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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 18, 1974, Abilene, Texas 3 STAR FINAL <"■■■■■> gjp ' - Kv 93RD YEAR. NO. 335 PHONE 673-4271 "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"-BVron ABILENE, TfeXAS, 79604, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 18, 1974—THIRTY-EIGHT PAGES IN FOUR SECTIONS__________ Associated Press OP)SLA Gun Battle, Fire Kill Five ins ANGELES IAP) —    Army waged an hour-long gun    were found underneath the F“ bodies were .o«„a inside    ^    ^    ^ a south-central Los Angeles    ,.ourse 0f the gun battle and    Hagen said at least two of the house after flak-jacketed po-    virtually destroyed by the bodies were women, one black lice hoping to trap members    •    ^    and one    1Ie    saicl    lhey of the Symbionese Lioeration    •_______—Were seen lying on the floor ---'    —    M    near the back door of the ■    J    I    Alif    house and ammunition belts Me    ITA    on their bodies exploded in the Uipiomai s if ne ~ ^ said they ■    had been unable to identify B    rn    m    MI    -    B    the bodies. T\m rn ~ Aam ■ Aitn#T ln Kansas Cit-V’ FBI Direc* Irl ASnC    mumm    I. iIIIIALI.    tor Clarence Kelley denied I VI    %VII    M    published reports that he had .    # „    been told Patricia Hearst was MEXICO CITY (AP) — The    both reasonable and sate.    among the victims. wife of kidnaped U.S. diplo-    she said.    Hundreds of police and FBI mat John Patterson, abducted    U.S.    government sources in    agents had massed    in    the March 22 in Mexico, on Fri-    Washington have said that    south-central Los Angeles day disclosed an aborted    Patterson was abducted by the    area jn hopes of trapping SLA meeting with the kidnapers    People's Liberation Army, a    members believed to have tak- and pleaded for further con-    {Troup not heard of before the    tn refuge in the area. The tact    kidnaping in Mexico, which    SLA claims responsibility for xiv* Andra Patterson. 28. in    demanded $500,000. Neither    the    Feb. 4 kidnaping of Miss a rtttemCTUonewsmen at the    Mexican    nor U.S. officials in    Hearst. US embassy in Mexico City    Mexico have ventured to sa>    A woman who emerged said “I want'the persons hold-    who kidnaped Patterson or    from    the house after it caught ins John to know that last    how much ransom was de-    fire had said there were five their letter did not ar-    manded.    other    persons    inside — a black rive until after the date set for    “I    ask only one: thing first    man, a black woman    and th* meeting *’    before    paving the ransom,    three white women. ..T ,    .rf    in    the    ner.    Mrs. Patterson said. “for    -They held me, they held i    own of    the nanersin    some Proof ^ evidence 'hnt,    me,” the woman, a black, was sonal column    f P P    th indeed have my husband    heard say as She was taken ,he    dStav ami    anti that he is all right.”    aw.y to an ambulance. Snthfrie-;rr.    “I am prepared to go as    Another women interrogated waited for s?x    quickly as I can wherever nee-    by police said her daughter mired place a    ..    *    essary    and T urge the kidnap- lived in the house under seige da>s to be    *    prs to contact me again bv and bad blowed five persons I atterson sam.    nieans    as    soon as possi-    who arrived at 2 a.m. Friday She did not disclose if toe    ^ please keep him well. I    morning to spend the night, planned meeting was to na\e    wjjj dft whatever you want. I    \jary    uarr,    52, said her been in Hermosillo. where    dld nQ^ betray you*’’ she said. Patterson. 31. a y}ee consul    each    instance,”    she    See GUN. Pf. 2A. Cfi. 3 who had been in Mexico only    ,;j    have    attempted    to two months, was abducted.    comply completely with the    Ta/4au Hermosillo    is 150 miles    instructions. I remain ready to    IfiSluC I OQQy south of Nogales. Ariz.    meet tbeir requirements in or- Mrs. Pattersons statement    der to free rn v husband.'    