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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1975, Ada, Oklahoma The sooner cynic Hopes this time of year brings warmth to the hearts of Mankind because it sure brings a chill to the old Ada evening news 72nd year no. 236 to pages Ada Oklahoma monday december 15,1975 to cents weekdays 20 cents sunday lebanese government authority eroded As christians moslem Battle Beirut Lebanon apr the War for Beirut s Seaside hotels raged on today despite a new truce pledge from moslem leftists and their righting Christian enemies. Machine gun fire and rocket grenades flew through the downtown area several hours after the cease fire a the 15th in Lebanon a eight month old civil War was scheduled to go into effect. Red berated troops from the palestinian armed struggle command moved in to try to help enforce the Accord. But casualties from continued sniping angered the Street fighters and they resumed heavy firing after a Short Lull. Moslem gunmen in the 40-Story Mour office Tower peppered the christians in the besieged Holiday inn with .50-caliber machine gun bullets and rocket fire. Militiamen of the right Wing Christian phalanges party fired Back from the 25-Story Holiday inn and from positions around the moslem held jewish Quarter Wadi Al Yahoudy. There were no signs of the pullback called for by the truce agreement. The cease fire was worked out during the night. It called for the warring moslem and Christian gunmen to pull out of the hotels and other skyscrapers they were using As firing posts. Lebanese Security forces were to replace them and an 850-Man government strike Force was to be stationed in a no Many a land Between moslem and Christian streets. A i can Only see two solutions a said a Diplomat. A either you la have a military dictatorship or some sort of repressive left Wing president Suleiman fran Jieh a Christian has spoken out Only twice during the country a bloody agony. The first time he did no Good. The second time he further infuriated left Wing moslem leaders. Premier Rashid Karami a moslem has spoken out countless times but to no Avail. For the last two Days he has remained closeted in his Beirut Home ignoring appeals for an emergency Cabinet meeting. A words words words a said a disabused lebanese after one of Karamis frequent radio addresses. A a it Sall Security forces and police have disappeared from most of Beirut because they Are no match for the Christian and moslem Street fighters battling for control of the capital. Palestinian guerrillas Pri indonesian consulate still held by gunmen Amsterdam. The Netherlands apr Premier Joop Den Uyl says the dutch government will wait out the moluccan nationalists holding 25 hostages in the indonesian consulate just As it did the gunmen who held 24 persons captive on a train for 12 Days. Den Uyl said he a hoped for an Early end to the consulate siege which ended its Lith Day today. But he said the government did not yield to the political demands made by the six Molluscan on the train and would not yield to those at the consulate. The six Young men who hijacked the train near Beilen 90 Miles North of Amsterdam on dec. 2. Surrendered at noon sunday after the temperature aboard the unheated train dropped to 22 degrees the night before. It was thought Likely that the Young men would be charged with murder because they killed the train Engineer and two of the passengers. A seventh Hijacker who was hospitalized after an explosion dec. 5 has already been charged with murder. Three of the hostages were carried from the train on stretchers but All were re ported in a fair to Good condition. They included 17 men and seven women and ranged in age from a 16-year-old boy to a woman of 72. Both groups of South moluccan a demanded that the dutch government give Active support to Thier Campaign for Independence for their native islands from in Deonesia the prewar dutch East indies. Leaders of the South moluccan Community in the Netherlands who negotiated with the train hijackers claimed that they persuaded them they could continue their struggle for Independence peacefully. But Justice minister dries Van at said a the terrorists saw it was useless to go on. They realized we were not prepared to make one single Johan a. Manusama the head of the South moluccan Community of 40,000 exiles said there might be More terrorist actions a unless the dutch government lends a willing ear to the South moluccan Case. A from now on our words will carry More weight a he declared. Panel begins Bush hearings Washington a George Bush president Fords Choice to succeed William e Colby As Cia director said today he would not seek elective office while he held the Job but he would not Rule out accepting candidacy for vice president if it were offered. A i cannot in All honesty Tell you i would not accept the second spot on the ticket. Bush told the Senate armed services committee which began hearings on his nomination to head the Agency. A i can Tell you that i