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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Abilene, Texas Resident to solve voice to probe air firms permian 34 Cooper 24 Winters 0 Eastland 51 Rotan 34 Sweetwater 7 Clyde 39 big Spring 34 Albany 22 Knox City 20 b Wood 37 Abilene 15 Odessa 7 Ballinger 0 Comanche 0 Wylie 71 Snyder 0 Cisco 7 Midland 21 Anson 01 Munday 6 Hirschi 0 Israel claims proof soviets Man missiles wait Allene reporter without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch 90th year no. 119 phone 673-4271 Abilene Texas 79604, saturday morning october to 1970�?thir exactly As it goes Quot a byrones in four sections 10c daily�?25c sunday profit the bombings. But police noting they Hart several leads were investigating the theory that the incidents were part of a Radical conspiracy. The presidents reaction came shortly after a group identifying itself As a the Weatherman underground claimed responsibility for the bombing that wrecked a courtroom and a rest room at the Marin county civic Center in san Rafael Calif. Earlier a Seattle group known As the Quarter Moon tribe said it planted the bomb that caused an estimated $150,000 damage to Navy and air Force facilities at the University of Washington. Another organization a a perfect Park Home grown Garden society a took credit for the bombing of a National guard armory in Santa Barbara Calif., dedicating the act a to All revolutionary people throughout the world wherever they fight for love and Freedom and life lower a pot Possession to Misdemeanour. But be Tough on pushers a Paul Eggers by Jim Conley reporter news staff writer r e p u b i i c an gubernatorial candidate Paul Eggers explained Friday in Abilene Why he believes East Texas water should remain in East Texas. A i live in West Texas a the nov. 3 opponent of gov. Preston Smith said a and i favor a High priority for a workable water plan for West Texas with its Strong dependence on agriculture. A but we be got to work for a program that is ecologically As Well As economically sound a he said during an interview before speaking at Taylor county gof Headquarters. Eggers said that alternatives to bringing the water from outside the area include a recycling of water a which he said some cities in California have done and a desalinization a removing the Salt from water. A also we have water that stands and evaporates in West Texas a he said a and we need to look More closely to see what can be done about this the candidate said that people who have studied the proposal to bring water to West Texas have questioned the Type of water it would be once it gets Here. Also in Abilene Friday Eggers called on gov. Smith a to reconsider his refusal to accept the Public spirited offer made by the Texas league of women voters and 16 television stations for a joint appearance to discuss issues in the governors race. A since so Many political leaders including myself and presumably the governor Are concerned about voter apathy this is an excellent Opportunity to stimulate interest in the e Section a he said. Eggers concluded that a your state faces Many problems and challenges. This is no time for political leaders to sweep them under the Rug. Lets have a full and open discussion of the issues today yews Index inability to get enough names on a petition for a unit Road project for Taylor county is blamed on apathy complexity of the Issue and other work projects. See Story pm. I c. Amusements. 8a markets. 8, 9c Bridge. 7 a obituaries. 3, 9a Church news. 4, 5, 9, Ioc Oil. 6a classified. 3-8d sports. 1-8b comics. .6, 7c to Loa. .7 a editorials. 2d to scout .7 a farm. Id women s news. 2, 3b so we can have an informed electorate and a Large voter Eggers made the following comments on the drug Issue a i want a Law that will really be Tough on pushers and then go after them. Second i want a Law that if a person has a certain amount of dings in his Possession he would be classified As a Pusher. The state of Washington for example says 40 ounces is a Pusher a he said. Also Eggers favors Misdemeanour penalty for first offence marijuana Possession lowering it from a felony because a nine out of to users of marijuana Are experimenters. With a Misdemeanour the person could be arrested and Eggers also advocates More education on drugs saying that the present Public school drug education program is inadequately funded. A if i were governor i would put the priority for Ding education far above for example the millions of dollars spent in Austin for a parking lot for state employees. A the lot is needed a he added a