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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1910, Page 4

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - June 7, 1910, Abilene, Texas Relentless Price cutting the Abilene dry goods co. Is pressing Forth to the highest Mark of bargain giving Ever reached in this entire Section. 15,000 Price tickets by actual count tells its own Cut Price tale. This is not a Sale to fool the people. The reputation and character of the Abilene dry goods co. Is behind it. We want every Man woman and child to come with the utmost Confidence that they will get More than their Money a Lew a its $50,000 Worth of summer merchandise shoddy shop worn Stu. That can be obtained in we have no special Bai lure and fool the people Sale and those 15,000 big Cut Price is the in with. Tell your frills t Gest Sale event Ever Pulle Cioff d Seible , and hat is Tje Rig sacrificed no butyl the bes Fife Chandise by snark to. A before stated or Lea Stefin this Sale to with. Rio whole store is on Lee tickets each bearing a i of bait we come to you to a tone with you to the Bigin Taylor county. Every item is reduced 25, 35 any 50 per cent \ a a a or a the Abilene dry goods company what we Prat for i Wike and i. We Pray that our children in years that must come May Ever remember the Home of their youth As their a City of Refuge a for world worn hearts their Eden of pleasure their a Castle of truth a the Dearest of Homes that their hearts Ever knew the heaven of memories sacred and Sweet. The holy of holies of innocent love too saintly and sacred for unhallowed feet that truths we shall teach them May enter the heart and Honor be held far More sacred than Gold and that their affections though wandering far May come Home in the end like sheep to the fold and when through the world in the years that must come la poverty plenty or sorrow they Rove they May think of the roof that shelters them now and Ever remember the old Home with love. We Pray that our teachings be holy and pure devoid of the selfish Pride men Ever feel. And when in our closet away from the world. And suing for counsel and guidance we Kneel May god in his mercy enlighten our minds. And and us the vision of tight seeing sight that we through his Wisdom May show them the Road and teach them to follow the pathway of right. To know that we taught them in Honor and truth with Precept and action from head Aud from heart and tried with discretion through mines and love the lessons of Justice and right to impart will bring satisfaction when age shall come on a and we shall be left in the old Home alone. When Only two chairs by the Hearthstone shall sit and All the Sweet laughter of children be gone a Jake a Harrison. Ing Well. Is overwhelmingly dry and has been i is depleted in Plant food. Soil anal a a for Twenty yes. The club number. A a. J drives and played All j h. Harrington living twelve Miles for Twenty years the club numbers a it. We a j South of the City spent sunday and j Bailey and anti Bailey leaders pros 8 a that there is Plant monday in the City and attended the j and Antis. It contains the name of i enough a the soils to meeting of the commercial club which or. A. J. Still sr., an sex Confederate i produce s001 crops. But it is not Tho _ e it. A. Over the Field he joined. B. J. Carter of Winona writes to the Secretary of the commercial club de wi., Ciara Vuki Ruttkie a a a Vuk a. The founder of the town. The Man who in available condition. N �111 it. It a my a l Iii a. It is barn full of Corn and Oats which has been locked up against the hungry horse. The food is there but it is had the first prohibition election or in any precinct in Kaufman siring information regarding the City county and whether a hardware business was the Ladd slander from san Angeloh it it Ray a a a a a is lib i i a tree 8tatin that he would j accusing Colquitt of drinking a bottle i Vetrea Ltd a of the hungry plants. A y 0 3 e Elt of Beer and reflecting on rett Fous a of Cli 15vation makes Plant food that i a i Longview Man spent a Day in the denominations in his Brenham speech 18 a ready in the soil available. City last week Timo Nee. In j i. Una keen Kro in mini a i to cultivate plants properly we the score r Ujj g Houston. G j san Antonio. Q 3 like Al Batter los Rose and Burch Ables and Gantt. Umpire Bly. Navigators still whipped crabs sunday Snapp ily played Janie won by Waco team by score of 2 to i it was pitchers Battle. J it is understood the primary private a ther Worls the Gme has come in j school of miss Sallie Young will con Texas when a a a lean Campaign and an Tine in operation during the summer Appeal to a Telge be is the Only kind months. That will . Night6at.xh Belles a it monday a rigidly enforced hut having xer j a a a a a a pos boric acid. I got i quire quote to in a Rte of