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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Abilene, TexasI or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it Soth year. No. 128 phone 673-4271 Abilene Texas 79604. Monday evening. October 19. 1970-thirty.eight pages in three sections Loc daily-25c sunday Apoc Saied Frew of wholesome movies family features Fine fare Delphi ind. A _ two teen age Brothers who wanted to do something on their own arc prospering As theater operators presenting family Typo movies in a theater that showed mature audiences Only films be fore they bought it. Arthur Small 17, and his brother Jimmy 16, Are earning enough Money at the theater to Send themselves through College in a couple of years. We get some real Good Walt Disney and family movies and teen age movies without All that other garbage Ard it Ferms to to working out real a thur said. For this size of town this is what Tho people Delphi has Resi dents. Arthur handles most of the business responsibilities while Jimmy runs the projectors and handles most of the technical Side. The clientele of the 275-seat 1 theater has changed since the Brothers took Over. Now More families Are com ing together with their teen agers and younger Jimmy said. R we show strictly first run movies unless it s a real Good Arthur said. This in creases business. People would rather Sec new movies. We re starting to draw from other Cit ies now like Lafayette logans port and Monticello. Those places charge As High As our highest ticket is and kids Are 50 the theater is open Friday saturday and sunday. During the week it usually is rented to civic groups and school classes that want to View educational or promotional films. Jimmy had worked at the i Heater three years when in a gust 1969, he came Home and told Arthur the holy owners wanted to sell. I thought it was a Good Deal so we took Over the Bank pay Arthur said. An unt terrorists by the associated press Montreal a a Mas Sive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Pierre gave Montreal today the appearance of a City at War. The search went on for the terrorists other Kidnap victim James r. Cross. Army and police helicopters flew constantly Over the City. Local and Royal Canadian mounted police spot checked cars on the Busy streets. Road blocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes Lead ing out of Montreal which has 1.2 million people and is Canada s largest City. Security checks were in creased at the . Border particularly in new York Vermont and new Hampshire. _ the Canadian army the mounted police and Quebec s own provincial police expanded their operations under the War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau last Friday. Trudeau himself pledged that the Law forces will find these vicious men and bring them to Justice in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian he predicted More terrorist violence but declared the gov sunday night Low hits 43 the Mercury shivered Down to a cold 43 degrees sunday night the coldest overnight Abilene has recorded this fall. Up until sunday night the lowest temperature was 46, which occurred on oct. 8, 15, 16 and 17. The monday night forecast Call for 2 a weathermen predict a fair and warm Day monday with the temper lure the High tuesday should near 75. Weather department of Commerce Jcj Lutr Servizi Weir her map pm. 3-a Abilene and Vicinity Fiir and warmer Man Day Nam and tuesday. A Kwh 51 u Ernie no will not Back Down. The prime minister himself a que Becker flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects in the family of Laporte que Bec s labor minister and to con Fer with officials lie then Flcik Back to Ottawa the Federal Cap ital. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Marc Carbonnsau 37, a taxi Driver and Paul Rose 27, a teacher on charges of taking part in the kidnapping of Laporte oct. 10 and Britain s Trade com missioner Cross two weeks ago today. Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early sunday. A idler in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of exe cution at the hands of the que Bec liberation front Fly. Police raided a Frame Bunga Low in St. Hubert this morning a half mile from where Laporte s body was found and said it May have been used by Laporte s Florida migrants tick Good Deal ajor Var iurd4 u j7 a u nil 70, Low Munda or rvgl1 temperatures y i co 3.00 4 co 1m 9 co 54 13 j4. 