will not seek any office while i hold the Job As Cia directory Bush former Republican National chairman and just returned from his Post As . Representative in Pek German wife convicted of High treason Dusseldorf West Germany apr Guenter Guillaume the confessed spy for East Germany whose arrest prompted Chancellor Willy Brandts resignation was convicted of High treason today and sentenced to 13 years in prison. His wife Christen was sentenced to eight years for complicity. Brandt had no immediate comment but the oppositions bavarian Wing the Christian social Union served notice that the political controversy surrounding West Germany a most sensational espionage scandal was far from ended. The 48-year-old Guillaume wearing a Check ered suit appeared momentarily stunned by the sentence but then resumed his often displayed attitude of slight bemusement. His 47-year-old wife her Pale complexion offset by a colourfully flowered Cossack dress seemed shocked at first and then disinterested leaning her head against the panelled Wall behind the Dock the government of Chancellor Helmut Schmidt who succeeded Brandt 19 months ago had no immediate comment i the verdict. A government spokeswoman reiterated its determination not to enter into a spy Exchange Deal with East Germany. Guillaume was a member of Brandts staff from january 1970, until his arrest a april 24,1974. Ing rejected objections from chairman Frank Church of the Senate intelligence committee and others that he is a too political to direct the Cia. A i do not View political experience As a detriment a Bush said. A i View it As an asset but i also recognize the need to leave politics behind the minute i take on the Job if referring to recent revelations of Cia wrongdoing including improper Domestic spying. Bush called the misdeeds a outrageous and morally a these must not be repeated and i will take every step possible to see that they Are not a he declared. In particular Bush said he would try to assure that the Agency does not become involved in Domestic spying. Bush made his statements after sen. John Tower r-tex., vice chairman of the intelligence committee disclosed that the nominee is a perfectly willing to disavow any plan to seek higher office while heading the Agency. Tower vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee made that disclosure As committee chairman Frank Church said he would testify against Bush a confirmation when hearings begin today before the Senate armed services committee. Tower a senior member of the armed services panel said his statement was based on a conversation he had with Bush since the former gop chairman returned from his Post As . Representative to communist China. As described by Tower Bush s disclaimer did not Rule out any future ambitions for the vice presidency a Post which some have speculated he might seek As Ford s running mate. Instead Bush apparently is willing to pledge Only that he will not engage in political mane vering while heading the Cia. Bush a nomination has run into criticism from Church and several other senators who have said he is too political a Man to head so sensitive an Agency As the Cia. Once around the lot Truman Moody Elmore City was Busy Friday through sunday giving Young and old alike a Sleigh ride As close to the real thing As possible without Snow in the Arlington Center parking lot. The Holiday offering was sponsored by the to amp y family Center. Moody owning a collection of various types of horse drawn carriages has brought his unusual modes of transportation to Ada twice prior to the Arlington engagement. Vate political armies and neighbourhood self Protection gangs have assumed the Mantle of officialdom. When you want to enter a dangerous area you ask the militia leaders whose gunmen control the area. If an ambulance has to get someone to the Hospital doctors ask for an escort. Temperatures expected to remain cold by the associated press rain sleet freezing drizzle and Snow were falling in various combinations Over most sections of Southwest Central and Northeast Oklahoma sunday night and Early this morning. And a northerly wind of 15 Miles per hour dropped the chill Factor to around Zero at Daybreak today. The precipitation was expected to end in the East by noon today but roads and Bridges continued to be icy in spots As the afternoon temperatures hovered around the freezing Mark. There a no precipitation in the forecast for tuesday but the temperatures wont be any warmer As they stay in the 30s again. The skies should Clear some though becoming partly Cloudy. The moisture could return to the East by wednesday or thursday and it will be turning colder wednesday night. It appears the highest temperatures this week will be near 50 on wednesday and then dropping into the teens by Early Friday morning. ., Turkey work on defense pact Santa Claus gets interesting requests Ankara Turkey apr the United states and Turkey Are cautiously edging toward Compromise on a new defense pact that would eventually reopen