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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1910, Page 8

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - June 21, 1910, Abilene, Texas Najmi a kkk1.1 Uhm like he Kkt London Bank clerks. Be of hts Siy detectives have dts veep alleged Mir Derek in this state. Their dress and mod of living a Cen fury ago. A ii urn red yours ago the number Ltd Bauk clerks in London must have Boon inconsiderable the Chi bunks needed Only Squill staffs. Quite late in the eighteenth Century one of tin biggest i Early Start for Queen Saav s Heady wit. A Story appropriated from than Naif of Irish Royalty. I in anger of King Odin was tet Ribb. Twas a fortnight before Bee nut address himself to his Queen it Ltd look her in the face Ami speak to Berou i Demmon papers issued a he wore a Long napped Coni with Large pockets tin sleeves Hud Iii a culls with three Large buttons Nom. _ what like the Coats worn by Green Wick teas loners my embroidered wit i 0084 reselling nearly Down to jury in minting death of the Knees with an enormous Bon up t Kenner Girt re timed indictment tit buttonhole a cocked Bat. A Nodere conducted its business Wlsh to a clerks. I it eth left hot St in its this Quot in to Lii in sat by Hor Feu As Lite engagement of a t by til Erenies Mohning Tex Arkana i a it she was a shame Aud a great excitement. His arrival was Iii mph i Contoi him but sure what could he sex More exciting for we Are assured that p4 4 anyhow when in was such Luo furious fool As Ever to marry a i tog sir of a raw of beggar Quot it up.? says i to Dallas tuesday evening try or or j a \ Ery Well and Good me lord tear. Says she. A in a ready i against headline barging him with the murder. Hair with Pigtail and in Wii re a Gold headed Cane. This. No Dot a something of a Peacock. A Van f i ills time Haun int at Oriental Bowab it Loul j ural f4,r 4bis is twi a Rommel it a. Auto St will in tendered vis. A it a a a or 1 Mani Ltd a you. any Hor Aud press represent a a l,me1n.m r v4mir tires. Leave v urd Oum of by a Low Tost a at by associated Piess in is Ville ky., june 20 a few year later. In the j Early part of the nineteenth com in the Correct official garb was i. The morning it we leaned that. In Fiat Tea Iii dim i Lull a ii j Fth Hilt , i a i in a i Dic umut by been return. By thy 0lm. In re or a a a a us. Of Ata. ? a a Mordehy a re la. A of s,.in.rone janitor by ii in a a. Jolt ? Quot a Catholic to our mon., Tho a of air. ,.a tool. I barging him with the murder Quito in Harmony with this Immes h. 1 the girl the girl s body was found api Init Ranee. Not for tin Bauk it to. Quot Tho basement of this school and Fol Tho Early eighteen hundreds Tho in bios i choose to carry out Ca St i at my la vin1 Quot thirty three a says he. If you ii twill in ii Choup Price to git Rill Ltd by associated press j hot Sph i los. Ark., Lune 20�?the pro a Quot a Glidden tourists got away from Here Quot thanks me lord a says she this morning Early. The noon Stop i Only a a Hrth and Dof arc i be r i today will be made tit Prescott a to it in int maybe yet ii think ii Kansas while Texarkana Arkansas will be the night control. Lal Lirt Huck Burdeny a Chi us says he. Tuesday morning the tourists leave i Texarkana Tor Dallas where Thev will i Quot ,8uvs 8b<> a suf cd an Ive some time in the aft a Over. Diamonds Aud dowing the discovery the officers a Mae lately clean and i a a j a Quet will to tendered thrives rim Ivy a Quot a if i Khz Ltd a or deed the disappearance of Wendling. Restaurants of the modern a it n.,f a4 the Oriental hotel in Dallas tues almost broke her i cd a it Quot a Quot to Humours Here have it that Wendling a in. Tea Simps with Varlet i. A tour night when local Auto St Ami Wina la a i has been discovered at some joint in drinks and ii newspaper men will be present the1 when she Laid be Dow Texas and that officers Are keeping l a Quot anted a meal he wed j affair is to be a Beefsteak sup a Back in Bim under closest surveillance await to a a i r a a a a bought Hui self aim Fng requisition papers from Kentucky of for five Pec Hal Penin the police Here continue to preserves a Kim a a this in carried him shr to an annoying reticence apparently am pm dle House where the y knowing a Groat Deal More about the Cook it d u of Quot a i Muy. The Pabli affair than they Are willing to give out of Quot f or Ltd 1,0 a Quot a a a la cd in att r making Dallas a full night Bil Quot ill your second Back Burden control the cars will leave Widnes be Quot Day morning for Wichita Falls thence a a foil in use Ltd Ond Oklahoma making Lawton the 8h> a to St �?