59 54 .17-00 5? Holch and Lew 24 hours Enid my 9 a 57 Lew for period wit fir 10 Ard 61 Sunset last Nice . Own Row Sunset pm. Rending fat non "8.37. Humic by at non 91 per cent. Auburndale Fla. A a new program initiated by the coca cola co. Has made 300 former migrant workers full time farm labourers with regu Lar pay hikes fringe benefits and a pension plan. International Telephone and Telegraph co. Is hiring nimble fingered vegetable pickers to work with Fine instruments and electronic circuits. These programs Are a few of the migrant Aid efforts that have grown out of increased National concern for the plight of poorly skilled and educated itinerant farm workers. Minute maid corp., a Cora cola subsidiary initiated a full company retirement program for the workers last month. The new program Means year round work for the 300 labourers and minute maid officials say they Hope to hire 300 More migrants on the same Busis. Under the minute maid plan a worker who cams a year would draw approximately a retirement few years ago when a migrant worker who could no longer work earned no salary Clark Black a Federal health education and welfare depart ment worker sold on the program of hiring dexterous indicators Down at 4th hour end industrials were Down 5.20, transportation was Down 2.53, and utilities were Down .55 at the end of fourth hour trading on the new York Stock Exchange. The new York Compo site was Down .50. Volume was shares reported the Abilene office of Schneider by rect and Hickman inc. Migrants to work on Fine instruments. Black says the program was so successful that he has negotiated similar contracts with Pratt Whitney and Ria. Coca cola employs about of Florida s migrant work ers. The company has acquired two tracts of land on which it plans to build 165 single family Homes and 120 rental apart ments for the migrant labourers. Another program being Devil oped would eliminate from the highways the rickety buses now used to carry Many migrant workers to and from the Fields. They would to replaced by new vehicles equipped with lavatories that could be used As sanitary facilities in the Field. Dalgleish health said improving Brisbane Australia a Liogus doctor Frank Dalgleish who was flown Home to frown ailment has Hospital s dangerously ill list following an operation. Dalgleish told a surgeon at the Townsville Hospital "1 eel better now than during the past five the imposter. Whose air fare was paid by the townspeople of Mccamey tex., where Dalgleish posed As a doctor is Al Lowed out of bed twice a Day. A Hospital spokesman said Dalgleish has been started on a dialysis course of treatment. It will hold him for at least 12 said the spokesman. Killers. There was blood on the floor. Detective sgt. Albert Lisacek said it was believed Rose May have used the Bungalow but he did not say what led police to this belief. Police officials said Security in Montreal and the surrounding areas is tighter than Ever before in history. Up to this morning 326 per sons have been arrested in sweeps against the Fly which seeks Independence for French speaking Quebec through Revo Lution. Roadblocks have been set up at All Bridges linking Montreal Island with the South Shore. A police spokesman said every car leaving the Island is being checked. Major roads leading out of the province also were being watched As Well As Side roads. Army patrols have been stepped up. Police and mounted police tools have also stopped cars at random throughout the City holding the occupants until identification of each person was verified. 1 a Montreal police source said the measures being taken Are merely to help with investigation of the kidnapping cases and prevent any incidents Between the Public and authorities. He said there is no conscious Effort being made to suspend or infringe on civil liberties. Hose was involved in a 1965 controversy at Pyrce on the Gaspe Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a building. Abner Biard Perce mayor said the youths bothered tourists and when he and others protested he was threatened by six or seven organizations including the Fly. The of Lapone and Cross both 43, signalled an Esca lation in the Fly s War. Which began seven a cars ago with bombings of patriotic statues and mail boxes. News Index amusements 4a Bridge 14a comics 5b editorial 4b Hyrc scope 4a Hospital patients 3a obituaries. 2a sports 5.7a to your Good health 8a log 9a women j family theater Arthur Small 17 and his 16-year previously the theater showed mostly old brother Jimmy have turned the Rosy mature audiences Only films and Xmas theater in Delphi ind., into a financial on the verge of bankruptcy. A wire Success by showing Only family films photo he claims pollution Miami a an Eastern air lines Pilot fired because he would net Fly until Small amounts of excess fuel were re moved irom Jet engines shirt sunday if air pollution was Gold dust engineers would find a Way to recover it by 10 o clock William l. Guthrie 53, a 70 Veteran of the airline that paid him annually to Fly was dismissed saturday. East erns Iid he was fired for Caus ing delays ranging from 15 to 93 minutes on six flights since a gust. Guthrie said he delayed be cause he would t take off until a few pints of in bumped Kero Sene that he said pollutes the air had been removed. Jim Ashlock regional Public relations for Eal said studies by Boeing corp. And Mcdonnell Douglas carp., makers of Eastern s jets show the Kero Sene does not cause a pollution problem when it is dumped after the plane is in the sky. It vaporizes and does not come to Ashlock said. It in t dumped until lha plane reaches an airspeed of 201 knots and by that Tine it s at 1 alter shut Down the kerosene used to fuel the engines automatically drains from the Mani fold of each engine and flows into Small Drain cans. 1 rather than siphoning or this excess