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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1910, Page 8

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - June 7, 1910, Abilene, Texas Jemm Vee Al Farsi reporter. To esd a june 7, i a a it. Pvt i a in be Sidof ii Mai i to in fluff lip Dine with Kmic Beke Quot la Quot a a a ave girl Theodore Roosevelt had mrs. Roosevelt present at luncheon at Taiho rough House. One highly distressing to an accomplished swordsman. Turns a Duel into a Fah be. Hor terrible experience while on smuggling expedition. I mix tale of in Roisin deep hired by a a you us Avo till a a ii Lbw he a series that moved an of scr it oui in i i rid Over the ,. T n Kin Border Contos from Genov of turn critic. Foret to. Aged a igbo a Ltd. A a Al hey hot h x we some gems he preserve. United specialists Lory to Cross the used by a weak or a timid opponent it Render i adversary practically helpless a Case of two playing at the same game. A lout in Aud interesting Clin Der might be written on the Humours of in which never came off or which in son., by associated press. Fondon. June ii former president Theodore Roosevelt and mrs. Roosevelt were entertained at luncheon today by King George and Queen Mary at Marlborough House. The president and wife arrived at the Palace shortly before eleven of clock and wore person r.,.,ally greeted by tile Kins Ami Queen. T Deneri lug ii Situ. The Light meal a. Quiet aint inform Latini Mal. The two rep,,.,Dative men of to a. A a my their nations chatted on topless of in merits Ernst Iona interest. President Roose a Pun-,.a bit a velt told a number of anecdotes of sex Welkin Perien Ces lie had during his Hunt for with a lady in game in Africa while the two lad cafe sprang a Man. Who Dean is were at ease Over the mysteries violent kick. Of sewing and cooking. It m loth attempt j fell i habitual dualist. Looking gentleman was Down one of the boulevards hint a rile victim turned univ a id i Sou pass nmn a i ing Contra had Gouda into fal i the Summit they were overtake ii violent snowstorm and were. P j deep Snow. The Borel tis roped them i Hie Young Man lending lost t Leir Way. And whih to Tim the Puth pored the Snow into a Crevasse into win i p near to dragged his sister. The a however planted her ice 1\ jul a mow am withstood the Shock. Curly die next in lining Rex e n j smuggler trussing tile pass for Swiss territory into italian found la Young girl near the Ordinary Rome Taen by smugglers and recognized her once. Los so belonged to a smuggler family Anil live at Clavenna. I1, a Uri ewes crime. To meet the Horri led apologies of the a a our Quot uts Quot Drew tothe aggressor. Who i egg i to assure it till tin i ii that it was wholly a mistake in identity. Instead of insisting to he an Exchange of cards Ami the other custom hanged it Clarendon x control a i cannot sit Pom feted murderer failed to obtain respite alleged to hate Kin. De Floyd autre. Special to the reporter. Self accept your expression of regret As sufficient. Your action May have been a mistake As you say. But acquaintance of mine May have witnessed it and will go away Aud spread the news that i have submitted to a insult without Areng i big it. I must therefore and instant in i slap your face with equal Publ div Quot but found that he had died in the thirteen hours ids sister had net. Him by the rope. He had receipt i vere injuries in the head and ids �., was Frozen. Quot Lite smugglers carried Down the Brave Gill. Who was almost Unco Sci is. As Well As the dead in of lie brother and notified the pored a Mil at Ltd Ilia Cima. On reaching the Valle the girl had recovered sufficiently fam pm Rich it e i explain i Jim Clarendon june 3.�?c. B. Miller thu it Quot Ost Koedom Longly assent is. Convicted of the murder of Floyd aug Lle fir a administering a ring Trey a fort Worth boy in a Box car lir. We Lis and the affair Between Wichita Falls and clarendon1 with ent a on both on the Denver Road March 20, 1809, a hanged by sheriff Pattmon Here antagonist Bravar eleven of clock this morning "irhe1 to twp 1 Man s neck we a. I Quot Quot i Intag one posit iou aimed straight Man 8 neck was broken Aud death was sword a instantaneous. 