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Acton Concord Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1913, Acton, Massachusetts m H l'I'l fifij 14! 7rrm VOLUME XXVI WBD3STBSDA"2"3 SEPTEMBER IO, 1913. ISTO. BEDFORD Ilaiioinii Hctaool will Booy reopon. Clare lenor la on a Bhort visit to friends In Malno. A number of people from liore aro vlsltlnu Hevcro beach this wook. Lionel Anthony spont a short tihoro leave with his parouts last wcok. Tlio now homo of Walter Tomplc on the North nl. 1b about ready for also tho leader, was fined $25, which i ho paid. It Is hoped thin will lie a warning to others. j The Paront-Tenchor Association bo-, gins the season of 1913-14 with an lm-; petus of enthusiasm that promises much for tho future. Its first meeting will bo hold at tho schoolhouso Thursday afternoon, Sept 18, at 3.30 o'clock. A mo3t interesting program Is being arranged, which will bo announced in this paper, next week. MAYNARD ''"" (l'fonl' sent a large number or j Como and brlnR nt ,ea3t 0110 frloml nns to the Concord-I^exlngton strug- w,th J'0"- 'le Saturday. j A movement Is being started among ' William II. Slmond» Is rapidly ,e- t'10 "Porting element to havo the town covering from« lilii Injury caused bv! represented in the football world. ,li,. accidental explosion of his shot- T1,Pr<* certainly in enofTgh football ma-,,m i few weeks ago. i terial In town to produce a team that '' \i" die town meeting Sept. 0 It was wl11 emulate tho success of the nine. vo't«>.l unanimously to adopt the Aus-'Fro'1 Sullivan, Frank Uppn, Azel tra|ian sviitcm of voting by the ofll-!'DrilI[c- Walter Temple and a scoro of ,lal Htnte ballot in all future town °,hor possibilities should make a team ,oct|or)g ! to be proud of. Athletic spirit In this PairIrl't H. Culllnnno of Maple »t^^T^T™^ "" ,,rovlo,,9.hlRl'-! ,11,(1 Friday In the Huntington hospl-l , , , m , , Funeral services were held In I Orammar school opened Tuesday. A st' MIchacTtf chtirftli' '.\ft>nday. llev. ,nre° IluTnbor of Uedrord pupils aro - enrolled in the Concord lilgh school tills year. Many are taking advantago of the new agricultural course, which Tho promises to be a big hucccss commercial course claims many. This year Concord's commercial course will send out Its first graduates, who will undoubtedly make tho reputation enjoyed by graduates • from this high school In other courses. Hoary I. Ryan officiating. The Jordan Marsh employes held an outing In Lexington park Saturday. A most enjoyable day was spent In athletic ovents, and wound up at night by a lino display of fireworks. Lieut. Gov. David 1. Walsh dined at the Bedford House Friday. The yumit; gubernatorial Democrat lias ninny friends and supporters hero and will undoubtedly poll a largo vote. Capt. T. Iiughes of the Lexington Minute Men drilled Co. C loot Tuesday __, evening. The company expects a suc-j A moVemont lias been launched to I ccssful nodal season this year. If last lmproVe tho condition of tho play-u-ar'a miccesBses may be taken as an firounti nlui to repair and grade the! onion. diamond. This Is being done by pub-. DO YOUR SHARE •Miss Hcrtha E. Uatloy In sojourning with relatives In Maiden. A. 10. Hatloy spent tho week end at Pearly lake, Rindge, N. H. Henry Uilroy was on the sick list uovoral days of tho week. Peter King of Natlck was a Sunday vlBltor of (leorgo F. Lynch. High mass will begin at St. Bridget's chureh Sunday, Sept. 28. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Morse enjoyed a sail to I'rovlneetown Saturday. MIsk Nliltlri ,1 Connor has returned from a visit with relatives In Gardner. Hugh Connors won the weekly prize at tho alleys l.