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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1918, Page 4

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1918, Ada, Oklahoma Lend him a hand i de Hundred to Bausand american Soldier in France we dare not delay the Victory now. American lives Are at stake our own safety the safety of the whole world of we Are not to prolong the Slaughter and the suffering if we Are not to risk defeat or an inconclusive peace we must act quickly we must put Forth our every Effort now. The army is doing its part. Five Hundred thousand american soldiers Are in France today. There will be More tomorrow. And More the Day after. We Are going to Send an army Large enough so that when we strike with our allies we can drive the German hordes Back across the Rhine so that we can win the decisive Victory that will make american Freedom Safe and establish a just and lasting peace. But the whole nation must take part. Our armies in France Are looking to us to furnish them in Ever greater abundance the ordnance the munitions the supplies that will make their Victory possible. We must not fail them. The third Liberty loan is our share in the winning of this War. Upon it depends the safety and Success of five Hundred thousand american soldiers in France. I atm i lend him a hand buy All the Bonds you can this space void for and contributed by Farmers state Bank Ralph r. Cain president e. J. Mallory vice president Mccain cashier Money in Street sorghum. The difficulty which nil have experienced this year in obtaining sugar brings Home the fact that we must now find substitutes for this article whenever possible. Fortunately thin will not be so difficult As one might imagine As Farmers in Many places can easily grow sorghum syrup which can be used As a substitute for sugar to a Large extent. Besides there is a kind of fascination about a Home made lasses a that tickles a Fellows palate and every time he sees sorghum on his plat and makes him wish for More. What is better than Crisp Brown Corn Pone bread and Good sorghum molasses any one who has never enjoyed such a meal has missed the treat of his life. Many old people have often used sorghum for sweetening Tea Cocoa and Coffee. Its substitution for sugar in making cakes pies and puddings sauces and deserts of various kinds would be a re for and Only a Sug Gester c it effect is All that is Nee Casary tor patriotic housekeepers. Averages $180 per acre. There is no reason Why there should not be some Sweet sorghum grown on every farm. It is usually not a very difficult matter to find time enough to grow a few acres of sorghum that will produce enough syrup for the use of the family and leave a surplus for Sale that will be Large enough to More than pay for the Cost of production. Farmers in Missouri. Kansas Oklahoma and Texas who raised Sweet sorghum last a i a i a a m i a in i t a in a in in in m i Why buy Liberty Bonds by Darwin p. Kingsley president new York life insurance co. Do you save to build a Home it is usually cheaper to pay rent Why do you plan to give your children a Good education will you get any Money a dividends from that Tuhy fir s mar Why do you pay fire insurance premiums and life insurance premiums you personally will get Little if anything from that Why do you Call the doctor quickly if the children Are ailing you done to Stop to think whether you can afford it do you none of these expenditures Are what we Call Good investments. They done to pay in Money yet All pay the finest of dividends. A a a Liberty Bonds represent the Home the school the children they represent All the great deeds of our fathers and grandfathers they represent Bunker Hiu and Yorktown and Gettysburg they represent the blessed Freedom under which we All live and they Abo represent the order that makes Freedom blessed. They represent the boys a Over there they represent devastated Belgium and homeless Serbia and murdered Armenia they Are the defense that shall keep from our shores the monster criminals who outraged the women of Belgium and Northern France and made the men slaves they represent the strength that shall restore Belgium and rebuild France and avenge Serbia they Are the voice of those who Are too Young or too old or too weak to fight they Are the sword of the women and the Cannon of the children they Are the voice of a free people calling to cruelly wronged Freedom Loving men and bringing than Succour. Buy them of course you will buy them. You la borrow to buy them. You done to need to be urged you would be ashamed to go Home to your children if you did not buy them. The rate of interest is important but not of first importance. They would pay they would Appeal to you if they bore no interest whatever. A add to the rate of interest the dividends they pay in self interest in safety in Public order. In Liberty and Law and you have a larger return than you re receive from any other thing that you own. They will never become Quot scraps of paper. They Are the Best secured investment in the world. You stand behind them you should buy them this space paid for and contributed by Surprise store 4 in 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 year found it a profitable crop. Charles Nafe who lives in Muskogee county Oklahoma planted last year three acres of seeded ribbon Cane from which he made 622 Gallons of sorghum syrup which was an average of 174 Gallons per acre. This syrup he sold readily in barrels at 75 cents per gallon and in jugs at 85 cents. Had he held the syrup for a later Market he could have gotten a much higher Price. However at 75 cents a gallon his crop was Worth $129.50 per acre. When we compare this with the income per acre from Corn Kafir and other similar crops it will be seen that the growing of sorghum Cane for syrup is Well Worth while aside from its value As a substitute for sugar which May be More difficult to obtain next fall than Ever before. For this reason the Industrial department of the m., k. At. Railway is suggesting that Farmers wherever possible Plant a few acres of sorghum Cane for making syrup. In Kansas and Missouri the Early Orange and the Early Amber seem to be the favorite varieties to grow. In Oklahoma and Texas Folger a Early the red Cane the Coleman and the japanese Ane have Given very Good results these mature in the order named in 129 to 150 Days. Sorghum grows fair-1 Ywell on All kinds of land but the Best Flavoured syrup is made from Cane that grows on Clayey soils and thin Uplands. Rich soils produce big yields but such Cane gives a syrup of rather poor flavor. Light Sandy soils give better results. Let every Farmer who can do so Plant a few acres of sorghum Cane and make syrup enough for Home use. This will enable us to save More sugar for our allies and our armies Over the seas. It is a patriotic duty that he owes his country. A a let a want and aet it Foi %

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