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Abilene Weekly Reflector Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Abilene Weekly Reflector (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Abilene, Kansas j or Xvi r. Official paper largest of circulation 1 l Dickinson in the county county St. Member associated press great est news gathering organization in the world vol. Xxxvii Abilene Kansas thursday morning. September 23, 1020 no. 61 gang Salon was completed Here an tree fair plans the i say explosion How we beat the heat stayed on the Job throughout we travelled North or travel 0trip. Discussed government former senator addressed interested audience at Selelyo an audience that filled the lower miners speak for Harding and de West the summer heat Evad fifteen cars that went South took the Abilene band and it gave concerts a every town to Good crowds. The towns turned out a everybody said the fair would have a Large attend Ance. The eight cars that went North took the boys band and the Upland did herself proud cigars for the men and peaches for ing and thought How richly we was Accident were Blest beneath Cool Shade Noor or the Shelve listened to Anthe kid was the Reward. Industry where the men were program Complete for Bio show three Days of exciting doings for parading. We pictured Kansas Neath the Sun her soil All interesting address saturday even ing by former senator j., r. played in the d. 0. H. S. And erred by the ladles Aid society a the hauled dynamite for Buildt orium and schools were dismissed to parched and baking while we the address was on the subject of rompers cant Rule says Leader pea red on the horizon just in time to save the band As the kids were everybody crowds in spec for every Day. I no operation Shear them at All the towns. A line government and expounded or. Bur vacationed finding fun in big Camp tires making. Bat when party lines stays 2nd hand talk ton s idea of the limitations within which government should act. He opposes the government entering our Cash had dwindled Low the summer heat abating Back Home to Kansas we did go to business and Maya that its True fisc a workmen testify to what driver4 find our hot friends waiting. Ton is to keep peace and care for dinner was served at Industry by the ladies Aid society. It was some Dis appointment that More did not join the Tours but those who went enjoyed the Day. No accidents and Only a few motor troubles happened. The South trip p. 0. Redman reports the South trip As follows we drove into hol land at 0 o clock where we were Republican workers cannot driven to leave party they Are standing firm but now their faces beamed famished and All landed safely with real appetites. Chicken Chicken Chicken was All they could see and Chicken there was a great abundance. It was one real feed and they went away feeling satisfied that should they have to Cross the sierras they would be in condition. At Manches Ter and Talmage the people turned out in splendid form and gave is All the glad hand As usual. Unfortunates. He cited the spend of Toca Wagon Teu them it is a common method ing of millions to build a Railroad in Alaska As an example of wasteful with smiles they waved their it furs in greeting the weather Ness and criticised congressman Cool we d sought for Miles was Asso Laud press Marlon sept. 21. W. J. James also Laud press new York. Sept. 22. Four work Strong for advocating it. The Vas present at this Bike Tang. The National representative from Illinois friends who meekly stayed at irrigation plants of the West he said greeted by the school children and townspeople. From there we went to of the United mine workers after men told the municipal authorities today that they talked to the Driver at Solomon the last Stop of the trip the concert was just As full of could be built better and cheaper by private capital. He opposed the farm w borne their Nara Earne d Cash 4 thus saving Jun Learned they not have to roam to find what of the death Wagon which figured la loan system and the proposed Amend a conference with Harding announced himself in favor of the Republican ticket. He said the Effort of gom pers to deliver the american fed the Wall Street explosion shortly after ments to the Kansas Constitution a they were crawl it. For weath the explosion he told them he had Carlton which gave is the biggest reception on the trip. A Parade of school children carrying flags marched Down the main Street and the whole town was out to meet us. The citizens declared they were glad we remembered Carlton was on the legion Day sept 29 1 16 Ball game 8 16 Decarnot cortello 4t 4 00 Ball game 7 30- fre e acts 4 Eustace and det Remal children s Day sept. 30 1 30 three year of d race free for a la race Farmers race 4 00 free acts Ball game 7 30 band concert free acts fireworks Auto Day oct 1 1 30 time trials 6 mile race 6 mile race 10 