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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1910, Page 6

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - June 7, 1910, Abilene, Texas F. Ii. Sefl Weeter staff Espoo dam nods talks of kops feral a yest Texas. Dallas conditions flattering id ii Quot i Ria i a rat Ltd be. Kea a it Ofha Elf lint Prosperity store for pro pie of lower Panhandle and Southwest Texas Quot a Ted with satisfaction was Manv or a hards pioneers planted fifteen or More years ago by ranchers and still yielding with All the vim youth. That proves the crop i think a i Here formers a Alid Farmers. A or. Briggs showed that what he had seen had not blinded him to what he might have seen by placing the Farmers of Texas As a class unsatisfactory Light with the banners of Iowa Indiana and other Middle Western states. There is one thing Texas Farmers should learn and learn now Quot he cont rented. And it is the one most nor taut Factor their lives plow deep they should make those two words we a a a Jam to. Joe 7, a Vallet View hokes of j. S. Bransford and Hev. George h. Morrison i Dere destroyed. Mire it Chuse do you open your Mouth a surprised Man a a most agreeably surprised a fitting sobriquet Tor f a Briggs staff correspondent Tor the Dallas new Industrial writer Aud student of agricultural conditions who is making a tour of Northwest Texas including the Panhandle Centra West Texas and Western Texas proper for the aforesaid newspaper. Or. Briggs arrived shortly before noon saturday from Anson the Wichita Valley southbound passenger considerably delayed. He left the evening Texas a Pacific westbound for Sweetwater to spend sunday. Mgt Mission your country a be said. During the course of his pleasant visit to the reporter a is to study your crops your crop makers your rainfall the Mettle of your people and the ability of your soil to make under favourable conditions Ami to port my observations to the mews. The entire trip has been a revelation. Texas is a wonderful state and Northwest and Central West Texas its most wonderful parts. Although i fed this Section comparatively its infancy agricultural Way i Ani also forced to accept the astonishing i Diana. Illinois and Minnesota and watched banners plow from ten to twelve inches deep. If the Ramies or Texas would plow even five to six and so Ven inches with their Superior soil they would attain such results As would Surprise themselves More than anyone a or. Briggs Hopes to be Able through the permission of his employees to attend the sessions of the Piess association at Stamford from june s toll. And the meantime to gain a closer acquaintance with Abilene i which City lie says looks Good to him Hasty inspection. A Ted flumes to great velocity meagre water pressure Hail. A capped department. What was feared for a time would prove one or the most destructive fires the history of Abilene occurred Between nine and ten o clock last night the East end of Valley View addition. Two Homes the residences of a a. S. Bransford. Rural mail Carrier the Buffalo Gap route and Rev. Geo h Morrison pastor or the first Christian Church were completely destroyed and the Home of a. \ Stevens suffered minor damages from fire and water the loss is estimated at six thousand dollars with or. Branson the heavier to re Dallas own with the older and More thickly settled sections of the state even going them a Little better. To people who have never visited Northwest and fral most Texas and studied their resources and possibilities such a trip would be a Liberal education. A i will admit that when i left dal Lyde for fit shipments very loser his Home Worth three fruit shipments have been heavy Dor a ii Vas and with ing the past week but insufficient Urnita the had two thous Supply the demand. Berry shipments a Susan Ltd a the Home a by ar., holding won. I h �rh0ld. Or Mort a 0 re a very by and ,b0 my is Crne ral h. Of major la of la Quot a it Iii it it furniture wag dragged to safety. He was also insured. The flames originated the Branson d Home. A lamp the dining room exploded and As the windows and j doors were open to allow a sweeping to 1 l0tvhavn free aooes8 through the House the flames spread with dam aging rapidity. So swiftly did the lire take a hold that the family Burely reached the Street leaving behind All their valuables. From the first the Morrison Home which Lay close to the Bransford Horn new cron1j/ Troon Walt was Only a question of How Nim ii furniture could be saved Illig men and boys ransacked the Bouse threw out chairs tables and pre Biko few Dunn go a Iron gulp Down we Tever for a or Medicine May i i a do want to know something of the com whether at Foo d of Maxine a you a nth your Straach us sett amp to ass a rxir1 or. Pierce believes they have a perfect right to insist upon such knowledge. So he publishes broadcast and each bottle wrapper what his medicines of and verifies it under oath. This he feels he afford to do because the More the ingredients of his