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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1919, Page 10

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Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter (Newspaper) - January 29, 1919, Abilene, Texas T \. In la m Lod if if tip i a . Avd re of he Ullin ism it it his ii i of til min imm my this Bank amp Semcer is prompt \ try roughly reliable ii collect Lichts Are Cujic travel yes Dierks an id. Are is 11 Laden omits ors of credit ii s i find birth Oft cars and Knip Uycic icons. I / will appreciate your acquit. The first stale Bank Abi Weiffe Texas v 1 it i. Or Etue Abilene reporter Abilene Texas flt the death of mrs Reeves Mot i. Mrs. Ii. Ii Henry which occurred at the family Home at Louisville ky., i tuesday afternoon. The funeral will he held there. Hrs j. Ii. Brigham hied. Mrs. J. La. Pickens of Abilene has he in informed of the death of her songs wife. Mrs j. Harvey Brigham which occurred at Atlanta a. Tuesday mooing january 21st. Ai 1 00 o clock it in unknown whether the wife of deceased testifies in the Nepf Lelce Denius la. Tune a a Ach Der Lichen gust ii or i tho negro was very stoical Here a to our mothers our Mot he re. According to or. Daniels pud when our mothers called upon to make a statement Here a to our mothers our Mother Maine mule. However when the Heigh to god bless them we love them god bless them we love them. Hamel Bogan to envelop his body the coloured Man uttered a Yefet d a ooh god a but never made any statement. T be Anderson trial of pro statutes ,.here�?Ts to our mothers our mothers crowd which was engaged in the Burn Heigh to. Ing Seet lied quiet and determined. % body will be shipped to Abilene or drek burled at Atlanta. Only the announcement of the death had been received Here at noon wednesday. Thi Al at Axsom at the it Tish of Kable attention Oil in blow 12. They say that our a a mothers a they ainu to got no Pep. They ainu to got no Pep they ainu to Gol no Pep. Lawn Farmer loses his son in Fiance of Heil est Ieese witness on st1n3 by i Inq annotated pr6ss Washington Jan. 22.�?means for they say that our a a mothers a they aint m. Per Well known in Abi enforcing prohibition after july i is 6� no l enc and who lives near Lawn w is Lander consideration by officials of tho 2? re Pep every step every step shocked a few Days ago to learn of the department of Justice but Congress in they say of our daughters they aint Sun in Che Ltd of his son who died Lait expected to enact legislation giving of no 0$fto, this function to the internal Revenue they say of our daughters they ainu to a Tyg Surat pm week in France of pneumonia of thre 111 i this if Rte tells of incidents which happened Ollu i Hiu i9ll\ a Fen hours before the Home Bureau. Got no style or. Parnell a Short time ago receive agents say that they Ai they re style All the while All the de a in ter from his son in which to ride and when deceased was Bhut. Increased activities in real estate As indicated in deeds filed for record a Oil leases filed and transfers Are Hure. Signs of Prosperity and development the const clerks office recently has i done an immense abstract business Anson Texas Jan. Llu when dry we hich can to seen from the following court adjourned for the Day on ,ot0l�. Tuesday in the trial of f. W. Ander Quot deeds filed for Henord. 80n charged with murder in connect Myrv h. And Rupert Harkrider to l 011 w a a the killing of Otto Smith w j. Behrens w. 1-2 of lots Roll which occurred nine Miles Northwest amb 12. In blk. 162, Abilene. Consider of Anson. August 3, 1917, eight wit ii lion $20011. I Nesses called by the state had testify assignment a Oil leases of Keniey and Bright by attorney to or of Adamson of Anson was the j. E. Evans. 