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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1975, Page 4

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1975, Ada, Oklahoma Page 4 the Ada evening Newsad Oklahoma monday december is 1975 the Ada evening news William d. Little or. George e. Gurley. Publisher editor Frank Swearingen. Advertising director Helen Tinsley Marie Crabtree. Dennis Graves. City editor Marie Hickey. Business records circulation records classified advertising published each evening monday through Friday and sunday morning by news publishing and printing co. 112-120 North Broadway Avenue Ada Oklahoma Telephone 332-4433 Down from the Mountain is "it.1 in v. National advertising representatives Ward Griffith co., inc. Member of audit Bureau of circulations yearly subscription rates in Ada by Carrier $35.00 in Oklahoma by mail $33.25 outside Oklahoma by mail $36.40 second class postage paid at Ada Oklahoma 74820 missing your paper monday Friday until 7 . Sunday until 10.30 . For free delivery Call 332-4433_ of hum More changes for pro football observations about topics assorted. Such As the debate has already started about pro football. It is As Dull As dishwater. The defense has caught up with the offence. All the excitement has gone out of the game. Everybody knows what is going to happen. Change the rules to open things up again. Make it Loose As a Goose. Perhaps the most exciting suggestion comes from a Good Friend who observes the professional Gridiron with a somewhat jaundiced Eye. He wants to make a simple but Earth shattering change. He wants to organize a team on the basis of one thing. Weight. He says a team should weigh 2,400 pounds and you can a use up your 2,400 pounds any Way you choose. You could if you could find him have a single player that weighed 2,400 pounds. You might opt for four backs at roughly 180 each and then Divide the remainder of the weight As equally As possible among the traditional lineman. He says he knows what he would do. He would try to find 24 100-Pound scat backs. They would be buzzing around the Field like gnats. You be got to admit that his idea is different. Long hair for Young men and older men is obviously Here to stay. But if you Are going to have Long hair it certainly ought to be Tong a clean hair. Some of the Fellows could take a lesson from the Young ladies. Far too Many of the men go around with what can Only be described As a a matted locks. No clean and shining tresses for them. They look like they have had an Olive Oil rinse. May according to the records is the month when Oklahoma gets the bulk of its twisters. Don t try to sell Tulsa residents on that statistic. Tulsa was blitzed dec. 5. The sad truth is that tornadoes have been reported every month of the year in Oklahoma. Local residents May recall the terrible storm that such damage in Konawa. It struck in february. Thirds of the announced or rumoured candidates for the presidency from the democratic party. The list just keeps growing. One of the latest names is californians Young governor Jerry Brown. He was supposed to have been Ultra Liberal and yet some of his statements and some of his actions Are decidedly on the conservative Side. He has taken a deck wonder jeffersonian Democrat. Adit on the conservative Side. He has scid edly pragmatic approach to things. Of wonders. Maybe Mere is a surviving and speaking of politics my How times have changed. There was a time and not so Long ago when a divorce would have spelled the end of a political career and a separation was just about As bad. It was almost impossible for a Bachelor to get elected. Women were taboo and if you belonged to certain religious groups forget it. Time does indeed March on Ana believe it or not there is Progress in certain areas. Telephone directories Are always interesting affairs. The new one from Mabell gets into the Bicentennial act. Take a Little quiz. See How Many of the people you can identify on the front and Back cover. And another sign of the times appears in the famous yellow pages. In fact it is the first listing and it is. Abortion information. Our Oread by the Rev. A. Parnell Bailey . Make you a bet that you can to sit now. And make a list that will contain even two nearly a Century ago a couple in their 60s asked or. Charles w. Eliot president of Harvard University this strange question a How much would it Cost to build a College like Harvard in California a or. Eliot quickly estimated the Cost of land buildings and endowments at Harvard at that time and answered casually a a of about 18 million the couple thanked him and left. Or. Eliot promptly forgot All about the encounter. The California couple no to. In 1885 they endowed Leland Stanford University with 18 million dollars As a memorial to their Only child who had died in infancy. On exhibit at Stanford today Are a few toys a pair of baby shoes some infant clothing and some Odd Nursery trinkets. What influence for a Little baby a a Little child shall Lead Isaiah 11 6 Max Lerner problems in Public schools what Are the chief discontents of americans about their school system each year the Gallup poll has done a Survey of Public attitudes toward education. You can read the results of the 1975 Survey the ninth in the annual series in the december Issue of the professional education journal the Phi Delta Kappan Here Are the top to problems of the Public schools As a Cross Section of the american people sees them. I Lack of discipline 2 busing 3 Money 4 hard to get Good teachers 5 school and class size 6 drugs 7 poor curriculum 8 crime vandalism stealing 9 Lack of the right facilities and to pupils Lack of interest. There Are some striking things about the list. One is the