^t Woek with a string of 111. Mrs. Thomas Holiday of North Van-salboro, Me., u ti„, Gueat Gf Mr. and Mrs. C. ,1. Mono. Ellas Covers on of I^owell wns In town visiting friends during the early part of the week. Mrs. A. J. Hart In and daughter Nina of Marlboro spent Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. R. K Iiartln. Miss Rather Nordherg of Somcrville spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Xordberg. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grant and sou Ernest of Lynn were recent guesta of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Priest. Miss Marlon Curtis of Terryvllle, Conn., Is sojourning with Mr. and Mrs. John White, Percival st. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fall-banks an.l children, Albert and Walter, spent the week end In Forest Hills. Mr. and Mrs. William Ne\yton and son William spent Sundny as guest-) of Mr. and Mrs. John Callahan. The warrants for the state primary Stpt. 2.1 have been posted. A red lot contest between Denton and Gardner for the Republican nomination Is vy, - He spirited citizens, who realize tin need of playground in a more suitable condition. Dr. Immanuel Pfellter, Jr.. who managed the single men's team i milling a great-deal of interest to thls^ to victory on Labor day Is taking the year's campaign. i Initiative and undoubtedly will see It Remember the Grange Fair and let'through successfully. A paper is be-everyliody work for Its success. Hv- ing circulated. When it reaches you try year has shown an Improvement, he us generous ns possible In assisting! From plans already under wny, this the originators of the movement to j jcar'fl exhibits promise to eclipse all! provide the necessary funds. Kovlous records. The committee Is: The baseball spirit shown here tills untiring In Its efforts to have tho pub- ■ season as well as the high class game lie see and appreciate what can be' played by tho locals was very much |,roilnced In Bedford. , appreciated by us all. Come out and A married-single men's game will I show your appreciation In a financial take place next Saturday. George j way. Help fix tho playground. TIiIb Is Wood or liddle Troy will do mound i the place whore tho youth of our duty for the Benedicts, while Walsh, town can bo taught and whero they or Kolly will perform for the Backel-i may exhibit their athletic ability. urs. If tho Labor day game is any! _______ Indication of what will take place, tlio _ . .ame will bp worth seeing. i „ „, Ono Method, Th* police arrested a party of five I Miu- Lriiuly—lb there HQ way fi)\i men and tow* for4 stealing vegetables I cun brt'uk yourself of that hublt of un Davis rd. a fe^v nights ago. Tho j taiUiiu; In your sleep? Mr. Grimly larmerBiavo suffered a great deal of (tremulously but hopefully)—Do you late front this peity thieving. In tlio think It would help uny, my dear, if Concord court the owner of the teanij you'd let mo talk moro when I'm In whlcli the gang operated, who was! awake?—Puck. ftonizati A Scientific Method of Removing Carbon from Engine Cylinders ItburiiH ofT congiletoly Un rH-; bon from tho pistoiiH, valve.- and ! cylinder heails'in tin?form m vapor f We Use N!