1. A Miller attorneys fought Ham for he Tau no Quot a a life Ami after his a had Hen affirm hum. I is his a Dir is to <0urt of App aah in it to uni i i Sinisi ,. a a Wop led Iii of Nae Eek a gain a Reship f a in ,.rno. A of a a a the defendant went to his death "lht1 a a Little. R airily. He made no statement. The Pointe the Dion once thus can cd warder was committed for the Pur Lar i Quot a adversary across pm a a to it l poses of robbery. Both Miller and Ault fit is a Quot a a a a in Ai Trey a beating their Way As tramps Vul Quot t a win a i hmm i Mii Isio Liona i cd Iii the Hack. Her Terrish she and her brother had spoken of several hours after the Accident an i a lust lie had said that in Felt nothing and wanted to sleep. A warm night followed tin sen Storin. Or two dead bodies would p i been found Ruder the great Millie rope had Cut through the Clr weak or timid fencers Are sometimes i to hot s m"1 Quot Al Quot Nisi was Blee when so news. In i More by ing i tie was . Misery aiding misery. Jan Fikes Uhle Akes of Kilty Kun strange lotion of Black pugilist takes the fan Ina wares Little gets Wrath. Sax Francisco cal., june 6�? the summary discharge of Little by Jack Johnson and his hiring Billy of in As manager yesterday caused the Public to wonder what the negro will 4 next. Little refuses to be discharged. Claiming an Iron Clad agreement by which he will receive Twenty five per cent of the pugilist s ring efforts the contract is in full Force and effect so til May i 1911. Johnson denied that the contract s Legal and dares utile to take it to a lawyer. He says he will not have Bittie around that he is a menace to the peace of the Camp and a meddler in every thing he i Johnson does. It s thought the action follows a fist cd kit Between utile and a White boy Al of ten i far la. I Gix lug him a big i i b a c ii ii ins famous Dud Xxiii l after a Swift Aud Pur a halted shouldered hirnjp.,. Walking stick and is Roll ii a. La it original place this Wing Iii. remark Over his so slim. A. Bow Monsieur. I w Iii non my Catulle memes h id to similar Rafler Poe through hic of a i ast. Be Ruiwu which he ended by Liming Bis own sword into the Humi with rite angry exclamation. A in a Rilling to die from exhaustion by tin i Roadside if need is Lait not from in i Mug after a j a Jet funnier incident was that i which occurred in Toulouse when lawyer of aum note named Caz Eilein was called out by a land ii Prophet. Whom he ii id fended by a is i ii in Nam. He repaired at once to f,., my master Asti knew nothing whatever Almut Lia uding a sword. This teacher game him the usual advice Minim keeping his adversary at Arm s length wit to the poised Aud immovable rapier inn strongly enjoined him Moi by i ii lit. It so happened that the landed proprietor. Mug equally ague him. Applied to the same master for instruct Irti. The master Wile a a a the helping hand among the Jesu combers of Marseille. Hurry \ a a a v vagal,., around the world write frying times w Hen he was to a. Pomtier in Mars dolls. Quot Long Days passed Days in wit in ii i. Of i scar Ety withstand the temptation i Cany my Kodak to the Mon i pie i a Xvi Diop. Joist off the sailors spi. Among the Beach coins it ers flier wer daily some xxx to gained a few Frau i t a Wjt a a. By the Sale of an ext i garment or by a grafting pure 7>-i. Himple. When his band dosed on bit of Money the strand ii fellow in j have been weak with fasting yet i j first thought was not to go go id Sej but to share Iii Fortune with Iii con. I a Lions under hatches. In those idea i now Ember Days Many a Man rank ii worthies outcast by i More form nato fellow mugs toiled a 4jav of the i wharf it mar Dulles and tramp i bark cold Cru hungry to the i Ihor Hein to Divide i earnings wit id her famished miserable whom ii bad not known a week is fore. Quot More than one Man sold the Halx Quot Birt he owned to feed a a new arrival who was