a Gal Las construction company As old their rights they Are satisfied j 3kh a line railed As commercial beating Galveston Ita a a and concede to other counties and pre to Liz it a cannot compensate for he. A l up try played be put hurts their Rich to Thuv flip j my. A a a a pm game a big crowd was pres freezes it into humus. Without this decayed vegetable matter we c Annot ex-1 pet Good crops no matter How much vim t Mineral Plant food May be in the soil.1, jul a 6thp navigators con m inc rat nitrogen phosphoric acid. Pot used to in it form in their recently cast Smit Limo of ohm.1 quire winning Way yesterday will be Concrete five sell St Hitti Kes to be raised at Buffalo Gap within few weeks. Khi we injured Coin thermometer registered ilk degrees in Shade wednesday afternoon at the Gap new Bank ready to open its doors by Faix Gap. June 2�?three to five Large Concrete business houses to be built in th1 new town it is said. Have been contracted for by merchants in several towns and work will begin on them within the next thirty Days. The identical location and the plans have been withheld from publication. T. W. Mccormick is moving his Stock of drugs and drug supplies from the old Post office building to his new store in the new town today. The new quarters of this popular druggist Are 36x40 feet. But a few Days of work will be no Pessary for the completion of the Bur ton Ungo lumber company a Sheds and office building which Are the most Beautiful and stable in the entire West. The president manager and two Western local managers came to the City in autos monday to inspect the new Plant. They found everything looking Bright and pretty and have something up their sleeves for the Vale City. The commercial club men monday night at its Halls in the Public school i building to act on the amendment of a i Constitution and by Laws. The matter Vas sifted to a conclusion and a Nice j Constitution has been made w hich w ill i be adopted next monday night. M. G. Jenkins served As president pro tem in the regular presidents absence. A whirlwind Campaign to advertise but to Gap to the whole country will i soon Start and it is believed that the forts put Forth by this great club will be the determining Factor in enlivening he old West Texas landmark. Only a week or two will elapse before the first state Bank of Buffalo Gap Lopen its doors to the Public it is believed that the Bank occupy a race in one of the new store houses temporarily and later a Nice edifice billable for a Good Hank will be constructed. Thermometers in the City registered ld2 in the Shade shortly after two j of clock yesterday afternoon. Heat i Waves were everywhere visible and it i is believed that growing Corn was i badly damaged by the sapping effects j of these Strong dry w kinds. Rain is i being badly needed for Corn. J. A. And a. M. Wright spent wednesday in Abilene on business. Ira Toney is engaged on the Bur sisting in building the Santa be cutoff through this City stil has Rio hts they Are local work to do at this Point. Many men tip a Yelent democrats and Are Are being Given employment Inelus i clan r surrender a Reprez Anta ing a number of sons of Ham 0 amp Overn rent affecting their Caps and Buffalo Gap Are scheduled f n f3r an i leave h to a Platte play a game of baseball on the orm commuter which designing initial Here saturday afternoon and �8ti and a8t.te a Uciana might die me second team and an adjacent town i to i in the first team has sold its to on 18 Quot Quot to Urt a. The second team. ? newspaper controversy nor Hailey Comet is still attracting it Enase 111 abstention of the local people although i of of strife and turmo1- Tach night it grows fainter a some a 1 tt8 cover no 3 thous count for the local heated Days from j v 6 pre Erv Atlon of 1 the Comet. Ipn>8pnt local option Laws the develop-1 Rev shia for. Ii rent of our latest resources the re 1 sunday at the local Church of our slates Iron i Quot 1 a , Quot Lan so a of Mary in a a Justry at Rusk the Divo Cement of in 1 Tami a cultivation of crops i a the Penitentiary from gubernatorial wil1 Liuch he sir. Ari<1 the effects i politics and its control vested in a in Romu Arnt before planting. When Board who must answer to the people tile is a Good condition there for All abuses and Mie a amp nag Ament i 8 nacre of Dom in the selection of j removal of state schools from politics tillage implements. And Liberal support Given All Elee Mosy 1 in again Tea h cultivation pre a ported and they show the following nary instill tons politics Side track pa1es be crop for the next Cultivar cd and All b,.ndr United in developing Ilion there is no ,t1e nor Opp Ortu. Cair resources fostering a Moio i lend by feeling Between All sections of our i great Commonwealth will result in i Many Farmers do not fully appreciate i 8howias that or Tco a gaining