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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 4

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Abilene, Texas Page four time in on Rubo the Abilene reporter news won Day evening May 8, 1031talk no More so exceedingly proudly let not arrogance come out of your Muth for the lord is a god of know ledge and by him actions arc a argued 2 3. The ton Cue of a fool is the key of his counsel which in a Wise Man Wisdom hath in . Was the fruits of peace. In Art on in pc the president of Nicaragua copt Ion last Friday almost unique in i states annals. To greeted at the in by tile president and vice president of noted states Sabine members and others in the councils of government. Then he a Hen in an open ear. Beside the president United state Quot f r a Street Demontra whirl included fighting men standing a a Aper Tion warplanes roaring Over j Hep Manifest tors of military leave Trees behind you. If you do other men children will bless your memory a Why not set out at least one tree to be remembered by Why All that worry about a Coal shortage anyhow \ Boe most unique we repeat and we re ure that we like it democratic simplicity has always in suit we Are practically the Only n on ear1.a can do thing Quot Quot in pomp and circus Aiice or dialled strength and not be considered pm a winning newspaper editorial live chiefly of a recital of our on rude displays of uniformed re the average citizens cannot Tell it Ute Nam from a colonel by his oration m Quot St of our a Nikorn a Are Ling station attendants and motion a her in we Are not n the habit other viewpoints puzzled Indian. From the Washington Star i Amos shield a Sioux Indian Farmer is beginning to wonder what strange manner of men Are running the government. Not Long ago he went about his business Clad in overalls and a spirit of gloom but not now. Recently he appeared in a new suit of the latest j style with such unfamiliar accessories As a i tie around his neck and Money in his pockets. Questioned concerning this apparent Miracle he grunted in reply a no plow. Big he must indeed be purple at a new and strange phenomenon of the inexplicable paleface. Although his ancestors had Long ago Learned to expect almost anything from the White Man whose gifts had been thrust upon them in bewildering succession. Unfortunately they found that the new magic apparently so much stronger than that of their own Medicine men. A in reality a snare and a Delu w Tup ? a cur a fit a mrs or our Quot hip sit Jon. By the time to had lighted such Ben a d in is f our Quot Diery a Hen we j fits of civilization As Bullet Quot delirium tremor visitor we show him the a is reservations draw poker tuberculosis Mimer of. Vend or pm it Char g a to by a Quot in til a alone no create soon a the. The real Rengh. It the Quot a a is in pea Eft i things. We Are not have been a military nation. God a we mar never become one. Always. A fire we he ame soldiers overnight. A s we Laid a i1� our arms As quickly be stored we demobilized lie a of our Gigantic army almost As the a we vice signed on november la i a i Quot Tho soldiers wore almost to a Man from Iii life and anxious to return to the ways of peace. Be he dictator countries have their military displays if a wish they Are founded f i once by let us americans keep to our be beef hah Quot and continue to Point to it. Vernon and a he George Washington Bridge a d Zion Natl Pak a Quot thin Quot worthy to be shown he prize packages of a peaceful and Unwar like people. We done to desire of compete with the Crudi ties of the militaristic nations which take Pride in dressing their very children in the Hab aliments of warriors. To us the peaceful Countryside with its riotous wildflowers. E our proudest Symbol of a mig1 a Georve. T a is. He Rural Home with its Windmill Haystack a id peach Orchard is j it and proper Symbol of our nation s inward strength a he indestructible and eternal Quot re Goth of character and purpose. A Field of ?&Quot or wild Clover is a better representation of the real spirit of America than a Field f tanks and artillery Wheeling into a for the songs of love and Romance and Blue skies Are the songs Rny love. Not the martial music of Goose stepping automatons. The e simple old fashioned things Are ours r a of her Rar. On Earth car imitate them for t by Are he Fri s of peace. Be by word or act permit the fruits of peace rum by Quoter in our Mouths and tue hideous innovation of work the majority of his tribe had gone to the Happy Hunting ground Quot and most of the re Quot to wished they were there too. Consequently Amos though engaged in the pleasant task of spending government Wampum. Is Quot ii sceptical. He feels that something i Quot wrong with the picture and there must he a catch in it it would not Surprise him unduly if in some mysterious manner the checks should turn and bite him. His simple. Old de mind untutored in the newer economics. Ran discover no reason Why he should be paid pm not racing whatever it is that he is not raising and he is worried. It is rumoured that quite a few million non Indian taxpayers have the same feeling. Test folks a is boy s aunt even boy should have an aunt to