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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Abilene, Texas V Abilene morning without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it Byron vol. Lev no. 91 a Texas smut newspaper Abilene Texas wednesday morning. September 19, 1945 twelve pages associated press i api United pro up Price five cents says nips want own guilt probe by Russell Brines Tokyo. Sept. Higashi Kuni today told his first press conference that the japanese government contemplates establishing a committee to determine japanese responsibility for Start ing the War. He said the nip ponese government intended to try accused japanese if general Macarthur approves. The Premier said the japanese army and Navy already had moved out some punishment for prison Camp cruelties hut gave no to details. Told that certain sections of Allied Public opinion regarded the emperor As a War criminal Higashi Kuni replied i believe firmly that the emperor is not a War criminal. He was deceived by the militarists who were close to him and was t told the the Premier said that under the japanese system the Cabinet and general Headquarters make such a decision As starting the War and relay it to the emperor. According to custom Here if the Cabinet decides the emperor does Hatashi Kun said he had no knowledge whether the emperor knew i on Peari Harbor that plunged his nation into War. Bout the Pearl Harbor attack beforehand hut in response to a question the interview grew Stormy on occasion As the Harbor he Premier replied that was a great secret and we still Don t know now. It will he Clear in due time but 1 can t say the Premier was asked what measures would be taken to prevent the emperor from again being deceived and therefore permitting another War. He replied we shall Sec to it that won t happen again. We shall Tell the emperor the and assist him so that another War won t be brought he said he was informing the emperor daily of current developments throughout the world. Higashi Kuni who was defense commander did t know myself that Japan was so weak. Only a few militarists in Headquarters knew the full situation. This was one of the greatest reasons for Japan s defeat in the denied Jie gave the order to execute 111 Doolittle fliers after the first american Aerial strike against Tokyo in 1942. He said he had charge of Home defences up to the time the plane one of tie Doolittle attackers was shot Down but thereafter what happened was beyond my the Prince claimed that he had no Advance knowledge of the attack a Joe said he would ask specifically and report at another press conference which will be held soon the Premier said he himself had no knowledge of the Pearl Harbor i in a mass two hour interview with Allied correspondents he said details of the punishment the japanese had meted for some prison Camp cruelties would be made available As soon As he could obtain them asked a second time whether the emperor knew in Advance of Pearl tin theol wanted list will grow by morgue Landsberg Tokyo wednesday sept. New and Large list of japanese War criminals will be issued soon from Gen eral Macar Aluir s Headquarters chief of american counter intelligence Brig. Gen. Elliot Thorpe announced today. Thorpe counter intelligence agents Are responsible for placing most of Tojo s Pearl Harbor Cabinet members under american custody said that if All the former Premier s ministers were not on the pres ent list it was a clerical error and nothing Thorpe said he had received no orders to arrest anyone connected with the vast Mitsui or Mitsu Bishi companies two of the big five in japanese Industry. He indicated the next list would cite a number of japanese individuals charged with maltreat nent of Allied prisoners of War and Allied civilians during the japanese occupation of the Philippines. Tokyo s big newspaper. Premier declined or remained min on some questions put to him by the crowd of correspondents. The Premier said Mamoru Shigemitsu signer of the articles of sur Render resigned As foreign minister because he was foreign minister Truman streamlines agencies fills posts Schwellenbac gets Power to Cope with labor wars Washington sept. Truman 10 Day merged three labor agencies into one and handed Secre tary of labor Lewis b. Broad Powers to Cope Asahi was suspended today a after it mocked u. S. Orders to print atrocity stories by hinting they were designed to offset reports of american outrages in Japan. While general Macarthur cracked the censorship whip be 4howed his clemency by granting a partial restoration of Japan a grounded air thu Spori. J Macarthur s Headquarters was j non commit on reports from