in absolute stranger to All j these men won no Praise for hid i i,,.fa, ions they sex nil if non and would have opened their in won or they had been told that heir action were worthy of Praise. The stranded band grew to in a corporate body. By a Job Here and there i contributed Nix share to the common fund and to in us we fought off gaunt t Ion. The Quot Litwar did no to seem to see to ridiculous phase of the inquiry by it loomed Large to the Man wit idea that the lax is solemn. A in a who spent several d.,\ -. Courtroom listening to the exam . Of venire men wan struck xviii. I a a. Flection that sonic shining leg mite a would not be unduly dimmed both i inf usion of a few of the principles a a j Ingle. The time taken up by i Iory sex in drawing the conclusion that a june i who lives it a Given address Wmk Bis borne there Aud then referring i inclusion to the juror for Continua Hon has not been computed but an mat Hemal i ally inclined Max t ire it out by multiplying the Follo Wim examples by any Handy Large round number Quot a lint is your occupation i a i am a a on a Railroad Quot Hie obvious answer which the in rot Quot. Awe of his surroundings prevent Bim from making would be. Of Emir Quot no. In an ice Cream said a juror. Quot i would ii. To be excused from service. \vi�?z. summoned i was making Arrau meats for my brother inlaw neral a Quot is your brother in Law quire the court. It develop,., that he was. Quot now. Or. came question a what is your age Quot Quot forty four years old Quot that is exactly what the him meant. The lawyer guessed right the very first time. Here is another push that came one of the attorneys. Quot where x a b a Quot he asked. Of 4-Tir i Hank Quot anti reside there you Quot once in awhile there is a funny an a wet which Isnit to he wondered Ai considering Hie Power of suggestion. Quot Are you married Quot Quot yes Quot a any family Quot but flu balance is Well on the vers Side. Witness this i , i i osteopathic. A j homeopathic Ano regular medical a treatment Toch with Battle ,hot sort no a methods. He Larlu sprig let to stiff a t up our staff of i Hysi and Ana m Ira a on. An Ino Itula that an. Four choir of Traa Tenent n. The Rerp Nia Nituda one i a in Aeson , of no Teit a a i to Date methods of to Atn sir m set a i i a i a or tips him a i i i Nur j u it no Quot of. A i-�?���mn.-/, ii a icons fully a Jpn eth 1plloa�?~?in a it a i nerve by an. A mail or Home treat me and method of Tomta at to 50liate fitted to ree Lre Torr then for Nerv Otu lid Battle Creek methods of tit Hood and skin dismal Praio Omen Pathic Medicine Ford Ellen the patients Balm soothing and Heel in treatment for incipient Causer. A font. Thoroughly Hospital train. I i tilt to of men and i Antitoxin treatment dior consumption. Free of. Canon to take Treani ant Mem our Cuare i to in. You and a Ltd a try Way it it Ltd. Charge. Terms and Arrau Hansrat Are la oof e11atlca�"ocl�� tictu3fuvtuii ,.�d or. F cars not i treatment with our la Lay a Monua. Office hous Sisa and make Arra Rem _ United specialists arbitration tribunal a a it of began sessions today Stu fun May save you Money in More ways i Hail one t y a want and. Men prom leading pow or Hill Bride c00r horse Cut under Surry and Husli cries Depute on a a found harness for Sale. Apply to o. P. Thom land Terri lord. As w-13.4 to Brood mares and their Allf a u of a 300 registered Hereford 1 Lih Hagi h. June first bus cattle. Geo. W. P for Sale 1 mule Colts. The first bus cattle. Geo. Dead Quot in Anet Lier in est session of the arbitration Tribu Texas rial which has been called to Settle Coats Albany Fri. 20-8 differences existing Between the uni huh Good farm horse cheap. Led Sites and great Britain on the Job Youn w24-4 u than a Ila r8h�?~�?~, s pets opened Walteg Atia Itkind team to repair. 1 a fun a the morning in the same tank. Address g. Wolf hoisting route �?