mile race sweep id stakes free acts 4 00 Ball game 7 30 band concert free acts fireworks been ordered to take building a Pep As it was Early in the morning and although it was almost five p. M. The kids were somewhat disappointed at the thought of not having two or three More towns to visit and another Chicken dinner to eat leading in the wrong direction. The government cannot transact business he said because its or like a real resort was theirs 4 just for the Ashing and like & ourselves they i could report Terlalis to the financial District left Erat Lon of labor vote to the demo. Crafts will fall As it always has. To says Republican miners will vote for operations Are performed by apol Shade bask his Wagon to Telephone and when he came Back the Wagon had been been blown no. They d been in i ing. But when Harding. Democratic miners for who have no financial Inge d been at Roe purpose or Tea trip was map. & Home awhile Angrand Success. The county free fair Cash again we had a Good crowd at Elmo plan to curb Morce sternest in the he ended witha plea against War declaring that Al workmen told reporters that Exa were earning. Re round them j and at Dillon the next place we Stod Plosives were often transported in War was founded on ignorance Anda summer son s warm smile was likewise for returning. For any kind of a Wagon without a per said that no War should be declared i Ped. Several of the party won the admiration of the school boys by join Mit in hurried building operations. Without a referendum to the people while we sought a Lake Shor Esi ing in a Ball game which was in pro in which Case we should have no Breeze or. Mountain keep yrs car prices come Dow Kress on the school grounds before which we lined up. From Dillon we was Well taken care of and thanks to the boys who did the work of Post ing and distributing the was the end of a perfect Day. Or. Barta who was in charge of the boys band at the time owing to the Ber vices of Harold Royer being needed for the South trip is to be congratulated for his splendid work As a Leader. Geo. Rasher Cap always be hired with Confidence to take the Kansas weather Learned to tease we re hot now with its Foong. J. A. A. Ford says Prew a figures Are Plen went to Hope where arrangements boosts Larned festival i had been made at two of the res to now of Prew a prices ? Tau rants for our dinner. We stayed l. Dewey visiting Here tells of on All products of the Ford motor there an hour and a half and got he knew wild Bill Hickok wild West show company effective immediately was suggests two weeks notice of Coa template nuptials a suggestion has been Pat Forward by some of the prominent members of the Legal profession in this state for the solution of the divorce pro Blem. It is that All persons Content plating marriage be forced to give Public notice of two weeks before the ceremony takes place. This matter will be presented to representatives in the legislature with the suggestion that it be introduced at the next session. It is thought that this will do away with Many of the Hasty and secret marriages which so often result in Domestic in Felicity later on. Car hits Little boy announced today by Henry Ford. The L. Dewey of lamed is Here fora visit and reports that Larned is to care of the kids in general with Jerry As and now cow puncher has Mission Price reduction ranges approximate in Buenos Aires have one of the biggest attractions Only from 14 per cent on motor Truckson a Street in Buenos Aires which the West the last of this bid state meetings to 31 per cent on Small automobiles might be called the Backwash of the wild West show lasting three Day with no reduction in men s wages 1 world judging from the human Dere will be put on by the cattle men Ofin announcing the decision of the Dickinson teachers will to where programs attract them Many prominent educators Are lists cast up from every Stream and every land a North american cow that Section. The commercial club at Larned has raised $10,000 for the company or. Ford in a formal state ment said now is the time to Call puncher of the old West is conducting attraction and will give Large Cash halt on War methods War prices. Prises for roping wild steers and fora Rescue Mission where hungry Hudren Are fed and tired souls Are com War profiteering and a War greed. Bronco busting. The Best ropers scheduled to speak before the fifty seventh annual session of the Kan Sas teachers association to be held at Topeka. Independence Hutchin son and Hays october 28, 20 and 30. Sorted. He is John Calvert de Bohun and riders that Colorado and Wyo who says he was born on the Hur Ming have will be in the contest. The son of mrs. Clyde Rogers injured sunday while crossing Street Earl Leroach aged 11, son of mrs. Clyde Rogers was injure Delcane deck of a Cayuse in new for the Best interest of All it is time that a real practical Effort were