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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1910, Page 7

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - June 7, 1910, Abilene, Texas Re it. K. E. Ii Idson preached i St Koso Sermon to Simmons College classes Rev. 0. Boone at night Paster first Baptist churl Wichita Falls preached missionary Mer Mon to congregation of a rent numbers Semi weekly farm reporter. The sat. Jockl 7f j Glt of a of word Tel cos re Jit of other the a poor Tunny of bringing i pared for these various places. God s we and 11 in the spirit gives to this Man the ability to do the delicate engraving to this the ability to a a students i plead Hen is on the Page seven to at the pit St Baptist Church sunday morning june 5, at eleven of clock Rev m. E. Hudson pastor of the first Baptist Church of Sweetwater preached the baccalaureate Sermon of Simmons College to a Large congregation the Bouse being filled to overflowing. The music for the occasion was furnished by the Simmons music students and was enjoyed by All present. Air. Hudson read As a scripture lesson the third chapter of galatians after which mrs. Will a. Rox Beautiful Solo. Heart of the believer. My Christian friends do you hesitate to give it out one then you have not been faithful. It is wih gods ,�?T1�ihat a save it sha1 Quot Ltd a Ive your live Oll to ? it t of a a pm matters not wha he does with the throne when a to. Life. If god directs it it Snail h9alf 18 of the lllr0�?o i failure no matter How hum tie t s t ro85 the Quot is a a lie no Drifting in god s Elan to sentiment Llott which Wilt die unless locate Quot Cef Rit so i it Why t a a a Shat he willing a a a do god s comma Quot is us Quot Tath with chm w How glorious were the words of the pm k n but the a we apostle Paul i am read to be offend to a it on Verink Chireh ran a it la but before part could but full z it 1� to what r8t is a say these words Back yonder at Fern i 11 realm a Man my it work Salem Paul must feel that he could do n0"u hat up ritual rest Means rot his people. Did j of Ever think of i Joy pm t ? a 4r,k late a in it a the last words of Issue tis lie died on of to a i a fort a a a ocl service Hnis hed a,?.l, it have tried j. Money to loan on improved farms and ranches. Resident inspector enables us to make immediate inspections t t t ? r t v t v a f a x the Cross a it is else Ever said that no Man to do the masters will. Sacrifice incur lives to him we 8p,f a grand a it. The life proximate that glorious life. Of that live it the tu8hed 0ut flu never we would put our lacs in god s hand Ute life that Squall 6 for him to do with us As he wills count most. Again god commend eth this love in the purpose that he gives to our lives. Make your purpose High. God will re Sang a m r r or a rate a Viz a Hist three verses Quot now the tar had said unto Abram get thee out of thy country and from the Kindred and from thy fathers House unto a land that i will show thee. And i will make of thee a great nation and i will bless thee and make thy name great and thou Shalt be a Blessing and i will bless them that bless thee and him that cur Seth thee. Abraham taking his eyes off gods leadership went Down into Egypt fell j into sin and got away from god. But is a him As he comes Back and goes Toj Quot you he cd Amend eth his love to i the place where he first built an altar i s the Reward that he offers. My Ito god and re consecrates himself to t i 0ugllt is that that Reward is em-1 m.ij., ,h1. T a a gods service. And god comes again in the a in is of souls. My tit i Vail to to him and directs his life. It is not Young mends you go out to Battle Safe for us to go where god does not i Quot the Hofei problem sat i realities i beg direct. It is not Safe to take one step i a a a us exam Slif a this love by winning without gods presence. My Oles this souls Obj that we might have the passion of the Young Man who is your life today you place your going in his hand. The 1,8 1 be a wrecked in in awful storm on f rank. It it of the Farmers in Iii United states Bond amp mortgage co i y 0. Do ads j. R. Thompson jr., my a. Bug % use wed. My plea this you give i a a a a and that you the lives of Fourton people a Haj pubic thursday president w. T to frn unite reduction in Tariff. Port Worth june 2�?