medicines made studied and under St More will their Superior curative Virtues be App Fen the cure of woman a Peculiar weakness and depart ments Omna Ria a a headache backache dragline Down a jew d tar if5� fre tent or. Pierces favorite press Fotion a by amp Tot giving strength to nursing no amp Jund ass Barin Quot cd a a a a y act be. Tor baby a Comino thus a expectant Mother verite painless. The a Efu the organs distinctly a Mac v sgt Stem and to Ine and cures nervous tax ution Skouse feet i so a the Quot rating Nerv or St. Vitus a dance a Izro Vojt rotation neuralgia hysteria spasms Chorea and organic diseases of the do fax ans Quot 0"8 up0&Quot of no tip of the several int regents has a 3e\? schools of practice recommend each diseases Lreh cd tidaimedc0&Quot for the cure of the sending a Bostal,r,1 med to he. A cure a a May read what they say for yourself by to or. R v Pierce invalids h a l�?T.0 let Ofey facts from the leading authorities come to Vou by Quot a Quot he Tel and sur Socal Buffalo. To and it will i a steady at a fancy Price. Peaches a Jiening Well and of Good size and color Ami the flavor is exceptionally Good for Tim Early fruit therefore the demand for Clyde grown peaches is much greater than the pres ent Supply but by next week it is expected that most orders can be filled. Small consignments of plums and ,,0ftt danger us v Experiment with new or but slightly tested the if Stonate a a just As Good Quot or better than a favorite substitute is Madeo dishonest dealer sometimes insists that he knows what the profane know what taking into Murr Quot decide do for interest that should to him its Only a d,,.l t stomach and system expecting it to act As a curative. Verite prescription. A a of or Quot or therefor it insist Baing or. Pierces a common Medici advised s&."s0n-a-,? copy of or Pierc a a conclusion that you holding your apr cots have been made during Tho past Tea Days but now under the favourable weather conditions these ship neats will a Oon be very heavy the demand for fresh vegetables is Good i All through the West and onions being shipped As far West As paso with the demand steady other vegetables a now plentiful. Cun a i it ii to a Las i bad a sneaking notion that much a us the 8hipnicnts very sati Facto t0 i heres a j passed that of the wonderful West were fakes and by make believes circulated by Indus tote Mihest Price paid Tor Dewber Tri mjg and not Over scrupulous land he ii a Sartar heti Here agents. But. Gentlemen not the half rav Wick when local dealers paid fsr \ Quot a ask re a pm Puon. Cd nag i pass them Isott vah. $2.10 per Sim i. Or efforts trip Stevens them through windows but Organ the Northeast room was destroyed firemen seeing that the Morri As said i pass through your country and see growing crops eve oriednlfw0, he vol not Kex Aming trial of Oxley r Oded by immigrants not Only from other offer parts of Texas hut from plates. Trop better thin Duk. Sory to burglary was held yesterday immeasurably afternoon at three o clock before jus $2.10 per crate a Clyde Sun. I 7 ice a. ,pffort8 i additional hoses were Laid Lin. Ill finally cd Lief Clinton had seventeen Well ills heu i the. i lie examining trial of Conley pow however that the chief had theal charged with burglary and acres Mal Hose chem ought into play. Ting reality saved the Stevens House. Millis the fire raged at its fiercest a crap outlooks brighter than this time a year ago we of the peace h. Rob Keebie. Coun Point a cry went unthflt7hpl�a7 ,?1. Rains have fallen at oppor f v attorney Overshiner represented the j hams Home North of or it rime tunes there has been Little or no and w i Scarborough the de Abilene attorney spoke interest of a Adirine for governor of William Poindexter. M. J. Cunnin Grant esq., ardent Davis being observed today i supporter of judge William Pondex a new Orleans la., june birthday states fit. J a re distinguished service. He entered Tho to. Returned saturday after not o ver i a get Brates throughout the amp South toda7 tubes Ern a a Peri tax its Larery the Abilene amp Southern railway from a a x us Ana the Daji 18 set apart As a and states rights Controvert Ivan i. Volo whelp at three o clock Day. It is a was Secretary of War during Pierre spoke the interest of the let 11 a Flo Ida Georgia Alabama administration and while holding this governor of die Cle a a. Is is up a a a has South Carolina and position introduced several marked Hoenec Istavan a Learl v a Quot i,r0veinents id tactics nose states among Ofine Artiom j can hear out Pendant. At the conclusion of the hear ing the Justice offered the defendant v250 Bond two cases which the latter failed to make and was remanded Frost and Small Hail no insect pests Sud All conditions Point to a prosperous and bumper year 1910. I air you some statistics to Ray assertion. Last year these Bito the custody of the sheriff. A i a i ions i Ana citing the most hed burglary occurred conservative estimates the wheat May 14. Various articles of Staple and crop did not exceed