33 1-3 acres out of Jose inst witness to testify at the after Gobo stir. No. Ifs. Consideration $1.00 noon session he examined the body and other Good and valuable consider of Otto Smith deceased after tho actions. Ready find indications of preparations to manufacture liquor illegally. While. Gogh Koh girls week. I. Song tune Solomon marching lev a i Lave half the g Aller our Triangle s Blue but we Are not we re the jollies girls in town though you try very hard from morn till night you never will see frown and if you should Ever come around to ask the reason Why Well toll von the smile that wears the Best is made at the dear old y. 13 special song for girl reserves. Tune a Southern Melody Young folks old folks everybody come come join our girl Reserve and make yourselves to Home Iris hum Spanish Cav please Cherk it our it hcs Long gum Aud reported that he had never Felt better and that he wanted to stay in that part of the world until he had Beer to Berlin. The sudden news of b s death brought much grief to Hie family ban Johnson wants old players Back school Hooks of the door and you la have a better time than you Ever had before. We have tho Best club Ever was riven ted by the Assoc ated press. Girl reserves they always Are con Washington Jan. 22 Bun John tented. Son president of the american league. We re awfully sorry for the folks win. Ailed at the War department this can to belong morning in connection with his efforts that a y y a a that is the reason Why. Shooting and test fled that he found our Triangle s Blue but we Are not a personals Kau Vered an add reps on Christian cation thursday. Or. Bradfield who has be a consideration b. Cranfill to Thos. O. Massey a wound under the right Arm Covor-20 of the n. W. 1-4 of Sec. 34, a a. A ing a space of about 4x6 inches some land. Con aide ration $1.00 and other of the shot penetrated the right Arm. That a y y Yetra la la la la la la la la la la we re the jollies girls in town E. Powell of Baird was hero Sun Day visiting. Hare tor several Days on business will Jinks Mcgee Ladmer to Ike Kos los the body in which he could insert his not return to Wichita Falls where she by so acres of Sec. 24. Blk. 8, s p. Fey. Finger. He testified that the wound is engaged Iii Brineg fora few Days co. Consideration and other ton showed to have been made with a so or. A oui panted by mrs Wallace and was sufficient to pro r. E. L Henry of Coleman spent part a o Rise As luny friends Here. Keniey and Bright to d. Magar. Duce death. Of sunday in Abilene. I my. Williams teacher of English at 20 acres of Sec. 23, blk., 16. T amp p.1 at the morning session of Cour j l Cearley of Anson was Here Sun a Blimm Christian College has resign by. Co. Consideration $1.00 and other tuesday the first witness placed on Day on a in Man nit a a a cd the position and gone to san an considerations. I the stand after completing the jury a a. U f tonic Titre she will Loach English in w. W. Watson to ii. E. Turner id was mrs. Otto Smith wife of deceased mrs. J. L. I est Ana i it a oses in connection with the reconstruction acres of the w. W. Sills sur. No. 23. Witness testified that on the Nikorn it Klimo in me City. Work of the disabled american sol consideration $1.00 and other constr Jing 0f August 3, about right of clock. And he stated that he found a Hole in though you try very Hart from morn till night you frown. Never will see for girl reserves will Ever be our to get baseball players out of the Artyv Happy song. In time to Start Spring training. He Derma nov a . Submitted a ii it f players Ami th1 Wai 1 t department officials undertook to ice a marring License. Ate the men for him in order that ii Quot or. A k. Kenney and miss Ollie Hui s Max make arrangements to have etude them file applications for release. Xac seamless Calomel is Best of. Ii g. In Thaxton of Clyde is among the Tok it is by mess visitors to try City. J Theodore or a de song tune a a Farewell to a a a a. A ,. Thee Quot Moba doctors id druggists Iii in o Here a to von i Triangle Blue laxative for Olds 4. We bring to thee our Best allege influenza. Ance now o Here s to you Triangle hire at the first time to take a cauda orations. Her husband his brother. Will Smith. In l. Galloway of Friona is unions i j Joe tho business visitors in the City. Donn. Day Jerk for Cue w. In Keeble it a1., to a w. Watson t., is Cousin. Tom Smith loft