�1 of nip our baby first Stop in that state. After this the Kingjr per Quot e11 to Liard rent i requisition issued. I his life. Is ii not a tradition that the Dearie bons1 has grown from the meet lugs it Rock. Way to Ohi a i was t tin Luau to tic Frankfort by. June 20�?a rec Akk in 51 tavern where they met f i it Jui Sitison has been issued on the Gover a thu i Are a of settling up acc Oil. They will continue their ago. Illinois the end of the tour of a Quot Quot nil 2,851 Miles. A a Quot a Quot a mils the boy in whim his heart was wrapped tip and. Sgt Nin daunted before any woman lie of a so nor of Texas by the governor of Ken to 111011 ten Nihl est Ramdon j it Lucky for the return of Joseph wend i or pm Btag wanted in i Nils Villa on a charge Quot of murdering Alma Kellner. The is Silanoe of the requisition wag kept rare wild beasts. Dent. I a began the Vonaa a ,�?T"1la the tour Quot a ,1,0,1 Kara. So him 1 hot Clinia a car a huh my. The of a lir Rihs be Quot. Biuk. Nul it. H. I wis at the Wmk Sarkar count. Kays he a now then name Aine. If. \ v repair Thi,<1 in Burden and we re sin a slight breakdown Friday the1 Quot Why a a fore say Yoni done secret until noon today although it the Diak Bear and the to Fth err Quot As issued saturday afternoon. J Rhinoceros. According to advices received Here Jhc re Are a in Tut or of lasy up i Tulay detectives have been to Texas uns of we i a Rel Tiv i i it Ivi where they found and identified wend ,h1,v v a Quot y "0,"kd� my Garden Ting. Twi. A a for thank bal Quot Lexington and Pennsylvania ram have Saav. Says she. A a let on in m to been wet drawn on account of a losing so Many Points in accidents. I Kin Filiti and his got is qty a sin the exhaust Oftie of the Pennsylvan the happiest and Hies a Canp Oft. Giving the Yont of the couple that Ireland eve rightful burning while a Hresi in Quot Quot a a Oracle for nil King in the steering Aff i relegates i want and. Off to Palacios o detectives Are remain to ll14 it Why a tonal me in a f Fri a told burning while a break. To or Kings Ai close to Wendling and Are Wahine for a ply ies is Quot Quot it among flow May 1 steering gear put the taxing ,l,4, Al a Riel couple in Thim the arrival of the requisition a my Quot a Kodiak Bear. An sex ton of the race. T,0� so a live and died the wit Riel Totore Thev arrest him in finely rare animal a in Catmint i Tho to Cen report Road conditions it Shizu in my Quot a ii to make a Koky Mountain i Froni hot Springs toward Texa Kanait appear ,.lh�.ant. J some of the worst they have Mcton �t., fprtnab.,e a is mph i ii spin nos ii resent Sente ifs Charuk is Phi r Springs Jon is. The following was handed to the record a a Quot a respondent today the undersigned Cut Lens of Sulphur Springs noticing a a statement in the fort Worth record of Jim. It made by senator e. 0. Senter of dilia., Tex. A. In which he states that h it received a Bing distance Telephone about t in most generous usable affable Aud amiable King that Ireland May save von Motley in More ways than one. To a want and. Wanted a few Good laying hens. Hill pay $4 to of be a dozen for a Good in pkg mint Haskell ind Anson 1� Mackechney the grocer. 1t-ft ,fk7orw ? it Sali a a i Arii Hehl. Colts too registered Hereford cattle. Gee. W. P. Oats. Albany Texas. 6-l?- furnished a special car Siletz Roberts phone 326 a South America contains a prize in tired but As the roads from Tex Irenn in a up Kil k hat re and Ever knew a a jew. Ivair i to Dana in , hew in Captivity. This Jaguar i of it is thought some mint. Twin Cndia size and Coal by u. Be done. Quot Quot Ling will Whistler let them wait. O clock on the just Hon there Are two rare Birds in la ainu Zou for Slot whereof of tee then in been brought away in. P. Binl Quot and tin a lost th4e int me an Deriv d from tin effects prod ,. By the cries of the Birds the form Haring a voice likened to that of a vet Quot Bell and the latter Poe a in to i Farmer rills tenant on Roe evening of jute by it it before Emrum