bark predate the great value of deep plow -1 8l�un.d to k 8t with the fans by Taing in the fall. The roots of the i up w 1 the season opened. Plants require nourishment and unless f,a?t0�?o a Aye a a error a a a a Quot but they can penetrate the soil and find min .9 ? for �?o0re than 8ix food crops will be Short when we j Jwj Hendrickson was also effect c on Tine a horse to the limits of Al no a a a Short rope he thrives is Ion As Waco a r there is Rood with his Rio act but Galveston. When he has eaten All within his Battel. Re i reach he will suffer. The same Pron i c Gles a Quot a Cipu is he. With plants their Routs cml St by Quot Quot Quot a Quot in a do Quot must have space for food and moist ure. Adequate inter tillage cultivation if 6 Kem Man Figi i s i t Colquitt the Winner Kemp Tex. May 30�?1 took the Dallas news of May 30 Aud tabulated the total results of All Straw vote s Rosary institutions. A a a Lulu Wing Colquitt 493, Poindexter 310, johnson1 ,307, Davidson 130. T lies1 votes were from North East Mest and Central Texas Points classed., a. Placing Texas in the forefront of Amer by h a. Ivy As dry territory and on saturday a Good percent of the voters were banners. These straws lend support to the following deductions first Colquitt is Strong in All sections of the state. Second Poindexter and Johnson Are running neck and neck. Third Davidson is no longer a Factor in the race and is to All practical purposes eliminated and is not even a Remote possibility. Fifth oily for careless work should be frequent. The cultivation kind of til in uni association of organized tomorrow Rev. Of. C. Bishop of rising Star will i Telier address big crowd is expected. A. A a a a it a i m due of Mal red features of the Lage and the implement needed will Simmons College commencement sex depend upon the kinds of soil. The Erci Seg will take place in the College Type age and condition of the plants. \ Chapel tomorrow afternoon beginning we cultivate to conserve moisture to at three of clock. After the graduates bring Plant food within reach of the recital an alumni address will be de Dlante. To Sirp vault fint Lohmaa Livo Roh kor pc n a. Iran states and the advocacy of these principles is causing the Hon. O. B Colquitt to sweep Texas in this Cam us c. Mcdonald in Dallas pant8> to prevent weeds. Sometimes slivered by Rev. M. O. Bishop of rising times Herald. A e forced to cultivate to destroy a Quot a a weeds after they have made headway. A farm and ranch. Last nights rain Bene. Fitted parts of the county i he Liht Shower which fell Over j Nam Milan nor Norn no not on a Der in to "5t Quot lbt we in j Broncos checked by john., and hav Dnon von thin Mellon. No Lllian let \ 44 1 Satao Ai Star. The Rev. Or. Bishop is himself an alumni of Simmons. Or j. D. Wanderer president of the College has made an urgent request on All alumni to be present As at the conclusion of the address an alumni association will be organized. Simmons graduates reside by the scores in Abilene and Are business men in every Section of Central West Texas. It is expected a Large number will attend the exercises and enrol ton Lingo lumber company Sheds. Rev. Slatton preached on three occasions at Tuscola sunday. Rev. Saunders preached on Quot Denom nationalism Here sunday night. Or. E. A. Hendricks leaves saturday for St. Trouts to attend the a Lxiv first convention of the american medical association and will be gone about two weeks. Born to or. And mrs. Will Martin of the mud Hill District today a bouncing baby girl. Mother and child Are do six them r 493. J the atmosphere reports from the Hunter Hills squad p0lnd�?�, ,0mbi"pd his to a a m .in strl4� of is Vul bi4rt 7tssjsl seventh it is concede no i r ram Wab a fair of As it j broken Rose had better of 18 to needed on All sides also was at Sweetwater that Colquitt s majority in South Texas will be a brutal one v _ a a a. Bove Combinas Onul has Tolm try we 1 anti i it a a a a a Quot a the they vast to before Hix vote should easily overrode theft Wrt. La a a a �?ort"�?�.1 a a nine 8, 1�?~1 it th8 wan rudely Home. G tar either Johnson or Poindexter and give of farm War a a a Quot to Quot Sunda Quot Hen a be of hrs a Home on a a v tfx War a opponent Harry Abies. Spur Fitl to the reporter mrs. Lee Graham and children of Seymour who had been Here visiting mrs. W. M. Leamar. A sister of the former left today for fort Worth where Colquitt will receive All three opponents. It majority Over Kemp is the often a result of poor tillage. The furnished the big crowd a red hot nit f t w strongest pro Box in Kaufman a met m j ? and d�t8 not a it reduce Battle. Neither Side hit the Ball ter Day n t w8s Here ye8�?~ Kaufman county crops does not always mean that it hard but the buffaloes bunched their Church at Tendon

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