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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1974, Page 3

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma Quot Ada Oklahoma monday february 4,1974 the Ada evening news tag Nixon presents record $304.4 billion budget to Congress today Washington a president Nixon today Laid out his record $304.4-billion budget for fiscal 1975 but promptly pledged to exceed it if the Energy crisis throws too Many americans out of work. Unlike his hard nosed budget of a year ago in which dozens of programs were targets for extinction or cutback Nixon fastened his attention on the danger of a recession induced by the fuel shortage. A the president will not tolerate a recession a Deputy budget director Frederic Malek told reporters. A if it Means busting the budget he will bust the budget to keep people from losing their the budget arithmetic already disclosed last week shows a deficit of $9.4 billion about double the deficit for the current financial year. It shows an All time High defense budget of $85.8 billion and an Over All spending increase of $29.8 billion Over the last budget. For the first time in history Federal spending for income Security for needy americans a primarily social Security Public assistance and health Aid a tops $100 billion a jump of about $15 billion Over fiscal 1974. Nixon proposed no new taxes except for the Windfall profits Levy he offered in december to keep the Oil companies from profiteering on the Energy crisis. It would bring in $3 billion. As he has announced before i Nixon proposed $1.5 billion for Energy research to find new sources of fuel for americans new funds for mass transit systems wrapped in a special Revenue sharing program and a Large increase in Aid to College students. Nixon said his budget a Fitch amounts to almost $1,500 for every Man woman and child in the nation walks a Tightrope of moderate economic restraint. A in the face of economic in a certainty my budget recommendations provide for a fiscal policy that would support High employment while restraining inflation a he said. His budget officials left the door open for increasing spending or cutting taxes to create jobs lost through the Energy i crisis. The standby spending program could include accelerated Federal construction or procurement Public service jobs in High jobless areas or even higher social Security benefits Malek said. Just As the budget was unveiled the housing and Urban development department disclosed plans to provide subsidies for tenants in 118,000 More Public housing units thus providing some stimulus to the depressed housing Market. The new Federal budget proposes that $39,260,000 be spent for flood control construction projects in Oklahoma including an $11.1-million outlay at Kaw Lake and More than $9 million each at Waurika and Optima lakes. Elsewhere in the budget Oklahoma a Mountain Park project carries an appropriations request of $5,683,000 to Complete construction of the dam and dikes and continue work on the Altus pumping Plant and pipelines. Operating equipment would be purchased maintenance housing would be built and a contract would be awarded for the Bretch diversion dam and canal All within that $5.7 million Price tag the administration said. Another $40,000 is being sought to Complete cleaning and repair work on the Foss Aqueduct in the Washita Basin project and finish the ecological study of the Washita River below Foss dam. The southwestern Power administration headquartered in Tulsa is asking Congress for a budget of $6,447,000, a $695,000 increase Over the current fiscal year. About l-10th of that amount would go toward building Power transmission facilities in connection with army corps of engineers projects in Oklahoma Missouri and Arkansas. The corps has requested $1,-246,000 for multipurpose construction at the winners Falls lock and dam project. The flood control projects other than Kaw Lake include requests for $3.45 million for Birch Lake $660,000 for Clayton Lake $1.8 million for Copan Lake $700,000 for Hugo Lake $9.15 million for Optima Lake $3 million for Skiatook Lake and $9.4 million for Waurika j Lake. Although the amount of new Federal spending for additional subsidies in fiscal 1975 is Small budget officials said this was the first example of the Type of moves Nixon will make to stimulate the Economy if needed. As much As $5 billion More in Federal funds could be infused into the Economy if needed to prevent a recession Malek said. Nixon a new spending program is greatly affected by inflation some of it in higher fuel costs to the government. Wage and Price increases were the principal Factor in a proposed $6.3-billion boost in the defense budget increased health costs helped push up the spending for health by $3 billion Federal tax revenues increased largely because of inflation. Of the $29.8 billion in increased spending 90 per cent of it is in uncontrollable largely higher social Security and Public assistance payments. Nixon a defense budget tops the previous All time record of $79.9 billion in 1945, when the Dollar was Worth a lot More. A these increases Are required to improve the readiness of our armed forces to