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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Abilene, Texas Mene a expo to ,.3rv0�0,without or with offence to friends or f 87th year. 327 phone �i73-427l Abil tone Texas 79604, saturday morning h r world exactly As goes Quot a Byron two pages two sections 10c daily�?20c sunday aug cited press up Strong wind Hail Monsoon Rains hit threat of More severe weather Teery damage caused department of Commerce i Caia Patuc a Ati Ocasi by Brief storm . Department of Commerce Essa weather Bureau weather map pm 13-a a Abilene Vicinity 40rr.hel i radius partly Cloudy warmer j saturday Clearing sunday High saturday 70, Low saturday night 45, High sunday Low 80s. Probability of measurable precipitation 50 per cent Friday might decreasing to 10 per cent saturday j North Central Texas mostly a Quot Riff a car err Irir a Ici oud cooler saturday. Scattered do shh 1 Kuha were sighted around Corpus showers Maimy East Eany saturday a ran iriv Mu Io hitch Timon. J Hill i Lhnn h,.t i i i. Decreasing cloudiness a Little warmer to Piniy 10 0 v 1 0 g High what of was reported null Laden Nunne storms Cristl but caused Only Light sunday. High saturday 47 to 75. Low mar Crven Hica a form fi4�h \ or h to fish ten . R. A founded a vast exp Asp of try Fin Mono Thor saturday night 52 to 40. Monsoon Ike storm with High loth Treadaway Puu Nutu a Vasi expanse 01 Lex damage. Another destroyed a Northwest Texas mostly Cloudy wands Down Ourine rain debris from to pig As Friday night the Wake of roof Midland far West saturday night earthy p u ram was reported >1 �7 a i 1 u a la ice a Psi Cloudy sunday. Possible scattered so Iii pea to Omarb g sized Olock ipg passage of emerge nov wild Spring weather that Texas thundershowers extreme of sunday 5kil,..v h fool Ltd brought Multi a deaths closed afternoon High Safiri Lav 4? tit 4fl a ii uck Abilene 11 10m units. Roads a train derailment Texas a rapidly thundershowers extreme sunday a. A i afternoon. High saturday 42 to 48 Low a a Quot a a uck Abilene 11 10 some Ere reported i Friday. City Galveston area pm a a Washed out Bridges. Southeast of Friday 42hail four inches diameter afternoon. % for if a a a a until late the a 101 Banda site noon but were soon apprehended by Hoss Cartright the Smithville. the Colorado afternoon a vast area from f. A Good the break was made just prior to the beginning of the 5 . Paf a ver below , reported Houston to the port Arthur 4 Rade of the rec Kenndle Jaycee Rodeo. The skit put by the sponsoring Jay Golf bail sized hailstones i Beaumont Orange Industrial Cees. Ads a Siple too realistic Lor some of the smaller Parade watchers after 1 m s i v e thunderstorms Complex far Southeast Texas High Low Movw hours ending a. 7.3 42 1 00 2 00 3 00 4.00 5tx 6 00 7 00 8 00 9 00 i000 11 00 12 00 massive dark thundercloud pts i % 11p The storm had which hovered Over the area 70 moved through the Crown top most of the Day dropped up to 73 area to the ea. of the City. Two inches or More during the 49 i Hail had stripped leaves off of thunderstorms Trees m some places were moving into the area 6 a reportedly had drifted like Snow Northwest late Friday front of a a Turcu night Weie bringing even Morein front of a grocery store bringing even More \\\0 j i Piip i 41 Ati is i v Iku Pica Iti Lai >uliuiic1m is Tow for 24 hours ending 9 1609 la Illus. A Power line 1 Points. I to j of i i rom tear stated face was spotted the a boomed Over most of the state was under Tornado Damag Anivy same Date Lasi year is Down the 170� Block of North Hail was reported a few a 0 i a Aff i Hoto by Jarnie Lavton Tor the fourth consecutive Day thunderstorm watch adv today police reported spots. But most damage night the fresh outbreak �4 44, unset tonight b 27 a units were sent tii the scene to reported was to gardens keep motorists away. a a. A _ the rainfall totals for to fail to Corpus a opening of talks set for monday. Sunset Arf night. G 74 Sunrise today. -0-,4 44 Unsel tonight. B 27 if Thumler,.l Jim activity ran see thre.. Pm. 4-.a, Chi 5sr.tts? a line from Beaumont to Wichi a a a Wink. I a severe Alert a posted for several counties West Texas. 