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Ada Ada News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1918, Page 1

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Ada Ada News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1918, Ada, Oklahoma 16 pages today two sections we the Ada weekly news consolidated with Ada weekly Democrat sept. 1,1910. In volume xvii. Official county paper waiting next move by huns. Confident of coming Victory. By the associated press military operations Are almost at a standstill on Over sixty Miles of front from Arras to Chauny but at any hour the attack May be on again. Where the next stroke will come is Uncertain but the Albert Mont Didier line May be selected unless the germans attempt to break through on some hitherto quiet sector cessation of the onslaught is welcomed by the British and French who Are preparing for the next great Effort much significance is attached to the announcement that the Allied Reserve army is still intact artillery bombardment tuesday in the a thy was heavy Between Mont Didier and Noyon and in Flanders. Inclement weather is hindering operations on the italian front by United press German leaders hesitate. With British in France april 3.�?hindenburg and Ludendorff continue to hesitate. Today finds the germans shifting about. The allies must have hit the germans hard not to be Able to repair their machine before now. The British blew up Bridges in retreating. Probably the germans Are making ready for the second phase of the offensive. Apparently they Are worried by the blow Given them at Arras and the doubled Battle front combined with a lessened number of troops. They dislike pushing on to Amiens with Arras and Vimy threatening their North flank and the French menacing their Southern flaws celtic torpedoed. It mrs i most of present forces Mill be sent to England and France at once. By United Presa Washington april 3.�?a Large part of the american army will be sent to England As soon As transports can be assembled. This plan is entirely apart from the accelerated movement of troops on the firing line in France. These troops comprise a Good percentage of those in training Here to take the place of British troops undergoing training in England. The Best divisions will go direct to France. It is authoritatively stated that the government regards this year As the one in which the germans must be beaten and the Victory of democracy assured. Staie Conin. Coker Deal problems of farm labor sep a Fly and greater Effi i Chenot Are taken up. Oklahoma City april 3 special. In at the monthly meeting of tile state Council of defense held in the state House March so the problems of creating a sufficient Supply of farm labor of increasing the food Supply land of making All the county councils thoroughly efficient were among the important matters discussed. The question of the proper representations of Farmers on county councils was taken up. Provision was made for a greater presentation especially in the counties which Are largely a agricultural. I organisation of councils. I since nhe big War conference in Oklahoma City there has been a noticeable increase in the efficiency of county work. Most of the county councils Are doing splendid work. A few Are not. A Resolution was passed providing for investigation by the state Council of defense of such count y councils As Are not up to Thel Mark and for the making such Chan Ges As May be necessary. Farmers especially in the Southern part of the state were urged not to Plant More than one half of their land to Cotton leaving the rest for food products. The state Council will insist on the carrying out of this recommendation. Ult of we Lenroot leaps Davies i use m of. Successful behind Berger 20.000 in final election. The City election of tuesday resulted la the election of w. E. Conger for mayor w. B. Jones commie Stoner of finance and accounting and p. H. Deal for commissioner of Public works and property. A rather Light vote was cast As the interest in the election was not As keen As it has been at some elections. Vote by wards. Are is Ward it a 2nd, 3rd. 118 4th, 136 total 498. Melton 1st Ward 99 2nd, 67? 3rd, 61 4th, 81 total 288. For Jones 1st Ward 197 2nd,i 125 3rd, 121 4th, 176t Otal 619. For Deal 1st Ward. 157 2nd, 95 3rd, 74 4th, 112 total 438. For Young 1st Ward 84 2nd, 63 3rd, 96 4th, 104 total 347. By United Trees new York april cablegram to the White Star one this afternoon said the 20,000 ton liner celtic had been torpedoed but is still afloat. Pershing offers All forces. Paris March 29.�?pershing, in conference with French officials at the front asked in americans Nam that the entire american forces in France be engaged in the present Battle the War office announced. Ste placed the entire american army at the disposition of the French. American aviator gets two planes. Paris March 29.�?davis Putnam member of the la Fayette Espadrille brought Down two More German air planes making a total it of five to his credit. By the associated press Large scale infantry operations have died Down on the Picardy Battle Field while both sides prepare for the next move. Vicious local fighting occurred at Albert and Mont Didier but the germans have been checked in All attempts to reach Amiens while the Franco British forces p War legislation by United press Washington april 3�?congress today started on the task of driving through vital War measures so that America s strength might be added As quickly As possible to that of the allies. A Resolution was introduced in the House giving military and Navy Bills precedence on the House Calendar the rest of the session. Officer convicted or Coom Hamai by United press Washington april 3.