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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - October 2, 1938, Abilene, Texas • WEST TEXAS FAIR EDITION WEST TEXAS FAIR EDITION WIST THIS] I «WN I HEWSMKR Wtnt Abilene Reporter “WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKE ICH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT COES,"-Byron WITH CEREMONIES FOLLOWING AT FAIR PARK- VOLLVIII, NO. 124.    ABILENE,    TEXAS,    SUNDAY    MORNING,    OCTOBER    2,    1938-EIGHTY-TWO PAGES IN SIX SECTIONS. Ask Roosevelt To Call World Peace Parley Nebraska And Illinois Solons Issue Proposal rrcM (An PRICE FIVE CENTS Jubilee Parade Launches Fair Monday Noon WASHINGTON. Oct. I. —UP'*— Two democratic senators—Burke of Nebraska and Lewis of Illinois— proposed simultaneously tonight that President Roosevelt summon international conferences to effect a lasting European peace. Burke, a critic of some administration measures, Just returned from a European tour, said the president was the logical man to call a badly needed world economic conference. Lewis, an administration supporter, declared the time had come when Mr. Roosevelt should summon all parties to the Treaty of Versailles to meet in this country and survey what that treaty had produced “in discontent, revolt and war.” •Then” added Lewis in a formal atatement to the press, "a Just disposition of the colonies can be made in a calm atmosphere in the United States, under one direction—as we do not look for resentments and seek no rewards. We only seek a world peace." FDR TO HYDE FARK Both proposals were advanced a ■hort time before President Roosevelts scheduled departure for Hyde Park. N. Y., a departure which indicated he was confident that the recent threat of war In Europe was definitely past. In an interview. Senator Burke said he thought the time was ripe for an economic readjustment which would remove trade barriers and. with them, many of the causes of war. "I think Europe's troubles are basicly economic.” he said. “The president is the logical one to take the leadership in calling an economic conference. The president is in an ideal position lo ta<e the lead because he can do it without involving us in Europe's squabbles ” Praising the reciprocal trade treaties fostered by Secretary of State Hull, Burke said some such treaties might well be the basis of agreements among all the larger nations of the world. In a sense, this is the golden jubilee year of the effort to establish a first class regional exposition in Abilene. There were earlier community exhibits than that of 1888, of course, but it was fifty years ago when Abilene business men set forth to develop a regional show that would represent not only the commercial, industrial and agricultural life of Abilene and Taylor county, but the huge region lying round about. That first effort was a distinct success, as many of its successors have been. -AN EDITORIAL- The 1038 West Texas Free Fair is a continuation of that effort. When the gates are opened tomorrow for a six-day run, the people of this community and .section will have an opportunity to enjoy themselves and contribute their share toward the success of the fair by attending it. Many men and women have worked hard for many weeks getting the fair in shape. They have labored unselfishly and efficiently, and their only reward will he the knowledge that they were doing something to build up their city and their section. The average citizen has not been asked to contribute either time or money to this effort. All that is expected of him is that he show his civic loyalty by attending the fair one or more days. It is little enough to ask, and no doubt it will be given ungrudgingly; for the average Ahilenian recognizes tile fair as a strong factor in the development of his city and its surrounding territory. (Jet ready to attend the Free Fa r and show your loyalty and appreciation. You’ll be well repaid for your effort, ami you will come away from the fair with a better appreciation and understanding of Abilene end its immediate territory. AS GERMANS OCCUPY SUDETENLAND— CZECHS YIELD TO Germans Move Into First Zone SHE GOES TO WORK; HEIL GET ALIMONY CHICAGO, Oct.    I.—i>P)— Mrs. Lucille Abrams    is    going back to her job as a    coal    truck driver and figures    to    make enough to pay her husband alimony. The slender brunette, S3 years old, came to that decision in court yesterday. She went there with the intention of asking alimony from her husband, Frank, whom she is suing for divorce. Abrams said Ills coal business wasn't earning enough for alimony. “It is, too, Judge," said Lucille. "I know because I drive the truck lots of times. I ve been the coal hiker when Frank drove.” The Abrams compromised. Lucille will get the business and Frank will get ti a day alimony. POLAND’S ULTIMATUM Troops Retreat From Teschen WHEN, WHERE NAZIS WILL MARCH CZECHOSLOVAKIA Garza Votes Dry By 2 To I Margin POST, Oct. I.