1 arts to v of 1 Toa w., that of hot to u i Ltd id A cd Angl. .11 Vietnam f cd 11 i a two d b the Onofia Jam pages a up a 11 pm of the a f iks i d that stau ment a a i 3 to r Side would he Iran Law y. 0 a id Rev ird Ito Liei a the conferee. Pc. I i Lage Rte u. La a Kajj 1 lie land f -0 updo nil 1 a a a i i. 1 a . I f of a r d. A a i r. 0 a r of Quot a or. Tii. a off. T r. ,0 g 1 a f a let a Aii i Ltd f1 w a .1 0, a. A. To .1 a was a a . I1-. Phore a r. A to a a m a , of d Bull report -.o1. A a a cd a i i a \ a j pm Dor re i a f i report a 1 a d s do. If ii v i n / a from to. Tom j a r a. a v 0 a to. Co wife Hou i Flash flooding Flash flooding thursday Friday temporarily crippled retard Aid the Pru Idun will a Quot a the excess water sent Many creeks continue to rec five report from a fivers out of their Banks Iti i dipl italic team the a Alk flowed downstream. The turn dues did Hottie dam of s Saigon Nion Dav my ,., Iii Nimg reached hours Friday Mug her Amba Dor pc the a Viand but a v i Hii Inman. 1 resident John Ismet con Lant warning from he rubble battled tap neg for fp-.j- .cr Bureau Dan Toa Mirihm Sfxx. enly >1 the. Ihu death were i s offi. Id what. Pc pro to hued to a the Weait a Iii Aii a Quot to of Quot Iruh Quot i Quot Puklo Quot Quot a ii Rumi Ilid �?~"7 a a a i e n1nil Mairkel to Be of to Quot a 1int the Impie explanation de he that the North a be g Tuinei Cun Saigon suburb bombed As enemy Battles the Day As of to . Friday were big Spring. 2.39 inches Ems cola �.75 inches Winters Ovalo 170 inches Brownwood. 135 inches , 1 27 inches Dublin. 1,2.5 inches. Dublin the rainfall Friday i gave that area 2 96 inches of rain for two Days bringing cart a. Rev a a Dublin a total rainfall for the Ballon map 2\merican apparent attempt to Mynue Ocejo Seal the enemy s flanks Quot Andl Vear to 22 66 inches Normal Tor warplanes bombarded a Section be peace talks Paris. A when the air strikes Are full year there is 32 inches auth can suburb for. A a All the civilians left there Hie infantrymen Wal sweeps the City has seen rainfall for. Night Early two Days ago a 9th division Down the Middle �59 Days out of the 131 Days thus by set off. Saturday hut Viet filed up officer a battalion command the objective is drive the far this year. Post said. Quot were Mclain there vat Cong into the Flat most of the thunderstorm die Viet Cong opened the Sev Are Are two reinforced Batta South of the re. Identical area activity was Wuth Southeast six deaths 1-, 1 is cd items he x4v. To. V a a Viv Niciu Itu Iti to a Nuu Enid Day of heir latest of Viet Cong there where they would be a. Y prey Abilene during the Day. But by sending a Angle Rock i going to wipe them out.�?�,for helicopter gun hips some rainfall reported from creaming into the heart of the Sharp of a .,=,3 Ibe Central Market if True that Woi who Tate Friday Ci-1.000 Viet Cong a ,.5a a 3-. Kun Etc a Itop Toru adm. Hair a was kill 15 wound from earlier 9th division its troops battling Saigon a so b a size around 9 pm. Pm Borders Friday with windows reportedly samoans sunk other 9th division normally ,,.fhpr South report ,.�1 u Ato 16 samoans carrying3 of inches m about 30 minutes not Mak a Maeir damage. Because of the fighting the gov fighting died Down Nii Pitary supplies were sunk Mir. Slot div of Uch a a my iterate Appeal to efe where around the capital if be Viet Cong killed a canal to Tho a tip 3� h. A Fri Heince need a bail la hed Lubbock to pm Palau e to Pray Home Dalm returned to Saigon of Tivo South of Saigon Ftp Orni v i Ahi. runner once. Pm that had 1 i As h Quot lat lit of tactic Sharp Rise there were signs however a tier Points that would be about that the enemy command As be Yifen Clemmi Init near a Sharp Rise making every Effort to reinforcer Binger reported severe Hail of d few hair id wound from earner 9th division a a. A a a. .3m,.