remember when he a grown. Not his Mother to supplant aunts have glories of their own favors Many great and Quot mall which in manhood hell recall. Every healthy Happy lad needs an auntie Bess or Flo who la forgive him when he a bad and in pity Quot Hare his woe. One who willingly will buy what his parents must deny. It a an aunt who seems to bake the most succulent of pies and the riches chocolate cake served in chunks of Mammoth size. It s an aunt who really shares All a youngster s grave affairs. Two against love. By Frances Hanna a a a thu characters Jocelyn Russell Beautiful heiress. Tally Mark a Young Farmer whose family has inherited half the Russell estate. Seacliff. Yesterday tally demands that the estate be divided right Down the Middle. Chapter seven interlopers Jocelyn returning Home from an Early morning Canter on the deserted Beach with mephisto saw Young Talbot Mack taking a strange wizened Little Man into the House. What he up to. Now she wondered. The Macks knew no one in Santa Barbara. They had said so. Well it none of her business what they did so Long As they kept to the left half of the place. Again she thankful for the foresight of her Grandfather who had bisected the great Manor with two separate upper and lower hallways with communicating doors Between them. The old gentleman had treasured privacy and planned the House with the idea of preserving it As much As possible. The left Wing for Many years had been reserved for guests. When he died his widow ailing much of the time had closed off Mast of the unused guest rooms. At least Jocelyn thought now with satisfaction the russells had retained the dining room the Library and the great drawing room. And even better sole right to the swimming Pool. Let the interlopers have the Tennis courts Thom could order new ones Laid out on the other Side of the Pool. She turned the reluctant mephisto Over to the Groom and started toward the right Side Entrance Why not Plant a tree5 did you fiver Plant a tree this question suggested by a contemporary editorial which Urc Quot people to Plant something if Only a simple Flower. They need to do it to satisfy or inner urge which avails All people about a his time of year. But a tree. Now. Really did you Ever Plant one if every person Horn in this country who ii pc to a he of ten would make a Little Ceren ony of planting at least one tree during his lifetime a Bink of a he endless forests we would have scattered Over a he landscape. Rig Here in town you May see evidences of a he Fine results t it a obtained by this simple Cuboid. High is too much neglected. There Are Pecan Trees fifty years old and More. There Are Haek Berrie Quot Winch were set out almost As soon 8 a be Tow let ale or a Pla a. There Are Trees of other species which Gladden the Eye and lend their Picador Shade to the land Cape because somebody a Long time ago. Felt and answered urge to Plant something. Why done to Parer Obj Ain seedlings saplings or whatever is Ava Able. And say to their children a there my child Ake this Little tree. Select a spot somewhere in the Yard. And Plant it. Water it and car for it and it will grow up to Honor your memory. A Flower blooms once and disappear Quot leaving nothing tangible behind it. But a trop i different. It May be at your grandchildren a Quot ill gather under this tree to be and thank you for your to Ough ulness. Maybe you Are destined not to have any children of your own but you can and i think it is too bad when the years have dwindled out to be one of those who had no aunt pm to Tell about and have no Hing to recall of such love when they were Small. A copyright. 1939. Edgar a. Guest Washington Daybook by Preston Grover Washington stated simply. I by Jan. I iwo. After the 1939 crop the government figures that for mostly marketed some of the �?�60.000.000 it ran Brub the world to i p1>5, More a a a us d a a he i it buy 6.000.000 Bales of Cotton in i up i the 1939 instead of perhaps Only 4 000. ?1 a a too. That ii what the potion rub j Isi help Sidy plan amounts to. This is a special emergency year for Cotton among a1 the emergency years it has had in the past decade. Cotton control legislation effective As Early As 1933 began holding Down the plantings. Each year the Treasury had to pay Farmers for keeping some of their acreage out of Cotton. Abilene reporter news m chitin g evening Sund a y published twice daily except oco of sunday and monday by to repoll to p Roll Shino co it Axt Isi Cypress . Texas entered is second class matter oct. I. 190s at the Post office. Abilene Texas. Or Der Tbs act of March 2nd. 1879. _ barbs from a pointed wit Boston s nocturnal nudist certainly t taking any chances of catching laryngitis. He wore a handkerchief around his Throat. American ladies Are taking to polynesian fashions. Alia they re catching on to the reason Why Hubby s always talking about those girls in the travelogues. While worry increases Milwaukee ans Are singing Quot the yanks Are coming a the City plays Host to the dental convention. Spa. In it Quot theatrical project is said to Hap produced a series of Broadway flops. So that a where those starving playwrights have be a going. David Rockefeller a University of Chicago student