build up Levels of essential equipment and supplies and to meet today a higher costs of maintain ing Force Levels a the president said. The budget proposes $480 million in new Money for military fuel costs. Although no new ground was broken in the defense budget proposal the administration urged development of established weapons systems such As the Trident nuclear submarine and the air Force by strategic bomber. Nixon said extra funds also Are needed to improve combat readiness modernize forces and build up munitions a in accordance with lessons Learned in the Middle East but he said the costs of defense manpower Are higher with his All Volunteer Force than with the draft. No longer does the government a a tax the Young by commanding their services Nixon said. Nixon said his $1.5-billion spending proposal for Energy research is part of a five year $10-billion program aimed at making the nation self sufficient in Energy. Most will go for developing a nuclear Breed Britain s Coal miners favor National strike or reactor and for finding Way to convert Coal into fuel that is less polluting and More efficient. The president left to future legislation any significant breakthroughs in social programs. He said he would submit a National health insurance program to Congress and dust off his welfare Reform plan and offer it Complete with a new name and a new approach. London a Britain a Coal miners voted 4 to i in favor of a National strike that will close the mines and could bring British Industry to a halt the electoral Reform society announced today. The society which conducted the ballot last thursday and Friday said 80 per cent of the 279,452 members of the National Union of mineworkers voted and 81 per cent of those who voted favored a strike. The result was announced Only a few hours before prime minister Edward Heath was to meet with Union leaders in a new attempt to stave off the strike. The 27-Man executive of the miners Union is to meet tuesday to decide whether to go ahead with the strike which is tentatively scheduled to Start at Midnight saturday. The decision will hinge on the outcome of heaths meeting today with leaders of the to million member trades Union Congress the High command of organized British labor. For 12 weeks the miners have refused to work overtime and weekends because the government will not approve wage in creases for them in excess of heaths anti inflation ceilings. Their slowdown has Cut Coal production 40 per cent and the government has had nonessential Industry and business on a three Day week since Jan. I to save electric Power most of which is produced from Coal. Ray s 12th Street body shop now open under new management. Ray Johnson invites All of his old customers and friends to visit him for Friendly dependable courteous service. 423 w. 12th 332-8343 Independent truckers Tell their own Story on strike a everybody was going broke running every Day and finally we said to hell with it. And we re ready to stay out As Long As it Russell Sanders was sipping i Coffee sunday at Greenup struck Stop on interstate 44 just West of St. Louis to. He and thousands of Independent truckers in at least 30 states were staying put their rigs parked at truck stops the Drivers determined they wont move without Strong government action. A a we re Between a Rock and a hard place a Sanders said. A if we can to get these fuel prices rolled Back and some Money in our pockets Well let the finance company take Ever our inside Many truck stops Drivers slept played cards and telephoned Home to say they a be there some time. Outside the night sounds of gear grinding rigs humming Down the roads with their cargoes were virtually non existent in some areas. A i Haven to made $150 a week in the past two months and that a working 13 hours a Day a said Driver Ron Kinsey at a Pennsylvania truck Stop. A a mortgage company can repossess my truck before Iti drive Kinsey said before diesel fuel prices jumped from about 30 cents to nearly 50 cents a gallon he had no trouble making $200 to $300 a week. He said that Snow impossible in the big rigs which average about five Miles a gallon. Sex Marine Terry Plumley said at a Woodhaven mich., truck Stop that the highways where shootings and Rock throwing have increased were like a guerrilla warfare. One Guy pulled in Here with eight bullets in his Plumley said he and his Load of lobster had been parked there since Friday and if things done to improve today a a in a going to Fly Back to Tampa before i drive out of Here to get shot and there were others among this generally Strong Breed of men who work Long hours moving their giant rigs from producer to consumer who admitted they were scared. And determined to wait it out. A this thing is hurting us bad a said Driver Bobby min Gaia at the Perlis drug Stop in Cordele a. A it hurts our families and it hurts the but Minggia said he believed the Hurt was going to have to hit the consumer before action would be taken. A stores Are going to have to two hostages freed by three gunmen Cairo Egypt a a pakistani Airliner landed Here today with three gunmen who had held two hostages aboard a greek freighter in Karachi Harbor. The hostages were released after the