-in a letter and curse in thee there is a legend of a great a Cutre which was admired by everyone who saw it the delicate colors could not be duplicated. When asked where he secured them the great artist would Only smile and make no answer. At last the Beautiful picture was finished and its Side. The shores of Lake Michigan. As he or was warns members of the or Lay utterly exhausted and delirious Sani Zatis a against influences which he he would cry a Jack did i do my its a trying to offset the work might i not have saved one More a of Tbs it Union in securing a reduction my Young men and women there Are in 0iton freight rates. Vessels or eked on every hand. What or Loudermilk quotes to the will you do which plan will von Railroad comm Slot tuition. Stat Hie following Pellet de or. Hudson said in part it is interesting instructive and sometimes very staining to Trace Back to their sources the influences that Are Blessing or cursing the world. There is not an idea today but that its note was struck first in the years Long ago. Perhaps it is not amiss to a there is not an evil but can be traced Back to some life Iii the past All who have Ever lived live yet. No Lite has Ever gone out. The Battles of the coming Century Are decided in this Day. No life ends with this life. The Good and the evil lift go on and on and the Story of each w ill be told Only on the Banks of eternity. Just the other Day i was called to my Telephone and the sobs of a broken hearted Mother told of tile deep grief Over a wayward son. At Oue i went to Hunt the son and the father. I asked the father if he Ever drank and he Aid no. J asked if his father had a a Eon a drunkard and he told me no. I asked it anywhere la his family there and been a drunkard and he said no. But said he. The boys Grandfather on his mothers Side and the. Boys Uncle were drunkards. Friends you May say what you will but i Tell you As sure As rid lives this Mother a reaping in the life of her boy the evils in the lives of his Grandfather and his Anele. And the urges and smiles of this evil shall rest upon that family until Hist shall come again. Just Here i am reminded of a Story which i read Iii the newspapers a few Days ago of a family which came from As utterly abandoned woman. In this family there were some nine Hundred descendants almost All of whom the artist was found dead by its Side of a a Ani that you May choose ban re Aam. A it a or he it a Quot a 1 Quot a Quot Quot ,n&Quot"r8 Quot a a wound which had been frequent. I 1,1 a Wii mass t exas As in opened was Over his heart. His life j Rishi Eljo Ted. To was from that Section the strongest blood had been Given that the delicate i Quot Nius Ait a the night services was opposition came when the reduction colors and the Beautiful picture might trn red by the Mission band of Sim. Of Cott it it a freight rates was being con w a was a picture im0n cd urge and was his a enjoyed 8k shall \ j which he says is being circulated it is understood that the petition had its origin in Northeast Texas it was from that Section the National Bank of Abilene Texas at the close of business Marh 2�, 1910 be made possible. It consecrated in blood. Lives and mine be if of our lives masterpieces. Bluit everybody of Gilt to know. Side red by the commission a while we feel satisfied that let Jesus jtu.,7� 1 11,1 what you deemed b08t in declaring Rule and direct them. God give it to a kidney pills contain just that you would reduce the Cotton you and me to know him Ami to make in Redenta necessary to tone freight rate in Texas we Are convince a a of in and regulate the action of gtd that such a reduction will not Bonete kidneys and bladder. Metamora fit the Farmers of Texas and we desire the night w ass run t0 flip or ,otp8t against your action i he night Sermon. And ask that you give your influence at eight thirty o clock sunday night latest co Iii by nation to Quot Ard aiding the Farmers of Texas hey. I. Boon pastor of the first i Ontarl Sace. To secure reasonable interstate freight Baptist Church of Wichita f alls. Preach rates which we Are compelled to have pm Hie annual missionary Sermon of i a wooden Cane that in a twinkling in ord8r reach outside is Union. College at the first Baptist a or More accurately speaking a president Tauder milk a statement it j Church Abilene in a Ero Deri Hnz pc. F a practical urn i 1 0 not by deceived by those who Are opposed to the principles of the us the sum a crowded House a tract or Boone read fools scripture lesson i 8t add Ltd in to. Olla i is Lith with Chainer and chose As a tex.,Mpr Man 8 Wardry be. Of the now for 8 Nunn and a a or of put a it ans 5 and 8. But Tod command-15 i a re Cap of the 70s led a of 0�?�8 88j8 shown in a his love toward us in that while d How much a Ore 8<> does in �1�w t Ink Rirs Ula cd. Were yet sinners Christ died for Thil new rain Cane which is not at All Brethren i want to warn y portions As is shown in a put tuition on t a iat romans eth a a re 101 whet it scorns to he on Tho outald7 Quot a 7 tales in Tho in on it there or. Boone said in part i11"�?T Tirb by relied umbrella with a pay n7atteninn Virv this hour is set apart Tor the a Quot till Ltd it when we pm a the a renter that May be aeration of what in eaten mean to the threatening that is world. Certainly it is an Hou Rof great Ai nation of the rain canc. Moment. I speak out of rpm heart Fo-18vn a Quot to a a a sible cover of tub night when i say if clod would rail out i a 8pctlons Silipa Over the silk and 136.600.00 16.500.00 Reso or is.oans and discounts $418,382,32 Bank bldg and fix. 11,500.00 v. S Bonds and premiums. Other Bonds Cash due from u. S treas 5,100.00 due from Banks and in vault. 