�?za q heavy rain to mate tiday that the re Dep a rement of Public a. The 25i2lh Annivera Arv of enemy battalion Wasj samoans sunk broken out there reported a Tornado about Buddhas birth a maj to Date Tel fighting the ruins a Viet other Quot 9th division units downpour was 10 Milan Southeast of Fombell i the religious Calendar of Thi Fong battalion is normally screening 10 . Dropping Miu Thead Texas but there Pic do mantly Buddhi to nation about 500 men. Safet 3 ill a digit Jon he amusement i Bridge busing to new to ossified comics Ede Oriate form to frets obit once Oil sports to log to scour women Newt Lla �z4a so a a m4b 6, 7b 8b 14 �o5b 9 10b 2 3a Isa 8-10a 10b 108 38 i Agenda problem i b Fri. R a a or Sii Iau ii Aii Nea Buoo Ock a a Typ South of Saigon a a heavy ram Dumpit Inch of gathering to is Gan to count the loll helicopter gunships killed 18 rain 18 Minafr give ton-�?~8odus. Alter nearly a week of fighting Jet Cong three Miles South of ,. the Gulf co still fighting 1 he South \ let namese g Vern vhf capital seven other a of new upper Dir i Turbane from about rundown i tiday the Tuscola Ovalo Lawn area numerous report of heavy Tal bomb lilt wounded Viet marines shown texans gratitude of i. d a2 1 a v Ivi . W a a a a drum a i hot Quot i my of dial be a sri. 1. To i., Rio a. For ,1 i filid to. I of i do wounded a a a a to of r. d Hii Lehi i pm a fat the. A a a i aloof Quot list Bill Ubo m some Hail 5vere Eivid High winds Hail As m., the a a a pm Arp. Now upper Virdi from Boul rundown pm gum ,j,., . the John Ilie pro Kinin Irv a a setup Quot , not a a ror Dawn saturday . J civilian., r 1 Quot Quot m boat. ,.n.,.n place Ovalo. The f f a a r a ending All f s of a 0 bore Down strikes to la is Mth a Fundspit 1, the c Adf place mile East Lack a a a or h \ Nam Ltd Ier c Texas Ping the threader a Elge of the City near a a a number of civilian de id Howe c f to Csc reported Csider re a Oil r i a can be Quot of Quot be severe Walher Bridge where Prilaps As Many p v to Quot a kit Able Haji some damage to Rai,.- l Bui the pm Ltd to state Houston underwent a Cloud As of o 1,000 Viet Cong were a of a gave the number of be Grain crop a Large Stock v tits to kit whether North or Quot to of two Hes 4.=. Min i tight. 24 a Ning Battles outside the Capi Fank overflowed broke the twin. Wal Alo if. its Mil about noon flooding to inflicted Chariti. A Jat dam two place flooding some Itma a a 10 jul. To a to Dee rising Mudi Hoir of m a halt mile the fighting Prev command reported a reids there. basement Quarter cite i Are area. Imbed sup lie from Entenni the k the Hoy Vernon place eight Hall of the rocks from helicopter gun \.apital. Food Price cont led 1� troops Niiles East to of , up to nation third Large port City hips had fair a to silence using. Hanoi radio by iia cast nearly 3,000 enemy Throe iches of ram were were flooded the roof of pers who pinned Down . 9th main red the wiffen sir u i a Xvi. Reported. The Lester Johnson automatic laundry collapsed. Division infantrymen trying to Jur Victory american intelligence sources farm. 4h Mes East of Tuscola. Two Tornado s were sighted but pay Friday into the area South of Nev re Yekeh enemy Bat reported Largo Hail some did not reach the ground of he a Kinh Doi canal which y Nfn uru Iki the enemy intercepted by damage to cups. Considerable roofs off Marks the Souther limit of troops the Ahed damage a. A Tornado touched Down proper blocked i Ihrl while reported the i Jim a Rockport. Near Christi i s officer a lid tins was the time trying to break h the Cape Cong North v Iel place about f or Miles North of i. I a 11 r xxv k k. the Gulf of mex o Coart Lart major holdout area of the i Wir tons this a see , a of 1 Spe a Ltd 4\ 1 v i Dii ia of the . Ming the roofs off three Ca enemy Winch launched attack Otic for Aid 9ji Divr. a Nui 11 of several of the marines Wen Banas. Numerous tornadoes again the capital sunday armoured Troup have moved m to Tak a deep sea fishing trip. A a a vol rth Imit Bough am. G bur�?