some of the american bases closed five months ago. The confrontations Between the . Congress and the turkish government which resulted in suspension of operations of two dozen big and Small . Installations have been replaced by Token concessions on both sides. Santa Claus will be coming for the children of the 7,000 . Military personnel be cause the turks reopened american military postal privileges for two months. A Stream of duty free packages Are on their Way from the United states to the bases. Diplomats while rejecting any suggestion of paying rent for the bases seem reconciled to the idea that increased compensation and More turkish participation in operation of the bases will be part of the new defense agreement. Turkey put the bases in Mothballs last july after Congress reaffirmed a february 1975 decision to impose a Complete arms embargo because Turkey had used american supplied weapons in the invasion of Cyprus. Turkish commanders took Over the bases the . Forces were allowed to maintain the equipment and make emergency repairs but not to operate it. The arms embargo was partially lifted last october and $185 million Worth of american weapons was released All contracted beforehand and some already paid for. Most of the weapons have been delivered. Despite the easing of the embargo the turkish government has refused to reactivate the bases until a new agreement is reached to replace a 1969 Mutual Security pact. Last week on the eve of a meeting Between foreign minister Ihsan Sabri Cag Lay Angil and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger Premier Suleyman Demirel reiterated this stand. The United states was operating the bases before Turkey joined the North Atlantic treaty organization in 1953. They included listening posts and radars near the 620-mile Border with the kids know what they want for Christmas precisely a by Brand name and Price Santa Claus says. Department store santas interviewed in to cities across the country said boys this year Are asking for Evel Knievel stunt cycles and action dolls a the six million Dollar Man and others of the g i. Joe Type. Girls wants dolls that walk dolls that talk dolls that do other things and pizza ovens. Ten Speed bikes Star trek kits and Walkie talkies Are popular. Baby that a Way a doll that crawls leads the doll Parade. And there Are More requests for electric trains than in recent years the santas said and fewer requests for toy guns. But the thing the santas most consistently reported was the increasing tendency of Young believers to ask for particular toys by Brand name. They cite advertising As a major influence and note also that children seem to be More aware of the Price of toys. A about every fifth boy asks for the six million Dollar Man a said Edward Sullivan Santa at a shopping Center in suburban Boston. A whatever is heavily advertised on to is what they ask for. They come up knowing exactly what they want the Brand a i can Tell just what toys Are being pushed hard by advertising agencies because the kids name them by Brand name a a St. Louis Santa Claus added. Most kids ask for three of four things the santas said. A they will come in with their things All written out and even have the prices beside it a said Booker Lucas in his fifth year As Santa Claus at a downtown department store in Columbus Ohio. A they still believe in Santa Claus. They try to help out How they can a by bringing in the ads and telling Santa How much it s going to Cost a said Lucas. There Are of course the unusual requests a giraffes encyclopedias House boats and ants. A a Little boy came up and said he wanted a switch Blade and a gun. Finally he agreed head Settle for a play gun and an Evel Knievel stunt Cycle a said John Youngblood a new Orleans Santa chlorine fumes fatal to four Niagara Falls n y. Apr four persons were killed and nearly 80 others overcome by chlorine fumes including some people in a store three Miles away after a Railroad tank car exploded and spread the deadly Gas Over a wide area. The tank car parked permanently on a siding at the Hooker chemicals amp plastics corp. Plant Here exploded about 7 40 . Sunday. The dead and Many of the seriously ill were Hooker employees but motorists driving past the Plant and people in the store also were felled by Clouds of Gas. The blast blew parts of the tank car 150 feet damaged an unoccupied employee locker room and Cut a Hole in one of two other tank cars on the siding. Authorities feared for a time that the second car also would explode. A we heard about four loud explosions out of nowhere and then there was a lot of smoke a said Edward Chat Mon who lives near the Plant. A there weren to any flames just smoke and fumes filled the sheriffs deputies warned nearby residents of the spreading Gas. Several hours later they said the fumes had dissipated. Walter e. Fitzgerald the plants production manager said the cause of the blast had not been determined. He said the four workers killed by the Gas were in the immediate area of