their True. Race who has by Jan seriously 4d be res of w. W Sills sur. No. 23 Homo to go to Anson a distance of f a Grimes of Natsi had business wife we veral Days with influenza was consideration $1.00 and other Coniti about seven Miles and shortly after in the City Durn the Lacer part o a during ivc one Sony Oil Rej Alfy filed for record. S. The week. Morning to be oration greatly improved i. Freda Beeson and mrs Janette �?oa�"0iboukht that he a ii Eaon or Coleman were Vlad tons in the dangerous Yalch City sunday. Mrs. R la. Sanders who was operated on for Gall stones at a local san a atrium sunday is reported slightly improved today w. S. Purifoy and wife toll. E. Tur they left Aho saw them returning towards Home. Tho three men Cama Back to the House and took another Road loading to Anson they were the girls of y double Cha Are Mius ass Calomel Ilia liver benefits left in taken out. Doctors l Ime a that Beautiful . W c a. Y. W. C. A news briefs mrs. Tom Sayles who is quite in with pneumonia was Clear of fever Ner. 1-4 Royalty in 37 acres of l Bow ennui sur. 3. Consideration $60 h. A. Tillett to Mamie thedrick 1-10 Royalty in 177 1-4 acres out of Keniey Bright Oil sub. Consider wag dead. Lying in the Road in front of Titi $.>0 he Goodwin Home about 3-4 of a mile s. C. Bilberry to that a the put place we like to we work and play tiding in a Ingle no top buggy. Tho j t the s a beginning and at the end next time she saw her husband was in., a a a a the afternoon about tour o clock h a v 2a a tor d lbs 1 1 Quot a a. Small to Iii Abilene. County health officer or. A j. Cooper reports two cares of Small i it of in Abilene. He advises that every body w to have not been vaccinated to submit to same at on e. Is Tao perfected a Sill lie tile stick that there is r liver a lab in condition Ltd influenza Ain v Royalty in $40 acres la at. C. By. Co. Harried Friday i ski. Monday morning but is still in a it Jan miss Alvia Wiltshire and or. Vic tor 680,\ Gaffer c condition. Shit loll were married Friday Ovenin if e. C. Glass to a. V held. -94 Rov miss Mattie Fulwiler daughter of at the Home of the brides parents or. Arv in 469 acres out of Sec. 2. If. T or. And mrs. Hurley Fulwyler who is and mrs. Icilin Wiltshire. 730 grape amp b. Re. Co. Al Pat. To j. La. Julian Nick with pneumonia was Somalia Stre to. Only a few intimate friends offy id Ruti n $ to. Improved Munday. The family were invited. The couple Davis amp Mingus to miss Emma 1-4 Royalty in 3 acres out of or. And mrs lid eur of Greensburg Are prominent in the younger society Eva arc visiting c. Donne i for is few circles of the City and have Many r g is. In Burleson 1-4 from his Home s. Sec. -32. Blk Al. Next witness Cal i of was will consideration Smjth. Ile testified As to leaving tho Home with h s brother the deceased. And Tom Smith a Cousin for Anson on the morning of August 3, going to Anson in substance he testified follows they were travelling the Road which led to the Home of e. Wanderson and just before reaching the Anderson place defendant Anderson and i Eon Ray Anderson appeared in the Road tho former having a club in his. Hand and the bitter a shot gun thee Turtle around Iii the Royd to go Back i. Nothing like it to tint Ami keep you system a is t and Avaid col pneumonia i the Beni Luau rat a infill in lid is i Goczi Active liver and it cur Ali Hewitt or druggist will Tell Yon thai is the most Thor a ugh and Eft Cave. As Well As the safest and in n i real l remedy for tho Ica program tor girls oat at is Baptist cd. Tune a Psi Aal poll Bolly Doodle All the if you want to know what makes go singing y double Ica then we will shout what it s a1�?T about what it s All about its the y double in c a each Day lets say v double cd a. When you go to town jus stic1round at the y double e c or iud., arc vis Imig v. L Unn ii Lur a circles of the City and have Many r a of sur. I. Consideration $2&Quot Days on their Way to California to friends who wish them Well. Davis Al Mingus to airs. J. Coop Pond Hie in Ler. A a a of Royalty in 3 acres out of b. S. Miss Virginia int Ami Liss a i Iii led Iii Iuit ers died. E. Fur no i con a cratic a $.0j tic Beard who Are teaching at Hamlin ijs8 70 Chambers Only daughter and Ltd ther considerations. the week end in the Home of a of or Aud mrs. R. C. Chambers of Davis a Mingus to mrs. J. Of. Coop miss Oliver a parents or. And mrs. J 726 grape Street died at i go p. Air i i Royalty in 5 acres Sec. 23. B. A. Urho a around in be to go in tune a Reuben Benben in be Bern 1 monday after a sick Nasa of Mort than land. <�?T�?T011 id rata ii i h and other in tfx a Uirt iou of 1 Ink. Gnu or and mrs. I. 1>. 