig Van Beethoven a most famous compositions came into being As he was passing a cobblers cottage one evening. He heard someone playing some of his music he paused to listen and heard a girl say that she would like to hear someone play it properly. Beethoven entered the cottage and discovered the girl was Blind. He offered to play for her. She showed such appreciation that he played for an hour or More. Twilight came and then dark. The Lone Candle in the room event out. But the Moonlight glistened in the room and under its inspiration and stimulation from the Blind girl who loved music so Beethoven composed his famous a Moonlight the need of a Blind girl brought Forth some of the Best music he Ever composed. They helped every one of his neighbor. Isaiah 41 6 copyright Gen. Fea state of the crisis the constitutional crisis of in president and presidency tapes plumbers impeach Lent and All a Rolls under ily on. Instead of behaving be a decent co passable Nimal it grows and grows Little like Ionesco a Rhinoceros. It has claimed As its victims not Only the Palace Luard in the White House and three attorneys general one Way or another and special prosecutor and the Enate investigating commit be but now the House Judi iary committee which de Lares itself impotent to pre Are impeachment proceeded unless it can get the new special prosecutor Leon Worski to join with it. Meanwhile Richard Nixon its in the Center of the web trying to distance himself rom the storms raging around him. Obviously in can to do it but he wants o look As if he can. It is he effect that his old Lero de Gaulle tried to create whenever he was in trouble. Or. Nixon is not averse to sing his allies a sen. Hugh it Cott a a and vice presi Lent Gerald Ford a to hint hat he could Clear himself f he chose. But basically instead of loosing to Calm the tempest in has chosen to stand off my dare it to sweep him in. The Short lived operation Quot Andor has been replaced by operation distance. Nor has Congress after its Holiday reached any further Carity. Largely it is because a he people themselves have men if pm feb. 4, 1944 chief pharmacists mates Joe Bryan or. And Billy Bryan followed the same course in training but then the medics of naval warfare entered the world wide clash on opposite sides of the Earth. Joe was stationed on an aircraft Carrier in the Pacific theater. Billy was sent aboard a seaplane tender operating with the Atlantic feet. Not. In three states i have visited a Florida California and Ohio i find people carrying a curious split within themselves Between feeling that tile president has probably committed impeachable offences and hesitating to push him out because they done to know what will follow. That too is a crucial part of the crisis. Who could have expected that things would move with dispatch it Isnit every decade that witnesses a Strong presidential impeachment drive. The script is new the actors unaccustomed to the lines the stage directions almost nonexistent. There is Only one precedent More than a Century old and the whole scene has changed since then. There is a dangerous Energy crisis a diplomatic crisis a Strong Chance of a worldwide depression. There is an untried vice president in the wings who seems to be saying that the last thing in the world he wants would be to have the presidency thrust on him. The question of time is fascinating. Up to now it was president Nixon a opponents who counselled full Speed ahead. Now it is or. Nixon a supporters who have raised the cry of urgency a to get the whole impeachment problem Over and done with. The presidents opponents Are now unsure about timing. If they wait the angers and outrage May subside. If they move ahead with impeachment a assuming they can a a they run the risk of not being Able to drum up the votes they will need in Congress. Is time of the essence As the lawyers phrase goes or Isnit it and if it can wait what happens in the meanwhile to the business of government in my own View the time element is not the essential one on the question of impeaching or not impeaching. It would be another matter if the president should choose on his own to resign. It would Clear the air immeasurably. But his party leaders have not stumbled Over themselves to pressure him to resign. Nor is he about to help his opponents by handing them the resignation they hunger for. If time is not of the essence what is my answer is again a As it has been for some months a the judicial process. The House judiciary committee is Only now emerging from a seemingly slumber us state. Jaworski cares about due process. He does no to refuse the committee the files it wants on the president. But he says a and Elliot Richardson backs him up a that it is a grand jury province and that he will give them up if . District judge John j. Sirica empowers him to. I have read some commentators who say that the National interest should override such niggling considerations of judicial due process. But should it i had thought that the idea of an overriding National interest a under the name of a National Security a was what brought about the watergate mess to Start with. No lets keep to due process of Law even if it takes us longer to resolve the crisis. It makes a Sovereign Medicine. C los Angeles times Crescenta fw5 great Rano an chopsticks Charlie has to butt in wove Over Weil Playa duet of vol know Quot yes we have no bananas Quot a we had to coax Crescenta to play land Voo can t set Charlie to Stop the Way he s swing Crescenda the hip Voo can Tell he s a Rush hour bus seat wrangler q Kmic feature Syndicate toe. 1974. Would right reserved. A every Barty the goop player is. The 3erkerino tand an encore to Soe Golicic 374 e. Lyons ave.,�?T e. Palestine Ohio Art Buchwald doctor. I need help a doctor my name is Charles dividend and i am president of the Windfall Oil co. Of new a yes i was expecting you. You told your regular doctor you wanted to see a psychiatrist. Would you care to sit in a chair or lie Down on the Couch a a a in la lie Down on the a what seems to be the problem or. Dividend a a people Are saying terrible things about me. Everywhere i go they Call me names like profiteer and Price gouger and or. Ripoff i can to