the blast. Dead at Niagara Falls memorial medical Center were Clyde j. Mcbride 34, Raymond e. Zaso 60, James d. Colquhoun 29, and Lester docks 63, All of Niagara Falls. Oscar h. Bell Niagara county a Coroner said the men apparently died of Gas inhalation. One Man was hospitalized in critical condition and to other persons were admitted for observation spokesmen said. Hospitals reported treating 75 persons. Or. Melvin Dyster a physician at the medical Center said he treated a number of persons for varying degrees of Gas inhalation or irritation. Wind blew the fumes toward the Northeast and police feared for a time that the gases would affect people in their Homes Miles away. Sheriffs deputies cruised around using loudspeakers to warn people to remain inside and keep All windows closed. Within several hours the fumes had dissipated. African countries getting supplies from Russia Washington a Russia has sent or agreed to Send at least $400 million Worth of Mig Jet fighters tanks and other military equipment to some to Black african countries in the past two years. Intelligence reports which have traced these soviet moves indicate the russians have assigned 1,900 or More military advisers to african nations where Moscow seeks influence bases or both. Many defense and state department officials and intelligence specialists Are concerned but there Are differences in degree of concern and in estimates of what the russians Are trying to accomplish. One expert stressed that african leaders Are a first and Foremost a they Are not about to Trade one colonial Power for another a he said. However he said some african governments a May be skating too close in accepting Large amounts of soviet arms and in a few cases a significant soviet military presence. Another specialist on Africa said a a in a hard put to find a grand design in russians Maneu vers in the huge continent which has emerged from colonial status since world War in Many of the new african states Are socialist and because of this he said Russia now finds some of them a targets of but the . Navy and Many senior Pentagon and state department officials feel there May be an ominous soviet design at least in Somalia and Angola. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger has accused the soviets of pouring massive arms shipments into Angola in support of one of three factions fighting to control the newly Independent country. Daniel p. Moynihan . Ambassador to the United Nat inc has Rha Reed Russia with attempting to a a colonized Africa. He specifically mentioned Angola where u a. Officials claim the russians have sent some 400 military advisers and weapons Worth an estimated $40 million to $60 million in recent weeks. In addition . Intelligence believes there Are some 3,500 to 4,000 cuban troops in Angola at Moscow a request to help the soviet supported faction. As a result . Officials say the United states is providing indirect arms Aid to anti soviet elements in Angola. The amount of such Aid is reported to be about $50 million. Moynihan on sunday defended the use of the . Funds reportedly being funnelled to anti soviet factions through Zaire and Zambia. But congressional leaders have indicated dismay at the size of the . Covert investment in Angola. At $50 million such an undercover american Effort reportedly being handled by the Cia totals More than the overt . Aid program in Africa. That program this year provides about $44 million in military Aid Grants and weapons sales credits to four Black african countries Zaire Ethiopia Kenya and Liberia. Many . Officials believe a major russian objective in Angola is to acquire use of deep water ports soviet Union that kept track of soviet radio communications and missile launches. One base for example was equipped to provide information on the testing of soviet Mir missiles such As Type of fuel Metal through vibrations and guidance system. In negotiations which began in Ankara on oct. 28, Turkey contended that the embargo constituted a a breach of contract breach of Faith and an act of hostility by an ally which provides arms to 90 countries some of them communist a according to a High level official. Railroad says freight trains will run today Oklahoma City apr Santa be railway company officials said sunday freight train service Between Oklahoma City and Ada would be resumed today despite a dispute with a group of Seminole indians. Two trains scheduled Friday and saturday were cancelled after a group of seminoles demanded $217,000 in payment for use of rights of Way through tribal lands. A group of Santa be officials met in Oklahoma City sunday to Complete plans for resumption of service today. A spokesman for the Railroad said the group also conferred on a Security Seminole chief de Tanyan of Wewoka said the group demanding payment from Santa be and other railroads totals Only about 15 to 25 persons and represents a Only a handful of misinformed people. Shopping Days Tui Christmas

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