j Washington that the stale depart men startled and concerned his Phin to Cut the contemplated army of occupation in half. I nor was there comment on suggestions in Washington that president Truman might have to american occupation policy. However defended the j Macarthur policy in Korea de Claring in Merit that there were being removed and the building of a great nation bad senator demands Hirohito is arrest Washington. Sept. The arrest and trial of emperor Hirohito As a War criminal would he ordered by Congress if a Reso Lution introduced by senator rus sell a a today is adopted. Russell offered the Resolution. Using the War and now we launched on building a new Japan. The resignation Higashi Kuni added when asked if the resignation had been forced was a matter of both sides coming together. _ Ere was no time to consult general Macarthur before hand on Power commission to the labor department. Hange of foreign ministers the Prince added. _ he Olla the office of economic stabilization with postwar Industrial strife. Or. Truman shifted the War labor Board and War Man i after taking the floor to denounce i the japanese ruler. I strike closes stand about the Gate of the Socony vacuum Oil co. Refinery at Trenton mich., assailing what he described As a j after 500 employees struck. This strike together with others in he Oil Industry Cut off an mated 75 per cent of the City s soft Neacy 1 for Janan. Senator Russell a a said the Mikado i5, a motor Oil Supply. Sign refers to Union request for 52 hours inv for a 20-hour week. A wire photo stors of he is the and Metier or the georgian declared. In the direction of those Imonen Al Palace millions of japanese faced and prostrated themselves in hip Dusl in abject annl for their failure to kill a Nonh americans to win the if Urc sent policies arc continued. Russell said we Are beaded for another war1 in the Orient. Short la before Risse l Snoke president Turvan issued a slate saying the japanese Lii la House stale a removed from japanese War lords such As Mav lie let Nora ill he said no boing utilized As of the j korean Kneiple and of our occupy j ing All bans on construction to be lifted october 15 from under William h. Davis shaggy headed new dealer who had served previously As War labor Board chairman. Davis duties were handed Over to re conversion director John w. Snyder. Davis made no immediate statement but the president said he would have nothing to do henceforth. The implication was that Davis Long desire to resign would be fulfilled. The president at his news conference disavowed a statement i recently attributed to Davis that the government had a program to increase wages 50 per cent while holding Down prices. Or. Truman said Davis was not speaking for the administration. Davis has taken the position privately that the remarks attributed to him were a misinterpretation of what lie said Al a news sem Inar hut Lias issued no Public denial. Schwellenbac genial bespectacled former Senate colleague of the presidents was Given unprecedented authority to speak for the government in future labor troubles. His first act was to appoint 42-year-old Edgar l. Warren chairman of the Chicago regional web As head of the . Conciliation service which Schwellenbac will build to new stature. At present there Are Only 250 conciliation commissioners in the service. Warren s first Job will be to determine the government s role in the critical Detroit automotive situation where strikes and threatened strikes Are endangering reconversion of that Industry. The labor Secretary talked with web chairman George w. Taylor and told a later news conference he was confident he and the Board could work harmoniously for the remainder of the Board s existence. It will not vanish from the Industrial scene until Afler the labor management conference in november on which both president Truman and Schwellenbac Are depending for a substitute for web. Haw insists on pay hike Detroit sept. Vials of the United automobile workers Cio asserted tonight that the Union plans to proceed with its demand for a 30 per cent general image increase in the nation s automobile Industry but that it would not refuse temporary increases at this time. And that they had mentioned no specific minimum As an a Rcpt table temporary increase at this time. Walter p. Reuther Law to vice presi Ricl said in a conference last week that if any company were to Grant a to per cent increase now and later agreed Union would expect the additional 20 per cent to be made retroactive to the effective Date of the initial i one Union spokesman said Tern-1 to Hie full 30 percent Horary increases might provide Means of averting strikes