but not before drug asked about the argument that lowering penalties for crimes Ding Possession for example does not help reduce crime he said that since the a first offence driving while intoxicated penalty had been lowered to a Misdemeanour a second offences have been less. The Driver knows that second time just must not Eggers is for a powerful governorship. A the Texas governor ranks 49th in Power among governors in the United states a he said. His Strong position is reflected in his criticism of gov. Smith walking out at the universe Eggers pm. 3-a new Republic off to shaky Start phenom penh Cambodia api a the new cambodian Republic proclaimed Friday morning came into timing so hurriedly that things went wrong at the ceremony. So swiftly was the decision taken to end More than 1,000 years of monarchy that the government had less than a week to prepare for the celebrations. A Concrete Monument to the Republic in a Park renamed Republic Square was completed Only hours before it was inaugurated by Premier Lon Nob tile top of the Monument now has developed a distinct list. The new cambodian Flag that weather . Department of Commerce Essa weather Bureau weather map pm. I d Abilene and Vicinity 40-mile radius a Clear to partly Cloudy and warmer through sunday. Huh saturday 75 Low saturday night 50. High on sunday near 80. Southerly winds 5 to to temperatures Fri. . Fri. . 461 00 .59 452 00 60 45 3 0063 44. 4 00. 6 44 5 0065 436 0043 7 0061 438 00 57 47. 9 no. 53 51. 10 0055 ,11 00 _ 5812 00 a . 65 and 43. High and Low same Date last year 83 and 60. Sunset last night 7 14 Sunrise today 7 39 Sunset tonight 7 12. Barometer Reading at 9 . 28.17. Humidity at 9 of 45 per cent. Lon nol hoisted in front of the Royal Palace differed from others flown around the City. A design for the Flag was the subject of a rambling debate in the National Assembly Only wednesday. It was agreed to place three White stars on a Blue Ensign with a White profile of the fabled temples of angkor on a red Field in the upper left hand Corner. The positioning of the stars was left somewhat vague. The Flag raised by Lon nol had the stars located on the Bottom. Other flags in phenom penh had the stars at the top. There were elements of improvisation in the timetable of the ceremonies. They originally were scheduled to last More than two hours. They were telescoped to less than half that time w Hen it was found the original timetable would have left officials with a Long period during which they had nothing to do. A Navy gun used to fire the traditional 101-gun Salute exploded after firing less than a dozen rounds wounding five sailors. The ammunition was american and was flown in especially for the Celebration. Only a few hours before president in Tam of the National Assembly Rose to proclaim the Republic cambodian soldiers were attacked by enemy troops 5v� Miles from the capital. Eggers favors recycling water by the associated press Israel said Friday it has a photographic and other evidence proving that russians Are Manning Sam 3 missiles deployed by Egypt along the Suez canal in violation of the Middle East cease fire. A military spokesman in tri Aviv did not say what die a other evidence was but observers believe it May include intercepted radio communications Between russians and egyptians at the Sites inside the cease fire zone on the egyptian held West Side of the canal. In Washington Secretary of state William p. Rogers backed up the israeli assertion. He said America has conclusive evidence of egyptian violations in the canal truce zone and added a i think beyond doubt soviet personnel have been there to assist in construction of those Sites for missiles. Both Rogers and the Tel Aviv spokesman were responding to a brusque Moscow denial that Rogers comments pm. 8 a soviet personnel were involved. Moscow charged that Israel was violating the .-sponsored cease fire by constant flights Over egyptian territory and with the construction of fortifications along the israeli Side of the canal. Israelis Premier Golda Meir in a radio broadcast to the people on the eve of yom kippur israelis most solemn religious Holiday said the a guar is not Salute wounds 5 Over yet but predicted peace Lay ahead. A we believe a she said a that the peace will come because it is vital to our neighbors not less than to ourselves. And when it comes enormous reserves will be released for the advancement of our Region and the Prosperity of its Cairo radio charged the United states withdrew from peace talks at the United nations As part of a Campaign of hostility to Egypt a with the aim