found no Money in his pocket when he asked to pay for a Tennis game. Imagine a Rockefeller without a dime Mich Igan a a Pancake Queen. Now there a one Beauty a fellow can get really serious about. A copyright 1939. Nea service inc or. And mrs. Isi Delice Hirt once before in 1934. The country had a fresh crop of Cotton coming on while it had on hand a surplus about the size of the present one under the control program it managed in two years to work off half the surplus and very slowly working off the balance when the overwhelming 1937 crop hit. But the situation now is different in 1934 we had a Good share of the world Market. Now we Don t. Foreign growers in Brazil. India and Egypt taking advantage of the loan machinery which kept u. S. Prices from falling have garnered a huge slice of the foreign Market we once had Here is wha is expected from the subsidy plan now virtually agreed upon it will affect first the oncoming 1939 crop. Without the subsidy it is estimated we would sell abroad Only 4.000.000 Bales of the estimated 12,000.000 Bale crop. With the subsidy the department of agriculture expects about 6.000,000 Bales will be exported. That will leave 6.000.000 Bales for Domestic consumption. That is not enough. About 7.000,000 is the Domestic need. So the extra 1,000,-000 Bales for Domestic need will come out of the government s Hoard of 11.000.000 Bales for that the Domestic Mills will have to pay about 9 cents a Pound. That is above the present Price but the Mills seem willing to pay it. What they want is a steady Price not a Low one. Still heavily loaded that still leaves 10,000,000 Bales in the government Hoard some of that May be traded to Belgium Holland and England for emergency supplies of rubber and tin. The Trade would be on agreement that the Cotton tin and rubber will be held As a Reserve Supply not to be sold until Price Quot Are higher. If there is any of the expected $60,000,000 Cotton subsidy Money left them move their own Cotton american Mills will share the subsidy on Cotton goods they Export but not on Cotton goods sold domestically. The idea is. If foreign Mills Are going to be permitted to buy u. S. Cotton at five or six cents a Pound the subsidy Price the u. S. Mills must be Given the same Chance so they too can compete for the business of making sarongs for sea islanders. It will Force world prices Down and damage Brazil India and Egypt. They May escape part of the Hurt by coming into a conference with the u s. To share the world Market allowing us somewhere near the share we once had. So far they Haven to been eager to do that. They May change their minds if the u. S. Subsidy begins squeezing our sales higher subscription rates Obj Carrier Sincli copy. 5c on week Moln a sunday Loc four week morning a sunday. 60c 33 week morning a sunday $7,80 on week evening a sunday. 17c four week evening a sunday a amp a a week evening a sunday gust i week morning evening a sunday 37c 4 weeks morn cd evening v Sun 52 week morning. Evening a Sun $14.at subscription rates by mail in Wen Tex morning or evening lib quaday on month. Soc month $1.75 six month. 3.5 on year .7.00 pretty food sense. He will go to kindergarten in the fall. Then what will you do when he is out of ear shot Quot but you wont think him Safe. Ever not if you keep on learn to Trust him. And Stop Good advice indeed. The family doctor by or. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical association and of hrs la. The health Magalia in the world the hairiness of the ears of the canno neers celebrated in song in Many a tavern. Many people As they get older tend to develop excess hah in the nose and in the canal of the ear. As Well As on other portions of the body. One Case is on record of a family in which the growth of hair on the ears tremendous. There a dark growth of Long hair which still remained Black even at the age of 81 in one member of the family. It covered All of the front of the just off the Ivy covered veranda slapping her Riding crop lightly against Lier boots. There just would be time to change dollies and drive Over to the country club for Bob s Tennis match. She hoped he would win today to playing Milner the French cup Holder. With one foot on the Broad Stone step. Jocelyn stopped and sniffed. I rom somewhere very close came the Sweet tantalizing odor of freshly baked cookies. She stepped up on the Stone flagged porch and sniffed again. Quot hello a said Betsy from the Bem boo porch swing. A i m eating cookies for breakfast. Ifs All we got to eau Gramma brought some flour and things from Texas or wed Jocelyn gasped. Quot Are you quite sure you Are telling me the truth a the child nodded. A yes May am. But my Uncle tally is going to get us lots of things pretty Jocelyn fought Down her desire to escape the child. Perhaps she hungry. Quot would you like an Orange a she asked. A nope mister Bob gave us lots of oranges. We like mister Jocelyn knew Relief. Quot where is your Uncle tally going to get Money to buy things a she urged curious. Quot done to know. He said if i played Here you d Chase me Awny. Will you a a no. I Don t go about chasing Little children no matter what your Uncle says. But i do wish you d take your cookie and