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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1974, Page 1

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Ada, Oklahoma Violence Marks growing strike of . Truckers by the associated press the strike by Independent truckers idled an estimated 20,-000 workers in affected industries today As it began crippling deliveries of meat and produce in some areas. New violence was reported officials in 15 states reported shootings Rock throwing or tire and Hose slashing Over the weekend. Two Drivers suffered shoulder wounds from bullets which struck their trucks near new a or a a Energy Czar meets with truck Drivers Buffalo mich., and Louisville ky., sunday night. A Pennsylvania official said there had been 14 shootings at trucks and up to too other violent incidents since last wednesday. One trucker died in violence related to the shutdown last thursday. About 3,400 National guardsmen stood watch today on Ohio and Pennsylvania highways. Federal and state officials recessed a Washington meeting Early today without settling the growing shutdown that has touched at least 30 states. Thousands of trucks Are not operating hundreds of truck Stop stations cafes have closed since thursday. By sunday night the shutdown was having some affect in 30 states from Connecticut to Florida across the South and Midwest and along the Southwest Border of the country from Texas to California. Governors officially deplored the continuing violence. Atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe said in Mechanicsburg Ohio that a this handful of truckers is not going to bring this country to its Pennsylvania activated 2,500 i National guardsmen to relieve 1,400 others who had been watching highways since Fri Day. Ohio gov. John j. Gilligan ordered 900 guardsmen into i similar duty. One immediate concern was food. An estimated 20 meatpacking plants in Iowa Michigan Oklahoma Texas and Pennsylvania were closed or cutting Back operations idling at least 8,000 workers j the head of a grocers association in Massachusetts said the flow of meat Citrus and produce into his area had slowed to virtually nothing and he predicted an Impact on Consumers in a few Days. A the truckers strike will shut Down our Industry by the Middle of this week a said Tom Osburne president of a Trade association for Florida a $2 billion a year Citrus Industry. Checks sunday at major truck stops along key North South and East West routes showed traffic extremely Light. Police in heavily affected areas estimated truck traffic Down by some 90 per cent. The number of involved Drivers could not be determined. One truckers spokesman said 90,000 of the country a estimated 100,000 independents were staying off the roads. Some Union Drivers also were not moving mostly because they feared violence. Truckers in new Jersey Oklahoma and Connecticut said sunday night they would begin monday to try either by request picketing or truck blockade to Stop the movement of diesel fuel from refineries to truck stops. Truckers in other states were Busy talking to Union Drivers asking them to observe the shutdown. Both actions Are designed at cutting off All truck traffic. They already Are having an Impact. Five major truck stops which closed their diesel fuel lanes reported laying off an average of 80 workers apiece including those who work in their Large restaurants. While the layoffs at the countless truck stops could not be calculated reports from truck dependent industries in a number of states showed at least 20,000 persons Laid off. Of the total 6,000 Are in Ohio 5, 000 in Pennsylvania and 4,000 at Iowa meat plants. Large general motors Westinghouse and general electric plants and steel Mill operations in Ohio and Pennsylvania reported that if trucks did not Roll soon they would be ordering layoffs. Large appalachian Coal mines were reported in the same condition. Gasoline supplies in Florida and some Northeast states were reported very Short because delivery trucks carrying february allotments have been parked. That was expected to ease in Florida today As Drivers ended an unrelated strike. In West Virginia police cruisers escorted three gasoline tankers to dry service stations. In Pennsylvania and Florida state officials worked on contingency plans to deliver critical i supplies to areas running Short. What truck traffic there was i in Many areas was travelling in i convoys of eight and to. But in some areas strikers were also reported travelling in a Wolf packs of three and four harassing moving truckers and asking open truck stops to shut Down fuel pumps. In t it something judging from current reports some truckers these Days need to hire an extra Man. Somebody to ride Shotgun. The Ada evening news Toth year no. 279 to pages Ada Oklahoma monday february 4, 1974 to cents weekdays 15 cents Sunda new York firm