greek government agreed to commute the death sentences of two palestinian terrorists. Airport officials said the three terrorists whose identities and nationalities were still unknown wanted to go to Libya and the libyan ambassador to Pakistan was making the arrangements. The libyan and egyptian ambassadors to Pakistan accompanied the Trio to Cairo. The gunmen were held at the Airport hotel and newsmen were not allowed to talk to i them. In Karachi rear adm. S. A hid Hasnain the chairman of the port authority said the terrorists freed the chief officer and chief Engineer of the greek freighter unharmed after holding them for 33 hours. Clinic pharmacy too e. 13th 332-3704 close and people Are going to lose jobs a he said. A look at it this Way a said another Driver. A we can to keep pushing night and Day All Over the damned place and see our pay go Down our kids and wives have to Settle for less and less. What would you do a a trucking has been my life and it will probably stay that Way until i go under. But i done to like the Way prices Are a said Driver Warren Asmus in Burlington Iowa. A a year ago i drove to California. It Cost about $550 to make the 4,400-mile round trip a he said. A this year just after Christmas i went West again and this time it took $825. A it used to Cost $4 to get an outside tire repaired and $6 for an inside. Now its a Flat $10 for any tire. Oil used to be 45 cents a quart now its 75 to 80 cents at truck stops. Fuel was 26 to 28 cents now its 42 to 49. Breakfast used to be $1.25 now ifs $2.50. A we just can to make a living with the fuel costs so High a he said adding he Hasni to received a freight rate hike since the prices started going up. A the Only ones who have benefited from it Are the Heads of the Oil a a in a sure the truckers Are smart enough to realize that if they done to get what they want this time they re out of Busi Ness a said William j. Mckamy manager of Greenup a. A a they re fighting their own Battle to the Best of their Dale Phifer an Independent parked at a Phoenix ariz., truck Stop explained that owner operators like himself do not have guaranteed salaries provided to teamsters members. He said they must observe things like fuel costs and they be got heavy mortgages. A a in be got $100,000 Worth of truck and equipment sitting out Here and i stand to lose it All a he said. A but Iti lose it my Way before Iti lose it to the Federal government. Iti be Here until 48 states Are shut time to Plant Trees a shrubs this month s special Silver Leaf sugar Maples Large variety of fruit Trees and roses Abbotts Nursery 332-2626 Brick Plant Road some folks Are in danger of getting the Story of natural resources a bit backward. Lets take a straightforward factual look. Y a our Home cannot run on Gas alone. You need electricity. Now. What a the most beneficial Way to Supply electricity to you g As can be piped directly to your Home or it can be used to help create electricity. When a a a combination Home Gas and electricity is compared to a total electric Home tests show these results the total electric Home uses about the same and in some cases less raw Energy per Square foot than a a combination fuelled Homes. When the combination Home has Gas air conditioning it uses significantly More raw Energy per Square foot than the total electric Home. These Ai findings from a recent study of 310 Homes in the og&6 service area using actual metered fuel consumption data. R a sources must be conserved and used to their fullest. Thus we must consider the Multi rate. E efficiency of using Gas and or electricity in your Home. You have probably seen statements that say using natural Gas to produce electricity for the Home is about 30 per cent efficient. While a Gas is 100 per cent efficient when delivered to your Home these statements fail to Point out that when Gas is taken through the meter into the Home and burned in Gas consuming appliances it is Only 30 to 35 per cent efficient also Many people May not realize that electric heating equipment is almost 100 per cent efficient because there Art no flues. The american Gas association admits that a minimum of 20 per cent of a Gas furnaces heat goes up the flue. And done to forget those Ever burning Pilot Light n natural resources in some forms Are becoming More difficult to obtain. Other resources Are readily available for use now. Still other techniques and methods of creating electricity Are being developed. The Point is electricity wit always be available and can help in our determined Effort to preserve our. E environment for the better use and life of All living things. Now take a new look. Bottom to top. And read Energy spelled out the Way it can serve us All Best and longest. That a the ultimate aim of each of us. You make the Choice. This is not an Effort to increase the use of Energy in any form. At of amp a we just want to be sure you have All the facts in the right order before you make up your mind. To be doubly sure we would like to Send you a free Booklet outlining the data on the tests conducted in 310 typical Homes and 1,089 apartments. Please just ask us for one. Of amp a electric service

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