1. I week of pneumonia. Mrs. Chashes consideration1 a witness test ii led just Llewlen Raton folks of Abilene. Who have been visiting Loir pare Mohn r of the deceased is also very i Muir to ii t Moore 1-64 Roc said Quot i will get you according .0 we girls want to have our say Here. Left sunday morning for w with the same disease and it is Ai Iii i of acres in Sec no 67 ii a. The Tes Timofey of the wetness they Iba. Their a lip i h your dollars where they will visit their brother w la. Olive.-. Purpose one Balotin at bed time with a Swu Low of Watt that Sall ii Timea no the slightest inter Ereneo with your eating pleasure or work. Next morning you awake feeling Fin it till St Hearty appetite for breakfast. Your cold has vanished and you Are ready for work or play Al tabs Are sold by druggists everywhere Iii scaled packages Price thirty five cents j your Money handed right Back of you Are not delighted. Adv the following y a. A girls program will Lee carried out next sunday it 7 00 p. A at the first Baptist Market ste8b1 of docs receipts me Koh is j. C. Sanders of Hubbard City. A brother in Law of it. G. In Fain residing at Capis visiting or. Fain. Or. Sanders is prospecting in the Abilene country and also dealing in Oil. Alex Miller who was severely by to Nally traits of Morgan Jones to j. Cunningham 1 s5lui defendant jumped Back As he 0 the. Zaiki nay dreams red by All who knew ,117 acres out of Lait no. 3. Of Steffens Hin the deceased brother where s fire arc stowing Las caused sorrow Iii sub of the i reason sur no 9. Ai Cousin left Anson about 2 or a a and faiths White Star gleams stockyards fort Worth. Jan 27 hogs pm including 4200 direr. Market steady on hogs top $1 27, bulk a j0 to $16,50 Pic is steady to 50 lower top $lu.l0. Bulk $8.00 to cattle r0<�o, including c live. Beef steers steady top $12 bulk -kio.75 i to $12 Stocker $8-30 to $10.50 cows steady on beat 25 to 35 lower on can St oelkers $5.51 to $7.25 heifers at do $6.-50 to $9.5 i stockers $6.0 to $8.7 feared that the daughters death will in ii a cd on Siderati i $10. Came to Anson on another Road and Giva to the a w. C. A. Cause her death. I deeds filed for retard. Con after he Arr vet in town he Saij Bliss ted. As rile was affectionately r. E. Davis to A. Mallot 6. Blk. Lle a is Brockett s store and tune a tiler u , Long Trail 1 called by her Many friends was a a i. Abilene. Consideration $600. Haw f w Anderson on the inside. The Crew a a Long Long Trail a winding Young woman of Many character and loved Hor. Her death has to _ the entire Community. The fun Erid $10. Of clock in the afternoon for Home there s a lung Long line a marching cd during the lire at tins Maiden will lie held it the first Christian Aam n to c by Phillips 160 they stopped at the Home of John Baa Cath f Bright Flag unfurled saturday night was reported As rest. ,. Us tuesday afternoon it 3 01 a Tes out of Sec. 12. B a. Land. Con Smith also brother of witness. Otto for the girlhood of our country serves ncr8�?T h p w Ruik 10 a lug Well Mofeda although the wound. A a clock. Duration $7.00. Want into the House and brought a the in Hood of the world. On is hands face my neck were quit for gun and placed two shells in it. One Germantown y. W. C. A. Severe. He in confined to his bad. J defer Hardwick return. R. B. Amy and wife to w. E. Duffey. Of the shells were fired into the air sergeant Fred i sctt of the Nev g for hard Faste son a Ltd mrs. S. I run acres. Sec 24. By a it s. P by. Co. And deceased brought