© Liquids | or Chemicals < We do away with the old ili-man-j tlinp and scraping proee-. it ( entirHy eliininnlos snrli tiniiMes' us Prti-lRfition, Overheatiiic. I .us* of C'onipnwion, ShiRsifliin Iviioekiun In tlie Oylimlei will positively raise the of vour motor "io pel- cent l'Ilici ami U ■lll'V LESS GAS LESS OIL HUE School ARE HEREHave the Children's Eyes Prepared for j . ■ the Strain of Study SCBENTinc EXAMINATIONS WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS " C. H. WILCOXRegistered Optometrist Case Bloclc MaynardHOES IJIiW I School begiiifi^September 8. Vour boy or yirl noeija a p:tir of ShóifS tp begin the term and 1-hnve a full line of BOYS' AND GIRLS' SHOES Button.and luce; ¡ill good bIiocb. Made of the beat wouri"G leather. Prices the lowest In the town of Maynard. Come in and see them. Oteergp 11 Main St., MaynardOPTICAL REPJURMG The only optical establishment in this vicinity which:1. (îrinds its own lenses'2. Where you enn get broken lenso* duplicated while >'"" wait without the original prescription, •i Where only first class work is done. 4. Where the price is much lower than city price*, t^ Come hero for anything in tho Optical lino and you are sure of satisfaction.H. P„ N. DAHL, Registered Optometrist and Optician Main St., Opp. Post Office, tVlaynard, I'-S. We have over 7000 satisfied patients who en-M tlie result of our correct diagnosis in examination of tho e5"PB and fitting up with glasses.Come in to talk it over MIbb Marlon Murphy of Kaat Hoi<-ton spent .several days of the week with Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh. Mrs. Elizabeth DnnBmore anil Geo. niinsmore of Clinton were entertained by frlendu in town over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kred E. MorrlBB left Monday noon for a several weeks' stay with relatives In Raleigh. N. C. Mr. and Mro. James A. CoURlilan and MIbb Lllla M. Chllds enjoyed an automobile trip to AVoonsocUet Sunday. Mrs'. Thomas Welch and daughters. Margaret and Eileen, were recent, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fairbanks. The Only club, which Is a new or-ganhatlon In town, Is to hold a social dance in Co-operative hall Monday evening, Sept. 22. Misses Mary and Florence Malev, Mrs. John Maley of Marlboro and Mtos Mabel Baxter enjoyed an out ins at Uevero beach Sunday. MIsbcb Lizotte and Dnpnls liavo sold their Concord store to Miss 'Ro&n Mantlia, who lias been In charge. S!t lina taken possession of the store. Mrs. William Cleary and daughter Ruth of Bellows Falls, Vt„ who have been the guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. Mat-tliow Cumpbell, returned home Monday. Miss Margaret Gates lias concluded her services in the weaving department at the mill and has entered Bryant & Stratton'b commercial college, Boston. Charles Perley and daughter Marguerite and Urban Oliver of Bald-wlnsvllle were entertained over the week end 'by Mr. and Mrs. George Lawton. Miss Rutli Smith, who 1b expected home from the White Mountains Sept. 15, is to enter Boston University. She \vii3 valedictorian of the class of 1910, M. H. S. The selectmen have decided to give the Progressive party representation at the primaries Sept. 23. They will have ono third of tho number of election otllcerB. 'Mr. and Mra. S. T^erer and famlly and Mr. and Mrs. J. Gruhor and family nttended a family reunion of the Gruber family, which was held Sunday at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Grodborg, Worcester. The choir rehearsals began at tho Congregational church Thursday evening under tho direction of William Baxter, choir master. They sang at tlio Sunday morning service for tho flrflt time since June. James J. L>edgard drove a party consisting of B. J. Coughlln, Harry Clark and A1 Kauff to Boston Monday, whore they attended the double header at the south end grounds between Boston and Philadelphia. 