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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Abilene, Texas Eefje Abilene Sporter Quot without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it goes Quot a Byron j s 93rd year no. 329 phone 673-4271 Abilene Texas 79604, sunday morning May 12, 1974�?seventy-two pages in five sections 23c sunday in Sute said tax Taylor republicans resolve to Back Nixon. By Katharyn Duff reporter news assistant editor Taylor county republicans in their saturday afternoon convention voted with a few quiet a noes a a Resolution strongly supporting president Nixon and calling for a Quick end to any impeachment proceedings. The gop delegates in sparsely attended session a the Abilene Public Library shouted Down a floor Resolution sharply critical of the nation s news Media in general and the Abilene reporter news in particular and by lame. The Media Resolution offered from the floor by former party talk Jack Mcglothlin left chairman of the nominations committee during the Taylor county Republican convention saturday discusses events with or. Rod Cannedy Taylor county gop candidate for county judge. Staff photo by John Davis Nixon vows never to quit wants Issue ended promptly Stillw Ater. Okla. A look Forward to a More peace evidence to Congress a a a vowing he would a never Ful world where people of All statement greeted by a Smat give president Nixon nations work together in the tearing of Boos a and added came to America s heartland common cause of bettering a i Trust the House of repro saturday night and told a urn Mankind. Sedatives will act promptly. Varsity commencement Croud Only once in his 35-minute so the president and Congress that Congress should promptly address did Nixon refer direct can get on with the people s dispose of the impeachment in to efforts to oust him from business As we Insue. As a warm Spring twi the nation s highest office a1 the crowd was generally ii it settled on Oklahoma though he acknowledged that quiet but a few shout such As state University s football some in the stadium crowd of pay your taxes and a a liar Radium Nixon told the Grade about 25,000 a obviously Digap could be heard As Nixon Afung class a what a great prove of the spoke time for a new the president declared that tot rpm Dent he said the graduates could he had Quot presented All of la Rober Kam had banned signs and placards from the i it Tiff a int a stadium and in introducing a a we i Muj Nixon Kamm said he had come to Campus a was president i i la in la and As a fellow human arc chief of on is Best Hope Kamm said Nixon should be treated with a the affection or. Guy Newman Chancel and respect due one who has Lor of Howard Payne col m country Gien so much in Public Selvage says americas a a a a. Cen. Greatest Hope for Stab i to quote Nln a a a Quoit was Sefl a Al a a Ami pod a i a k. For be rally regarded As friendlier Ity in the Middle Tost is business news. Joa. Kaolin thin Iran a. 10a. Edified. 7.13c i y crossword Fusile. A that he received last weekend or. Frank Charlton will re editorials 4a a a Public appearance in tire at the end of the Phoenix. Ari. Month after 12 years As hoi Pitel patents. To Cei Ved standing ova pastor at St. Paul United Jumble punt. A Lions when he was introduced methodist Church in a a a a it the c0"ll�?osl0nh 01 a Ion. La . U-,-1. Obituones12, a Marks and when he and mrs. H c no i Nixon were escorted from the is years n the in mistry recordings i. In an with settin the seen. La stadium to head Back to Ash j-1 or a sports. I i us Egton. Several times the Church editor Liz Moore. Tepp. A crowd applauded his Call for 9 1 the week in West Oxos 41 cooperative efforts to conquer to Yosyf Good Hydl Fol. F m Abilene event cold nor. 31 to 1-j0t to �2? amusements. 1-31 women s news 1-11p _ food and health Ford says he told president no contingency plan exists Dallas Tex. Apr vice does no to believe he is guilty a asked if his staff was pre president Gerald r. Ford said Ford said at the Dallas air paring contingency plans in saturday he has told president t the event he became presi Nixon that the government Dent Ford said Isnit a about to sink and said Fords remd is come Ai it the a if they Are doing it they tie is not preparing any Contin president s daughter and son Are doing it without my knowl gency plans in the event he in Law Julie and David Eisen Edge or consent. I do not sit should become president. Bower told a White Huu a around thinking about what Ford repeated again his but. New conference the president re do. W hat i do now presets that Nixon is innocent of would not resign. She said her pares me for any contingent wrongdoing in watergate and father would fight impeach win nut resign and said that went through a Senate trial Foi flew to Dallas for a his hour Long conference with a even if there were Only one $l00-Airiate gop fund raising Tiv president on Friday was senator who believed dinner arranged after news reports Ford spoke at a Dallas air saying again that the said he had attacked Nixon in port news conference Satur Dent would not resign. Ford a speech. Day night after delivering a said it would be a worst of ally a i Don t think it s fair to the commencement address ear if Nixon should step aside president for him to resign Lier in the Day at Texas a amp a temporarily under provisions with the inference that he and attending a Republican of the 25th amendment which night be guilty when he party function in Houston. Provides for such a possibility. Gop county chairman Jim Templeton and seconded by Marcus Anderson labelled local radio and television a squawking parrots and called the newspaper a a sheep among Templeton who did not explain that last characterization said his Resolution was a partly serious and part in several speeches for and against it were made. County gop chairman Paul Washburn sr., named convention chairman commented during the debate a i wonder if we came Here to work the Media Over or to take care of party fifty five delegates and alternates from the precincts of Hie county attended the convention a fraction of the eligible number. Spectators and reporters swelled the convention crowd to 69 in the Early part of