�?second Lieut. Harry Pitcher was discharged from service following a trial by court martial at it. Sill Oklahoma it was announced today. He was charged with enlisting men to smuggle liquor to him from Missouri to fort Leavenworth Kansas. Have de Small gains Between the Somme and Dequin. Lim woman Are reported massing troops before Albert where they were beaten Back by the British monday. The British command looks for heavy German efforts North of the Somme where the enemy is believed to have most of his fighting Force. Artillery exchanges continue on the remainder of the front in France including the american sector near tool and on the italian front High allies Advance. Paris apr. 2�?British and French advanced last night Between the Somme and Dequin according to official announcement Over most of the front Between the Somme and Oise the night was relatively Calm. Heavy artillery fighting occurred at some Points. Greek lieutenants executed. Athens april 2.�?lieuts. Cal Amana and Hadjopoulos who came recently on German submarines with a letter from former King Constantine and plans for an espionage system and naval base were executed by court martial order. By United press Germany a stupendous plans. With French afield april 2.�?complete checking of the German Advance renders possible a comprehension of i the stupendous Ness of the enemy a offensive plan. While armies composing the German right Wing advanced toward Arras along routes of Cambrai and Bucquoy the Center advanced on Amiens along the Baraume Mem and Roe routes and the left Wing advanced towards Paris Over the Mont Didier St. Just Road the Roye sen Lis and Noyon-1 consigned roads. Germany a objectives Are definitely Chela and the real objective aimed at the capture of rail ways a nning southward from Amiens to Ceil Beauvais failed. By United Presa Chicago april 3.�?anti-Saloon victories in Twenty nine townships in Illinois Are assured Aud the election predicted of a dry legislature next fall for the ratification of the proposed Federal prohibition amendment and make Chicago dry. Election Here All the socialist anti War candidates were beaten. Konawa doctor made to swear allegiance Wewoka okla., april 3�?dr. W. T. I Huddleston of Konawa was brought before the county Council of defense of Seminole county at Wewoka today to answer a charge of having made disloyal and seditious utterances. It was alleged that Huddleston has expressed the Hope that All americans who fight the germans Quot get enough and that he had advised the people not to buy Liberty Bonds. Before the Council Huddleston is said to have admitted having Quot talk led too much he was required to take the oath of allegiance to the Flag and promised to Quot keep mum hereafter. He also agreed to publish an topology to the Loyal people of i Seminole county. House concurs in prayer Resolution Washington april 3.�?the House Lyday concurred in a Senate Resolution requesting the president to designate a Day of prayer for american armies. A poor met Imus of it own Able put a i at new Oum for much 1910 Oklahoma state Board of agriculture. Frank m. Gault president Oklahoma City okla the condition of wheat is 60 per cent. This is an increase of 7 per cent Over the condition of last month. Condition of wheat on same Date last year was 76 per cent. Wheat continues to show up Well in the North and northeastern part of the state. In the extreme Southwest West and Northwest the condition has remained practically the same during the past thirty Days. Owing to unfavourable growing conditions in these parts some Fields have been slowed up and planted to other crops. In our next report we will give an estimate of the acreage that has been abandoned. Scattered Rains during the last two weeks have greatly benefited growing crops in various parts of the state. From the crops produced in 1917 the Farmer still a on hand 14 per cent of Corn 3 per cent of wheat 9 per cent of Oats and 14 per cent of Kaffir and Milo. There has been consumed and marketed by the Farmer during the past month As follows Corn 5 per cent wheat 2 per cent Oats 5 per cent and Kaffir and Milo 7 per cent. On the same Date in 1917 the Farmer had on hand from the 1916 crop 17 per cent of Corn 3 per cent of wheat and 9 per cent of Oats. At the present time the peach crop gives Promise of producing 62 per cent of a full crop apples show up some better with 7 5 per cent and the Prospect of a full crop of cherries is 76 per cent. The condition of Alfalfa is 76 per cent. Spring pasture is somewhat slow in getting started on account of continued dry weather. The condition of same is 69 per cent. The Oats crop shows up Well in All parts of the state and from All reports the acreage will be larger than our preliminary estimate. This increase is due to some wheat Fields having been replanted to Oats. The condition of the soil As regards moisture is 52 per cent or about half of what the soil really is in need of. Disloyal teachers cube discharged i Oklahoma City april 3 special. A any Oklahoma school teacher who is disloyal can be removed according to an opinion rendered by attorney general erecting. The Case of a disloyal teacher came to the attention of the Craig county Council of defense. The question was referred to the Oklahoma state Council of defense which requested an opinion from the attorney general. Or. Freeling states that there is no express provision of the state statute dealing with disloyalty in such cases. The oath of office which every school District officer must take does however obligates him to Quot faithfully discharge the duties pertaining to the duties of said office and to obey the Constitution and Laws of the United states and of taking into account the intent of the Law. Attorney general Freeling says that a disloyalty to the government in time of War is a violation of this oath and cause for re Moyal. Regulations Oisie of flour april 1st, 1918. All retail grocers below you will find instructions governing the Sale of flour. You Are required to make and keep a record or copy of each Bill covering the item of flour then when your customers Call for another sack you Are to demand the surrender of the Bill covering their last Purchase. As to frequency of purchases take into consideration the size of family and base your Sale on the ratio of i 1-2 pounds per person per week. Under no circumstances Are you to deviate from this Rule. Please impress upon your customers the importance of bringing their old Bill with them when making a new Purchase for without it he will be unable to buy flour. Behind. By United Presa Milwaukee wis., april 3.