�11 it a i which the world peace con. No. I Abilene or Telephone Lei enc held its sessions. Western. I 1 of. Lamas ii of Austria president for Sale to of the court proceedings presided As Fords i Hairian. The proceed hangs of ened wit ii the presentation of the British a ase by sir Romert finial 1 Ani ii and a by a Tore tile sessions of the arbitration Tri j South Jun 2 it head registered Here very Low closing out my Herd head bulls different Ages Range address Geo. Wolf Holsteine no. I. 6-3-2t 15 Breed Abilene Texas j Buna i is former Secretary of state Eli by Root of new York or. Root will make the first presentation of Amor i Ira s Case this afternoon. o a x n Bux cd men to. 0 Law for District attorney Walter l. Morris. Of Albany. Princi the ques Boner had asked if a juror was relay isl in any Way to any of the pals or witnesses in hit Case. Quot i am ii brother in Law of or. Blank one of the was the reply a Ali married his sister then Quot he had. Quot let Tun me ask you now or. Prohibition democrats sign petition for St by Mission there is now in circulation a pet _ Tion asking that the democratic exe a d1�trjct clerk Cuthran committee Jermit the jieojile1 Leake. In the next primary to determine j Hill or. Whether or not they will demand of the Tuller. Legislature through the democratic per county clerk party to submit at a general election w j Young. A constitutional amendment declaring j a Mcdavid. 1 whether or not the Sale of intoxicating her tax assessor c. B. Manly fairer. I liquors shall be sold in this state Iton funded an opinion about in Siar a who had been acting As Johnson retard Quot ii text liar of ii wag. Gave him hic Law s Sec showing of Jeffries mikes Doce 6isp in a dirty Alley just off was an inn kept by a or a a a a a in i one could up on of so a or in a co of to. And every evening a pc Quot lids had duly pined hem a Ion i of w1 mortals a a i Leon ii Sigil. Poi was ies still it duplicate. Mien Hie two men met Aud their my tedious Millne 8wii dividing the some of them into three son they made their might Hare earning of Way a big fighter exhibit Speed lever be and remarkable Yalta lit tones with Cho mkt. More Ilian have ii inn is Sacii fat Etuati Quot Quot a Bis to xxx or Arm extended length wailing or the other lo1 Quot Advance. Then the second inner Van i u i. Claiming no had Umani a Ach,#vm.nt. Tami Iwlew. A Ken Neil we a and that nothing flirt Lier was Imsessa-v but to shake hands and a a. Lolled. Lots a toward a i a the guilt or innocence of this defend ant Quot i a i Quot a a it opinion or is it on that could be Chang by evidence Quot Quot it could la changed if the evidence were Strong enough Quot Quot then you would not Call it a definite Sofii Ilion Quot Quot it is it vague opinion then Quot Quot now. Or. Juror follow me closet. If you please. You say your opinion is a vague one and not definitely fixed now. Then. Of that is the Case and you went into that jury to and listened to the evidence adduced from that witness stand arum heard the Law sex mud cd by the judge from that Bench would it not impossible for you to lax aside that opinion and con or Iii a verdict warranted by the evidence and Hie in styx huns of the court Acoma to me that it is the duty of All. Good prohibitionists to join in this 1 move and give it. Our undivided support. Or. Colquitt is now making the i Barge that the pros even admit by this move that the instruction of two is not binding at thin time j us show i nit Liat it is the wll i John regans or. John Milliken. R. A. Dick Hart. I of or tax collector t. W Clark. Baylor Crawford. S. S. Harris. J. W. Christopher. Will t. Berry. Liu Gness of the pros to give their of Wnenta another Chance on has tines j or a to Iff Taylor county i Tion. And we must write the instruct j v Cunningham Tion in the next platform so Clear and j c. Weir so Broad that even Colquitt can see it j and feel bound by its terms. I i or county treasurer not believe that even the people of this state will elect any Man to any office much less elect Colquitt governor unless he will he bound by the party instructions. If we write the demand in the next platform and or. Colquitt says that he will not be bound by the instruction written therein under