harsh mood it shows toward what used to be called a Progress Vismin education which has been renamed a a permissiveness by its critics the items on discipline busing drugs crime and vandalism All illustrate this mood. I suspect that a breakdown of the vote on the curriculum would show the same dour View that the curriculum in t Strong enough on the a a basics and includes too much Liberal useless and even corrupting stuff. What it amounts to is a growing number of people feel that America has taken the wrong turn on education and that the result is Low behaviour standards in the schools and poor testing results by the students. In effect the people want the nations schools to turn Back to where the roads forked and take the earlier Road which feel we have abandoned the Road toward Strong discipline hard work Basic subjects traditional values. One of the poll questions was on How you would feel As a Parent about sending your children to a special Independent Public school which has strict discipline a strict dress code and emphasis on the three is in its curriculum. The Overall vote was 57 per cent in favor 33 per cent against. There was a majority for such a school from every Region from both sexes from Whites and nonwhites from every educational level and every Community size. The Sample from the big cities was even stronger 61 per cent than from the Rural areas 57 per cent. Similarly the vote was overwhelming 84 per cent As against la per cent on whether students should he required to attend a program on the effects of drugs and alcohol. It is interesting that this is the first year in which the crime vandalism category has made it As one of the top to discontents. On the question of How hard the students Are working in school 49 per cent As against 28 per cent thought they were not working hard enough in the lower schools and 54 per cent against 22 per cent in the High schools. On the decline in student test scores there were four they la do it every time Andrew Tully Daniel Moynihan s future leading reasons Given Lack of motivation 29 per cent Lack of Home and school discipline 28 per cent inadequate emphasis on basics in the curriculum 22 per cent inadequate teachers 21 per cent. There you have the picture that Young and older adults possess of the american school system. It is of a system which has gone steadily downhill. The Survey does no to Tell us Why it has. My own guess is that it is largely because of what has happened in the larger Community outside the loosening of family ties the general lowering of standards the increase in crime the uprooting of the Young from family and Community the confusion of values. There is a prevalent feeling that somehow the Public school Eden has been corrupted and destroyed. But there Are Many differences of opinion in the nation about who and what it has been that has killed our Eden. This is not a question that a Public opinion poll can answer. It can be done Only by hard and sustained study of the place of the schools and of educational forces outside the schools in the larger civilization Al setting. My own feeling about where the answer May lie is touched upon in the poll but not answered. It is in the area of values systems. The real problem is How to bring the discussion of values into education without moralizing and without indoctrination and propaganda. It wont be easy. C los Angeles times some of my journalistic colleagues who do their thinking South of their necks especially those of the female persuasion Are predicting gleefully that Daniel Patrick Moynihan our ambassador to the United nations wont last another three months. Moynihan the Boston Strong boy is said to be too flamboyant and too outspoken to survive in president Fords prudent official family. Besides Secretary of state Henry Kissinger dislikes Moynihan a Independent ways. Naturally. In a surprised Kissinger gives Ford his head. But talk of Ford sacking Moynihan is nonsense at least in be got to Hope so. Ford will be forced More and More to Welcome ideas whether he likes them or not the presidency Withers away without them. Moreover As a pragmatic Liberal Moynihan is right Down Fords Alley. Here at Home they both see social welfare programs As practical necessities not As pleasurable adventures in playing Santa Claus. Thus i am cheered by a re port that Ford will ask Moynihan to move from the in and into the White House As the presidents expert on Urban affairs. In Fords View this would be a promotion i think Moynihan would agree. A in ambassadors Opportunity for real achievement is limited whereas in the White House Moynihan could become the architect of a Ford program to Deal with the problems of cities and the people who live in them. That would not please the new liberals. Moynihan has been considered dangerous Ever since he served As Urban affairs adviser to Lyndon Johnson a Post in which he revealed himself As a nonconformist who eventually disagreed with the whole concept of Johnson a War on poverty. In the same Post under Nixon Moynihan became notorious among leftist moist hand liberals for his advocacy of a program of a benign neglect of Blacks. What he meant by that singular phrase of course was that the government should get off the Blacks necks and give them More of an oppor Sydney Harris you know. A that if the present trend continues by the year 2000, Only 25 years away fully half the worlds total population will be concentrated in Urban complexes and the population will be three times As Large a that the King of Norway who recently visited the ., was born not in Norway but in England. And the present King of Thailand was born in Boston mass a that Business economists in 1974 were the worst prognosticators in the