192,539.61 Bills of sex. 101.314 46 288,363.97 total .$�91,736.29 $100,000.00. 86.141,95 100,000.00 none Bia by bit i is pm pita. Surplus and profits cirt Slatton. Re discounts. Rills in Avable. None other borrowed Money. None deposits individual. .507,737 04 Baak. M.225 91 a a s 1,000 00 aah. Checks 12.640.49 605,594.34 total $891,716.29 the above statement is Correct Henri James cashier of this audience some Young Man or �dt0 the 8,Lver 1, and woman to go out and preach his un-1 u Dtra Correct walking Stiko sear Chable riches to benighted Laud i thank him i Ltd a allowing me to i via Spak to Jot. L. A kidney remedy May be gov children with admirable results Hilts a help some one of a s kidney remedy mar i i in juror pose to a m,1 s Quot of a Emu. Nil nor his Loo. A tax. A a mud Ai a were i it a meals and a Large number of then murderers. The family no he a love it will move us. La studying his word w e find that god so Lov gtd that he the family Cost the stat la which it lived Over three millions of dollars. The Man who had interested himself in tracing the family history found that ail could be traced balk to tee influences of the abandoned life of this woman. The results of that evil Ike Wil go on cursing and lighting throughout the Ages Aud until Christ shall come again. The scientists Tell us that we cannot a Ven move a Finger without starting in a action a wave that will touch the whores of the further est land when i think and contemplate that i cannot a All Back one act How careful it should make me live. Look at Abraham and hear god say i will bless you. Those who bless you i will mess. And those who curse Yon i will curse. How much the life of this Man has meant to the world suppose Abra world. Certainly we would approach this subject with the deepest sense of our great need. I feel like crying in the words of the scripture holy holy tar god almighty first i wish to bodes the Subjo under the heading of the Energy n Tave. When we get the vision of gods a commended for use and Scarlet fever. Drug co. Aft r measles my j Emore i ass Ara unum of bum of i. 0. % pm uni mind i Quot Iii Rase i Art in appropriate sir to cedi in be meter of Abi it the. Orta Only in i i a word there Cines radiating out in All the great love that god had Tui us in giving his Only son to Day for us and god s love came to this world when it was unlovable it it a Kmitt t0 me to think that god knows and loves us All individually. I inn he takes account of our it a. Mainly right Here is the j word be celebrated bund a with pow. 1 that sends out to for. I read neg and appropriate exercises a my lands the Young lady or the Young ithe an a decoration services As Well Man who go to preach and Tell of is he unveiling ceremony will b. In christs love. Not Only did he love to Rudd in that a program the thought of us Bat to Ive for us j�?�0 Are to get unveiled god looked on the . It uses the tvs tie a anniversary Lone amp no. 136 sent you that is one not signed offi Dally and the Seal at Cut cached by the state Headquarters and again i would warn you to not Send your local officials address to anyone a there Are applications Beme made to the state Secretary for lists of the local secretaries and they being turned Down and you May exl it act that efforts will it Ltd made in Otner ways to get these addresses. Now my Brethren you will ret Neni per that Tho state officials were instructed by a unanimous vote of the Tate Union in regular session to ask fat a reduction in freight rates on cot Tou and this was endorsed by thousands of members of the Union through their petitions and you will also remember that the great Battle hat was fought by your state officials at Austin to carry out the expressed will of the membership and gained a factory to the extent of saying to the Farmers of Texas from $760,000 to a a too annually in the face of All opposition even in and outside of the ranks of our la loved order then How under heavens name eau you expect your Wood men of the a tap a by class without your Hearty cooperation which we feel sure we will ref Ain 1 to Ever overcome the efforts of the trusts and combines who Are not Only using their influence but then three Monu Quot Quot Hev a,h0 and in conjunction therewith the influence of a few members a Jav practical raugh0ns Bam had not followed the Call of god. A lot rack Home. I cannot find the because he followed god All the bless Mirage to gather