go around on the other Side of the Quot Why a because this Side of the House is mine and you must t come Here unless i invite Quot Why Quot just then m time to save Jocelyn a crumbling restraint Gretchen hurried toward them an apologetic expression on her Pale face. A i thought i heard her talking Quot she explained a Little breathlessly. A i m awful sorry if Shes bothered you. Miss Russell. We told her not to come Here but she won t mind any i body but tally and he. He s Busy. I guess 1 11 have to tie her up a Jocelyn a eyes were cold. Quot she tells me you have nothing to eat but cookies is that True if so i la Send some things in to Gretchen flushed. Quot we have plenty of food a she insisted with strange vehemence. Quot Betsy likes to make up stories. Mast children do. Done to pay any attention to her miss i do not make up stories. Mama Betsy thrilled. Quot and i want to stay Here and Gretchen scooped the child into her arms and carried her squirming and wailing Back to the House. Jocelyn went on up to her bedroom grateful As she let herself into its luxury and quiet at least this one place she would t be disturbed. She Mink to the soft taffeta covered bed sprang up with a cry of terror. Sharp claws had grazed her Arm a Conquest Quot me Orr a questioned Tex gent ear As Well As the lower portion of. The Back of the ear and presented waving his mme like Tail and a remarkable appearance. The sex wa., a Are expressionless Cess hair began to grow in this fam be now weye5 he la it hat on his above subscription rates apply to zones one and to it. From Abilene. Omer Sones require 15c per month additional postage. Subscribers falling to receive their paper regularly will Confer a favor on the management by reporting the earn loth circulation manager. _ Telephone Dia. 7271 private switchboard connecting an departments. Tell our operator the department you want and Che will connect you with it night numb re Holiday and Sniadaj advertising and circulation 6544 City editor so Quot society editor. 5033 to paper fire duty 1 to print All the nev4.5 that s fit to print honestly and fairly to and. Unbiased by any consideration even including its own editorial opinion. Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any person. Finn or corporation which May occur in the columns of the reported Nevis will he gladly corrected upon being brought to the attention of the management. The publishers Are not responsible for copy omissions typographical errors or any unintentional errors that May occur other than to Correct in next Issue after in brought to their attention. Ail advertising orders Are accepted on this base Only. Your children by Olivi Roberts Barton 1937 Nea service there is More to the Quot Johnny Don to Quot Story than meets the Eye. True a Little boy often manages to get into More trouble in a minute than dead Eye Dick could think up in a year. But How much is Mother s own worried mind that is the. Of is or i members of the associated pres the associated press is exclusively in mrs. Adams wakes feeling As i titled to use for publication of an new though a Large Goose egg nest ,10 u or a a a la therms in her brain instead of looking paper a a Forward to a new Day with Confidence and enthusiasm Here she is dreading every hour until Henry s bedtime. She cannot let the child out of. Her sight for an instant. He is five j years old or almost and the Strain is telling. She even has to lie Down in his room when he takes his Short Nap for she fears he won t stay in bed and might get the scissors or spill her Ink. He never has touched the scissors or the Ink but then he might just when she is not expecting it. Mother spots trouble her Mother came in at noon. And already mrs. Adams a nervous wreck. She had called to local new published Here la. A Friend in need it i. Set three Teaf it is Anc the mice ate the Che Ess in Ever one i suppose Joe Shalt have to set a cat Ano the mice 6ot aumy4? a Quot Mats Gas a eth melees one following nolo t Quanta Nice soft job., Kitt is. Stop Fez Coul acs Randy that filth pc cute la it Rathel wave the face an not a 7 it Henry every five minutes Quot Henry Are you there a and Henry always right on the porch or in the Yard. Mother saw things. She had noticed them before. She herself had raised six children. She had held her peace for months because she thought it Best. But now she could see that Mary getting beyond herself with the worry and responsibility of one child. Before she did tile dishes Mary called out to Henry a a done to go off the sidewalk. Stay right there and be sure you Don t touch mrs. Blank s Henry had t thought of touching mrs. Blank s Flowers but it a Good idea. He crossed the line and smelled a Pansy. He touched a Pansy. He sat Down beside the Pansy bed and stared at the Little Blue and yellow faces. Mrs. Blank came out and said Quot Why Henry do you like my Flowers Here ill give you a few to take so she pulled half a dozen pansies and Henry took them Home. Mary nearly collapsed. A a i knew it. I told you not to touch those Flowers. The minute i turn my Back you Are into must Trust child an this her mothers Chance. A you Are worrying yourself to death about the Best boy that Ever lived my dear