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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Abilene, Texas A a to i o a a is w a f4 4.i n ramp a y v r 2 i of him i �96t of m3wvw x i x31 6vaivo i 3av 3103 6d6f 9908 x0 03 s31�s 33ia�30 Wolf j0w3iw 0 la t a -2. A re. S a a Lis 35th year no. 345 Quot without or with offence to friends or foes we see tip Abilene Texas 79604, saturday orning May 28, 1966�?thirty-two pages i a Coly As it goes Quot a Byron 5 cents daily a 15 cents sunday associated press up Castro lashes out at . Attack possible new cambodian buildup feared by Fred s. Hoffman a military affairs writer Washington a an army general fresh from Viet Nam said Friday there is evidence that up to six regiments of North vietnamese regulars Are massed in Cambodia tor a possible drive into South Viet is am. But the defense department promptly disputed his statement. I maj. Gen. Stanley r. Larsen a said there is a plenty of evidence of such a troop concentration a which could amount to As much As 10, Kkt men in a position where it could menace the midsection of South Viet Nam. But five hours after Laresen s talk with newsmen the defense coolly ii Shine Shelly Pauley 3, of Charleston w. Va., finds some Solace in an ice Cream Cone while nursing a a neighbors boy tossed a Rock Over a backyard Fence and hit Shelley in the Eye. No. Said Shelly smother she did no to fight. A wire photo _ command Viet Nam to validate the presence of any North vietnamese regiment in Cambodia at this the Pentagon statement added a there is today no North vietnamese regiment married on the intelligence estimates m Cambodia As either confirmed probable or possible. It went on a on several occasions during the past few months reports have been received from the Field indicating that North vietnamese regiments were stationed in Cambodia. Not substantiated a investigation of these reports however has not substantiated reached after the department issued a statement department contradicted him which said a while there have Larsen told a reporter a i stand been unconfirmed reports for corrected. In a not going to months of North vietnamese question my superiors about activity in Cambodia there exists no evidence Strong enough what they say. A the defense department has state of Alert called in Cuba Havana apr prime minister Fidel Castro Friday night ordered a state of Alert for the cuban armed forces a and All the cuban people As a result of what he called provocations by the United states against Cuba. declared in a communique read Over radio and television that u. S. Secretary of state Dean Rusk had a practically threatened Cuba with War in asking that Cuba put an end to incidents along the perimeter of the u. A naval base at command. The Castro regime contends the Man had not penetrated the base and was shot in the Back on cuban soil. Castro likened the Pentagon account to lies which he said a always precede the aggressions of Yankee Castro said the Pentagon version a does not contain the element of he said neither this incident nor any like it have been provoked by cuban troops guarding their Side of the Boundary. Rhian Vanamo Bay in Southeast whether the Ameri cans were trying to wriggle of of an embarrassing Predty ment or were trying to create 1 for the commander of the unit a a lot More information to go on de states military . To keep big Force in Germany Lapi a Sec a pact on the Campaign against retard of state Dean Rusk said a the red guerrillas. Friday the United states plans with . Commitments grow to keep its Large military forces ing in Viet Nam and continuing in Germany and voiced Hope for elsewhere and with nato Dis French withdrawal a solid Progress soon in re a array from vamping nato after Frances trom its integrated military set pullout. Up substantial sentiment has european allies developed in for a re have been told Quot our forces will eduction in the 225man . Remain there As Long As they Force in Western Europe under Are needed and wanted Quot rus Dixato. Reported at a news conference six . Army divisions Are in preceding his departure next a West Germany week for a North Atlantic trea defense stressed than i have. They look at it from a broader picture. A i look at it from the standpoint of a Field Soldier. A if they say that there is no conclusive evidence then that is the Way it he said he had not been reprimanded and a nobody said anything to me in any Way a Larsen added however that the defense information office had called to Tell him what the Pentagon was saying in its formal statement. At his news conference in the