—(AV-In the first Garza county liquor election in approximately 28 years, voters announced disapproval of sale of all kinds of alcoholic drinks by a count of more than two to one today. Returns from nine of the lo voting boxes showed 614 for prohibition to 279 against. Only Justice-burg, with a voting capacity of about 50 ballots, had not reported. EVENTS TO COME IN WEST TEXAS HASKELL.—Centering Interest In the approaching Central West Texas fair will be the selection of a "Miss Haskell” Thursday night. STAMFORD.—Stamford chamber of commerce will be host to business men of surrounding towns at a "chuck wagon” supper Tuesday night, ROTAN.—Rotan business men's club will observe ladles night Tuesday. GRAHAM.—The Graham fair will be held October 5 to 8. MONAHANS. — Monahans’ will stage its first annual Ward county fair October 7-8. CLAI REM ONT. - Kent county fair will be held October 7 and 8. Callahan's Fair Draws Throng H-D Club Winners Are Cross Plains, Eula, Enterprise BAIRD, Sept. 30.—(Spl.)—One of the largest fair crowds ever seen in Baird attended the annual Callahan county fair today. Officials were extremely pleased with the number and quality of exhibits shown. In the women's home demonstration department the club from Cross Plains won first prize with Eula and Enterprise classified as second and third. The ratings were figured according to the number of individual points won by women of each club. There were 16 entries. The Girls’ 4-H club from Oplin won first In Its section with Midway second and Denton third. Highest individual honors went to Ola Faye Whiney of Denton, Flora McCaw and Betty Slough. In the Boys’ 4-H club section the groups were ranked in the following order: Bayou, Denton. Midway and Oplin. Bill Fields of Clyde won first in the capon division with a seven and a half pound Buff Orpington. Sydney Johnston of Denton and Y.’illlam Fair-cloth of Midway were second and third. Ross Brlson, county agent, and Cora Brown, horn* demonstration aguilt, haci charge of the agricultural and poultry and home exhibits. Berlin Accords Hitler Welcome Of Conqueror BERLIN, Oct. I — (AP) — German troops marched into 8ndetenland today behind evacuating Czechoslot ak soldiery and citizenry as Reichsfuehrer Hitler returned from Munich to Berlin and received a conqueror’s welcome. BLOODLESS CONQUEST It was a bloodless conquest which brought 500.000 heiling Berliners to the streets to salute the fuehrer. The main body entering Czechoslovakia consisted of an estimated 30,000 soldiers. Tehy penetrated the first zone of Sudetenland to be occupied under the terms of the four-power Munich accord. They marched and rode through the villages and valleys of the mountainous forested southwest I comer of the Czechoslovakia of yesterday. Previously, the advance guard had moved into Czechoslovakia shortly after midnight last night. An army communique issued at 7 p. rn. (12 noon CST) said the objective of the first day’s advance was the Moldau river, about seven miles Into the Sudetenland fringe near Krumau. The communique said the troops • were received jubilantly by the liberal population." Meanwhile, the man directing this peaceful occupation received his second great tribute of the year from the Berlin populace. In Rome. jubilation and hysteria, Hitler’s return from Munich rivalled the welcome upon his return from annexed Austria last March. This map shows the districts In black areas on the .nap. The Mol-Czechoslovakia into which Oer- dau river In the southwest corner many has or will march between was objective of the first day s now and October 8. These are march Saturday. The shaded areas are the approximate territory to be ceded to nazis when the commission determines the extent of partition. Plebiscite areas have yet to be determined. IN 'DISTRUST' OF FOREIGN POLICY- British Navy Chief Quits Duff Cooper To Prague City Of Gloom; Cabinet Explains Action PRAGUE, Oct. I - (AP) — The capital of the Czechs and the Slovaks suddenly lost all militant fervor today as the nation began lopping off frontier zones on the north, the south and the west. It was a city of doom and depression. •PAINFUL DECISION* Czechoslova kia troops began e\acuation of Teschen after the government "took this painful decision" to yield to Poland's ultimatum for immediate cession of part that northern border zone, rich