of confusing the revolutionary the United states pulled out of big four Deputy representatives talks in an attempt to press the russians and egyptians into removing soviet missiles from the Suez canal. Cairo radio declared that if the missiles Are moved anywhere a they will be moved Forward w Here i hey can be More the popular front of the liberation of Palestine issued a statement in Beirut the lebanese capital accusing Israel of going Back on a Deal by which the guerrillas released hijacked Airliner hostages. A we shall Deal a Strong retaliatory blow to americans and israelis failure to Honor their Side of the Deal a the statement said. Sweetwater Queen Bridget Feagan 17, was named Homecoming Queen of Sweetwater High school Friday night at the Sweetwater Snyder game. The she senior was escorted by Ric Rhodes. Staff photo by Billy Adams _ Senate this week As assistant Secretary of transportation for safety. The Faa cracked Down a Day earlier on two Oklahoma City firms that leased the plane and Crew to Wichita state for its ill fated football trip to Utah state oct. 2. The Agency lifted the License of Golden Eagle aviation inc. After ruling it did not have a certificate to Fly a passenger plane As Large As the one that crashed. It handed a $50,000 Fine to the planets owner Jack Richards aircraft co. Inc., and grounded All his other planes for emergency inspections. However the Faa conceded it did not know until the crash that Golden Eagle had been flying Wichita stale a basketball and football teams for nearly a year. And despite two warnings in August to Wichita state and Tulsa about Golden eagles Lack of a sufficient passenger License the Faa took no action to caution the firm itself. Volpe announced Smith a will examine Faa regulations governing charter operations with a View toward correcting any deficiency which May be he added the investigation will a spare no Effort time or resources in determining the True condition of every chartered operation in the United in a new development Friday the Faa in Washington said it had indeed warned Golden Eagle in Augusta but the inspector it named in Oklahoma City contradicted this. The inspector Mel Hanson said contrary to the Faa announcements that no one Ever told his office that Golden Eagle was trying to Fly for Tulsa and Wichita state. A i did no to have any knowledge of that a he said. Hanson said his Only Contact with Golden Eagle was nearly a year go when he cautioned the firm in general that it should t have any connection with flying larger aircraft. Cellmate testifies Susan admitted killing Sharon Tate los Angeles api a woman who shared a jail cell with Susan Atkins testified at the Sharon Tate trial Friday that miss Atkins told her she killed the actress. The witness Virginia Graham said miss Atkins told her of the killings of five Tate victims and said a she wanted to take their eyes out and Squash them against the Wall and Cut off their fingers but she did t have mrs. Graham said miss Atkins in describing the killing of miss Tate a said that when the knife went in it Felt soft and it was quite a after it was Over a she said see Tate pm. 2-a by the associated press president Nixon ordered Fri director j. Edgar Hoover Friday to find the persons j Spon sible for three West coast terrorist bombings for which underground groups have claimed credit. Nixon said thursdays bombings which came on the third anniversary of the death of Che Guevara demonstrated the need for Tough Federal anti bombing legislation. There were no injuries in the bombings which damaged a military armory a Campus Roto building and a courthouse. There have been no arrests in Washington a Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe ordered Friday a sweeping investigation of the air charter Industry and the Way the Federal aviation administration regulates it. Volpe said the probe was prompted by the 30-death disaster in the crash of a rented Wichita state University football plane in the Rockies a week ago. The Faa has said it warned both Wichita state and another school two months ago against using the Small firm flying the planet but took no action to Stop the firm itself. Volpe bypassed the Faa in ordering the probe and put it directly under control of his office. He named a newly appointed aide adm. Willard j. Smith to conduct the investigation. Smith former head of the coast guard was confirmed by the. Staff photo by Larry Thomas Why East Texas water should stay in East Texas. Gap gubernatorial candidate Paul Eggers explains in Abilene

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