made to bring business of the country and life of the country Down to Normal. Inflated prices always retard pro the company is said to have show will be the same that is put the total attendance this year will Mexico. On at Cheyenne wyo., and. In other be approximately 16.000 according to sunday evening when he was struck parts of the West. Larned expect san estimate by Frank l. Planet Sec by a car driven by Francis Callahan i00,000 people to attend during Thea surplus of material on band. Cowboy jockey wanderer and anally ordained minister Bohun s life has been such As to make him one with the dead Wood that drifts into his Mission As he tells his Story rotary Rne attendance last year was 13,000. The attendance this while crossing the Street the acc three Days. I Neeley cases on trial i plan red Cross exhibit or. Planet said Topeka 6,000, Hutch Yea r will be divided about As follows. And his redemption to bodily and Spur Dent occurred on Olive Street near fifth. The boy was running Home in response to his Mother s Call and ran out from Between two wagons which stood along the curb right in sues Santa f for $7,200 damages non 4,600, Independence 3,000 and Hays 2,600. Ritual health a parallel to that of some the bed Cross will have an a Hung jury last january the Case of w. F. Neeley against a tilt at the fair from or. Thomas teachers from this county Are Wood the spec last on defective the Santa be Railroad for 7,200 dam of his the room where once women and men drank and de now there Are religious services la Spanish and in Section from which Hays is expected to draw the attendance. How school children. The exhibit is Wall front of the car. The boy a View of the approaching machine was obscured and the Driver could not see Worth seeing. Miss Clara i. Crowe around to see All the merchants. At Ages was on trial in District court to Day. Or. Neeley alleges that a spark from a Santa be freight caused Ever the teachers in this county for the big free fair and Celebration next week Between times to Flore Seldom legs assistant state supervisor of Public him until the car was almost nooner Ungto to had Good crowd Ana e do sed to attend he Osetin at we stayed there some time. The other t a.rz.l0""1 1 f then i Foch or supper a Hall it Tow Fiche Lerohl Nav yell have. Charge lira on his mrm which destroyed a. A. U to painted and the grounds will been towns Mart were we ten 4 children of every race and Reg cadent and declared the Driver was in this sex omit giving Short tasks an the barn granary and garage Jesuit most in accordance with their needs lectures on school nursing and the no Way to blame. The boy receive Ding in f7,zoo damage. The Caseman of them probably will go to. i Floe condition. A summary of the Navarre and Enterprise and we had program is Given above. A Good crowd at All three towns. The results. Several cuts and a severe Bruise on was tried last january and occupied his forehead but no Bones were Brok there will also be a baby welfare two Days of the term. There was i. I old men and women. The Mission islet Gilbeth of which Bohun took charge bout exhibit tuberculosis exhibit Demon in and the injuries Are not expected Hung jury however and the new trial Zzz years ago is not maintained by there will be Little difference in band put a lot of Pep into the trip the attractions of the Day. Legion and was the drawing card for the Day will be brimful of excitement crowds everywhere we went. At the the children s Day when schools of smaller towns we got the most in the e county generally will be Dos thus lastly receptions and they All to be for preparation of artificial is on today. The Case was expect Fth a. Or organization but is held together to go to jury late this afternoon. District court reconvenes u a. By free will subscriptions. Finding was for the defendant in feeding of babies teaching infant Hygiene classes and equipment for the sick room. Free literature on All health subjects will be there for inc when Nln univ -.-Ifl,. . Case of state is. Chas. Henning on the Case of Cunningham is. Dobbins to recover $210. A demurrer to the missed and the children will have free seemed to appreciate the excitement tie Hutchinsons meeting will be Cream Cones promises a throng. Of our coming. The roads were Al Neon convention Hall. At Hays the particularly with an american who knows the West his references to his distribution to All who Are interested trial during afternoon District court convened this Hornbill of particulars filed by the Plain tire i were aurut 10 will be a " j meeting held in Sheridan Hall work Are mingled with irom me so nooks. Oops res on Rne South trip. I the hat it Auvon Nifa v ,. There will be nurse in charge of Tiff was sustained by the of hard Riding and hard shoot ing to begin the jury trials on the the Scales and will measure and p four districts include rabbi Stephens. D. Whitehead