kerosene during flight Guthric insisted the fuel into a bucket by maintenance personnel a process that he said should take three to five minutes. Guthrie who has been fight ing Aerial pollution since 1s02 when a Friend s plane crashed in heavy smog Over new Jersey maintains the fuel adds to air pollution which is often responsible for midair ten it s so thick you can t see the Earth s too Many times the last words control toners heard from Light aircraft have been i m lost in the Haze the next dung they hear is that some poor Guy smears himself his wife and his kids All Over the Guthrie said. Why should we dump muck on people s he asked. Ashlock said dumping the fuel one to two pints from each Normal of crating procedure. Every study made shows it does no Guthrie said those few pints per engine add up to "500 to Kex Gallons a Day when you figure 800 to flights a Day at Miami Airport alone. Right now we fail to look at air pollution As belonging to any one. Rut if that was Gold dust pouring out of those engines and smoke stacks engineers would find a Way to recover it by 10 o clock he said. No action taken on Juco petition be should retired officer Wear uniform reporter news Austin Lurean Austin the coordinating Board Texas colleges and universities system declined to take action on a petition in approve the creation of a county wide Junior College in Taylor county monday morning. Alter hearing a report from the Junior College committee Board Harvey Weil said. We do not believe this right for action at this lie said the Board could not act or. The request until a Public hearing was held on the Issue. A Public hearing is set for nov. 5, in Abilene but the Board gave no indication when the petition for creating the Public Junior College would he reviewed. Called the request novel and unusual in some referring to the contractual for vices planned for the Junior College Wilh Abilene s three existing colleges. By Ellie Nicker q. Please straighten me out on some military Courtesy. Is an officer retired supposed to Wear his uniform at a formal occasion especially a father Ghung the Bride away in he write up in the paper is she the daughter of col. And mrs. Or is she. The daughter of or. And mrs. A. The form used by the reporter news is col. Ilot and mrs. Asst. Staff judge advocate capt. Steven Wickland says a retired officer May Wear his formal uniform to any occasion where he feels it s appropriate and certainly his daughter s wedding would be an appropriate occasion. But of course you Don t have to Wear it unless you want to it s entirely up to you. Q. Could you find out How the expression Scot free came into being. For example he Gol Oil a. Surprisingly it does t have anything to do with Scotland or the scottish people. In Shakespeare s Day a Scot was a municipal tax paid to the sheriff. The present Day meaning of without payment of a just penalty 1 Rocs Back to the Scot free Fellows in England who managed to Dodge paying their taxes. Q. Do of know anywhere that one Rould sell Mistletoe Here in Abilene or out of state and ran you Send Mistletoe to another stale by mall a. Could t find any Mistletoe merchants in Abilene but we found one in Novice Owen Casey Box 3h will Start buying it around thanksgiving. Contact him now and let him know what you have hell Send you a card when he s ready to Start buying. Your Mistletoe must have White berries and Green and the Price per Pound will iks around eight cents. Yes you can Send Mistletoe through the mail. Q. I recently read in the reporter news hat the Dpt vaccination May become Law requiring All children to rec Rhc u before entering school. It also stated that the Only vaccination now required is the smallpox vaccination Lam mar i know children who arc attending Abilene Public schools that have never had the smallpox vaccination. Why in t this Law enforced flu we have any guarantee that the Dpt vaccination Lav would be enforced a. K the Dpt vaccination Law Stales enforcement is mandatory then it will he automatically enforced and doctor s certificates will be required proving immunization says supt. Of schools a. K. Wells. The present immunization Law leaves it up to the local school boards to decide whether or rot smallpox vaccinations arc mandatory. In this area it s not mandatory but even to 77 per cent of the first graders have smallpox vaccinations. Because some religious groups object to immunizations and for other complicated medical reasons the Abilene school Board decided not to make the vaccination a requirement for enrolment. Q. Whatever happened to the old fashioned an of quilling i be tried 1 several sources to no Avail. Would appreciate Jour help. A. Nothing at a1 has happened to it we thought quilting was a lost Art too until we started writing action Lane. Now it seems everybody s interested if mail on the subject is any indication. The comrades class at first methodist Church would like to do some quilting give Maude Walter a ring at 677-9jm. Or Call Iris Fitzsimmons our quilting expert at 673 7275. Leafo Call mrs. Waller Lisl. We be about Uorn out mrs.

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