'Harold Cuttell, who was employed In the office of E. R. Toop in the weaving department at the mill, lias gotten through to take charge of tho store on Walthani st., recently purchased by Ills father, Wilson Cuttell. Misses Margaret Connolly, Annie O'Connell and LouIbc Walsh spent Sunday ns ^tiests of Sister Mary Gil bcrt at the convention of St. Regis, Canton. Sister .Mary Gilbert, was formerly MIbb Rose Hannon of this town. Mro. John Dacey, Mrs. James Keano and MIsb Ramona Moore spent the early part of tho week with relatives In Lawrence. The two last, who have been sojourning with Mr. and Sire. Dacey, left for their home in Fall Rivor Tuesday. A number of friends In town of Mr. and Mrs. Gus. A. Johnson are In receipt of letters and cards, announcing their safe arrival In Brotorp Lugnas Sweden. They left Boston Aug. r. and arrived at their destination Aug. 21, following a delightful trip. They aro to make their home In that place. Misses Lena Whitney, Jennie Lait-ala and Alice McCormack and Charles Crossley of the clerical force of the W. B. CaBe & Sohs' store, and Mrs. Waino Keto and son were entertained by Mrs. Lauri Joklnen at the homo of her parents, Mr. and Mra. Kielinen, tn Holden Sunday, -where ilro. Joklnen is enjoying a two weeks' vacation. The party left on the 8.30 electric car and reported that they v;ere royally •ntertatned. Tel. Con. 1 Main Street Concord For S©hmi Have you your fountain pen ready? lip-to-the minute must have a fountain Kvery pen stillici t to he Students Pens Waterman's Ideal Pen Boston Safety Pen $1.00 to $1.50 $2.50 $2.50 an it The IV>ston Snfety l'en is .¡uni I I call lv- carried in a mesh hug io tinnii; wit lumi for il yoniif; lady leaking, lùisy to keep in condition. Always clean Remember the Place-It is the same Place You Had Your Watch Fixed Watchmaker and Jrwoler 7 NÂSON STREET, MAYNARD # O « <t> I. « « O + We are going to make it hot for $ » This winter—Also many other« who have bought the r winters'eoal of lie. Our truck assures prompt delivery | ■' Whitney CoaB & Grain Co.. 0 "Good, Clean Coul" | Concord Junction, Mass., Tel. 115-2 ISteam, Water and Furnace HeatingPNEUMATIC WATER SUPPLY WIND MILL AND GASOLINE ENGINES SHEET METAL WORK '¡uiges iUH Agent tor the famous ¿üleiuvoodg Stov Mason Tinware. ;muTile Pipe from 3 to24 inches always in stockCONCORD In MIhh Oraco U Hunt. Hiilmtliiiti'<i tlio «tore of Minn HiicU Krltlay. Mrn. Edward H. Mul«-r. Waldi'ii nt., IlUB been-critically 111 durlut; Hit' imut wook. MIhs Marfiarct Towl«> ronmiu'cl her «'.'iclilni; duties nt Amilnlpiil durliiK tln> punt wcolt. Tliomnn Hopklim will rcmuiin lily tenclihiK nt tlio Ilonton I'nllci;,» hi^h kcIiooI tliln wcnlt. Concord Orange will ontcrlaln KiiontH from Stow am) ("iniislc Cnuii;-s Tucnduy nlRht. MIsb Mnudo <I{ockwoi)i|, lOvorott st., Iiiih roturncd from a s, vithI diivs' stny at Tho Wolr». Don't forRoi the Howi-r .-.Iidw In 111«» town liall Saturday aficinoon and evening. AdinlHston l'rer Mrn. Rnlpli Holden and dniiRhtor, Ilodford rd., havo none to F.ant Gloucester for a two weeks' stav. Robert Wood lias moved from the house owned by Joseph [ico. on Ded-ford at. to a house on Hubbard nt. Miss I-ucy Uob'lndou, mntr'on of tho Concord Deaconess hospital, Is seriously 111, mifferliiK with typhoid fever. Mrs. Alexander MeDonald of Littleton spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John »\mnell, ltelknap st. Misses Mary Hunt and Hilda llay-mond have returned to their liomcn liter a summer spent at hake naboos-lc. Francis Rodman arrived at Ills home on Sudbury rd. during the week, after vacation passed near Holderness, N. H. Mr. and Mrs. John Whalen and children, Oram st., spent the early-part of the week with relatives In Marlboro. Mri;. John H. Lawton nnd daiiKhtcr MaTOiret of .Marlboro are tho Riiestn of Mr«. Lawton'» father, I'atrlck Var-ley, (5rant nt. Miss BeHHlo McWalter In having a vacation from lior dutlen In Boston nnd 1» spending tho weult .at Rockn-way llnach, U I. Rev. Lorcn 