told today of Thel g Wige of the synag0guei new ing of John Wesley Harding docket for this term. The Case Ofin the Replevin suit of Agnes sex ton is. W. H. Burnham it Al s Only connection with the weigh All children Over three years of age. The Way for children Tofor instance the frock Coate d . U a Wei on York or. Mary e. Wooley president the state of Kansas against Charles play oho chos the health Clown Case was that the phonograph Imbier of Elpaso who Bohun say Shad killed ,14 men but was every Inch a gentleman and always killed will be eagerly competed for. Auto Mobile racing Day has already seven Swift entries and will be a Hummer. Soldiers and explosives from Camp Funston fireworks forthe evening the big wrestling match Between us tace and det Remal and the baseball games Promise a great treat free acts wll be going on a car a. To ,.f.or a county Holyoke College South North was due solely to the popular Hadley mass. Or. Frank runs anus off Fin Kivo Hans Tri a la Wawa 1. Henning of Solomon charged with taking binding twine from the farm question had been taken to the store health game is to find out if the to Box for shipment and was in his weigh enough for their age Aadva. To minister Ana president of the Arm Era elevator there was called Bat i with regret of calamity Jane Possession when us , wis or our techno Loire. Char Nairn Sinf 1 height. Enter the game in the bed Cross Booth at the fair this Story was bound no with the was necessary to summon other Jurgans Patlon for its ability to Render h. Deveridge. Of Omaha neb., Cit top notch music. The reception at anon in. an w a to. Flight Between Law and things As Chas. Henning not guilty ors As those questioned daring to tags will be Given with the rules of Chapman was one of unusual pleas r. to. Uni t they were that desolated Tombstone Nival company will be on the grounds and there will be a Large morning were not qualified. The jury was Impan eled this afternoon an the game to each child who still out on Case of Karl Zona film of Dpi . Martin Grumbaugh of thieves of wild Bill Hickok formerly witnesses began testifying shortly Bethe rest room in the office be selections for me town Iriks Ana the Pennsylvania formerly superintend Page at 2 o clock District court is still in session. I marshal of Abilene and of Many fore 2 o clock. Henning was Jostle Low Wyandt s will be open As usual City a Nooi an invitation from u. V. A. Dent of Philadelphia Public schools More who made the West a place of of peace at 8olomon and considerable the Case tried monday afternoon exhibit of merchants stocks. The red Cross will have an exhibit and the entries for the premiums of All sorts promises to be Many. Altogether the free fair promises to be the biggest thing the county to the Public. There will also be a rest room for the convenience of mothers and babies in the bed Cross Charles Henning of Solomon charged o. We auce Pieu Auu Napei Cayiea president Arthur Holmes Drake Una who opened by a splendid talk from terse to Des Moines. La. Judge Benc. A. Case after which the band con Lindsay Denver or. Newell Dwight Romance. Minister though he is he is still a Cowboy Bent on getting his interest is evident in the Case. The court room was partly filled with men who were Here for the trial. With taking binding twine was ached Safe into the final round up. Booth on the fair . Henning was arrested last june charged with taking binding a Lra l our i us Rew Ivea us a lulls pastor of the Plymouth con Ovate of the a y. A Short closing i Oroian Tennill Church. Naff Elvn Prohas Ever seen and everybody should makes it hard on teacher attend All three Days. Remember talk by or. Case ended a visit with n or twine to the value of $50 from Tho Farmers elevator there. He la just Cemo Pic or Urru i Iii Yuwu aim uni Usu ruin lung in be Reni Guider 1 okla. Edmond h. J. Allen to conflict of dates on teachers ass othe grounds Are free to everybody fun i to Clra offt Fufla. Pal Annalise. V. To of peace in and exams just noticed in the Case of f. W. Karl against Stop was at 1ewott Tey University of Kansas la with nominal charge for grand stand and Quarter stretch. A letter from f. L. Planet of the Kansas state teachers Abner r. Page action to recovery us me Suauu Uwi up maa a Nooi rence prof. C. G. Sargent state the free fair boosters had a pleas Money the jury was still out twas am whoa ror brew minutes to agricultural College. Port Collins o clock this afternoon. Two notes Tomer Lupton Uuie Roma Xue enjoy tug music. Tip wanting or Coo. President c g Pearse Stato the amount of about $700 were Given association to miss Mary b. Wool Verto county superintendent states that a conflict in the dates of the meetings of the teachers associations has been found and canno be president e. B. Bryan. Colgate uni by the defendant and in the test Mony of the relatives of Abner Page Verity. Maui icon