In coal and minerals and the home of a Polish minority of 100,000. This decision was taken even while Czechoslovakia was fulfilling her reluctant promise to the four powers represented at Munich by withdrawing her proud fighting men from the area of Krumau. “zone No. I,” on the southwest, before Germany's steel-nelmeted soldiers who began their appointed occupation today. In Egerland, westernmost tip of the Sudetenland rim. Czechoslo- Re# CZECHS, Pf. 9, CoL S The Weather ABILENE and Vicinity: Fair, continued warm 8nnda> and Monday. OKLAHOMA and TEXAS: Kale. condoned warm Sunday and Monday? Gentle to moderate mostly Motherly wind* on th* Tex** CMM, NEW MEXICO: Tartly cloudy Sunday and Monday: little chance In temperature. TEM PER ATI'RES A- M.    HOCK    P.    M. SS fifi ...... SI ...... SJ ...... so ...... SI ...... sn ...... ST ...... TO ...... as ...... ss ...... Midnight I S s 4 A • 7 5 a 10 11 ss Noon St SA SS BA SS SS Si so ST HS Highest and lowest temperature* to S p. rn, yesterday, ss and SO. Same dale a year ago, SO and Bt, Sunset yesterday, S:t4. Sunrise today, a:34. Sunset today «:JX. Explain Stand Action Follows Chamberlain's Return Home LONDON. Oct I.—i/Ti—Great Britain's outspoken first lord of the admiralty resigned suddenly today in “distrust” of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlains new foreign policy. His action was expected to give the lead to rebellious government supporters who share his “distrust." The navy head, conservative Alfred Duff Cooper, told the prime minister in his letter of resignation : “I profoundly distrust the foreign policy which the present govern-ls pursuing and seems likely to purse* BRITAIN. Pf. 9, Col. 5 PLANS LAUNCHED FOR GOLDEN JUBILEE AT HSU HOMECOMING Adopt Resolutions For Appointment Of Trustee, Faculty, Alumni Group Inaugural plans for the observance of the Golden anniversary jubilee at Hardin-Simmons university, in 1941 and 1942, were launched at the annual HSU homecoming celebration here Saturday. At an executive committee session of the H-SU ex-students association. resolutions were adopted providing for the appointment of Joint trustee, faculty and alumni committee group to make plans for the fiftieth anniversary celebration. Trustee members of the committee, already named, are Judge J. C Hunter and O. D. Dillingham. Mrs. H. A. Pender, president of the alumni body, will name repre sentatives to the group soon, and faculty members will also be ap- ; pointed. The executive committee adopted resolutions submitted bv T. N. Carswell, In approving proposals to begin planning now for the golden jubilee celebration. Present at the meeting were Mrs Pender, Mildred Caldwell, Dr. and Mrs. R. N. Richardson. Mrs J. M.: Chandler. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Irvin, Iubbock; J. E. Hopper. Dallas; Jerome Newman. Wichita Falls; Roy Skaggs, T N Carswell, Lacy Beckham, George W. McDaniel, Jr., See HSU, Pg. 9. CoL « Reichman Slightly Hurt, To Be Here Joe Reichman. noted orchestra leader injured Thursday night in an auto accident ear Lufkin, will appear as per schedule on -he Tuesday opening program at the cotton festival for the West Texas free fair West Texas free fair officials were advised Saturday that Reichman was only Blighty hurt, a small gas t above his right eye. His wife. Connie Bradley, was badly bruised and shaken up. The report came through offices of the Music Corporation of America in Dallas, booking agency for Reichman. Santo Anna Voters Okeh School Bonds SANTA ANNA. Oct, l.-Santa Anna citizens voted 117 to 95. today to issue $27,500 in bonds for construction of an elementary school building. An application for a grant of $22,500 is pending before the public works administration. The proposed structure would be of brick, and would include 12 class rooms and other facilities, according to Superintendent J. C. Scarborough. Promising Oil Spuds Its No. I Fair Park At 3 Midget Car Races Slated; Pioneers To Gather At ] :30 By HARRY HOLT Fair time is here! The hurrying, scurrying of excited, happy throng*—husky yells of carnival barkers, taunting tones of calliopes—cheers of pep squads, crackle of football signals and the thud of forward wall meeting forward wall—the roar of racing autos, click of flashing hoofs and yells of bronc-busting cowboys from the rodeo arena—the lowing of fine cattle, noises from the poultry barn. Fair time is beret EXHIBITS ON DISPLAY That's the sound score, the theme song, you hear at the annual West Texas Free fair, opening tomorrow at Fair park. The 1938 fair ti offering’ full agricultural, livestock, poultry exhibits; many departments for a