country their consensus a year ago was that the Economy would expand by nearly two per cent it shrank by More than five per cent. A that within the last decade hundreds of mathematical problems have been shown to be a unsolvable a not because they Are impossible like squaring the Cir Lebut because they go beyond Many a intellectual ability and reasoning limits. A that the state of Kentucky has More Miles of running water than any other of the 48 contiguous states maybe that a Why it produces most of the whisky made in the a that although Bernard Shaw had his own body cremated and the ashes scattered Over his Garden he provided a Monument and perpetual care for the grave of his Gardener. A that the a lilies of the Fields mentioned in the new testament Are an example of brightly coloured a not White As we imagine clothing. The a a Lily in biblical Palestine had Brilliant Scarlet petals a that the rude gesture we Call a thumbing the nose is quaintly called by the British a Cocking a a that Russia is so vast a fast train would take More than a week to go from one end to the other that it is the Only land on the Globe where the Sun rises and sets at the same time. A that Rembrandt a most famous painting a nigh watch a is a Misnomer it depicts not night watchmen but civic guards in a Day scene Only the Bright Golden tone was blackened with varnish when the picture was discovered and its True color not restored until 30 years ago. A that Boston contains More than 60 degree granting colleges. A that the words a a Magnet and a a magnetic came from an actual Region magnesia an ancient part of Greece where the Lodestone was first discovered. A that the houses in Amsterdam Are so tall and thin with Many spreading Gables because Early taxes were levied according to the Width of the House fronts and the number of windows in them. C Field enterprises Unity to help themselves in their own Way. His report on the breakdown of the Black family was greeted with much wailing and Teeth gnashing by this same crowd because it seemed to say that an individual was not perfect merely because he was Black and poor. In a Day when Public welfare costs Are the highest in history Moynihan could both help the poor and save the taxpayers Money. He has always been one of the nations strongest advocates of Antipoverty measures but he has sought new directions away from the dreamy and dreary Claptrap of the theoreticians. Back in 1969, Moynihan committed a Book which should be must Reading for everybody in the Ford administration who has anything to do with the assault on poverty. He pointed out that under Johnson policy control was surrendered to a Gaggle of zealous ideologues whose was to promote certain social changes. These people wanted to just give Money to the needy thus perpetuating their poverty instead of dragging them into the mainstream of employed society. When the Community action program was first proposed Moynihan predicted it would be a failure because it called for putting the poor in charge of the Campaign to better their lot. He in weighed against giving executive re William f. Buckley or. Solzhenitsyn i confess to being gravely disappointed by the recent article by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn whom i consider the outstanding human figure of the Century. What possessed him he begins by casually tossing to the enemy the verdict in the matter of the Warren commissions investigation of the assassination of president Kennedy. That tragedy Solzhenitsyn writes in the new York times a was All the worse because of the inability or the Lack of desire by the american judicial authorities to uncover the assassins and to Clear up the crime. A a that statement is quite simply untrue. The Effort to identify the Assassin was As Complete As it could be and there is no reason to suppose that it was less than successful. Solzhenitsyn went on to say that the failure to investigate had a devastating effect on the world. A something More than respect was shaken it was our that Faith was perhaps shaken but it was the doing of the muckrakers and profiteers who Are net to be entirely distinguished from the revisionists who have been Busy for a decade now trying to prove that the United states not the soviet Union was responsible for the cold War. It is not Only strange but catastrophic that Solzhenitsyn should find himself however unwittingly aiding them in their efforts. What does this have to do with Kissinger Solzhenitsyn suddenly links that episode in which Kissinger had no part to the firing of James Schlesinger which Solzhenitsyn and his friends regret. But he arrives without logical transition to Henry Kissinger and in his comments about Kissinger reveals himself to be deeply uninformed. He bases his arguments against detente on the totally fictitious allegation that Henry Kissinger is of the Breed of americans Linus Pauling being the archetypes who Wake up every morning with the taste of an atomic cinder in their Mouths. A defending his policy of unending concessions or. Kissinger repeats the one and same argument almost like an incantation a let our critics Point out the alternative to nuclear War.