the gun with 7. Tune a Over Post Telephone Exchange located at 11 a cd Wake of Abilene Bas reach of cons id ration $6 in it it unloading it Aud place i it in the Over hero Over Here furl Sill Oklahoma and was Honor to nil from France he i a member Henry James to w. La. Keeble True buggy he said the gun was hard 10 there s a Call to the girls Ever Here ably january 23rd, has re of j10 famous unit d states marines t193.35 acres out of Lyman trick a breach. They drove then towards thai we re also needed land stir. No. 42, and other surveys Home stopping in front of the rest that we re also needed. Consideration $7>. Deice occupied by John Goodin. Or. Wore needed by our country dear. Assignment of of lease filed Goodin came out and placed his foot gather near g be a cheer for k Cee re on the huh of the buggy and was in Dou you heart do you hear the sum-1 j. S. Davenport to m. T. Daniel it conversation with them. They did Mons Clear a1., 1-4 interest in 40 acre out of not get out of the buggy. Otto Smith Well be worthy we will be worthy Alexander than son stir. No. 2. Con we it sitting in the Middle they saw a of our country s Call to saw Hen 1 anti o her considers car coning at a rapid rate from the girlhood Over Here my the Road from the dire German Bulla steady. $6.50 to $7.75 calves it gtd it is invited to attend one of the steady to 70 lower top $11.70, bub meetings. $6.50 to $9.70 stockers $.00 to $5?.oo. Sheep 500, half d rect Market steady Iii in Boi Whites his in Kems from from a turned to Abilene and will take in an received a severe wound in Lethe position As wire chief with the 1 term he has not been discharged and southwestern Telegraph and d in Hyrc on a Brief furlough. Phone company Here. A a or. Scott join re the army october 12th, 1918. His frien is Are glad to have him Hon e again. Jus be of the peace p. B. Of hard is confined to his room with a heavy cold and neural a mrs. John Leonard has returned from an extended v sit to relative and friends in Cleburne and fort Worth. Joe a. Wrght. Employee of the Abilene Ait Mode company was a Ikon la with influenza sunday bul is reported slightly improved. Lotto Market. Ledge passed Kesomi Ulins. Or. And mrs w j Blount hav r a 5 vet a copy of resolutions of re pc t passed in memory of their defeat of son sergeant William Wyatt Blount. W to was wounded in action in France november 5th, an t died nov berth. The Lodge no. 170 i o. Texas Hon do Royalty filed for record. G. T Stewart and wife to j. E. Bow Are by Emory Era 1-16 loyalty in to acres in Sec o. V., Emory. 67. Blk. 1 Or p. By. Co. Consider a Bra Sio town y. W. C. A North Dow Tion of the Otto Smith Home. The car was going 30 or 37, Miles an Hoar a tune a Mother met or and wobbling. The car was Only a a there a a Call through tho world Short distance from the buggy when for our y. W. C. A. He recognized f w Anderson an i i 1 the it fast Rhi. Do is to Ruth Hale -1 Royalty Kay Anderson in the car. The first a our hearts and for Avo Hilbert Malone rend. In 7 a it r. S out of or Vav pulls sur. 27. driving As the car passed a tis a comradeship Sweet Murry Malone at Plainview has Tai and 2�?T consideration and other he buggy Ray Anderson threw a shot1 is a Friendship so True phoned his Uncle in c. Malone of consideration a. I gun Over and fired from a disc Ance of la is service for others Ila Dav amp Mingus to Ruth Hale 1-1 pour or five feet. Witnessed grabbed through Triangle Blue loan dropped dead at Dalhart Thurj-1 Royalty ,1 in acres out of b s a f he gun in Bis buggy and jumped out Luxon win re Heto a cd a. Days in a funeral will be Hel l in no. I. Consideration $1.00 and an j its pc Ujj a0 the gun was acc Don we 1�ve the dear girls who the loyalty Campaign which the ban a Plainview Gubuay at 2 of clock. The other considerations. Tally discharge barely missing his Augi of their Best Iise it of the state have inaugurated. A a eased was Well known in this coun v. E. Muir to h. T Hodge 1-16 Rov fow7 be testified that he did not fire a kir8 of All Ages to having lived near gaps for Many laity in �6. Acre out of Sec. 67. B. A tilt Anderson deceased jumped a a Lites service pressed years. He was a highly re peeled lard. $10. _ out 0f Thea and in a few moments a it a citizen a Jan. Mar May new York. Open noon close 22 13-10 21-17 2133-20 20.47 21.95-22 20.95-97 to by. Millard ret and from Abilene that his father. Robert fort Worth and Dallas monday after 1 new Orleans. Open noon close Jan mar May 22.91-79 22.35 21,60-52 21.05 22-18-25 20.93-21 new York spots a new Orleans spots Galveston spots Houston spots. Mudd . 