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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 2

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Abilene, Texas Fage to tune in of Kobo the Abilene reporter news monday evening May 8, 193b to demonstrate armed might of National guard plans shaped for military Field Day at Coleman May 20 and 21 old Heads know How to make Texas telephones. Your Telephone in Texas is served by Folk who Learned their Trade in the school of experience. By men who know the feel of a sleet lashed pole in a wintry wind. By women to whom the state s vast Copper network of three million Miles of wire is As an open Book. Of the 8,700 employees who watch Day and night Over this company s lines in Texas nearly 4,500 have at least Loyear Sof Telephone experience. Bill More than 1,000 of these have been in the business for 20 years or longer and a Small group of 186 veterans count their years of Telephone service at 30 and More. From department Heads Down their Friendly a know How born of years of experience plays an important part in furnishing fast accurate and dependable Telephone service at a Price that is reasonable to you. Tilt phone company presents guardsmen expected to gather from cities in area what it Means the Federal government reorganization miss Lubbock a staff writer cot Eman May 8 nations guard officers of Colomar Santa Anna and Brownwood met Here sunday with major Karl f was. Lace. Fort Worth commander of the 1421 infantry. Texas National guard to discuss plaits for a military Field Day Here saturday and sunday May 20 and 2between too and Soo guards men from West Central tows will gather Here for the Field Day. The troops to come from Ballinger. Stephenville. Sweetwater. Snyder. Ranger. Breckenridge Stamford. Abilene. Mineral Wells. Santa Anna. Brownwood and Coleman. Purposes of the Field Day according of cart Elgean Shields commander of b company Coleman Are to work out military problems and give the general Public first i it a ledge of the armed major Sidney m i operations officer Cap j hog John i42d infantry supt Charles Fox fort Fantry chaplain commanders of All my part in the Fiel hand know ii might of the National in even borne of our g Ixia know there is a Texas guard much less know to Anre of the organization. Shields said officers attending s Ference anticipate an a from 5.000 to 10,000 d Why National a in percept a in. Jays Coner a Nee of r the a neuters the largest Ever undertaken in this Section of the state included in the demonstration scheduled from 4 30 to 5 30 the afternoon of May 21. Will be problems involving use of 37 my. Guns Trench mortars automatic rifles heavy machine guns aircraft and artillery air planes from Ellington Field Houston will take part in the Maneu vers and artillery units from Abilene will participate As will a cavalry unit from Mineral Weils. Many of he commanding officers of the National guard will be Here for the Field Day Cap Shields said included will be Gen Claude b Barrhead Sar. Antonio commander of the 361 division col Marvin d Stein san a . Secretary to Gen. Burkhead general Whitaker san Antonio commander of the 61st Field artillery adjutant general Harry Knox commander of the Texas National guard. Gen. Charles Nim on. Fort Worth commander of the 71st infantry col. Carl Caphton. U s army instructor for 142d infantry. And major Oscar Abbott. U s army is Rue Tor for i42d infantry both of fort Worth col h j. Weber Austin disbursing officer for the Texas nations guard major Gaston Howard Austin assistant adjutant general major j or. Sen Tell. Snyder commander 2d battalion. 142d infantry capt Jack stringfellow. Fort Worth assistant operations officer 42d infantry major e v Hardwick. Stamford commander third battalion. 142d infantry major Martin executive officer 111th engineers. Fort Worth co j Watt Pac. For Worth commander of 142d infantry or col. A. S Perrine. Austin executive officer i42d infantry capt Charles k Dobbs fort Wor Hadju i42d infantry tenants o i those companies troop in 15 tie in Coleman not later thai nip in opening Day Ope g f a vent is scheduled at 3.30. An Triforo a guard mount by com p it of Coleman preparations Rhi von a a Camp Colorado re Plica will occupy attention of the t rooms f re a in 4 to 5 30 with first Cai for Para scheduled imme chastely if e bivouac Are prepared Assembly is slated for 5 35 and tit Parade at 5 40 the route from the bivouac Ai Rea through the business it it f 0 f Coleman and return my. .5 scheduled for 7 of clock High ugh t of the opening Day for officers j their ladies and other guests w in be a dance at Coleman us the night of May to fights a w oiling and other enter to in men i Las been planned for enlisted men at the bivouac area program for the second Day. May 21. Begins with first Call at 6 a. In. March at 6 05 Assembly at 6 to. Reveille at 6 15 and at 6 45 Field inspection is scheduled for 8 c Dock with Church Cal to be t 9 35. Lie service to be in charge when you think of California write the manager naturally you it dreamed that Iorg plasm trip of your to Loa Angel and the oxides Gate fair would be aerie St. Aud it s off to a perfect Start if you make your Home at the Park Wilshire Bote situated on the pars Avenue of the weal. Wilshire Boulevard ,. This out standing y Beau Foote Nae or red re hotel and housekeeping apartments to fit your vacation budget. Hollywood the Beach downtown Loa Angeles and Many of South in californian wonder Eyota Are just a few min Ute away. And the friendliness and distinction of the Park wish re a Fol make your Ebay beyond words rates from $3.00 daily from iss monthly Vav rite the manager 2424 Wilshire Boulevard of major Fox. Chaplain. Lecture on approach March and Advance guard by a regular army inspector will follow mess will be served at la 30. With the approach March to the demonstration Field to Start immediately afterwards head it the column w ii pa.-. The main Gate of the demonstration area at i 30 p in. A demonstration of two companies in attack will follow and military problems yet to be applied will be worked out Between 3 30 and 4 30. Demonstration of weapons will follow after which the troops will return to the bivouac area for a band concert. 