11. Macdonald, Mrn. Mac-donahl and children aro at tholr home on Stow st., after a Bummcr'fl vacation passed in Richmond, Mc. - ■ - O. C.ifloodwln of Maiden In in chnrgo of tho Concord drug ntoro during tilt- ubBonce of S. A. McConnell, who is on a two weeks', vacation. Sjiturday, Oct. r>, thero will he con-nrnjation oxerclaes held lu St. Uor-narfl's church and a large class In already In preparation for tlie event ! and Mro. Thomas Todd, lr., liavo opened their Main st. residence, which ban been. closed. all mi miner, while they lmve been at l'lgcon Cove. William Davis, Dartmouth '13, Is home from tho Mass. General hospital, where lie recently Bubmttted to an operation for appendicitis and Is greatly Improved In health. Willow Rebekati lodge held Its first rogulnr meeting of the fall «canon on Wednesday evening. Preparations are being niade to entertain tho grand of-flceris of the order In the near future. Mrs. Richard F. Barrett and MIbb Jeanlo Barrett havo returned from Hyannls, where they npent the month of August. Mr. atad Mrs. Richard R. Barrett, who have been with them, al-eo havo returned to Concord. The exhibition. of the Concord Homo Gafden association- will1 he hold Saturday In the town liall. The nd mission la free and itlBdiopcd a large number will visit the hall and Bee what splendid results have been ac compllBhed along tlilB lino. Rov. G. A. Tewltobury and family havo again talten up their residence at tho Manse, Mrn. Tewltobury and 'Miss Dorothv returning during tho week from Plymouth, whore the family lias spoilt the uummer. MIsb Mary came tho week previous on account of her teaching dutlo3. Mlaacs Anna Johnson and Mary B. White did not return to tholr school teaching duties In Maynard this week wlion school reopened there, as both have resigned their positions In that town. Miss Rose C. Wallace resumed her duties as principal of tho Main st. school In Maynard and MIbb Annie W. Burke as teacher of tho second grade in the Nason. at. school of the Bame placo. CONCORDJUNCTION Hvorctt Montague is enjoying a va-eation in Yarmouth, N. S. Harry Bridges has returned after a summer «pent In Canada. Tho Allen Chair Co. linn resumed work Saturday afternoons. Ernest Lilrtiy left Tuesday, for Cambridge to rcsunio lilu teaching duties. Miss Caroline KIng'mnn rcBiimed her studies at Burden's college, Monday. Miss Knthcrlnc llurdett has returned home after a fortnight In |{ox-bury. Miss Lura lloiie has resumed her studies at the I'raiiiliii;li:iiii Normal school. I'Jdward Dee resumed bin dutlen ni teacher In the Boston schools Wednesday. R. W. Ford-delivered, a Ford touring car to Mr. Lawrence of Lexington on •Monday. 'Edward MacClellnn spent last week automobiling through tho White Mountains. Miss Helen Lorentueii began her duties sb school teacher In Shrewsbury Monday. ' i Mliwsi Agnes and Winnlfrcd Nanh of Dorchester spent Sunday with ■Miss -Rllen Hayes. Don't Torgot the (lowor show In the town ball Saturday afternoon and ove-nlug. Admission free, Mrs. James Dunlop, Jr., loft lant week for Scotland, whero sho will spend the autumn months. David ivMor of Concord hao been ongniicd in tclilng the school census here during the past weelc. llardy Tracy has resumed work at the local station after a throe weeks' vacation spent in Nova Scotia. Mr. Doollttle, Instructor In tho agricultural department of tho Concord high school, has occupied tho houso for Main st;, owned by Patrick Pren-dergast. International Bible Students Dlvlno worship Sunday at 3 p. m„ 19 laws Brolc rd. Speaker W. J. Davis of Cambridge. HTblo study Thursday evening nt 7.:t0. Public invited. MIns Ruth Shopard has boon appointed assistant to Miss BroWn