25.95 27.00. 28.25. 27.50 sales 2lo it 42 17 i it tie Anthony Hunt i2-year-Oll on of Rev and or j. W. Hunt a reported much improved tuesday. A a passed the crisis of the the Small daughter is on the Way of race \ Ery e. Wmorris Secretary and Treysur we bless the dear father who gives them such share ohm god help hem and keep them Owen Holley act Mclies heme ideation 10. Ii. E. Holley was in Abilene Frida e. C. Glass to c. O. Mender. To 1 from Bis farm near Potosi and report Royalty in 169 acres out of Sec 2. La trot the Ltd k i i in it unit with a. I Keg Owen Holley a re a In by. Cut. Ail patented by j. H quarters at fort v Orth is the Cit. Urnecli Huaie trom France having re Julian. Consideration $40. 9. On business connected with the Abi Lene furniture company which he still Cive j an honorable Dis Barge from tho j v e. Muir to B. Bass. 1-64 Royalty Gank 0 the ground and died. N460 a its. Hee. 07�?z b. A. Land on according to the testimony of this. Witness deceased was a tenant on Ltd a Quot a prayer Andersons farm and on Friday before the tragedy the defendant came to the Field where he and his brother were cutting care for the purpose of feeding on div do on of tho seed. Otto Smith and defendant walked across the Field. Witness later went to where they were and asked and to j. Vav Gregg aged 65, father of i j son a question about the feed. Mrs. A. Nobles died tuesday afternoon mrs. J. Hanna. Terr a. Young Holley a a member of Al w Cirp Fror owns. He expects to return to foil i it rth Field artillery and left a wort wednesday night in Kuiv 1918. An a ther of or. Marl met As land who Dis seen Veigt Huncy 8 Ltd Ona is expected to reach ill wits re cd Mon i at a local Saniar j 0 1�?z Sui urday cum. Is re skirted to he much Iro proved Camp tri vis John la koans and son arvo univ e 11 a. Thursday that they had Ca for Girt a y 1 druggists was found dead in id at to the Road and Light a i hit no Ink w e Ltd tho i Mcra Omi ii a family residence in this City chilling contracts West of the Abilene ge0w m. Herndon son of or. And in Jay turning death having Shelton of la 1 k g Herndo rut Road to f0 apoplexy. Tune a wifi Briard Vav ill Stiim night Harvard will songs for the mothers and daughters banquet. Why do our mothers Miles Why do l0< Al druggist dead. W Vav Gregg aged 67>, father of g son a question anon me ice Neth a a a for Day a 1 it "n-.-g, one of Iho m�mber8 of the Lulu if j would throw to to Down Weto our mothcr8 she be Why Dos a k 18 1 no it firm of Gregg and Harrison local to would whip me i offered lok it h n j a ii v they smile he i our Ino Lorii smile Why do Waco two Sisters. Miss of Nevieu and with Best wishes to All l. A Blanton All of this City Hurt go. I 114th inf., a. Ii. F dins brother has arrived from 790. Fort Sam Houston to attend the fun a. P. Vice president a o citizens National Bank fast from a he out in to dwell dealers on thursday Busin Ros Ana win return Svorny. His first visit to nit in three years Anthony Hunt., you of a. Due a receded in Lumo Rable do Hunt. Who has been ill with in sumo j charge from the Navy Haing a it it Muhu . their Silviv Minu. u.,�----- Hull i subjected to a close and lengthy cum a eased Are bus sons examination. Ity and John de in ii a rests. Stale of go a Lor i counsel for tho dete Ridant sprung a we did t Knos that you loved so Surprise in court at it of a. Wad thai Why we anus. Or. Reg was stint ail or of the ae8d.iy morning by veal ing without j _ _ methodist Clibur h and was Well and ducting a single witness on the court recessed to ado. Mothers All smile tonight mothers All Tofit Kcf Abl cig mall 8n�?