a    • was the first indication Since    The    ads Mrs. Patterson    Z/6Q/6r    1 QI UIS her husband was abducted    mentioned apparently referred    Ll* /^J that he was still alive. It also    ^ ads tw0 Hermosillo news-    \+OU titty    /VII SI GO was the first confirmation that    ars    lasl wepk They were    p I    I MLC there has been communication    signed    by a “Mr. West” and    Dy inCfUiry LGU KS Desiree Antiro t/fCftnfC    With the kidnapers since the    sajd due t0 niad delavs    c KUIIsS GflllCC VISI+Dsm    ransom note was found.    ‘ we” were unable to be at the Presidential Press Secretary If...    tho    snnts    of    interest    on    the trail that can be visited easily in    ‘‘Ransom money is avail-    designated place at the desig-    Ronald    Ziegler    said    Fri- The ruins at    Fort    Phantom    Hill    are    among    the    sites spots o interest on inci iran u.» wu    prepared to    nntpd time At the time US    day that the result of visitors on the Texas Forts Trail can see. The Texas a day. (Staff Photo by Don Blakleyi    ?rade it in    any manner that is    o^finaKdenied anv correction    leaks from the House imports Trail    Assn.    is attempting to show    area    residents ----------------------— ~    between the ads and the kid-    peochment inquiry is that --- •------------_    _    m    rn    ■    naoing.    th«    country is being rnis- MM    ■    l^ill    * .... _ I    I    She said the ransom note.    led    about    the    focts.    Pg.Car Bombs Kill 22 in ireland sas?3r= ~ . _ ^    .. .. lr>iami u-wpRrit.    pyr'iament in 1972 in which    the past five years.    hours after the kidnaping. Bride*...... .    .    •    JJA UUBUN, Ireland (API -    and childten crying ut hyswr-    |,in nj*, and rival factions of    tuo'pcrton* were Wiled and    He said his government did    ‘-snccificially-^'^‘^ "'e    ***    "    t.od Three powerful bombs planted    as.    Roman    Catholic    and    Protes-    120 wounded. It came during a    not vet know who was respon-    publicity be gn en. but I ha\e    ...    .    ..    A,It in parked cars exploded dur-    The fire department de-    extremists    are    at each    debate on legislation to crack    si hie for the disaster, but hr    no other means of r^achJ‘'    Editorials    JA mg the Friday evening rush    dared the bombed parts of the    other’s throats    down on the IBA, which is    asserted that “everyone who    the kidnapee, except through    F.r* ..... 47c hour, leaving dead and injured    city “a major disaster area    *    Rennoiican    Irving to throw th* British out    has preached violence must    you. to tell them that I was g.A*h ....    •    • strewn in the streets of down-    Another bomb went off out-    tfaOltM iran    of’the North.    bear a share of the blame.”    there.’    ox    AA town Dublin.    side a bar Monaghan, JO    Anti;ya d    \Ssocia-    Bomb-scarred Northern Ire-    Police said the Dublin    The vice consul for [^rrn af- ^    ......MD Police said 22 persons were    miles north of DubUn, neai    t    amun* resnon-    land. where more than 1.000    blasts, in three separate area *    fairs has been held d< da *    tv Lot .....     J1    J killed and more than IOO were    the Northern Ireland bordel-.    SnS?fighting    persons have died in sectarian    0f the city, came without    longer than any other foreign    jV Scout    2    Jf wounded. 83 of them seriously,    Four persons were tailed and    MflVMit BfttB .ftgjjf    ffiSlS since 1969. was con-    warning.    diplomat kidnaped in Mexico.    Wememej^ as the bombs exploded during    ^    tetaST^    ZtclFnday trim a paralyr    --: ------------------ -:S?S£S    Israel Hits Lebanese Villages sr1—rrr-sis-s its st-h e ss WLnsftrs _    .    ,    _    .    « *» -j^--?_»•»«■ -—-    -2— “zsSmuosu.In Cont nued Reprisal Raids rn am    ^    DinHC    he was in the usual Dublin    III %^%/l 11 ■■    Jf Woman Complainsuverx rizzas, ---5^1-]- nrmKmaKm>na,    «-.»... _ I £ c:.«T.../-Lc PlumKor    SJS*    S.TS&TKS    i—~—■    p»”£S 2. Cd bs I Or ITC I FUCKS# ■III HID©! •••    “People wwscreammg -M hours after reprisal raids tv count from Thursdays bursts of air-tmair missiles but 9    and running everywhere,    that hjl PalPStinian refugee    raids listed 48 killed, M    no hits were seen. . p.    