omen, merchants, football, rodeo, hors* races, automobile races, midway a<-traction and the Texas Cotton Festival with Joe Reichman'* orchestra. First number booked for the opening day is the down-town Golden Jubilee parade at 12 o’clock. Immediately fellowing wiH be opening ceremonies of the Golden Jubilee at entrance of the fai grounds. Pioneers and old settlers will assemble at 1:30 p. rn. in the Fair park auditorium. Midget auto races in front of the grandstand will be at 2. and spudding of Promising Oil company’s No. I West Texas Fair will be at 3 octock near the poultry building. Agricultural, Industrial and commercial axhibit* will be on display all afternoon and blue-blooded cattle awalt inspection. Mighty Shees-ley show will be in action on the midway and at 8 p. rn. the first performance of Beutler Brothers' famous rodeo will be unreeled. That’s the first day of the West See FAIR, Pf. 9, CoL 5 Hamlin Votes Water Bonds HAMLIN, Oct. I—(Spl.)—Hamlin residents today voted, 230 to five, for issuance of $129,000 in bonds tor construction of a municipal lake. The Public Works administration Is being asked for a $105,000 grant to aid in the project. The proposed lake would cover f50 acres on what is now the Boyd, Harrell, Weatherby, Wilkerson and Staten farms five miles south of Hamlin. The dam would be a mile long, backing up water for half a mile. Spillway would be 500 feet long. Feeding the lake would be five creeks, the dam lying across California creek. Capacity of the new lake is estimated at 600 million gallons. Water would flow by gravity to within one mile of the city, where a purification plant and pump station would be built. Engineering plans have been made bv W. A. French.HERE S COMPLETE MONDAY - THROUGH - SATURDAY PROGRAM OF WEST TEXAS FAIR MONDAY, OCT. 3 Pioneer’s and Old Settler’s Day. Golden Jubilee Parade, "Now and Then,” 12 o’clock, downtown. Golden Jubilee opening ceremonies, I p. rn., front entrance. Pioneer’s assembly and program, 1:30 p. rn., Fair Park auditorium. Auto Races, 2 p rn., grandstand. Spudding of Promising Oil company’s No. I West Texas fair, 3 p. rn., midway. Beutler Brothers rodeo, I p. rn., grands tan fib Exhibits: Industrial, agricultural, commercial. Livestock show. Sheesley midway. TUESDAY, OCT. 4 Haskell, Fisher, Jones and Stonewall County Day; Abilene Christian college day. West Texas Rural School Day. Grounds open at 9 a. rn. Hereford Show at Judging arena, 9:30 a. rn. Auto races, 2 p rn., grandstand. Joe Reichman orchestra, 3:30 p. rn., rn., rn.. Fair Park auditorium. Royal Cotton Parade, 5 p. downtown. Texas Cotton Festival, 8 p. Fair Park auditorium. Joe Reichman orchestra, 8 p. rn., Fair Park auditorium. Beutler Brothers rodeo, 8 p. rn., grandstand. Festival dance, IO p. rn, Wooten hotel. Exhibits: Industrial, agricultural, commercial. Livestock show. Sheeslev midway. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 5 Taylor County Day; Abilene Day; McMurry college Day; I. O. O. F. Day; Brown, Coleman, Runnels and Coke County Da> Grounds open at 9 a. rn. Jersey show at livestock aiena, 9:30 a. rn. Horse Races, 2 p. rn , grandstand. Joe Reichman orchestra, 4 p. rn., Fair Park auditorium. Texas Cotton Festival Coronation, 8 p. rn., Fair Park auditorium. Beutler Brothers rodeo, 8 p. rn. grandstand. Coronation Grand Ball. IO p. rn., Wooten hotel. Exhibits: industrial, agricultural, I commercial. Livestock show. Sheeslev midway. THURSDAY, OCT. f West Texas Lions Club Day; Hardin-Simmons university Day; W. O. W. Day; Callahan. Shackel-I ford. Eastland, Throckmorton Stephen! County Day; Veterans' Day. Grounds open at 9 a. rn. Horse and mule show at livestock arena, 9:30 a. rn. Horse races, 2 p. rn., grandstand. Beutler Brothers rodeo, 8 p rn., grandstand. Exhibits: industrial, commercial, agricultural. Livestock snow. Sheesley midway. FRIDAY, OCT. 7 Abilene Public School Day; 4-H , Club Day; West Texas Stamp Col lector's Day; Business and Proles sional Women's Club Day; Nolan, Scurry, Howard and Midland County Day. Grounds open at 9 a. rn, FFA judging starts at 9:30 a. rn. Abilene - Sweetwater football game. 2 p. rn. stadium. Auto races, 2 p rn., grandstand. Beutler Brothers rodeo, 8 p. m., grandstand. Exhibits: industrial, agricultural, commercial Livestock show and FFA Judging at arena. Sheesley midway. SATURDAY, OCT. 8 4-H Club Day; FFA Club Day; Farm and Ranch Day; Traveling men s Association Day and reunion. Grounds open at 9 a. rn. Horse racing, 2 p rn., grandstand. Beutler Brothers rodeo, 8 p. rn., grandstand. Exhibits: industrial, agricultural, commercial. Livestock show.I Bheesty midway.f; ;

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