the meeting. The 55 elected 46 delegates and 46 alternates to the state convention in Houston in september. While they voted strongly their support of president Nixon As voiced in a Resolution reported by the committee on resolutions the problems be setting the president were obviously on gof minds. Or. Rod Cannedy hat Lin Simmons professor and gof nominee for county judge first brought the watergate problems out in the open during a Brief keynote address. Or. Cannedy listed reasons he was running for judge by Lief in the two party principle and belief a it should begin at the courthouse a a the need to break up the clique in that octopus building a need to bring to Light some local prob a e in s a a n d a the need to cleanse our image of or. Cannedy cited the attendance at the county convention As evidence that watergate has Hurt the party. A if Ever there was a time republicans need to stand together it is this year a or. Cannedy said. A i am uneasy about the Washington situation a he continued. A i done to know where the final responsibility will fall. But we need to get out and go to work we have no see Washburn pm. Isa Chi. I demos condemn him gov. Briscoe s Unity Petiton is rejected by Jerry Reed reporter news staff writer Taylor county democrats strongly censured president Nixon and his administration and rejected gov. Dolph Briscoe s a a Unity petition saturday afternoon in their convention at the Taylor county coliseum. The convention also elected 46 delegates and 46 alternates to the democratic state convention in september in Austin. One Resolution said that a the democratic party of Taylor s the administration for the following activities. 1 burglar izing of Daniel Ellsburg s psychiatrists office. 2 receiving and sending illegal contributions. 3 committing perjury. 4 committing obstruction of Justice. 5 committing income tax evasion. 6 committing the burglary of National democratic party Headquarters. A we further condemn the president of the United states for horrible mismanagement of our Domestic policies and our Economy in the Nixon Resolution read in part. A Resolution requesting gov. Briscoe to Lead the Texas delegation to the National democratic a mini convention in december failed 72-56. Briscoe sen. Lloyd Bent sen National democratic chairman Robert Strauss and state democratic chairman Calvin guest were lauded in the proposed Resolution. The close vote Drew one of the sharpest lines Between voter factions at the convention. Virtually All democrats under 30 voted against the Briscoe Resolution and added enough older allies to carry the Issue. Nearly All Young democrats also voted for the Nixon censure but their cohesion was not vital to the Resolution s Success a majority of older voters also favored the statement. Selecting Delegate to the state convention was the most time cons uniting item. Confusion about which precincts were entitled to How much representation caused much of the delay. Eleven precincts did not qualify for representation since they did not Send official Delegate lists to county chairman Larry Cunningham. And two More elected delegates Only to have none show at the coliseum gathering. Tentative pairings included several precincts which had forfeited representation. These were reshuffled on the convention floor. Twenty precincts were allowed one vote each based on a minimum of 300 democratic votes for the gubernatorial nominee in the last general election and 16 other precincts were paired off into eight caucuses with one vote each. The 28 precinct level delegates thus chosen amounted to three less than anticipated by the nominations committee. Which had the responsibility of picking a slate of at Large delegates to fill out the rest of the 46-member delegation. When it developed that Only four of the precinct caucus choices for delegates were women Sally England told permanent chairman Davis Scarborough a that s not sex see Demus pm. 14a, lol. I count at the caucus or. Harold Wilkinson chairman of democratic precinct la. Takes a vote during a caucus saturday at the Taylor county democratic convention in the county a coliseum. The delegation passed a Strong anti Nixon Resolution. Staff photo by John lest american party resolutions reiterate impeachment Call by John Gandy reporter news staff writer members of the Taylor county american party at their county convention saturday unanimously passed six resolutions including three1 calling for the impeachment of president Richard Nixon. Other resolutions passed at the convention held in the of fice of or. W. Irby Fox at 1227 n. Mockingbird included opposing the u. S. Efforts in Clearing the Suez canal of debris keeping the Panama canal and demanding Congress get an accounting of soldiers w to were reported missing in action in Southeast Asia. Fox. The party s county chairman said the resolutions had been passed at the foul precinct conventions of the american party last saturday. They will be taken to the state party convention in fort Worth june s. The to persons who attended the county convention All will be eligible to attend the state convention in fort Worth. Fox also passed out petitions calling for the name of Sam Mcdonnell. American party candidate for governor to be Pui on the state ballot in november. The party needs signatures in order to be assured of a ballot sgt of june 30 is the deadline for submitting the petition. Fox said. And any person who has been a resident of the county for jul Days or More who did not vote in e t her the democratic or Kepu Bucan Prima Ries Ami is registered to vote is eligible to sign. Fax said the party will be a a constant opposition for the socialists big government and special interests in the future. He said the party is Hurt this year because it has no National candidates such As George Wallace in 1968. Historically he said major parties have been forced to shift to the policies of a third Patty when their policies became popular. A the people who run the democratic and Republican Pattie know this a he said. Ile said Many citizens Don t understand the electoral process and Aid it was either the fault it parents or the Public schools

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