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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Abilene, Texas Qty it line Sporter Quot without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it soes Quot a run 9�th year no. 105 phone 673-4271 Abilene Texas 79604 monday morning september 28, to a sixteen pages in arabs sign pact Hussein Arafat agree to end fighting two sections 10c daily�?25c sunday associated Prest up Cairo apr King Hussein of Jordan guerrilla loader a sir Arafat and eight Arab chiefs of state signed a peace agreement sunday night in an Effort by Katharyn Duff the United fund is a cause to which the Best of Abilene leadership and Fellowship gives its very Best Effort. Take for a Good example the time and Energy the current of chief Walter Johnson president of first National Bank put into the kick off dinner for the of Campaign last week. Speaker chosen for the event was former gov. John Connally. But a problem arose Over the sex governors schedule. He had to Sandwich the Abilene trip Between some business appointments at Houston. To make the Abilene appearance possible for Connally Johnson said he would see to flight to and from the coast City. The flight out from Houston by private plane was accomplished. Gov. Connally gave his address. After the of banquet or. And mrs. Johnson drove the former chief executive out to the Abilene country club to look in on another dinner this a Small supper for Lloyd Bentsen . Senate candidate and some of his key Campaign workers. Connally and Bentsen Are Good friends and what with the Campaign that a going on rarely see each other these Days. In Abilene they had this Quick visit. A a in the meantime if you recall the weather last week a cold front had moved to rough bringing showers and Gusty winds. It was not a night for Small private planes to be flying sex governors around. But Connally did need to get Back to Houston. So Johnson volunteered. A a in la just drive you in to Dallas right now John and you can catch a plane to Houston a Walter proposed. It was arranged. Virginia mrs. Johnson would get someone to drive her Home. Johnson and Connally took off by Auto to meet a flight at Dallas. The two had just got going when Virginia remembered an important fact. She had changed purses and carried one so Small she had omitted Wallet. And keys. She searched the purse to be sure. The purse had in it seven cents. And no House keys. Cobblers wives go barefooted doctors wives die Young Bankers wives have seven cents. It was a time for the helping hand which United fund offers. Immediate assistance was available in the form of neighbors Bill and Amber Cree. They offered Virginia a ride and shelter for the night. Eventually Walter got Back Home with the House keys. Virginia got Back to her own dwelling. Gov. Connally made his Houston appointment. The of fund drive got underway. And it now deserves the All out support of the rest of us. Mary mrs. A. A Cribbs was recalling that time her family moved to a farm near Eula. Son Bill who is now in the Navy Home this week on leave and his brother Jan Alan were just youngsters. They were new to country life and their father was giving instructions. He lectured the lads on snakes. Some Are harmless some not he explained. Rattlers Are and rattlers will strike at a sudden sound or motion he said. A if you come on a Rattler stand very very still until you can figure out what to do a father said. A ooh dad i can to do that a Young Bill exclaimed. A if i see a Snake i just gotta run a so do a us. To end the jordanian civil War. The pact called for immediate withdrawal from Amman of both government troops and guerrilla forces and set in a three Man Arab committee to be that the terms were met. While the conditions were being worked out in Cairo a five nation Arab military Misut 2nd-stringers beaten by youths Austin tex. A three second siring Texas longhorn football players were Hurt one of them seriously in an assault by seven or eight youths Early sunday outside a restaurant near the Campus. Defensive end Sam Mcbrierty 2of Ennis was a Lucky to be alive a according to the team physician after sustaining cuts requiring a several hundreds stitches 75 in the Scalp alone. He also suffered a concussion. The student health Center listed him in satisfactory condition sunday night. Offensive tackle Ronnie Tyler 20, of Jefferson required 26 stitches for cuts on his right Side and behind his left ear. Offensive guard Syd Keasler news Index Ann Landers. 8-b classified. 4-7-b comics. 3-b editorials. 2-b Horoscope. 2-b obituaries. 2-a sports. 6, 7-a Sylvia porter.5-a to log. 8-b to scout. 