take it any More a when did this paranoia Start a a a it a not paranoia i was up in front of a Senate committee last week and they treated me like a criminal. In a president of one of the largest Oil companies in the world. I personally gave $100, 000 to Nixon a Campaign. In a a great american and i think 1 should be treated with a Little a i see. Would you like a kleenex a no thank you. Everyone is mad at me because i sell any Oil to the u. Sydney j. Harris s. Navy during the Arab embargo. A but what would you do doctor if the King of saudi Arabia said you give any Oil to the United states. After All he a a a you sound As if you re carrying around a certain amount of guilt or. a i have nothing to be guilty about doctor. In be done a Damn Good Job. My company. Has provided cheap and abundant Energy through aggressive Competition. We have spawned tremendous economic growth in this country and have made America the greatest country in the free a then Why do you need a psychiatrist a a i can to remember a could you be a Little More specific a a Well the other Day i went up on the Hill to testify before a congressional committee. They asked me How much profit we had made during the Energy crisis and i could not for the life of me come up with the figure. Then they asked me How much we had paid out to our stockholders language barriers a lady i know know very Well returned from a week in London recently and was expat rating at dinner on the incredible Beauty of the Elgin marbles in the British museum. What she and i and the others at the table a with one exception a did no to know was that the name a Elgin Quot should be pronounced with a hard a a go As in a a Ginko and not a soft a a go As in All these years i have been saying a Elgin marbles As if they came from a town in Illinois or a watch company when in Point of fact lord Elgin who brought them Back from Greece came from a Elgin Shire in Scotland which is always Given the hard All this bears out my column of last fall about the a common language that divides the u. S. From great Britain. English can be the most infuriating language in the world because unlike most european language its spelling bears Little relationship to its pronunciation a which is Why Shaw and others have so passionately and futilely urged spelling Reform. Why should the name of the former prime minister of great Britain lord Home rhyme with a is Pumer instead of a comb a and Why should the eminent novelist. Anthony Powell pronounce his last name to rhyme with a a goal instead of a a Vowel there Are no rational answers to such questions. I have commented before that English is perhaps the Only language in the whole indo european family in which the syllable a a ought can be pronounced in seven different ways. A Federal judge travelling in the British Isles this fall sent me a ditty from Scarborough bearing on this a the Doug faced ploughman strode thoughtfully through the streets of Scarborough coughing and in motoring through Ireland the judge observed he passed through the town of Moughal a which is pronounced yawl. I myself was born near St. Johns Wood in London which is pronounced one reason perhaps that the splendid port known As a cock Burn so has not done As Well in the u. S. As in Britain is the Mere fact that most americans done to know it is pronounced id hate to think of British products being sold Here under the names of Beauchamp Cirencester Fetherston Haugh. Harwich Pontefract or Woolwich. I still can to get used to saying a Tel Gina marbles with the right scottish copyright Field enterprises and my mind went Blank. They also wanted to know How much taxes we had contributed to the United states and i just stared at a it seems to me or. Dividend that you appear to have a Block about a i never did in the past doctor. Before the Energy crisis i could reel off every figure in our annual company report by heart. Now i can to even remember How much Oil we re refining in a a amnesia is not unusual in the Oil business or. a a that a easy for you to say doctor. But How would you like it if 200 million people thought you were cashing in on a crisis when in fact All you re trying to do is get a decent return on your capital a a you feel that there Are 200 million people in this country talking behind your Back a a i know it doctor when i walk Down the Street people Star chanting a Windfall Windfall hey hey hey a How much did you raise our Gas today a a a perhaps they re jealous because you have a depletion allowance and they done to. Or. Dividend you can to be an Oil Baron and also expect to be a i can to a Well actually it s too Early to say. I think we have to have a few More sessions before we come to any definite a what about coming in on tuesday at 3 of clock a a thank you doctor you be been a big help to me. How much do i owe you a a that will be $40 for the a Okay. Can you change a $1,000 Bill a c los Angeles times 7 Odd Couplet Here is a dictum Given wide currency by the ringing phrase from the Constitution of the United states a we hold these truths to be self evident that All men Are created equal. But Aldous Huxley of the Well known scientific and literary clan whose a Brave new world and other novels became Best Sellers before his death in 1963, brought in a contrary verdict a that All men Are created equal is a proposition to which no sane Man has Ever Given his perils of seniority tile use of seniority As the criterion for awarding committee chairmanships in Congress has always been supported by this columnist As the least bad of All available methods. Seniority is however now taking a fearful beating on the most sensitive possible Issue at the worst possible times for the welfare of the country. The House judiciary committee which must in the end decide whether to attempt to impeach president Nixon Over the watergate scandals is scaring the Devil out of the House collectively and out of the Senate too. For this committee is headed by a no doubt decent but pedestrian Urban machine Type of politician. Rep. Peter to Dino of new Jersey where so obviously it should be headed instead by the most distinguished figure in All Congress. No one accuses Rodino of corruption or unfair purposes. The