of. warning hoi ton will it was asserted that he bad forged the name of his father H. Page to preside at the Topeka meeting the prof w. B. Bungle i not dependence supt. B. F. Martin. Judgment was for the plaintiff in corrected. This win mean that be tween 25 and-3 teachers in the county beside miss Woolverton and All other county superintendents in the state will be unable to attend. Or. Planet s letter follows late in August it was discovered Replevin suit brought by i Newton at Hutchinson and supt o. S Silverwood. Ellsworth at Hays. Agnes Sexton against w. In Burn Ham it Al. Mrs. Sexton had Purchas i All Public High schools and Grade de a Victrola from Leslie Gordon who schools or the state and Many col that there is a conflict Between the dates of the k. S. T. A. Meetings at had bought it through Barnham fro Mmontgomery Ward Bat had never Leges As Well will have holidays Octel 28 and 29 so that the teachers May Topeka Hays Independence and out Chanson on oct. 28, 20 and 80 and complied with the contract and paid i attend the association meetings is the Kansas court of Industrial re the full amount for the dates of the october county teach i Latsons recently approved a reduced Montgomery Ward secured the Maera examinations. As the k. 8. To a i rate of one and one thir d on round Chine from her and the Replevin Suita. Had contracted for nearly $6,000trip Railroad fares to each of the was brought by mrs. Sexton to re Worth of platform Talent for october 28, 29 and 80 and As a number of four meeting places. Cover it the judgment was for the plaintiff because no record of the co these contracts would permit no aloud Fellows to have tract had been made with the Register Atlon of Date. It was impossible for county picnic sept. 22 Ter of deeds and there was nothing the k. S. T. A. To change its dates what a Check tells c the customers of e National Are among. The leaders in business and Industry in Abilene and Dickinson county. J a Check drawn on the Abi Lene National tells of sound policies financial integrity and Success. J it tells of a Bank connection that gives service and has the resources to extend credit to every Busine is consistent with sound banking. J we se6k to Aid our custom ers in being successful and to develop the Community in every possible manner. Abi Letje National Bafik ,. We make far t at cwt canal states to show that she did not have full at the meeting of the Board of data Rebekah anniversary and l o. Title to it when she bought it rectors of the k. 8. T. A. On sept. R. Picnic of the Dickinson Conn one of the big moral fac tors in a Community is the Bank it develops prompt Ness integrity and fair dealing. Are you taking full advantage of the advice and service which we have to offer the Cozens Bank the oldest. Established Bank in Abilene Kansas Rity lodges is to be held in Community the Case of Cunningham collect $$210 was being tried10 the matter wis gone Over and Testate superintendent was asked to provide a special examination Date s Park one mile North of Chapman on during the afternoon. The plaintiff wednesday september 22. Follow rented a farm from the defendant later so As to relieve the la the program and slowed the ground for wheat10 to 12 get acquainted when the blowing was finished How.12 to 1 Basket dinner. Free cof Ever h estates the defendant refused but this the state superintendent declined to do. In View of the fact that the number of teachers who must take this elimination is Small in most counties it is hoped that the fee bring cups to allow him to Plant wheat. Th1 00 to 2 Short talks. Mahla 1l Leonard of Salina president of re suit is for the amount of the will not materially affect these Kekaha will speak decree quieting title was granted 2 to 8 contests potato race clothes attendance at the k. 8. T. A. From your county. You May he sure that the plaintiffs la the Case of Hoffma Nune race Togo War is. Jones and Nicholas is. precautions will b taken 8 bail game to prevent such a conflict of dance after Nova Aad new wac Ott Buckeye evening Good music. The City commissioners. At the card f than los we wish to express oar will be furnished from regular meeting granted the petition train to Park. Bring Well filled Bas for a new Ald walk on the East Sidet Lon of the kindness f to any friends ets. And neigh bom and the gifts of Sowers of Buckeye Between twelfth and thirteenth oar bereavement la the death of saws to collect Nate a petition waa presented for Chhu band and father Stephen mass has filed suit against paving of the Alley Between second mrs. 8. Rohrer Aad i Artie Bouer for the Zeolle Ottoa of , the amount of a promissory the Best i always the Enoa Oest Aad third streets Between Mulberry and Cedar. The matter was taken under Goodyear tire at Ramaa a rtniamrrnnnuniinhihinnhiurohhimihhnnniranihhiiiihinimnnun3 Bous

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