8-b 21, of Hallsville received a minor Cut on his hand. Police arrested Samuel Anderson 17, of Austin on a charge of aggravated assault. Sgt. Harold Moe said Anderson swung at Tyler with a tire tool but missed. Police also sought Charles Hornsby 21, of Austin on a charge of simple assault. The Case was still under investigation. The players arrived Back in Austin from their 35-13 Victory Over Texas tech in Lubbock soon after Midnight. Sergeant Moe reported this sequence of events a Mcbrierty Keasler and Tyler went to the Pancake House a 24-hour restaurant on 19th Street just South of the Campus. A Anderson thought Keasler and Tyler seated on a Middle table were mocking him. An argument erupted but the situation did apparently Cool Down. A when the three longhorns left the restaurant at about 3,45 a m. They were set upon by seven or eight youths. All of the attackers were Black except for turn to gang pm. 2-a revolutionary taken in police slaying grand Junction Colo. Apr Stanley r. Bond one of four fugitives described by police As revolutionaries sought in a Bank Holdup and machine gun slaying of a Boston policeman was arrested by an Fri agent As he attempted to Board an air plane Here sunday the Fri said. John Morley agent in charge of the of big a Denver office disclosed Bonds arrest about six hours after the 25-year-old Cambridge mass., resident was apprehended As he tried to Board a commercial flight bound for Denver and Chicago. Morley said Fri agents and grand Junction police took a loaded hand gun from Bond As he tried to draw the weapon. The Fri said it believed that one of those at Large Susan Saxe a 20-year-old june graduate of Brandeis University had been in Philadelphia after the killing. Police sought another William Gilday 41, of Amesbury mass., in the Northeast Comer of Massachusetts. Also sought in connection with the killing of patrolman Walter k. Schroeder 42, of Boston during a Bank Holdup is Katherine a. Power 20, of Denver registered As a senior at Brandeis in Waltham mass. Bond was a special student at Brandeis last summer and an sex convict. The senior Denver Fri agent would not comment on whether miss Power or others were believed to be in the Rocky Mountain Region. A a we re tracing a whole Bunch of clues a he said. Boston police said a Man identifying himself As a Friend of Gilday had walked into the police station in the Chelsea Section saturday night and told authorities Gilday was in Seabrook . Massachusetts and new Hampshire police surrounded an apartment building in Seabrook Early sunday but the search proved fruitless. Sion arrived in Amman in an attempt to Stop the fighting which continued sporadically in its Lith Day. The jordanian military strongman Field marshal a Bis maj Ali reimposed a curfew on two of Amman a seven Hills. Amman radio claimed guerrillas had fired on government troops in the two areas. Arafat Sal Fatah guerrillas said through their office in Beirut that their men in Amman and Zarqa still were being shelled a although they adhered to the cease fire agreement and refrained from Premier Bahi Langham of Tunisia Heads the three Man committee provided for in the agreement. The other two members were to be appointed by Hussein and Arafat. The Cairo agreement appeared to give lady Ham a committee virtual custody of Jordan a sovereignty until further notice while permitting Hussein to keep his throne. Since it also called for an end to military Rule in Jordan maj Ali a position seemed Uncertain. Principal item in the 14-Point agreement provided for a a a speedy withdrawal of jordanian armed forces from Amman to their Normal Barracks coupled with a pullout of All palestinian guerrillas from the capital to a posts Best suited to their that apparently meant to positions facing Israel across the Jordan River cease fire line. An official egyptian spokesman said Arafat Hussein and the eight other signatories a Shook hands following the Sig a nature of the the plan was drafted and signed in two sessions of Arab leaders during the Day following Hussein a arrival from Amman sunday morning. The signatories were the leaders of Egypt Tunisia saudi Arabia Kuwait Yemen Lybia Sudan and Lebanon As Well As Hussein and Arafat. Syria Iraq Morocco and Algeria did not attend the conference or participate in the agreement. A Delegate from South Yemen took part but left Cairo sunday morning. The egyptian spokesman said the emergency Summit talks had officially ended but that Hussein Arafat and the other leaders would remain in Cairo sunday night and continue informal consultations. Departing words president Nixon has some last minute words with Spiro t. Agnew at Andrews air Incio a Wmk Egton Early sunday morning. The vice president was on hand to see the chief executive leave for Europe. A wire photo weather a department of Commerce Essa weather Bureau a tatty map pm. A Abilene and Vicinity 40-mlle radius a Cloudy with occasional Light rain monday. Partly Cloudy monday night and tuesday becoming a Little warmer tuesday. The High monday 65 to 70, the Low monday night near 55. The High tuesday around 75. The probability of rain is 30 per cent. Winds will be Light and variable. Temperatures Sun. . Sun. . 61 57l.oo a 2 00 62 3 00 61 564 00 59 a. 5 00 58 556 00 58 557 00. 