in plants of major production. He pointed out that negotiation of an Industry 30 per cent increase prob ably would require months of conferences. They emphasized that there had been no offer to the Industry in connection with Slop Gap increases ii. Ii Urton acc trustees talk new dorm Abilene Christian College s Board of trustees will decide nov. 1 increase. With no new work stoppages reported in the Detroit area those idled by strikes and shut Down remained Al approximated b2.000. Including Tho. Workers sent juju to committee acting with Abi Honic last week by Tho Ford motor of the Board to meet whether to begin construction this of a new dormitory. The Hoard of trustees in Semi annual business meeting monday at the College authorized a build i cd. Port Arthur Oil refinery closes port Arthur. Sept. Lift thursday and the Magnolia Pel one refinery in this area is shut jul despite the criticism at Home and the flare up in the japanese that put Asahi under a suspension the occupation was proceeding smoothly. Shikeru pc Vida. Career Diplo once jailed for opposing the me i emperor Hirohito Mon Day night and was Given the foreign minister portfolio. Jap anese sources said. He succeeded Mamoru Shigemitsu. Signer of the articles of surrender and once the fun Fidanzo of Dic Lalur hic Ioki Tojo of Tojo s War making 12 in niger Cabinet seven were in Ink Iiama prison facing charges As car criminals an _ pig Lith was ill hut in technical custody two v.i1 re suicides and the other Luo have not been listed As Asahi daily by rely re garlic cd japanese was the first newspaper to feel i in Wrath n the censors. The with the rest of the press yesterday condemned the regretful atrocities commit Ted by japanese on helpless prisoners and he Miji Rary of starting the War. But for three Macarthur a charged j it had been scoffing off the Atrock stories and accusing Uio United i states itself of violating inter inns by the atomic Hosnih. 41 Asahi in one editorial bail the atrocity report was put nut to overshadow japanese press it ports of outrages committed by some of the american soldiers in to it added that japanese soldiers such izod fathers and sons is Home that it cannot be believed they commit Ted such cruelties on the unarmed masses 1 in the Philippines and elsewhere. All it to a ecu u in liberated list another West texan last Nitim was added to the growing number of men from this area who have been liberated. Four other families including an Abilene family received messages earlier in inc Day concern in .1 their sons. All of Mitchell county s prisoners of War held by the Japa Nese have been accounted for since the message last night from William Floyd Miller Yeoman third class in Guam to . Or. And mrs. Marvin k. Miller of Colorado City formerly of Abilene. Miller cabled lie was Washington. Sept. 18. Tie government today ordered All limits off new construction including House building on oct. Is. Despite inc of opa Aid other agencies of skyrocketing Home prices. Reconversion director John w. Snyder threw out the Price ceiling on new dwell inns along with the other wartime curbs on civilian construction. Snyder Sarre Swiff pop Trifi on of Bull fling activity offered the greatest single additional 5-Ource of jobs in our entire he announced a six Point prop am to Spur the expansion. These prompt follow up actions also were taken the War production Hoard revoked its hotly disputed order "l-41." effective. Oct. 15. Including its Price limit on permitted houses. That action will in Mil unhampered of theatres dwellings office hut i 1 and Public 1 2. The opa prepared to Issue. I probably tomorrow Ulric and cents Price ceilings on nearly All building supplies j Bill opa Chester before Snyder acted j urged Congress to authorize Price limits on completed Homes too. Otherwise the country faces fhe biggest Price Boom he told n Senate Small business sub committee. Ting Clown late tonight employing 5.000 supers try for non Stop record Washington sept. Army air forces shot for a new world non Stop rec Ord today. Three Boeing super Niri resses Are attempting to Fly Miles from Northern Japan to Washington. The huge . Stripped of armament and Armor to permit a fuel Load of More than Gallons left Airfield near sap poro capital of hokkaido around 3 p. M., Central War time Ami Arn scheduled to Complete the trin in to Imus. This would bring them into Washington about Jil. Cwt wednesday. And an other employing 5.000 persons will he struck at r a. Tomor Row Ray Andrus. Member of the District Oil workers strategy committee Cio announced to night. The pure Oil company at Nader lamp 10 Miles North of Here is shutting Down to night Andrus stated