in tho second grade of the West Concord 'school. Tlie enrollment In this grade was oxcoptlonally largo this year, 0.1 scholars being ontored. A PLEA3ANT SURPRISE Wlnslow J. Damon was very pleasantly surprised at hlu homo on Main st Saturday ovoning, by a number of his friends. The occasion was that of Mr. Damon's 21st birthday and everything was done to make the occasion a memorable ono. The evening wan spent at games and with music and it was only at a late hour that the party broko up. Refreshments of lco croam, fancy cakes and canijy wero' served. Among . the guests present wero Misses Ruth Shopard, Margaret Gale, Almlra Pickard, Caroline Kingman, Ray Daley, Helen Hunt, Bertha Kent. Mrs. Florence Duron, Roger K. Allen, Harry Starr, Wallls B. Ford, John A. Garvey and A. P. Simpson. 80 VERY QUIET Saturday afternoon at the Junction was extraordinarily quiet, tho end of the baseball season being tho evident cause. A number of tho fans journeyed to Maynard to Bee their old friend, Gus Gllroy, get his bumps pitching for Hudson. Several also witnessed the 12-1 defeat that Concord recoivcd at the hands of Lexington. Tho Juniors were disappointed by the Somerville team, which was scheduled to play hero and In a game with a picked team they nosed out a victory by the score of 8-7. CEMETERY WELL CARED fOR Card of Thanks We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their kindness shown us in the Illness and late bereavement of our dear one, also for the beautiful floral tributes. 'Mr. James Munroe, Mr. Everett Munrou and family, Mr. Georgo Haskell and family, Miss Adu Munroe, Mr. Herbert Neaiey. | . pw— WHERE IGNORANCE IS BUSS Tho parishioners of Qt, Bernard's parish are much pleased with the appearance of St Bernard's cemetery tliiB year. The lots are all well taken caro of, wlillo the walks and drives preuent an unusually neat appearance, There is no approprlatfon from the town for the care of tlits cemetery, as thero la for Sleepy Hollow, but tlio work Ib paid for from the-funds of St. Bernard's parish and is done under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Flaherty. Tho work this year liaB been dono by Michael Dempsey, who also cares for tho grounds about tho parochial residence. BURIED HERE Main and Nason Sts., 2 stores Maynard Content With Hie Coa You can see that with your eyes hIui atK1 bv his pleased smile Unit "won' rubJoH'." It's a happy <luy for anyone when tliey look ui A Well-Filled Coal Bin replenished from our coal yinl*. "oul is eonl. Imt eonl from here is better. There's tlie (iiH'crcncu—our'h i* I)cst0 but not den rer. llave pome? W. F. S.ITCHFIESLP,, Mate bt„ Opp. Mill Maynard Mra. Electle Conant, widott of Haywood Conant, formerly a resident of Copcord, was brought hero last week for burial In Sleepy Hollow cemotery. Tho body came from Qaxton's River,' Vt., where Mrs. Conant had been living of late. She was 79 years of age and death was caused from a compll-1 cation of diseases. Mrs. Conant left many Concord friends, all of -Whom speak of her In the kindliest ways and who held her In tender regard. ADVERTISED LETTERS Hubby—Slneo Jones iost bla money balf bin friends don't recognise hi®. Wiley—I think that's jutt awfuL How nice It la that the t b&ve sot Gono back on him. Hubby—They haven't found It cat SOU He Being the Man. ,Mury Dunbar. Evelyn Foster, Imn't n thought for Chares Holme, Jennie Houser. Mra «Wrthta*-nondwi «Wtew Lomond, MaJ. J. A. Logan. Jaiea L.' fho's pori^Jn Km-.wlth It" O'Oonnor, Wm. M. Parrlsh, Walter E. Jacl£ (sadly)—' Another, case ot man ' C. Smith, Jack E. Thompson. twin« displaced, bfr .«iMiftiftrty." ;

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