trouble is that his Home political base is loaded with so called a ethnic voters which in blunter language Means in fact Blacks who would have or. Nixon s head for breakfast if they could. Representative Rodinos responsibility is roughly that of a prosecutor in a criminal Case who must decide objectively whether so and so should be indicted. But unlike the prosecutor his obligation is to put his conclusions and his evidence before not one but two grand juries. The first is his committee itself. The second assuming that the first votes to Issue a Bill of impeachment indictments the whole membership of the House. This second and crucial grand jury of the House either refuses to Issue the indictment or sends it to the Senate for trial. In a word no Man since the impeachment and subsequent acquittal in the Senate of president Andrew Johnson in the Post civil War bitterness of a Century ago has held so delicate and so fateful an obligation. It is an obligation to be both fair and firm both concerned for abstract Justice and sensitive to the implications to National Unity and High National interest of an actual ouster of a president of the United states. Bear in mind that never in nearly two centuries of our history has any president been so removed and that Only one president Andrew Johnson has Ever been indicted by the House. This is some measure of the profundity the sommerness of the step in the dark Issue that seniority has put on the plate of a politician of whom few in the nation had Ever even heard until now. Worse yet the committees chief counsel John Doar is a Democrat with old connections with the Kennedy dynasty. The minority or Republican counsel Albert Jenner of Chicago is All the same very close to the Liberal Democrat senator from Illinois Adlai Stevenson. Again worse yet Rodino Only recently deigned to allow the Republican members of his committee to have any say so whatever As to who and what should be subpoenaed by the committee. This position was so nakedly partisan that Rodino had perforce to abandon it. The Mere fact that he would seriously propose such a thing however sent Shock Waves through the House generally and right into the Senate too. For the House As a whole does not really wish to have to vote on any kind of impeachment a and most poignantly not on one issuing from Peter Rodino. The Senate which would be in the position of a trial jury sworn to seek Only Justice winces at the Mere thought. At times i wish i could revise and extend my previous remarks As they say in the House on the subject of seniority copyright United feature William f. Buckley or. Weird economics i am greatly refreshed by the words of or. Charles Bluh Dom chairman and chief executive officer of Gulf and Western industries which for reasons i do not wholly understand owns a the or. Bluhdorn is just Back from the Middle East and it occurred to him that a the godfather is showing in Iran for less than or. Zhivago ten years ago. The reason is that the distributor is required by Law not to sell at a higher Price than was then current never mind inflation. Or. Bluhdorn Points out that the government of Iran has not done anything conspicuous by Way of holding Down the Price of Oil its principal Export to the United states and indeed to the world at Large. A if i was to bid $1 for a barrel of their Oil a he said a a they a turn me Down. I think the Price for a the godfather is too and indeed iranian Oil is now Selling for ten times what it sold for ten years ago. Or. Bluhdorn then mused about the excuse Given by the iranian government for holding Down the Price of movie tickets. That Way says the government poor people can afford to see the movie. Or. Bluhdorn is not in the least opposed to poor people seeing a the godfather a but he wonders Why Gulf and Western should subsidize them. There is no argument he Points out against an iranian Marshall plan a they be got the Money. There Are a a billion people in India who done to get to see movies because they Are too poor. Why does t Iran subsidize the prices of movies the United states spent Twenty billion of those old dollars to help Europe it a1 after the War. Why Iran now turn Philan tropism and of course in talking about Iran we single out the most obliging of the Oil exporting nations in the Region. The others for the most part participate in the Boycott that has caused the great Scarcity from which in greater and lesser degree the world suffers. But All the world suffers from the extortionist increase in the Price of Oil and Iran most cheerfully led the pack a few weeks ago by Selling Oil at auction and getting for it a Price More than double the Price of Only a few weeks before. It requires hard study to sort out the ethical and economic strands in the tangled question. But one begins by observing that the Price of Oil is High Only in part because there is a physical shortage. That shortage is at least for the Short term mostly insignificant. What there is is a contrived shortage and this is the result of a Clear act of economic aggression by the persian Gulf Oil states. It is a great worry now to Deal with it. The easy Way is to throw them Israel and Swallow their Price increases. That is no Way to get either strategic satisfaction or strategic results. The appetite for control of that Oil by the soviet Union will not diminish with the humiliation or even extinction of Israel. And the vulnerability of Japan and the Western Powers trill not diminish until an alternative source of fuel is developed and we Are talking to -15 years tile figures for 1973 Are hard to come by but it would be approximately Correct to say that saudi Arabia Kuwait Libya Iraq the emirates and Iran Between them imported some seven billion dollars in goods. It would seem to me perfectly fair a just As a starter a to increase the Price of All goods purchased by the Oil exporting companies that have raised the Price of their Oil by a corresponding percentage. Thus a tractor that used to Cost say $4,000, would be billed at $8,000 after the last doubling in the Price of Oil. Copyright Washington Star William s. White or Coon sen distributed by a. Tunes synodical

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