�?with eighty per cent of the vote tabulated Lenroot Republican is leading Davies Democrat for United states senator by 6,000. Victor Berger socialist is 20,000 behind. Davies made slight gains As the counting progressed and Bis backers still have Hope of winning. Garder Campaignio big Success Oklahoma City april 3 special. A the Quot grow a Garden Quot Campaign which has been conducted under the direction of the state Council of defense by j. W. Bridges has met with splendid Success. It will prove a practical and valuable addition to the food Supply of the state. There is scarcely a Community in Oklahoma where Large numbers of gardens Are not under Way. The pamphlet issued by or. Bridges giving practical advice on Garden growing has been highly commended by the government As Well As by the defense councils of several states which have asked permission to use it. Hein third Liberty Umi Oklahoma City april 3.�? special a under the direction of j. H. Gordon of Mcalester state chair this is to take effect immediately a he third Liberty loan drive and you Are to know beyond a doubt 2? eco opt ration of the. State Council of defense and other agencies a Campaign is under Way to arouse every person in the state to the the necessity forsaking the loan a Success. An organization has been perfected which will reach every Community of the state. Speakers of National Fame As Well As More than one Hundred of the most prominent men of the state will present the issues involved state divided into districts. The state has been divided into eight districts with a District chairman in charge of each. The districts Are divided into counties each with a county chairman. Through the school District organizations the counties Are still further sub divided so that everybody will be reached. The county councils of defense have Given splendid co operation in this work of organizing. Nearly every county in the state has proven itself too percent Loyal. Prominent speakers coming. The Campaign will formally open on april 6 and last from four to six weeks. The speakers will be sent out under the direction of Hester h. Westfall. Director of the Oklahoma speakers Bureau. Among those who Are expected to speak will be sex president William h. Taft Charlie Chalin known to Quot movie Quot patrons senator Robert l. Owen Lieut k. F. Nance and sergeant Edward Edwards both fresh from the trenches and Many veterans of the fighting armies. That he is entitled to make his first Purchase without the Bill covering his last flour. J. J. Holden City food administrator. Heavy penalties for pro germans by the associated press Washington april 3.�?in favourably reporting a Bill imposing drastic penalties on disloyal acts the Senate judiciary committee adopted an amendment prescribing Twenty years imprisonment and a $10,000 Fine for those supporting by word or act Germany a cause or its allies in War or oppose the cause of the nisted states therein. The same penalties Are provided for those obstructing by wilful attempt As Well As acts to obstruct government War Bond issues or recruiting. Yearns for peace by United press Amsterdam april 3.�?austrian foreign minister Czerwin in an address at Vienna declared that Austria a ruler is attached to peace and fifty five million of his people share his View. To these president Wilson is devoting his activities. No Confidence in Austria. Washington april 3.�?peace talk in the Wake of Austro German diplomacy in the near East in Russia does no to interest Washington now is the Plain answer by officials and diplomats to Czernin a belated reply to Wilson a War Aims address. It May be said officially that the president sees no indication that either Austria or Germany is honestly desiring to establish a basis for a just and lasting peace. A search of their previous peace utterance indications such As the Czernin speech some weeks ago gave some Hope. His surrender to the will of German junkers however extinguished this Hope of the president marriage licenses. J. F. Short 52, Ada Henryetta Baker 36, Ada. Leonard Willoughby 20. Ada Carey Earnest is Ada. W. M. Wiggins 26, Ada Stella Weatherly 19, Ada. Troy Selph or Ada Lela East 18, Ada. H. Young 34, Roff Lizzie Gordon 34, Ada. Alleged pro German by the associated press Sulphur okla., april 3.�?because Rev. A. J. Capers aged 72, is alleged to have boasted in speeches Over Murray county that he would t Cut his hair until Germany won the War a party of Young citizens last night invaded he room shaved his head while he Slep forced him to kiss the Flag and pledge allegiance and then directed him to take the shortest route out of town. I socialists Are Defeated in Chicago Oty election Chicago iii., april 2.�?every one i of the thirty three socialist candidates for aldermen in the City election was Defeated. The new City Conn Cli will be a patriotic one of All the candidates endorsed by mayor Thompson whose War attitude had been criticised were also Defeated. Aldermen were elected in thirty five wards. The new Council will be democratic and will contain two socialists both hold overs. I old papers for Sale at 5 cents per k bundle at news ours

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