~g 1 sees negro burned As a Ulm nation of the Day a disorder due to a strike. Order Vas restored today furl Daniels former re. Ident of Kim. Pm la of Serbia reported \ Erv sick to Quot is 8rate 0, an Veri vory by know throughout the of wednesday evening i Quot Jjo a a 7n Quot hav set a in Mortn Nihei few Lul Luichai it Niau president j. P. Sewell of Abilene i her of mrs. Reeves Dies. A years until his health failed him no 10 or it Ghrist Iafe Geilow is urea Fedter of a my Job. Ii Quot yer a received it a. A. A ,v�?~.iv�?�. -1 Al amp it Days at Wichita Falls where be is at Telegram from mrs. E. A referee he f0f a ,n8tructe<i Vor worn off tending a ministers meeting. A de foil re of Abilene inf Onnig her of drug business Here. Ess on the stand. To. Ii redact in a nag tor Ike sing Peuo who has been visiting in Abt 1 30 i. M., when seng Lene was one of the spectators to the. V a a a a Nan will deliver to Quot Row it hew your bout gently burning of the negro Williams at of a y. When counsa1 Down the Stream Hillsboro. Texas a few Days overruled. The argue it will or cloned wednesday after juju. Down the Stream. J pus Paar Yimin name quickly Down the line Tell my. Tell my Tell me your aural i will Lull Van min. King Peter of been very ill has Bud Aud is now Iii a Aff Daniels stated that the negro serious condition was chained by his hands and Tex. Wanted Timber was placed about his body and Pul pasture a or pm it nid of Colts a match was so to the o a suited Uit t sex pre s if ice no salts no cur n. The Middle tier of seats will be reserved for girls Over fourteen years of age committee in charge miss Mary Cooper chairman Mita Mildred Paxton mrs. Roy Bradley. I misses lads Anderson a ogee cough Ruth Pierson and Ida Lillian Mille. Committee to distribute literature misses Marie Bailey i utile hoots. Vera Smith and Nena kale Ramsey. Choir Simmons College girls miss gar., leade we. C. A. Song by audience. E Reading miss Myrtle Mac Ingham. What the y. W. C. A. Bus meant t Ether lilies miss Margaret goodnight. Quartet to what the y. W. C. A will i of Abilene miss Mildred Paxton. Mean to Abilene. The duty of the Community to tin Cirl and her place in the new world or. Millard a. Jeu kens. Closing prayer for co operation in tho Campaign. Mrs. A. Jonkins similar services will he hold in Tea of the Quot churches of Abilene and every mrs. C. In Hurt of she Tchur has received the following letter from her son who i with the american Al Pedi tio Narv forces in tan Lay France tan Lay France Dee. arc you All. I am Fine and Dandy. I got three letters from you yesterday and was glad to get them and to know the i you All were Well. I would have written sooner hut being thai the War h ended they put Down in Souther i Franco and we a i every Stem a the Way. It was about 200 Miles but i made i Ell 0. It. To Are now stationed in pretty Nice town. I do not know jus when we will Lake the ship for the states but not Long. I done to think. I Ani sure glad that i can say i went through without a scratch though 1 had some pretty close Calls hut i could alway. A Pond upon myself. And i have not been sick a Day since i have be a Over Here. Well i got to letter from sister Ada or. A. Nobles aged 27 Yuan died Vul sturday. Tiny were All Well. She at the family Home at 5 30 p. In. Tues set me two pictures of her and tho Day. Interment will be in Hie Abilene Chiton p. Sea i received sister Vader cemetery at j of Csc k this afternoon. Picture All right. Well. I Hope you will surviving the deceased Are her Hus Kadko a Good crop. I will be glad when band a. Nobles representing the wat i get Lack Home so that i can try to King Medicine company two children make something. Eugene. A and Melvin 5. Her Mother Herman Dean is Here in about 5 mrs. Sam Edina of this City two Miles. Elige Jennings is 25 Miles of Brothers. Sam Edina off Ort Sam me i am sending you a card for Houston. Sun Antonio and George o. Christmas. I hop to see you soon. Albert in v

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