average or fancy groceries being taken from the a 1-10 bushels to the acre. Corn made store of Shannon company East of about is bushels to the acre Oats it i the Post office. And other crops proportion. Now j contrast that somewhat do Shear toning a alternate to this year s prospective1 yield. We find careful study that Oats will probably make 45 to the acre. Corn i. Simi place was proprietors of Majestic have ii ought Oft vex Doke according to a Well authenticated Manor the vendome open air theatre located at Corner fourth and Pine streets was sold yesterday afternoon of or. Stevens afire. Women assisted removing the furniture to a place of safety until the chief Wise of assured the family that he had the fire under control. One of the largest crowds that Ever witnessed a conflagration Abilene flocked to the scene from All quarters for the most part turning themselves into Volunteer firemen. Day he candidacy for Bine Jurist. Or. Unningham spoke the Odd 11 lows Hall which was crowded Many people were forced to either stand up or sit the floor. He was Given Clos attention throughout his remarks and at times was warmly applauded. Among the Abilene men present Early age we it with his Barents to Hon to principle a Airt was Este Cfall the audience were j. L Mcdavid. Bay pal Villere received his Early anxious racially Lor Crawford t. C. Weir and j. A a. Sun a >atio11 he entered West Point Mil sorrow Nirham when or. Cunningham read tax a a it Ademy graduating 1828, and taken the result of the Straw vote for Dover. 7r 8even y481�?T8 he saw important Mississippi Texas South Carolina and Tennessee and the schools those amies among defense armament and transport Salt us or a Quot a so a a a a 0 i v see a a retired Tom the Senate delivering a a a Sis a slates a rms a or job99s Ksor la a ,�r7atr.m or Early age went with his a rent s 1 and Dev k to mitigate the suffering and caused by the War. He was prisoner soon after the fall of nor a a Abilene the Pplk a 1��y the Forneter. ims be be ame Mottor Quot i Tea Quot a by he slats that a Good rain fell at a co ton plantar and he was elected to it i by the general Antes a of ism Ballinger saturday so hard fact it 1845, where he became general Masty that the Abilene Ihrer amp Southern was de ardent Follower or Calhoun. At the Memphis and missis id it i Dvon v played fifteen minute starting j Mien mint of the mexican War he orelans his ret its run North Eft ingress and entered the contest from new Orleans or. A Unningham will 8ak vr�,.,. J As / n Noel of a regiment performing mond 1893, afternoon at three of clock at Stanton. A ing his last years or. Davis resided to bushels immense and will go from 3ft to 4ft bushels to the acre. Wheat is a Little Short est specially the Eastern portion of the1 mps8r8 sly Ann amp Humphreys own lower Panhandle but will without ors of the maje8t,c and air Donn Thea Donby average is bushels j Des. J he new proprietors of the Ven acreage is incr liked. I have made Public no announce. Quot this rather Low average the face i a Quot it As t0 fun ure plans for tarnishing of existing conditions is made up by a us to met it to the. Patrons of this a a fact that banners have put . Ass of aiuu8ement the a dome was ened Atigh a about six weeks ago by Hefner Brothers and up to the time of the Sale had enjoyed a splendid patronage. Tin creased acreage. Prominent Grain men. Immigration agents of the Rock Island and Santa be Road and Well known it a the to Mac a acreage the pm no a and a a nip wi11 More clan double that of last year i have never so a Alfalfa finer. With increased Reyz a even tier should eve do. S. P. Brooks to address Johnson rally judge i Blanton a prominent supporter of Hon. Cone Johnson candidate for governor the statewide prohibition ticket yesterday stated that or. S. P. Brooks president of Baylor University will be Abilene at the coming Johnson rally and Lune to will deliver address advocating the candidacy of Cone Johnson remains were removed and interred at Rick that of 19a9 by Between ten and fifteen per cent Quot i units the finest Ever attempt to dynamite h of. Road Bridge Mas failure the Alfalfa crop j special to the reporter. Hoi Ston june 4�? attempt was made to dynamite a Small Railroad by Edge just South of this place Early of i f a Quot a Pitter uni a r. Briggs Stop Ted to Light ibis morning but the attempt was Dos 3 r ear t end i i Geri it nto it dose. I overed time to be frustrated. A to. F Cron of the it switch Crew was returning from a i Ping a freight Over a heavy Grade when several boys or men running from the Bridge attracted their attention investigation showed a Large or otitis of Supply of dynamite to which the fuse had not let eff attached stowed under de trestle of the Bridge. Authorities of the opinion that if was the work m boys. The Bridge was owned by the ii. Amp t. A. And Katy roads. Is no pants refile inf a of entry yet a it was Tho inept Ever meaning a of a a it a a a Aoh a of Lime reef re a to Quot at f. Ii. Boone Simmins ankle