a said she. Quot you can to get Over the idea that he cannot think and lacks judgment. Quot what of you had half a dozen you would soon learn that most children even at Henry s at have ily at the age of 18 or 19. And every boy in the family affected except two who were too Young at the time of the examination. None of the women in the family had his condition. When a study of the family made it found that the great great Grandfather had had this Type of hairiness. In the next generation three boys in one family and two boys in another family had this condition and in the next generation All of the boys developed the condition except those who were too Young. There Are Many families in which there is a tendency toward excessively thick eyebrows and Long thick eyelashes. Sometimes the Stiles favor thick eyebrows and Long thick eyelashes. On other occasions As at present the styles favor thin eyebrows and excessively Long thick eyelashes so that the damsels of Hollywood Pluck their eyebrows and Wear artificial eyelashes. In Many families there is a Peculiar distribution of excess hair on the Back or on the Chest All of these instances indicate of course that hair growth is largely controlled by inheritance not Only the excess growth but distribution As Well. There Are certain examples of families in which there a tendency for excess hair to grow All Over the face giving the appearance of an animal the most famous instances having been made notorious in circuses under the designation of dog faced boys and dog faced girls and also As wild boys and wild girls. In this Type of inheritance the males Are affected much More frequently than Are the females. The amount of hair on tile body varies in different races. Red indians and eskimos have the least amount of hair and a japanese group known As minus of Northern Japan have the most. There Are also racial differences in the amount of skin on the face occupied by the Beard. Nowadays Many studies Are being made to determine the extent to which the glands Are responsible for excess hair. Of course when inheritance of excess hair occurs associated with glandular disturbances it is the glandular Structure and physiology Fiat Are inherited rather than the growth of the hair or the hair cells this being secondary the most common form of excess hair seen in women is something resembling a Mustache in the male. Today there Are in most Large cities institutions which have been developed for the removal of excess hair on the upper lip by the use of the electric Needle this being the Only method for removing such hair permanently and without harm. Stomach in the exact Center of the bed. His unmoving attitude suggesting he considered it his personal property. Quot you horrible beast a Jocelyn cried startled. Quot How did you get in Here anyhow and your paws Are dirty and. And you be got my White counterpane dirty get out of Here. Scat a Tex merely turned Over one of his paws for inspection and began cleaning it with his rough Pink Tongue. Jocelyn advanced tentatively extended her hand. He went on washing. Gingerly her fingers touched the thick fus on his head As if expecting it to be charged with electricity. Tex ceased his washing yet remained immobile. A wiry smile parted her lips. She a girl who controlled the wild mephisto who had never known fear of any animal afraid to pick up a cat still if she did not pick him up and put him out she would have to Call on one of the Macks. A Nice Kitty Nice text Nice Kitty a site soothed stroking him. With a sudden movement he turned Over on his Back waved his paws playfully in the air and turned his big head coyly to one Side. Why. Jocelyn thought amazed he Isnit vicious at All he wants to play very gently she picked him up in her arms. A i might like she scolded him. A if you d leave my dog alone. Could i buy you off for Catnip and Cream or maybe some very special Salmon a immeasurably pleased with her Conquest she carried Tex Down to the Kitchen asked the Ruddy cheeked French Cook to open a can of Salmon and fed the cat herself. He ate ravenously. So she thought Tex did not care for a diet of oranges and cookies. After letting him out into the Sunshine she hurried Back to her room realizing he had made her late. Before changing clothes she smoothed the counterpane eyeing ruefully the Dusty Paw prints she propped up her exquisite French doll whose curls were Auburn and whose eyes were deep Blue against a net of Silken boudoir pillows at the head of the bed. Geoffrey had brought her that doll from san Francisco because he asserted it looked like her. Geoff could be terribly Sweet at times. Later ordering lunch in the club Grill several of her friends drifted Over anxious for further reports on the Macks. Jocelyn laughingly told them of her mornings adventures with Betsy and Tex. Here among her friends in the leisurely surroundings of the perfectly appointed clubroom the descent of the texans appeared humorous. And at least it would furnish the younger crowd a new interest. Several girls inquired archly concerning the Stalwart Young Farmer slyly suggesting that Geoff might not be pleased at continued in Page 6

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