Tonj i. L tie accompaniment of crooning 11 a com at a a a nod.,., it Bascom Thomas if Sulphur. Quot Springs front a citizen and a a Mit Lemau Ltd High standing who lives la 8-Ilphui Springs and says that that gentleman informed him Over the Telephone that Thomas friends exceeding thirty in a Buirlia a Pesoni it it a of a Rhino in number and including several rela-1 having a Mack hide Sod big. In it it he. A i left Sulphur Springs Una try is Quot a he is tort tingly be circumstances which indicated that i a bbl a Eros i it. It is averred xviii flesh on the unfortunate Torson we hears its song. I la naturalists will also vote Tut a or Oksum of a Heartfelt thanks to the i i div dual who will fetch them from t Whistler laxity in the matter of engagement was notorious to one Ever knew if he Yvere coining or not to affairs. Hut hts Point of View is sex pin inert in ids answer to a Friend of in morn hid in turn has what it knt a a fat h4> h old an a Tignor in Ubuntu to flu Liln meet of Din a Wib hour it Swols a i Distant part of London Ami who Felt that it was most impolitic for Whistler Wilbur spic imm Al both it 11� Quot Wal Quot a a a a a Quot a a a by Abilene a Southern railway far. Ties from a i linger Brownwood and san Antonio will head tied As the trip Hies do. For Sale Duroc Jersey pigs. Pm blood. Ten dollars pair balance to this month. Mackechney the grocer lf-2 i for Sale on account of closing my some Twenty live delegates from j business to gentle Brood mares broke Abilene. Anson. Haskell and Asper a ride 8011? to work Mont left at half past eight o clock this morning Over the Abilene amp t. Southern railway for Palacios Mata a bargain s or p. Ii. Young. Moro Texas. 8. I phone june lf-4 county Comal deed and surrenders to officers Gorda county to attend the ninth in f0r Sale or of Tadey i framed Camp ment and twentieth convention store building almost As Good As new. I Baptist Young Peoples Union in Texas. 4 business lots beat yet Whistler was painting away the sessions of which will he in pro j located lots in town. Will Trade for Kress for ten Days. I land or Stock. Address Box 134. Volo. The party travelled in a private car1 r<>xa8 june 81-d furnished by e. P. Huddleston. Gen a a madly intently. My dear fellow Quot he sail to Tii Iii i i inst a it is frightfully late and Yon have to Dine with lady sue a one Jackson ky., june 20.�?ashbury 1 011,4 Vou go Ink you a better mop Spicer who was concerned in the fax Stop a fairly shrieked Whistler hey wre expecting trouble and were prepared for it Etc. In answer to that statement we wish to say there were a it Kate a citizens of this City that went to Dallas to Hearth joint discussion. They were All honorable Law abiding. Sober font Emen. C<>4 of the t to marshal of this City the president of be of our Banks the sex District attorney of this District or. Tether several of his Brothers and re Stives the balance being admiring political friends and personal friends a or. Thomas and if or. Senter received such a message it was wholly without i foundation in fact and we believe t reputable citizen would Send such men have frequently seen his hide Mous Hargis funds in Breathitt county today shot and almost instantly killed judge Fugate and wounded Fugate a levies i least whereof specimens Are by for by the Civ nixed world is a Kin Dis k billed Liesl. No Cue seems it Tain what it should lie called. I Irwin it is added was always of the Opinio that some Day True Lizard Bird i a _. Not a flying Lizard but a True Nils a Lomas Oldja a a Bette a the Birds Aud i he Rcpt Amy rat in found in new zealand. He pm a s a a a Klov. A Stop Volien everything is going Iio pitifully a i and stuff myself with Ltd s gusting food when i can paint ilk his never never Belles. To a the Spicer farm and ill feelings Sam in j do an think until i pct flier of Vun. Ii. 1 i Thor Tuu a to new zealand is a Laud of animal yet nil her. The Zugates were tenants on the must popular of flu a a a ral passenger agent of the Abilene i Ltd of horse Cut under Surry and amp Southern. Tile car was hitched to harm b8 for sub apply to 0. P. Thom to have existed Between the two Faro i they it to lies for some time. I the killing occurred in the country Quot Jupiter or habit a and it was first known when pm a i calculations As to Tho size require. Telen Hannoh the. I for b�?