aids Sequoyah Oklahoma City a Don j. Greve has been replaced As Leader of the bankrupt Sequoyah industries inc., and that fact has prompted a new York financing firm to continue supplying Sequoyah with emergency Loans. A emr. Greve is out of the picture. That has to speak for itself red Martin vice president of John p. Maguire amp co., said. A we Are willing to give Money As Long As Progress is made he said. Maguire has loaned Sequoyah $632,000 since the firm and five subsidiaries filed for reorganization under Federal bankruptcy Laws Jan. Organization brings food buffs together Coq Auvin. Spinach souffle. Chinese Birds nest soup. Chocolate mousse. Sound like the menu at a gourmet restaurant it s not. It could be just typical club fare. At the gourmet club that is. William Neal an East Central student formed Adas first gourmet club last month. Neal who works part time at Valley View Hospital got the idea for the club from three of his friends All married nurses. The nurses told him their families were complaining. Always the same old things for dinner. Neal a Bachelor decided to help them. So last month he formed the club. The Ada gourmets held their first meeting a week ago. The menu was simple. Neal told the three members to bring Only Fondue dishes. Every sort of Fondue imaginable including chocolate Fondue for dessert was served. The meeting was a Success. But Neal says the second meeting will be even More of a Challenge. It will feature Spanish food. At each meeting a country will be selected and members will Cook dishes native to that country. Neal thinks his idea will work. A a it a something Ada needs. But right now the members Are just using each other for Guinea pigs to try out new dishes a Neal said. Neal says the club will Progress to More elaborate and difficult dishes As the months go by. Soon Neal plans to teach the members How to Cook with wine. A of course there s always a danger to cooking with wine. Dabbling a Neal said. Kidding aside Neal Hopes this club is a Success. If it is he will form other splinter clubs in Ada. Neal a recruiting new members. A love of Good food is All that is required. No membership dues Are charged. The Cost of the food is borne by the membership As a whole. A i Hope we re a Success. I have two More members in mind. But they can to join right now. They re also in weight Saxbe urges Force to halt violence Mechanicsburg Ohio apr atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe has urged governors to use Force if necessary to halt illegal acts by striking Independent truckers. A a in a calling upon them to use every resource they have to see that we do not descend into anarchy a the nations chief Law enforcement officer said sunday at a news conference Here. A a handful of truckers is not going to bring this country to its Knees a said Saxbe who once was a truck Federal budget goes to Congress today Washington a president Nixon a $304.4 billion budget for fiscal 1975, designed to Ward off a recession and prevent booming inflation goes to Congress today. Much of the budget has been revealed in Advance either in Nixon a state of the Union message or in his economic report last week. It features a $94 billion deficit the biggest defense budget in history and a record $100 billion in spending for income Security for the needy. Washington a representatives of striking Independent truck Drivers and Federal Energy chief William e. Simon remain at Odds Over a Rollback of diesel fuel prices. Simon is opposed to it but is not ruling out the move. Simon disclosed his position after a meeting Between Federal and state officials and truckers representatives was adjourned Early this morning. Another session was scheduled of states action truckers schedule to shut off diesel la . Edt. While saying he was opposed to the Price Rollback for diesel fuel Simon told newsmen. A i did not say that prices would not be rolled Simon Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Shapp on whose initiative the meeting was called fives differed As to How Well the negotiations were working and truck Driver represent out. A i m optimistic that reasonable men Are going to get together on this Issue a Simon said. He said he thought that an equitable solution could be worked out Short of rolling Back fuel prices and said that the talks when resumed would focus on other solutions for the Independent truckers. One of these possible solutions was another key demand of the truckers a speedy approval that would allow them to increase freight hauling prices to add in the Cost of higher fuel prices. Simon said he would not be at the meeting when it reconvened because he had to testify on capital Hill. But he said a representative from his office and w. J. Usery jr., chief of the Federal mediation service and a presidential adviser would be on hand. Shapp who called the meeting As head of the