what obligations Are the democrats of Texas to vote for him at the general election ? for county attorney e in Overshiner for county judge t. A Bledsoe for county supt of school. E. V. White. Man tire in in Camp Bowar Denn an. Ben . Cal., june 6�?speed, cleverness and remarkable Reserve were shown by Jeffries yesterday causing Surprise among the visitors who witnessed the workout. The ease with which Jeffries handled Joe Hoynski himself and lids recalls the occasion when lieu Sliaut Randolph Ridgely of our army while in i mexican War was i sought by iwo Young officers xxx to had i quarrelled Aud each of xxx limn Xvi Nins the lieutenant for his second i xxx a finally arranged thai in should net a seism i for lad ii. On i Field xxx Here the adversaries were armed Xxiii shotguns Ridgely measured off no. A very grog 1 a Xmas not Only the firs to pre dict correctly the urn of i Contd Flint which is now known by his name Bill also Lief ire Newton had ids results to any one Hie attorney having received the i Hope that in View of the fact that l same answer to his Long question As j this matter is now being agitated and Justice of the pm cd or no. I to his Short one. Is a Erfe Ohy so a Iii a t we Are trying to rewrite this demand 1 a a r0b throws a triumphant look at i sin the next platform that Al democrats i it a pub Law Ber that Are interested in this move will we Poss. And a stiff fast and scientific Boxer brought Ren Palt a and i iced them respect expressions of astonishment from All vat Kwo a a Rigi us cocked his own sides. Jeffries simply toyed with his Volver an it Quot in my i that he would Frainer for four rounds then Sallek be 1,11 to Quot order himself Aud in his immune. Arrive i it conclusion that the attraction a i gravitation probably varied inversely As the Square of the distance hit these Aud other important achime inputs of his Are xxx Ell known it. To have been forgotten that Halle Vised a method of determining the a. Of the Ocean from chemical denials Hon. Or. To. F. Becker in scieme j colleague which says. Quot i knew i could i get it out of him if i kept at him inn it. A it. Enough."8 the run it la affied support and Here is another astonishing celtic <3pniand a Nai Rita so Ilion a i in took la. St for Quot a doubt Tlle and lne film a of that instruction. Yours etc., Dallas Scarborough. Chairman of the executive committee Bito him and with a succession of Quot partly placed punches had Hoynski Froggy. Corbett was among the spectators. Pompadour Jim a laughed and nodded his head As the bout went own Way Aud that he xxx mid shed Down whichever of his principals Dis obeyed him Iii i slightest particular in Hen came Ila orders. Or Delhi brately uttered Quot present Arm Quot Quot car on try in so a a shoulder Ann Quot a take advice to Jeffries and slapping Quot him a 1 lev Quot a Kaim amt on the Back when he left the Rinc trailed almost breathlessly for mum Jeffries himself seemed highly less 1 a i Quot no Mma slut ,1,v Quot pro with his showing and Hook Chon a ski warmly by the hand it a 1arms. A Quot a Arry arms Quot 1 a or arms. Quot right about face Quot front Tommy know. Leacher addressing class the copyist i a 1 11 i i m 1 ii a Sou who exerts Biti j self to Good to his fellow now. If i were wealthy children agave Money freely to All need and no i fortunate who asked my Aid i ,1 pea she broke off abruptly to Point a 1boy in the lass j a a what would j asked i Quot a cinch change. In a Wile uniform xvii ii brass i int ton around his ult xxx a is rapped a changer. The examining attorney looked at him Long Anil searchingly and then said in a tone which admitted of no training Quot ton Are a Street car conductor Quot it was the same attorney who forced his confession from another juror a what is your i Pillion Quot Quot i m a Toto keeper for Blank a co Quot Quot you keep la Kuks in the office Quot unmasked the bookkeeper broke Down Aud made a clean breast of i g. W. Nichols. For county commissioner precinct i Max f. Fischer m. C. Lambeth. Cone Johnson club for commissioner precinct 