jumping Over Fence a shortly after one of clock today e. H Boone happened to a very painful but not necessarily serious Accident at his Home Corner of Morgan Avenue and i North second Street. He jumped Over a Low Fence to turn off a hydrant when his foot was twisted and his ankle severely sprained. Or. Hollis who was called states that the injury should give Little trouble. Mixter Day goods company uses Stiel clothes a is the masculine clerk Force of Minter dry goods company was Busy saturday installing six perfecting steel clothes Racks each capable of accommodating one Hundred suits of Coats Vest and trousers. The Racks of Steele with brass trimmings show off to advantage All that is latest menus Toggery and besides give the prospective purchaser a better Opportunity of making astute selection from such a Large Stock. Mrs. Doxey acquitted and Klahre Steo one Days time St l0ui8, june 4�?mrs. Dora Dox. By who was acquitted last night a charge of murdering William Eider was arrested today a warrant is sued St. La it uis county a charge of bigamy. A. R Thompson of Baird was among the visitors the City last night returning to his Home the first get ast bound this morning. Are Erow Urc mine a fact i brooding Over wife a death m i rms a la Farmer to Kem Liff special to the reporter Marshall june 4�?William fan. Cent aged forty five a prominent liar-1 Rison county planter this morning Coni i fitted suicide by shooting himself thru the head with a pistol. Grief Over the recent death of his wife is Given As the cause. The kind you a use for of it Coes up that am More to everything goes into ice costs much than it used to uni less it is made from jell-0 ice Cream powder made from jell-0 ice Der ice Cream does not Uch As it did ten years ago. Poi Reain pow. Be of jell-0 ice cd goes up. Cream made from jell-0 ice powder is the lowest priced Earth. Flavors Vanilla. Strawberry Lemon to curate and Flavoured. Of Brae 2 Ira Paa 25 ornate. Holland s Magazine Frei to daily reporter subscribers the Abilene daily reporter has made arrangement with the publishers of Hollands Magazine whereby a of a enabled to give this excellent mag Axine to those of its readers who will Cal at the office and pay their sub Cyri Poloa Advance for month i Bose subscribers w to have taken and Vail take of the Cash discounts subscriptions or who have received other premiums not eligible under this offer it is for the Benefit of those who soil at the office and pay one month s subscription Advance fall at the office and pay for one month Advance and a copy of Holland s cd m m Mission from court Oyer after three Deeks session it county commissioners court which had been session during the past three week sad Jon i Ned this afternoon having completed All work before it for the term. The last two weeks of the session were devoted to investigating claims for lower assessment of property under the head of equalization work. During this term unusually Large number of school Road and Bridge petitions were considered to. Addition to the regular work of hearing i Suhk ii is insult not Only officers ttc1111 of f�?~0.nty and Egypt but t0 a Quot Hob declare Roosevelt speech am insult to entire world j by associated press urn Eva Switzerland. June 4�?th Young egyptian committee today is sued a violent protest against these Tom eng expressed by Theodore i his speech delivered a the committee declared and Egypt world. Mission elks of Baptist so i i Fly drowned while h thing 4 less Williams by associated press inward Bishop missionaries of Washington c d to american Baptist society were i it Cooper formerly a i Row Ned White sea bathing the Gul from Texas and re Centin u am North of this City this morn j customs appraiser of the York by president Taft. Former Texas Cong he Sumes How act ifs bought Aud which has bore the Sigrun Tux 0f and hag Boon made under i personal supervision sine Itel Lwy. A. "7 b7one do Eivy you til and a just As Good a but jail Ltd danger the heat exper Childr say experience against hat is Castoria the of Rinien text a it. Destroys Worms i j ,. A a to Larrucea and wind d 7 a tech inf to btes cure c,.n, put of a d i Kilt Clericy. It a�sintita4g till food regulates the healthy Aud natural Mee. Lulu leu 84 Tui Assad the Mother s Friend. President i fives Detroit Sheaks at Munroe ton or by associated press i Detroit. Mich. June president j aft left Here for Munroe Michigan at eight of clock this morning. 4.�?sam j ngre8sman appointed j Ort of new arrived Here morning. He Steij the Day i conference with Friend Faud officials i Cooper will assume of his office next Tuff Day. I Hiuer s a a a a a a a a Quot Castoria bears the signature of alway8 i this miss Daisy Hogan of Nubia who by elven von of a a Neely re a of or i pent a week loth. City 0 5 a a at a Quot a. Her Cousin i. Oela Darden a re turned to her Home tile kind you Hare always bought use for Over 30 years. Tit com taut of a a a a to fu.mv1 a titter. New Yonn Orrt

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