mid Atlantic governors conference said he was confident of reaching an Accord. He said sundays sessions a one in the afternoon and a 312-hour nighttime meeting a had resulted in significant Progress. There was no i elaboration on this Point from Shapp or his spokesmen. But one truck Driver representative who refused to be identified said the truckers still were waiting for the government a to come up with something. I done to see personally that we have anything that could Lead to a return to work. Maybe they will come up with something a he said. Besides Shapp representing Pennsylvania five other states had representatives at the meeting but no other governor attended. The other states were Massachusetts Maryland Delaware Ohio and new Jersey. In Ohio meanwhile atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe said a this handful of truckers is not going to bring this country to its when Saxbee a remarks reached the Independent trucking representatives at the negotiations one commented that talk like that could bring the sessions to an end. By the associated press about too Independent truckers met in Oklahoma City sunday and voted to adopt a new tactic in their nationwide strike. The truckers said they would shut Down their rigs and picket City area bulk fuel plants asking Drivers of the diesel delivery trucks to join their strike. The move is an Effort to shut off the diesel Supply to the truck stops hopefully forcing company rigs off the highways for Lack of fuel. Jim Miller Oklahoma City i an organizer of the group said group representatives plan to consult with an attorney about their Legal position in picketing. He said they wanted to have pickets at the plants by tuesday. Barney u. Brown jr., president of red Rock Petroleum co., which operates a Texaco bulk Plant in Oklahoma City said allotments Are delivered every Day to customers but he doubted the Plant Drivers would Honor the pickets. The independents made plans to station members at area truck stops to ask truckers passing through to Park their rigs in Observance of the shutdown. Truck Stop operators also would be asked for permission for truckers to Block their pumps Miller said. He emphasized that no Effort would be made to Force truckers and truck Stop operators to shut Down against their will. The truckers said they hoped the new tactics would put enough pressure on Federal officials to order an immediate i freeze on the Price of diesel an a member of the Pennsylvania National guard walks along a . 22 overpass near Allentown pa., saturday morning while another guard is stationed in a jeep near another overpass of . 22. A truck Driver was killed near Here thursday morning when a Rock was hurled from an overpass through his Windshield causing his tractor trailer to crash. A wire photo governors hearing postponed Oklahoma City apr gov. David Halls scheduled appearance in Federal court today was delayed until thursday because no Federal court reporter could be found. Hall . Atty William r. Burkett and . District court judge Stephen Chandler were ready to proceed today with a hearing in one of the governors two suits against Burkett and the internal Revenue service but judge chandlery a regular court reporter was absent because of a death in his family. No other court reporter could be found. Chancer ordered the hearing continued until to . Thursday. Hall had been subpoenaed by i Burkett to appear before Chan idler. He had been instructed to i bring All records which had been furnished to him or his agents by his former Secretary. Judge Chandler scheduled the hearing on Halls suit seeking to Force his former personal Secretary mrs. Dorothy Pike. To Tell his attorneys what information and records she has Given to the irs in connection with that Agency a examination of the Oklahoma governors income tax returns. Hall filed the suits last month accusing the irs with violating his civil rights through its prolonged investigation of his tax returns. He also alleged that Federal agents see a a governor so Page 2 Blind girl survives Mountain ordeal Redlands Calif. Apr i did calisthenic. I did setups pushups and jogged almost All night a says a 17-year-old Blind girl of her night alone in the Snow covered san Bernardino mountains. Cheryl Anne Beem of Anaheim Calif., wandered away from a group of Blind teenagers saturday during a week end camping trip sponsored by the braille Institute of los Angeles and Orange counties. She spent the night at the 7,-100-foot level of the mountains where the temperature dropped to 26 degrees. She was wearing a Cap sweater and Light Slacks when she walked out of the wilderness on her own sunday. Authorities said she was in Good spirits and appeared in Good health after being found by Max Howell 12, of Fountain Valley. He led her the final mile to Camp Osceola a Myca Camp where he had been staying about five Miles from