3, Ben f. Jones. J. W. Rogers Iberia s. E. Adcock. One Hundred and Fri a Tkv a officers at Carp a but i Austin june a a a one Hundred and a Quot Newton Al ppr to to am Oil tvo pm ii. Wiston a it a Fouteen officers from All parts of the i la. Tommy Ash shouted Tommy. Sex j state Are attending Camp instructions j at c amp Mayrv which began this morn i ing. Major \ e. Renter of the Twenty third United states infantry so a Quot fifty six How Long have you resided in this w. E. De Hall gland Allen of mood Yville is in the Ray to attend the Simmon colies commencement exercises. Allen is an old Simmons student and has been teach in school at mood Yville. Next year he who he principal of the High school at Skota. They Quot Forward recognize a cont mantis Given in deadly Earnest and knew Hilt it would he instantly fatal ,0 Reiswi he Kepi them marching till hic reached his tent. There he Hatm Bein and had them stand i Para rest till they bad los cued it a in a a a i ii a 7 . 7 on tie of Quot a Quot dwelling which in airs. W. L. Blackburn formerly miss Criado heir ears ring flit to. Unn in the City from okla so bus dose of rebuke xxx in. F. Homa City visiting her parents or. And w it ads of Praise for the Soldier co mrs t. P. Arnold. Or. And mrs. A shown in facing each a a no recently returned from an sex. It in s Ltd tit flinching am tended visit to relatives in Oklahoma we it of not to to for of or Paris and other Points. That York pest the cure. Item there u a certain von aged deeply interested in me. And xxx bile like her you know. Still i Nexer Chi love her. I want to put an end to i Xvi Thorn breaking the poor girl1 in a. Can you suggest any plan she von cull there often to no. In Ieti not any oftener i t i can possibly help. She fall oftener. State Quot fifteen Quot then you were not let oru Here Quot the trapped Man admitted the truth Here is another Quot were you is in in Missouri Quot Quot no. Quot of i see. Then you moved Here front some other Aud then in a a Sconie Home done to delay the court Quot tone of voice Quot where did you Coni i from Quot i Quot the Lea go 111. Quot Kansas City Tim Gainesville opera House Bowder to hear Johnson i j Gainesville. Jnue Cone John j son. Candidate for democratic Nomina 1 lion for governor of Texas an Ive 1 j Here this morning fill rus no tone 1 engagement to address the voters of this place. Before two of clock the hour or ukr comes my control Oil oui Oklahoma on my enter Combine which who control 30,000 barrels Dally. I set for his speech the opera House was crowded the audience including Manx Ladi s mrs. What did a moan Benham death is the Deb xxx owe to nature. Benham Natl not Send our her Bills often enough new York press. Unhappy Man Quot yes. My old Friend. I have been the victim of misfortune in All my love affairs. My first sweetheart died. The second jilted me Aud the third became my wife Quot h. A s. A. Railroad wants to isme new set of Bon of Austin. Jne a the Harrisburg a san Antonio railway a part of the Southern Pacific system today filed a. K a Sas City june 6�?according to an announcement made today by Thomas priestly of Bartlesville Oklahoma. Practically All details have been perfected for the merger of Twenty Large Oil producing companies in the Oklahoma Field into one Large company which will own its and pipe lines. The states that the Large refineries announcement company will i plication Here for a new valuation for control the output of Twenty a Par of the. Victoria. Galveston of. Barrels of of i a a a z z we quote vision for the no move of Sauine so it a a a s tears Are often the Telescope the rom i which men see far into heaven Beecher. Five million in Bonds the older valuations will prevail. The division on i which the Bonds were proposed to j issued is about three Hundred and sixty i Miles in length. The companies interested produce that much. Priestly who is authority for the announcement of the merger is a Stock to Der in one of the largest Campania entering the compact

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