~1 of Wichita the Gulf of Mexico saturday suffered a Hrap Hosi who did not want to c Hue daring the were to be taken to the a let offt Sivc was Island Mote South padre those.ikirif part Island for a Beach party a dam operation b attitude Lur i luncheon some relaxing Kend a Aid his wife Ala. Was the beaches of the is of iteration c-.iitude�?�,Abie to make the trip to the land or a he a v.,,. A Border Butler milk party is of App Ariate All a a a a Lap for saturday night anti via v were planned Tor pc. Said 13 Howley of a Mari. Vilie sponsored by the. F s. Men from thu Momeni they san a Ntonio a Hamber of Commerce. Follow e-1 Airliner unti sunday the , seme of them that the marines were Toi .tax 1 return to bearing v 1 a ble scar of the he Jet of the wife Momic i Hospit m can Antonio combat snut cart xxi Mexico chamber of Commerce. up Toimi rigid Quot attention when the pan eve me including Din tra Tex i A i fur Manne military a Ademy drum Mer enter to a a a a .Lu err Irtp-.rtai,�. I Quot cd pm the wounded marinos Are Tol str a i i. i i Airport to i to of the wound d men Marine military Aca j. Coit pc Jerair brought their wives along for Lune Ieon wire top Cilz <�?~h-. i r of the weekend trip. Parade sunday. I to. Ifs a drum Bugle corps the first eve Tel was a West chamber officials said the curio guard from the Ltd style Barbecue dance will leave Harlingen Marine i Harv Cademy by Harlingen civic pm a sunday afternoon for the Lik group of Valley girls the Fajks Hoidge Tilp to the military hos will i o Esedor s for the George Young presented Eachl men dui s a i Lens a of them honorary citizenship fhe purpose of a a operation Quot gratitude is to show a Kappre i i citation to All armed forces per i sonnet past present future who have Are Dedi a eating their lives the preservation of world peace a chamber manager David Allex said big country letters blast Ted Lewis a pc wis c i pm. Pm. 8-b miners Rescue delayed again Hominy fal us \ Vagt i Tak. Lump to to 1 Ai a the Rescue of u. Of 25 men m v 1 a i ves Rpp d still e monday a . Is. Who had a. ered the flooded c Oal mine Wadt played sit. Out 5 p i Var d through again Friday night by water la Chi ill Oi. he mines put. Age Way fir Lee b i had. Toe mine off Octal who hid predated let Thi i ipod to Llie men uld be a Lut by 10 , about 8 �.&Quot hop is Futi i Ovi sed their a Tamaie n nut i a 10 of clock a h that i Midline re a Ivoti of Tommie Tina. a maj Jit i the Marivn r a night a Zueck a i tet the goofed a a said off \a.,j i a Jon. a .,x Ciai who dec . D to be Iden Ltd r too vhf a c iwo a to i Quot there Arlt a to. F to h 3 a a a Tevor Giorc move to be made a a a Hon do too Belt to the the 15 have but wait Rij re de to thu r a Ere Quot Struc cite five Days the other 10 Pmare presumed the id i of Are nine Abam he referred to nov i o a to Nav Send nuni if the he pure is mat i to Ato 0. By is r a 00. To 0 Fth. Not a ugh acc Roi to Oukea a pretty blonde from Graham rail Oliver was named Queen of the acc Rodeo ceremonies Friday night old Abilene town h re she a shown with her horse a Lucky a which she said Quot lived up to ius name Quot Friday night. See Rodeo Story pm. 14-b. Staff photo by Kay Martini be Myslow v cd Nito than Quot to Linail a fhe Uer a a drop fax d i. A Leng water i incl trough up want Pimp. Have Boon agates the b men from dry vhf i us a to level pay age was Freedom. To a Emma Friday Quot moving the pumps Forward to give i a. Lor Early

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