up the Little articles redone of a win be conducted by the entire of he armers Union wino did ail n s jewels and sent Bim Yea ast ode guember shop with w. J Yourn i her nth or Power to defeat the will Quot a a for 11, a h. P. Gods Zzz it Quot it a re help during Cotton a one time ago i met a woman who i t0 be in charge. A the hearing at Austin last had lost her child. She said a i can Ings we. Have through Jesus have come through him. And so we find that the blessed life is followed with Good As the evil with evil. A life to amount to the most must heed god s Call and face out. No per. Of my child Ami put them but every february More Bankers endorse Draughon s run a in cow. 37 a loll Cees n j. To Quot 1�?od or Quot Quot h a a p.,ii in to a ung Yafim of i i ions of a Curt a i a it a Hui a. Cortege. By Quot All 7insm& stam.�?~s2 combing a is intents the committee has Issue. The follow-1 Brethren with whom will you co to farce operate will you co operate with All members Abilene Camp no 136 for 8tat 1 officials who Are Active finally two Arp req rusted to meet at Tim the Dib bawl of every duty imposed of so loved us that he gave Bis Only 1 at two 0c,0fk a unday afternoon Quot a Ulm but the membership of err son abandoned his own. It is but a a Short service win to to Greit to convention or will you co faint illustration we have in Abraham a he item Tryr where the services will j opera tfx with the 8� Are now seek As we see him leaving hrs it country and out a ritualistic order. No to pm do the Force of your sex going to a country unknown to him of j a Ai rilsbin8 members of the order Ppd a mentions and leave us strip son can be cradled and fumbled and be he Lov it of god in giving Christ to diet he ubic Are word daily invited top a of benefits we have secured great. God said to Abraham getaway 0r us attend. In the. Til ?.retttnat,0d i be next thought to Whit h i wish j. Esus says Lake up thy Cross and Fol Call your attention Low me. No life can be great until ii learns to blot out self. In a great Art gallery i saw a picture illustrating the words of Victor Hugo i feel two natures striving with in As i is the extremity of this love. To what limit did this love go we certainly have the extremist in Jesus on the Erose the cry i of Jesus a a my god. My god Why Hast thou forsaken me a Here we find be w. Young t. A. , f. Goss ii in the discharge of the duties placed Sopon a Quot by >011? a fraternally a a a. T. Loudermilk a looked i said that my. Sue going to the very Depths for glad to recommend them Mel Weakley Kokomo lady says Ltd ared into hound health. Or b. F. Kelley Springfield 111, Money Money we have plenty of it at 8 percent interest and we Cive the Best contract Ever offered with the privilege of paying or not paying. M a e. Muir Abilene Texas Des Texas ranches Dent Section ranch can be had in Fol. 11,1111 8 by a sin a a a fld Lor tells in a thu 1. I m a i w adm. Quot it i a a a a a five do Liiri us z Tratter How Low my Ore a Awin to a a Joned a by is a a in a to Zzz it a Eert tons Natur i Ltd a a it -.rn. I St re a Quot a nuke w a ice. After taking Foley klan pair Ali armm Quot a a a i be Quot a in a Quot Bill Quot i we it la a , , fn�u1 li�?~,, Alvy y the Troah Teh wok. 1. And preside at to-.,. To and he a to a paso to a a his hands Tho baser self shall be certainly Jesus went to Tea Depths my badder no longer pained put own. Rhe sin of the Ages is Sel when to was separated from his divine amp a 8hul to recommend Foley Ito dem i know this a a common a place father. Did you Ever cry to the. Dark a Kaye hut a Core a we live god sex Houra of sorrow of god Why has this ,1k co. a pm Hub been sent spin a pm a a. Vim it alarmed at Ray condition i suffered also with Dull heavy headaches and the action of my bladder was annoying a by painful. I read of Foley kidney Hus and after taking them a few rend stamped envelope for reply. Send _ a m r Hawkins a we pcs headaches left me the a what god wants you to do think a a a a 2? a a Mal. Fir in a it a a to n i on la night for his Home. Was free of All Tagore base drug co. $1.50 for Blu print map of each coun hash his Cotton Pai ii v to. Must be lived on. Ii Cunnin i knitted i 4h leptin Bam Austin exas. May 31-ij Jun 4 the Waco a Otto Quot Quot phial a Ilia us a. Us a. . Amy. Zyx la a a or ask Otto Ilia ii were sum fitted by Roy Hon of Forner president of to Quot a Kan p Herbert of this i a Venitt dead at so Law pts a Here this of Waco. J.,us 4 a it Patch a Tito Cukr hit ? Fotz Are Hundred feet in length shows whether we should he merchant Quot i Hrgon this month. If reset vet. She will visit Young Prather was prominent Herr. A ump Iopal y i socially end la Busto Esa. Bel., fmi.1 a a Quot a covered fro. I rarest attack of appendicitis

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