Pentagon Larsen was flanked by a top Depan ment tiny bystander a this Little girl with a plastic hag she used As tear Gas mask pulled Back on top of her head is shown after police broke up an anti government demonstration in Saigon Friday. The tear Gas used to disperse the demonstrators was so common in the streets that even Little bystanders had to protect themselves. A wire photo via radio from Saigon riot suppressed French president Charles de Gaulle has pictured nato As an impediment to reducing East West tensions. Rusk said nato has in the past and should in the i Tion official who made no Effort future look for settlements with to alter or tone Down the offi the communist countries and cer s remarks. Monks reject peace feelers Cuba. Warns u. S. Castro warned the United by. Which is virtually what Rusk is , he said a what we will do immediately is to put our revolutionary armed i forces and All of the people of Cuba in a state of alerts the prime minister denied a department statement saying six cuban soldiers slipped into Guantanamo naval a base and exchanged gun fire with american sentries monday a night. Reiterates Cla Mastro reiterated cuban a claims that u. S. Forces had a incident at Guantanamo was a shot to death a cuban sentry Friday while Havana ends territory. Such incidents have been instigated by forces. Castro asserted six cubans . Sentries Swap fire Washington a another american cuban shooting la activity in latin America in a Over retaliation for the killing of a a Ajbai a cuban Soldier at the big . Naval base. The defense department said cuban soldiers slipped of the states he said the United should not bother to Send a dip of somatic note on such incidents a i because it would not be accept-1eastern Cuba monday a night and exchanged gunfire Cuba ready because of the new u. S. Charges by Rusk and the defense department a an imperialist aggression against Cuba he named German reunification As the no. 1 european problem Between the cold War Adver-1 Saries. J a while t Hope we can Makel some solid Progress and take a some specific decisions at the a is Index to organization ministers meet i Rusk stressed too that the a Brussels meeting Brussels june 6-8. Nato allies should be not Only France s ouster of ing at minimizes effects cities from concerning nato fac ii French soil Rusk defensive organization but Rusk sought again to Minim also should a try to search for Aisawa a ther problems will re ize the practical effects of the civil turmoil in South Viet Nam saying it has had no major in 2 8-n. 12 14. Is solution of some of the larger main to be a Over the outstanding problems that i months ahead through a Contin vide East and damaging storm hits West Texas by the associated press torrential Rains set off Flash in High water around Midland. All the occupants either waded flooding and lightning described 4� f Fety or were icing process of review and consultation a settlement sought and he expressed a desire to get on with settlement of East West problems like disarmament a even though the Viet Nam situation is still unresolved and is a serious and on other areas of the world Rusk predicted further nuclear testing by red China and Saida a he favors policing by an inter As Quot an awesome Section a obituaries. Sports. Amusements. Business Poge. Oil news. Section b Bridge. 2 women s news. 3 comics. 6-7 editorials. 8 markets. 9-10 to logs. 10 to scout. 10 form news.15 Saigon South Viet Nam a _ Premier Nguyen Cao by extended a peace feeler Friday to the buddhists and conferred under . Auspices with the chief of his military foes it. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi. Monks with . Sentries. A spokesman said the intruders fled after the shooting and As far As is known no one was hit. Secretary of state Dean Rusk said at an afternoon news con the United states Imay be in the making a Castro defensive action against about declared. If so Cuba will mat 600 raiders were called , he said. Protested to Cuba the Mon elsewhere the War continued at a maybe by such improbable night intrusion a relatively Ordinary Pace. A and false declarations they Are there was no immediate word Premier by and his chief Mil trying to create psychological itary rival held their hush hush conditions to unleash an Daggres meeting at . Marine head Sion against our he quarters at Chu Lai 340 Miles a i d the u. S. Charges cynical Northeast of Saigon and 52 Rejer cd the peace Lyler. So Quot a of a Ang. Whir e gov spared by veiled of the conf i a a Ament forces crushed a Budd a de by from cuban officials on this latest outburst but they