and employees of lie Texas company refinery Here will strike at 8 a. Tomorrow. The pure Oil refinery employees 800 persons. Following i Union meeting an drus also stated that Culf Oil company refinery workers who voted yesterday to go on a strike will meet with company officials tomorrow ear the trus tees will every Effort to o finance the. Building for use a year from now president Don ii. Morris said. The College began construction two Mouths ago of a science build ing. Joth Kellner Hall he major Burton to Bench Patterson upped by d. Harold Oliver Washington sell. President Truman con United his shuffling of top government posts today naming 1. Robert a Patterson new York Republican As Secre tary of War. And 2. Senator Harold h. Burton Ohio Republican for the supreme court. He also announced he had received he resignations John j. Mccloy and Robert a. Lovett As assistant Sec ctr of War but said he wat accepting them imm Ciui both Patterson and Burton need republicans. Patterson up from undersecretary Oil. Succeed 77-year-old son whose resignation Dent accepted very he described of our great Public the Choice of is Pito Rburton Jor the court vacancy cited by the retirement of Owen j. Roberts came As somewhat of a Surprise. His name had been mentioned in Early speculation but not lately. Many had thought Patterson would get inc court Post others had talked of Sherman Minton of Indiana former senator and now Federal judge. Roberts who recently turned Down a presidential offer to be America s member of the International military tribunal to try maj or plur Opean War criminals has accepted the chairmanship of a com Mittee to award medals of Merit to civilians. The personnel shifts were announced to a packed views Confer ence. The president also disclosed he had signed earlier in the Day a Bill doing away with the three Man Board to dispose of surplus pro Perty and providing for a single administrator. He picked the Hoard s Laferl member. Stuart Symington. Is. Louis businessman As this administrator. This leaves Robert 11. Hurley former democratic governor of Connecticut and it. Col. Edward h. Heller former California banker without govern ment connections. The appointment of Patterson was or. Truman s seventh Cabinet selection. Only three of the Lata president Roosevelt s appointees now remain Interior Secretary Navy Secretary Forrestal and Commerce Secretary Wallace. Stimson s resignation had been expected Ever since the War ended. He told reporters Only the other Day that this can t go on a Veteran lawyer Soldier and statesman Stimson will lie 78 next Friday. Son of a distinguished sur Sions with women students. As Norn lenient of men rises end of the War. An additional return the men s building one pair of nylons each by Christmas new York. Sept. 18 loss than one pair of nylons per woman will be available by christinas with predicted production of by that time the tonal association of hosiery Mant lae tuners said today. The association said it probably would he late Spring or Early sum Mer a Furo women could buy by ions u believer they wished. _ ii1 . Lull .1 Sill women s buildup and Mcdonah j to was Man in new York i ill. The main men s wit i inc the american civilian Supply of parents info mod by the j i Rover Ihal sugar for tic Oclo Hor no camber j depart he was perform i cover girl revue Willi quart i will to 28 per rent smaller inf in inn a Vire of his i Nielsen is ban the a crag for the three garters. Please Sec freed i g. 12, col. 3 i the show with 22 top notch i is look entries dial will show Chirino the first part of the fair Are expected to Pepin coining in Tori Ray. conk general superintendent of the lives Lark , i staid. The new Harn has been and his orchestra has completed and All build inns Are Heen hooked for the supper Luh. . Total list of entries in the Ahi lonians interested in Tak ing sailing to elects during lie fair Are risked fit in neral manager Inver Nelson o meet in the office fhe old health building at the. Fair Park no 2 p. Thursday. I year there will be a Murf i Safive Chr in Ovri he said. Knt Rirs an my some of the Best Hereford herds in inc state. Gordon Sun Orin indent of the sheep and Goat division reported hat there will be. At least 7fl head of sheep and goals for Tho. Awards. B. L. Coalson Szporin Lendell of inc Swine show estimates then1 will he at least 7s head in Bat div Ision. Jersey Heifer and 1h Field crops. Friday. Sept. Has been designated i of Fra Day and is of ii acted to draw a Large Nuche of i Hoys. From tall or county alone i Hern will be 150 taking part in the of their special a Cook estimatco1

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