�111 10 beings on the other plane the train near the Roundhouse. A ja8, Bai linger according to re Jioras Thom w-li.4 re for 8ale�?fio Brood mares Andt their Cei Ved by w. T. Curtis sunday night mule Colts. Too registered Hereford the party will be joined by a Dele a cattle. Geo. W. P. Coats Albany Hon thirty or More Strong. Art Brown Texas. Egg q Wood and Santa Anna the party will also but considerably swelled for Sale Good farm horse cd Bob Young. We Palacios will be reached tomorrow it Ftp a m noun Ana a. I wanted a Man and team to he a dlr we div to in huh. I a a. Of a cd t0 a Ltd a Quot a a i we Kolo. Kor did to a Elf up. He also added that he had hot Fugate s Mother. Neither the tent of the woman a injury and the cause of the trouble a known. The Catalpa Tea. I he Catalpa tree is la Slouch of tin fore la has a Brief seas it of a an in in nr7,. Quot pm urn but this to Tamra a if Charm is 0 a uncalled Tor message As Sentei need Loxly ephemeral when compar., claims to have gotten. Its the pre ailing opinion Here that there must he a mistake somewhere and that such message was sent. And in Justice to the citizens of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins county who attended the Dia a uss on we unanimously and respectfully Call on or Senter to state who it was that communicated to him the facts a he claims Over the telephoto he certainly knows since he stat Imp with the lung weeks Aud mints whet it seems to ii fairly reveling in Litkei that the wonder l is presence is tolerated to he extent it has been in year gone by. We Mien it was lord by rot who once indulged in a few 1 Imp 8odicu utterances Over the Catalin blossoms nil it is Safe to say lie never had to clean up a Yard which was mired by the presence it one or Moi. The Trees or the sentiment expressed we Meskel min iced Eich i years dem upon the attraction of Gravity. Jut Lite should lie 1 copied by pygmies of liven to eight inches. Wolf Lux. On the Ollie hand argued that Goliath himself would be accounted decidedly under sized upon that planet. He work from the feebleness of the Sun ugly there which would Deun Tud that the 1 Pupil of the Eye should tie much Iii at noon and the delegates will in ail a a o into Cam. The Start horns will la a a m he a use a made on the afternoon of Friday i Quot la Telephone sort july i the party arriving in Abilene Jun 2 it i dil table. Mince the Pupil stands in it constant proportion by the pall if the on the second at six o clock in the sale�?6 head registered Here afternoon. Ford. Very Low closing out my Beni in the delegation leaving this morn 15 head l ull8> different Ages Range ing were or. And mrs. W. T Curtis Breed a ldrp88 Wolf Holste Lur or. And mrs. W. Cowden. Rev c it Bill Uez to crag r f d. No i 6-3- it Coleman miss Chloe Mcbride miss bale�?314 acres. Lb6 in Cultivar Tommie Clack. J Lloyd Dellis j. D. Tion 6 Rooni House barn Orchard Ami the j Lambkin Carl Scott and p. L. Kirk 4 0 am it it 75 acres in Cotton. A flt All of Abilene misses Maybell. And 1 a to at 2o Ltd old in the next ten a a a j Eye and that to the Butlre Tjody. Said ii m Maikai. U j cd a i a dds a Little calculation shows a a. Holland s body shipped to of j an average Jovian must be nearly Tho Winnie Thornton of Anson Lee pier a Day son of Haskell Theo Ferguson of an Home it Midlothian for burial tomorrow afternoon list bus informant was a highly re a Wou a ,uv4 Man in other than h. Peeled gentleman. With the Iaftn-1 to of us Fittl a a Tion asked for above we think we a vowed he Able to Clear up an error 1 european Tatto oers. That tends to improperly reflect upon to Ottoo a is Quot Quot i any Means a ii or. Thomas As Well As the citizens of Flut a to �?T4vw their a Sulphur Springs in ties in Europe Whiet make it a re a Hill tonal Bank from mondays lady j. M. Holland aged eighty years a prominent Stock a ser of Merkel died at his Home there last night from a kidney affection he had formerly lived at Midlothian having been in Merkel Only eight months. Or. Holland leaves a wife four sons and three daughters residing in differ teen feet seven inches tall not Ujiie four inches Shorter Almu of. King of Bastian according to tie measure of his Bedstead Given in Deuteronomy. Abilene. Texas. It. 2, Box is. June la sit son