had plenty to say about the fatal shooting last saturday of a Soldier they and cowardly Andi identified As Luis Ramirez to them to false charges Pez. Weather u. Caused widespread damage in West Texas Friday. At least one death was attributed to the storm. For a time. Lightning was blamed for several Small fires in Midland and for a Blaze that destroyed containing 2, Bodia s neutrality and Independence. His remarks on Cambodia came in reply to a question a about a statement made earlier s department of Commerce Essa weather Bureau weather map pm. 3-a Abilene and Vicinity 40-mlle radius a partly Cloudy and mild through i sunday. Scattered afternoon thundershowers both Days. High saturday trom 8s-w, i overnight Low saturday 65. High sunday near 90. North Central Texas partly Cloudy saturday and sunday. Possible thundershowers extreme Northwest late saturday night or Early sunday morning High saturday 85-92. Northwest Texas partly Cloudy saturday and sunday scattered after Govall nor noon and night time thunderstorms West and North. High saturday ence. Hist led uprising monday. A .i elsewhere in the Kaleidoscope a plane brought Thi in from of crisis that the military government Hopes now to end without further recourse to arms a tear Gas and warning shots from vietnamese marines sup pressed noting by a , mob of 2,000 or 3,000 anti Govoni ment anti american demonstrators who marched in Torch lit procession from a rally at the Buddhist Institute in Saigon. A civil authority collapsed in nazism and fascism. It was the prime minister s after that incident the defense department said a Marine first Public statement on the sentry fired on an armed cuban 70 Miles Northwest of a a Quot a in the Day by army maj. Pedro ranch of Cotton at Pyote West of that the Midland. The warehouse was about Laredo the san on the Rio Grande reported 7. .4 a j inches of rain in two hours wed by Avary and ail Good there were no reports of dam Ages from the cloudburst a cloudburst filled the streets at Andrews 40 Miles Northwest Gen. Stanley r. Larsen that there is evidence that up to six regiments of North vietnamese troops Are massed in Cambodia i presumably for a drive into 63 64 64 65. 64 64. 66 69 72 75 79 80 High temperatures 1 00 2 00 3 00. 4 a a 5 006 00 7 00. 8 00.9.00. 10 00 11 00 12 00 Low for 24 hours ending 94 killed in Bailie Saigon. South Viet Nam apr vietnamese army reports of a series of brisk fights put the Mekong rear Delta Back Hue. A stronghold of buddhism. Spotlight Friday. A and rebellion 400 Miles North of ,. Saigon the Mavor. . Col a a a a a a Quot Phan Van Khoa who is also flanks Kil de 9 Viet Cong in governor of thua Thien prov a he a anal laced Region thurs Ince pulled out with 1,000 Oyal fat yet of y a a a Ltd up and set up Headquarters wred. May 21 incident already denounced in similar terms by Liis brother Raul cuban armed forces minister. The defense department has said the cuban Soldier was shot after penetrating the bases perimeter and failing to halt on Soldier on base territory when the cuban ignored a warning shot. But communist prime minister Fidel Castro said Ramirez was slain on cuban soil and called the killing a vile assassination. And 86 and 62 troops and set up at Hung Thuy five Miles away. Forty five american and other foreign nationals also quit the City. Others took shelter at the guarded . Military assistance command compound. Operating far Frum the Cen battalion based ters of unrest. Vietnamese canal. 36 Miles whatever their ideas about staging another Mon scan Offen a Sive the Viet Cong took the initiative in one of these actions. They threw about 600 men against a 350-Man vietnamese on the inh hoi Outh Vest of Sai by Early afternoon tempera r Midland a with from 12 to is South Viet Nam. In Iha Rou Maui Anu win irom Izlo Toa c and Low Sama Date last year Tures were mostly in the 80s, Ater. Sheriffs offi Rusk said he knew nothing of and 6i ranging from 86 at Laredo to 73gj.g was doused this report. Larsen a comments 5 at Midland. 2.75 inches of rain in about were later disputed by a de Barm Star Reading at 9 co pm. 6o per �30 minutes. Midland hardest hit Midland an Oil Field Center of 70,000 persons was one of the hardest hit areas. Officially Iti received 2.40 inches of rain Bull unofficial amounts varied from 1.50 inches to nearly 4 inches. Hail up to three quarters of an Inch thick also fell. A Midland automobile Salesman John h. French 24, apparently drowned after his car i gabled veterans Erans sense department i humidity at 9 00 . 