Ttfiv ntpn    An    assistant    state’s attorney    bond against each,” an official    some of them bleeding,”    he    camps and Lebanese apart-    wounded    and    20 missing, pi-ob-    As    the jets swirled high over CHICAGO IAP) “ l*°    id there is no Illin0is statute    said Friday. “This was de-    said. “I got one I*"*™*    ment houses left scores of per- • ably buried under the rubble    the western slopes of MtHer- accused of harassing a -    covering such obscenities and    nied. If it had been granted,    with a deep leg gash and a    ^ kiUed ynd    hundreds    of their homes.    mon. Secretary of date Henry year-old woman who com    lodged charges of disorderly    defendant    would    have    head wound into my car^ and    wounded or missing. Lebanese    The    government    said    a    total    a. Kissinger was continuing plained about obscenities (    ‘    conduct and criminal damage    had to post at least $15,000 to    drove him to^the ^^spital^ lie    authorities said.    of 134 houses were totally de-    talks in Jerusalem prior to citizen’s band radio appea! d ^    gainst    the    two    keep from going to jail await-    said he fhadJ^n„llfle<l off hl"    The new Israeli targets were    molished, IO were damaged    flying to Damascus on Satur- !n    ^Monday    "ten.    mg trial/*    Mtairter    Uam Cos-    six small Lebanese villages in    and many shacks were razed    day. leased for trial M n y* d    Authorities    said the trial of    Although he refused the    the hilly southern Arkoub re-    by fire.    He    said    he    would    fly    back    to The liarasMTieiit    Talone    and    Witzcak originally    bond petition, Judge Marion    giav of lr lai11 jj    •    gion. an area near the Israeli    svria    said    its plane> en-    lsrael    saturday night with s izrup ^10 JKts&s&t __or^°ra^i. _ _~^^- hercltiren^sband radio. ^           ~    ,    —-    Ml#    iocked    negotiations    «*    a Fire Chief'Fumes Over Ruling, Then Apologizes 5tsa^.si.*s    ixs.*ss'~s =iili    HSSSj    uhs    Isiss    si-sp    sssh- $18.45. five electriciansrepo    to order a young man convict-    them loose.    hs oui our si. inc lwv    second chance by allowing    » of the terms of his proba-    Hew    mer    Beirut ing for emergency sen ice a    turning    in a false alarm    Obviously    taken    aback    by    snook nands    ambition.    non    Israel    said its planes had at- double time rates, a Pluml*\ t0 make restitution in the Ahi- the chief’s comments. Judge    “I don t blame yow f°f#    set    a    gix.month    jail    .    VVl.    .    arnp    M    tacked    ‘‘terrorist    objectives,    ' on double overtime, two taxi    ^ Firc ^pt. for the ex-    Ingalsbe q u i c k I y explained ' ting    about    ^the false    T J    mmfnded    pr0.    In    the    Fi    ula\    heal    Jig,    M    i-    and    m    military    command cabs, two ambulances and six    making    the    call,    that he had to base hi* ruling    alarms, and I rn willing to or-    Range    of    punishment    sick said the depa^nienlKfff.,t    said    two    of    the    targets    hit    on fire trucks.    4v    r,nn    K to the dismay of Fire on the law and on the evi- der restitution if I can be    four ire trucksJ andchais Thursday were involved in This was lollowed by C-O D.    chief D C. Musick.    dence as it was present^, and    shown what the actual ex-    LnP war in iail and or a fine    car to 80o Mai sails w hoi f    planning    the    attack    at    Maalot delivery of a funerel wreath.    •    ^    these    falsc    that he could not change the    pense is, the^ judge-said.    o * J*    Caf ley had reported the til iv    ^r Wednesday in which 21 ls- The state contends the    ^    d finally catch punishment verdict assessed “But I cant order rest it u ion    f$ »    •    (afley    was    taught    by    a    tap    raeli    schoolchildren    were -njiitsvs    ■s.vgis      - were Ronald Tau ne, zo,    veteran fire chief fumed short-    After    a    brief    discussion    Friday s action actual!) ne-    i George Witzcak. zo    . a    Ck-    t ;

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