58 548 00 57 559 of i 56 5710 00 56 59i of. _ 6012 00_ High and Low for 24-hours ending to . 62 and 54. High and Low same Date last year 86 and 63. Sunset last night 7 29 Sunrise today 7 31 Sunset tonight 7 28. Barometer Reading at in no a 7945 Nixon s arrival Sparks protests Rome apr president Nixon arrived in Italy sunday night amid scattered leftist protests and declared it was americans policy a to maintain in the Mediterranean a sufficient Force to avoid any he noted he would visit the faces of released hostages reflect feeling of Freedom . Citizen Barbara Mensch Mimi Becher and Sarah Malka a wire photo forced during the height of the jordanian civil War last week and said a the Mediterranean is the Cradle of Many civilizations and we Are determined that it shall not be the starting place of a great War in the Nixon made the remarks at an official reception in Quirinale Palace after flying aboard a . Military helicopter to downtown Rome from Ciampino military Airport to Start his european tour. President Giuseppe Sara Gat Italy a first socialist president thanked Nixon in his welcoming speech for a being in Italy and the Mediterranean on a Mission of Justice and As the formal ceremony unfolded in the glitter of the palaces Mirror filled ballroom Small groups of leftist a a commandos dodged in and out of nearby Side streets armed with slogans and stones. They broke windows of a store and a Bank and tried to set up an automobile barricade in Piazza Del to Polo but were driven off by police. The demonstrators did not get near Nixon and he probably saw none of them. Guards manned rooftops along Nixon a 10-mile helicopter route and 12.000 policemen gave Nixon the tightest Security network seen in the eternal City since world War ii. Nixon s gleaming White air turn to Nixon pm. 2-a hostages had motto signal thumbs up Nicosia Cyprus apr the departure for Home of a. Nicosia Cyprus apr thirty two americans held As hostages by palestinian guerrillas for three harrowing weeks arrived cheering on this Mediterranean Island sunday in route Home at last. They told of living alternately in fear and High spirits As Jordan a civil War thundered around them. Six More remain in Amman Jordan a capital but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon reported they too had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy serving As go Between for the International red Gross. The departure for Home of those last six would bring an end to one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of air travel. It began on sept. 6 with the hijacking of three airliners in Europe and the attempted hijacking of a fourth an israeli Al Al flight. A fifth plane was hijacked Over the Middle East on sept. 9. In All about 800 air passengers and Crew were involved. The Lone death was that of the male guerrilla Hijacker of the Al Al plane Over Britain. About 400 passengers and airlines personnel were taken to Jordan where All but the 54 hostages were released by t h e hijackers the popular front for the liberation of Palestine before Jordan a civil War broke out on sept. 17. The group of 32 hostages came to Nicosia in a red Cross dc6 from Amman to await a Twa plane to bring them Home. Everyone cheered and applauded when the flight left Amman and again when it touched Down in Nicosia said Mimi Beebee 20, of Brooklyn . They were Given cholera shots immediately in Nicosia and were fed milk Coffee and fruit. To keep their spirits up while the guerrillas held them the hostages had a motto and a signal. It was a thumbs a every once in a while somebody would get a Little scared or a Little depressed a said David Raab 17, of Trenton n j. A others in the group would say a thumbs up and make the signal. We also had someone make a chess set and a scrabble set out of cardboard and that show we passed the miss Bee Ber said a we knew we had to keep our spirits up so we Sang songs first the beatles then the kind of songs adults usually wind up singing at Par ties when they can to think of anything else. You know a Down by the old Mill miss Beeber is a student at George Washington University in Washington a a in a so relieved to be out a she said. A the three other girls with me now. We re All just relaxing and unwinding. We have cheeseburgers and Vodka Collins and the Shower Hasni to stopped running since we got to the Sarah Malka. 20, of North Bergen n.j., said the guerrillas thought a a was an israeli a even lest night As we were on a bus going from the red Cross the egyptian embassy official turned around and said a is Sarah on Board a it a scary the Way they kept mentioning miss Malka a student at rut Gers University added a the thought i was a spy and there were several Long interrogation periods but i was never physically threatened. A a they d say things like if you done to answer Well put you ii solitary confinement but it never got Barbara Mensch 16, scars turn to hostages. In 2-a

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