�?T. Indeed the nuclear age is an obsession for or. but that simply is not True. The Book that first brought or. Kissinger to Public attention was called a nuclear weapons and foreign policy a and it is an entirely non hysterical Book about the nuclear age. Or. Kissinger has never had anything but contempt for those who believe that the Choice is Between nuclear War and disarmament. He was a Stalwart defender of the doctrine of graduated response and risked his academic reputation and lost a great Many friends by backing Tough military action in Indochina including the incursion into Cambodia the bombing of Hanoi and the blockade of Haiphong. The Paris Accord was always Chancy but when Solzhenitsyn asks a is it possible that the prominent Diplomat could not sae what a House of cards he was building a the answer is that is exactly Correct. Kissinger not anticipate the emasculation of Nixon by the watergate developments of the ensuing summer. Nor Solzhenitsyn a hero James Schlesinger foresee the debacle in june of 1973 when he took office. I am not in fact aware that Solzhenitsyn anticipated it. What or. Solzhenitsyn seems not to have paid any notice to is his own enduring critique of the spiritual corruption of the Western world. Who has said it More plainly than he with perhaps the exception of Whittaker Chambers who in any Case said it earlier and James Burnham that there Are deeply rooted suicidal compulsions working in the West. What Kissinger says Isnit a we must have detente because the alternative is a nuclear what he says is a the american people by which he Means the american establishment will not stand up and resist. Under the circumstances the Only alternative is to i agree with Solzhenitsyn not Kissinger that the american people if roused will do better than they have done. And perhaps or. Kissinger a problem is that he was not himself born to Rouse people disposing of different skills from Solzhenitsyn a and never having worked for an american president whose skills were those of Cato. To believe Kissinger is wrong about detente As i believe he is cannot justify depicting him As Solzhenitsyn does As a superficial cowardly demagogue who feasts on the kindergarten dichotomy of detente or nuclear War. I break a Confidence to reveal to or. Solzhenitsyn that it was or. Kissinger who gave to the president urging him to read it All a gulag or. Solzhenitsyn is a Man of such moral splendor it is painful to see him work a personal injustice and reveal a great ignorance of the character of an important american substantially charged with the preservation of such Freedom. I would Hope to help erase the bad impression of or. Solzhenitsyn a unfortunate lapse by offering to those readers who wish to read it a copy free write me to 150 East 35th Street new York . 10016 of Solzhenitsyn a enduring magnificent speech delivered in new York to the meeting of the Al Cio. That and his books Are the real Solzhenitsyn talking never mind the human aberration. Art Buchwald leap Forward Washington the Power struggle in Washington goes on unabated and foreign ambassadors stationed in Washington Are sending Long cables Back to their countries trying to explain it. Here is one of the cables sent by a representative of the Peoples Republic of China who is living in d c. A momentous historical events Are taking place Here in Washington with the opening Salvo of president Fords great cultural revolution. At first it was believed that Henry Kis a possibility to people who Singer was behind the cultural revolution to bring disgrace on never before had supervised defense minister James Schlesinger. But now Kissinger is in the spending of More than a disgrace himself and has been demoted to wily one incense few dollars a week. In due time of course Community action collapse. In Many instances its crash was accompanied by scandals of maladministration and misappropriation. Only then newspaper surveys reveal that most of the people in need were unaware of any Effort to help them. C Mcnaught syn. Cup hum december is 1945 Christmas shoppers were spending More Money on presents than the year before. Most people delayed buying until the final weeks. A local grocery store was burglarized. Twelve five Pound sacks of sugar were stolen. Sirloin Steak was Selling at local stores for thirty three cents a Pound. Quentian Post As Secretary of state. He has also been cited for contempt by the Peoples congressional subcommittee. Official american newspapers Are predicting he will soon be sent to North Dakota to Harvest Grain at a state farm run by agriculture minister Earl Butz. A Kissinger is now called a revisionist and counterrevolutionary by a majority of the Peoples Congress for advocating detente with the soviet lackeys in the Kremlin. A defense minister Schlesinger has been exiled to the John Hopkins school of International affairs in the purge and has been replaced by Donald Rumsfeld a Young member of the Ford clique who has been involved in a Power struggle with the Kissinger loyalists for Over a year. A Rumsfeld has denied he was the instigator of the Palace revolt but his picture with Ford has been plastered on posters All Over the outside Walls of the Pentagon. A another victim of the purge was William Colby director of the Peoples Central intelligence committee. Colby a main crime was that he publicly confessed to the Peoples Congress about antigovernment activities committed by his cadres in the name of National Security. A the is being replaced by another Ford disciple George Bush formerly chairman of the Peoples Republican party. He was sent to China when the party fell into disgrace after Nixon a fall from Power after the August 1974 revolution. A the biggest Shock was the demotion of president Fords vice president Nelson Rockefeller who still remains in his Job but Only As a figurehead with no Power. A at the moment Ford is attacking the Peoples Congress and blaming it for the failure of his two year plan. He is calling on the peasants and workers to throw out the people s democratic party in 1976. A How Are the masses reacting to All this so far they have refused to support Ford mainly because every time the president tries to make a great leap Forward he trips Over somebody a

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