the spot she left saturday. Chickie Mcintosh a director at the Camp said she knew the girl was healthy when she smiled and said a i think my Teeth Are finally a i Wasny to lost a Cheryl later joked with searchers. A i knew j where i was but several other people did no to More than 50 sheriffs deputies and volunteers had been looking for her. Cheryl who has been legally Blind for two years has peripheral vision that enables her to see things to the Side but not directly in front of her. Arab nations stand firm on Oil embargo Beirut Lebanon apr saudi Arabia and Kuwait have Given president Hafez Assad of Syria a firm pledges to continue the Oil embargo against the United states Beirut newspapers reported today. The reports said King Faisal of saudi Arabia and Kuwait a ruler Sheik Sabah a1 Salem a1 Sabah assured Assad that the embargo will be maintained until an agreement to disengage syrian and israeli forces on the Golan Heights is worked out on syrian terms. Both the pro egyptian paper Al Anwar and the Independent Al Bayrak carried the reports. Assad met for five hours saturday with Faisal the Leader of the Arab Oil embargo in Riyadh the saudi capital. He flew to Kuwait sunday and was expected Back in Damascus the syrian capital today. Syrians foreign minister Abdel Halim Haddam Laid Down terms sunday for a disengagement agreement that Israel is certain to reject. Haddam in a statement to the saudi press and government radio said a Syria will accept military disengagement on the Golan Heights front Only if its made a part of a plan for a total israeli withdrawal from Arab territories conquered both in the 1973 and 1967 wars. Israeli leaders have repeatedly made Clear that Israel is going to retain permanently some of the territory taken in 1967 because they feel it is necessary to israelis Security. And one piece of territory they Are most Adamant about holding is the Golan Heights. Judge plans subpoena for president Nixon los Angeles a Superior court judge Gordon ringer was prepared monday to sign a historic subpoena ordering president Nixon to testify in the Ellsberg burglary Case. Ringers court clerk said the judge planned to sign the document either in the morning or Early afternoon. Indications were it would be sent by registered mail to . District court in Washington d.c., which can Issue it to the president. Deputy White House press Secretary Gerald l. Warren has said Nixon a attorneys a will recommend to the president that he respectfully decline to appear. On constitutional grounds and that Nixon will heed the advice. Superior court judge Gordon ringer says he will order president Nixon to testify in person for John Erlichman s defense in the Ellsberg burglary trial in los Angeles. Increase in the Speed limit to 62 Miles per hour for trucks and a freight rate increase to offset the High Price of fuel. Several of the truckers said they did no to think a moratorium on truck payments would be necessary if these measures were taken. Meanwhile the first incident of violence was reported in Oklahoma in connection with the Boycott. The Highway patrol reported two Independent truckers were fired on late saturday night just North of the red River on u. S. 271 near Hugo okla. Neither of the truckers were injured but both vehicles were hit the patrol said. In Tulsa Independent truckers who had been blockading about nine Tulsa area truck stops voted to lift the blockade and pulled their rigs out of the stops. Elsewhere truck traffic in the state was reported to be lighter than usual by the patrol. In another development. Wilson so co., an Oklahoma City based meat packing firm announced that More than 1.200 employees would be Laid off monday because of the shutdown. Wilson spokesmen said the Eastern part of the nation would be the hardest hit by the Boycott. Bill Hiestand manager of the Union 76 truck Stop in Oklahoma City said he fuelled nine trucks in a six hour period sunday compared with a Normal 15 or 20 trucks. Hiestand voicing support for the strike said he feels National leaders have shoved the truckers problem aside forgetting that a these men have Mouths to feed at he said among other things truckers should be allowed to raise their freight rates to compensate for rising fuel costs. Pointing out that his business depends on the trucking Industry Hiestand said a i bleed when they on saturday the Lee Way motor freight co., based in Oklahoma City asked for and received a Highway patrol escort from Oklahoma City to the Missouri line for a Convoy of nine trucks in route to Joplin to. The company announced at the same time it was offering a $5,000 Reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone interfering with or obstructing the movement of Lee Way trucks. Lee Way officials said the action was necessary because of intimidation and violence

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