27.96 Marine raps night club ban Mundelein 111. A a Tures an ice skating show in its added later that he a would great lakes naval Hospital Marine Corporal his leg Para fashionable Boulevard room a an apology Only if necessary a Tili had their parly. I Zed by a Bullet in Viet Nam a said thursday he did not want As Superior wis a mayor Paul viewed Friday the Banning of a party of about 70 wounded vet i. Veterans Shields a town him and other disabled veterans Erans to attend their a u .4 us ship tax assessor was swept into a flooded Culvert g Chicago hotel night club presence might depress other a foreign wars had threatened the veterans were taken to a it s like patrons. On a u. S. 80 service Road on thai Ujj comment West Side of Midland. Ishey said a sorry about that we the body was discovered done to need snagged on a Chain link Fence a what we do Over there in about 400 feet from where his Viet Nam we do out of Pride a car was submerged. Cpl. John Raines 21, of Detroit during storm a told the associated press. French a wife said he left a a then you come Home and this Home about 11 . Thursday happens. You feel no one gives during the height of the storm i a Damn a to Purchase some cigarettes. Porter Parris manager of the a i re than 50 cars were stalled Conrad Hilton hotel which fear troops reported killing 04 Viet gon. And two nearby outposts. and capturing 50 in a ser the spokesman said an air sup ies of brisk fights thu Quot so in in Porte i counterattack repulsed the Mekong River Della. Gov the Viet Cong and they left be eminent losses m one Case a Hind 20 dead but government a a losses we Ere heavy j Contact of Allied forces with he communists elsewhere was i described As Light and scattered i As the . Command told of these developments �?. Air cavalrymen in of organize do a crazy horse have wiped Foss of Munde the communist battalion that jumped a company of americans May 16 in the Cen trial Highlands near an Khe. Aver. They dal matinee for 6m veterans. Ichton aug. 1&-26 unless an apol a a in be never seen anything but residents of Mundelein a orgy was offered. Fantastic As what those people 9 in 11 Days of fighting. In Mundelein did for us a said of s. Marine artillery oos ii Henry Hartman 21, a Marine on two bands of View the fact that i was misquoted by Corporal from Chicago. Hart Cong estimated to total 125 to the gentleman who called my Man was not in Viet Nam. He 150 Nien sighted in the on in office last tuesday to make reservations at the Boulevard to withdraw the a fwd a nation Alij Joy a entertained at the suffering above Parris offered to put on a Spe a convention from the new York Ivanhoe a Chicago restaurant age losses themselves. Suburb Northwest of Chicago who sponsored the servicemen a entertainment declined the invitation. At a news conference Friday Parris claimed he had been misquoted then said a i consider this a Public apology a but Parris said a this unfortunate incident has grown out of room. The veterans s patients landed in the dominican re pub the Chu Lai area 340 Miles lie in 1965 with the 6th Marine Northeast of Saigon. There was regiment and was injured in a i no immediate assessment of he at truck Accident. Toll taken by the shells. Sunday fare. It s Spring and summer s just ahead end the reporter news reflects it. It s wedding season too and brides predominate both the cover Page and the inside of the sunday women s Section. Speaking of a Omen s Section a new teen Tod for the girls gets attention with about the cutest picture we be Hod in some time. Girls now Roll their hair on Orange juice cons and we Tell about this with picture and Story sunday. Sadness brings a nostalgic piece m sunday s Reading. Former governor Dan Moody died lost sunday and that recalled his Abilene connections. Abilene s biggest wedding is still 0 term applied to the ceremony in which Mildred Paxton was wed to Moody in the heat of his successful Campaign to unseat a Ferguson As governor in 1926. Staff writer j. Tom Graham digs Back in files and memories to recreate some of the glamorous affairs. Abilene s Only woman school trustee mrs. Cloud Mcaden is the subject for the West Texas profile sunday. Her Story is interestingly told by assistant editor Katharyn Duff. Lynda Bird Johnson s big problem is not actor George Hamilton but what to do with her life following her graduation from the University of Texas next week. A writer Frances Lewine follows Lynda s climb from a Gawky shy girl into a world of adult Glamor which outshines even the White House. These and Many other attractions of sure a Fine weekend of Reading in the sunday reporter no wet

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