or. And mrs. Will guest. Or. And for Sai pc Good Quot four yw7htjiroffi mis. John guest and son Mart. Or. Half. Want to pasture fourteen heart to and mrs. D. P. Couch and two Chil cattle. See me j. N. Keith a Vimr. Dren All or Aspermont or. Couch j Texus. June formerly resided in Abilene and was at one time vice president of the strayed three Colts. One dark. _ 1 Board of trustees of Simmons College Hay up do three years old of cute a Bright Blacksmith. I a t urls Quot to worked up the Streak of face and ear split one Light the greatest Mpr a conf in re Hiete a and Arran de or the special car b a. Two year old Mare unmarked Atte construction was when smite Bright j Rory Allene said speaking of thu sorrel Yar and half old wearing Blacks Niroj the my but learing the fir i Cove Ritola and Encampment a Yoke. Suitable Reward will be pria and shrinking the on the win. A suf Stern i hav received from a f0r return to the reporter of Tho. While 11 in by i int the Honor it is not 1 Larios assure me that toe attendance belong wil1 reach quite four thousand in a known to bom it rightly Cess of last year s representation. In s. S. Harris Point to the most successful for sheriff Taylor county b reside ton. Fat Thornton and others sated from awful death. Row an appalling calamity in his tam. I Fly Wax prevented is told by a i we Donald of Fayetteville. N. C. R f. Lugs of the bodies of the South Savages. Thens european tart. Are among the albanians Ami nouns. Who live in the famous in in i Nim la. I a Ite kill nent member of the Christian Church the remains ump shop it a on the first East bout Andrain Todak to Midlothian when burial will tale place tomorrow Moon. Fat. my sister had c Pride All around. Tin proud to boast la mat Usua Ipton Quot with the Large stomach Aud the ii he was very thin and a Iua Lre. A that i Ain t t if appetite and seemed to grow wasted any gum Reud Tny put etry Quot weaker every Day As All Rem of Tai fail ventured the gentleman we Al. Iii or. King s new discovery was the seedy clothe and the High Brev tre and so completely curl her. A tar sets were asked they w ii hat Phe has not been troubled with a probably agr that they were pre. Wih Sincee. Its the Hest Medicine i a Chicago record Merakl Ever saw or Beard of a for coughs i col Lagrippe asthma croup humor so. Had t. Re age All bronchial to outlines it has Patty u to Busy and reset i equal to ,$1. Of trial bottle free to Vepy to any so sure. Hive y by mar Fuore Baas drug Waif Quot sorry. Sir. Law we Bro co. Tho last order la in ton trait. Alvarad is to cer Texas v and Blae sure in ex., feb. -2i. Imit this that on tootle 01 Hall s Ider Civ Riff me of kidney or Trout it and i the plea it 0 others Llic ote. Sessions in the history of b. Y. P. U. winding up i affair. Bere. Ben. What did you shout St me fir i Ain t got be Quarter wet a you bad a feud with Jim wombs did Tye a a i did. But Jim a a a in a his c to journal. It it o o o it o a it a voc you voodoo o Anngie eme non. O o of Quot a so Rhos and Mettle contains not dilates. For Ort a Batt. But relieves a a on Taring the circulation h. I Kenned off it Worth has Lik the Moon. A lie s a Star after drum r speaker. Isnit he Quot a a Star he so a How a a Quot the the brighter a Devinne Leader. I persons who really wish to but on retune i to his Home after spending augers should make a Start in that 1 a week Here dialling his sister mrs. Rec fion while they Are yet mortals. A j. L. Hair la of North Park addition. Batio Aal Magazine. Too for District attorney Walter l. Morris. Of Albany. Por District clerk c. W Leake d 0 Hill. In j. Fuller. For county clerk w. J. Young a i l Molavi a ii tin a so is la a b Manly John Kegans. Of John Milliken r. A i Dick Hart. A tax of a collector t w Clark. Banish Crawford j. V. Cunningham t c. Weir for county treasurer j w. Christopher will t. Berry. For county attorney e m. Of Ershine for county judge t. A Vij Sisoi Poi county supt of schools. K. V. White for Aii Stice of the peace pre i. H. Rob keep inc Quot a or a ii Blic weigher i. W Ross g w Nichols for county commissioner precinct t m. C Lambeth for commissioner precinct 3, Ben f. Jones. J. A Rogers Liberia s e. Adcock Fer Constable precinct i Jim Lee. M. I Newton w. K 1 de Hau. La y us

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