6 to 6 30, id battalion Parade and Retreat at 6 30. Cd Pames scheduled to Rase Par in the Field Day their location and commanders follow service company Brownwood Cap Bland Harper company a Cap Eph Davis company Brownwood. Lieut. Gus j Rosenberg company b. Coleman capt Elcean Shields. Company a Ballinger capt. A r. Murchison company d. Stephenville capt. Lucian g. Rich howitzer company Santa Anna Cap Sam Collier company e. Sweetwater capt. We. Scales company g. Snyder. Capt Tom o. Cook company i. Ranger capt Melcher company l. Breckenridge capt Clay company k Stamford. Capt. Lock third battalion Headquarters company 142d infantry. Abilene first Lieut. Olney Bryant Calvary troop. Mineral Wells Battery i 131st Field artillery. Abilene capt. Thos. E Williams and Headquarters Battery first battalion 131 Field artillery Abilene capt. Frank Hobbs. Texas violent death toll 16 by the associated press sixteen persons died in Texas in shootings drownings Highway accidents and Falls during the last weekend. Injured fatally when their Alto w rocked As they drove near Goldthwaite were or and mrs. W g Ragsdale. Santa Anna tex., bakery owners and j c. Scarborough superintendent of Santa Anna High school. W Rbrown of Rusk was killed in an automobile collision Archie Henderson 27, died near Conroe in an Auto wreck Victor n. Matthews. 30. Of Scranton was injured fatally in an crash High m Sorrels. 81. Was struck by an Auto at fort Worth and Mike Vernal. 8. Of Pasadena. Tex. Was killed when thrown from a truck to the pavement. Juanita m Kessner 27. Fell to her death from a Houston hotel room and a Justice of the peace returned a verdict of suicide the drowning victims were Bonnard Lee 20, Daniel Baker student who drowned in Lake Brownwood Rush Doyle. 46. Of Abilene. Drowned in Lake Kirby near Abilene and w. A Boles jr., and Drew Bizzell Frankston school students who drowned in Lake Todd mrs Ruby Maloy 39. Was shot to death in san Antonio and her bus but Morgan m. Of atty of feature service writer a Ashington May 8�?call time out on the european headlines for a few minutes and you la Dis cover that the Congress and the presided of the United states Are working up a new design for democracy right under your nose the pattern of their Effort goes by the name of Quot government but Don t in that fool you what goes on is a lot closer to Home plate than a my it moving Dav for government agencies rho Basic idea seem to be to make democracy work in the face of the stinging argument of the totalitarians that democracy stands for the immediate objective of reorganization is efficiency and Economy in our bureaucracy but far More important it was found necessary to create a new device a new design perhaps a now balance of Power in government to achieve that simple end. The Roosevelt administration and the Law makers who helped the administration put Over the new re organization a claim its the most important step toward efficiency in democracy in 25 years and they swear they Raven t sacrificed the democratic principle to achieve their end the opposition ramp tells a different Story. They Wear by and in he congressional record that the Constitution has Bern crapped and we Are on the it err of g be inner by decree it ii get f Volution Ary As for who s right Well just have to wait and see out in the new reorganization Law we do have a new design that is certainly evolutionary perhaps revolutionary by this device the president proposes and the Congress disposes the president initiates the con Gress be of the Normal democratic procedure is therefore reversed in two of the three branches of or government the third the supreme court still nolds the final kibitzing Power doing business at the a ame old constitutional stand. So. We now have the president proposing definite rigid plans to streamline the executive Branch of the government the Congress has no right under the new Law to tamper with any plan he sets up. It May not filibuster the idea to death for it must act within 60 lays. Or forever after hold its peace but if the two houses can get together they can by a simple major Ity veto any reorganization plan and thereby kill i it deader than a door Nail. Off hand it May seem Odd to you that the president and the Congress have decided to Swap their magic wands of Power in the name of efficiency. I it is Odd. Only the combination of derisive taunts of dictator governments and equally effective Razz berries on the floor of Congress was effective in prod Ding oui lawmakers to face the Issue Byrnes tells pm listen to senator Byrnes from South Carolina arguing with his colleagues in the tense Days before the reorganisation Law was passed every senator says he favors reorganization. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt Taft Harding Wilson and Coolidge were in favor of it. A republicans and democrats you have been saying you favor reorganization for 25 years. Why Haven t you done it. Why not Tell the Man in the Street the facts. Quot we Are too close to the seat of government to do have not been Able to remain in my office for j the last 24 i go out of this chamber now. I will be called to tile phone. Some Man who has i been appointed to office will Telephone How Many senators have come to me to say a i am for reorganization but i have a Good Friend on such and such a commission. Is it not possible to exempt that commission from reorganization a we forge the advice of the great Champ Clark who said a we listen. To those who have Access to our ears and forget the multitudes who can never see our faces or hear our a the reorganization Law went through the Senate Only after a recess was taken to unscramble a parliamentary traffic Jam. But when it did go through it contained a Host of concessions to the people who want to safeguard democracy first and attend to efficiency and Economy afterwards. At one Point in the formula required by the new Law a simple majority of the two houses can upset the reorganization Apple Ca and Scurry Back to the slow deliberative procedure that was Good enough for father. Furthermore and finally the supreme court May yet have to decide whether the Law itself is constitutional but meanwhile the president has started the Ball rolling with plan no. I affecting 90.000 Federal employees. Watch Congress closely and you la have a first hand picture of democracy working out its destiny Abile Nian named Texas Delegate to National a Ray meet Inez Darden. Immediate past Brownwood president of the Texas society of Headquarters a a technicians. Erin Yantis. Retiring Secretary Ruth Akers and Betty Nowlin returned sunday from Waco where Friday and saturday they attended the Annua a Quot in of the state society Bank examination reports use upheld Washington May 8 a p the United states court of appeals upheld today the right of the securities commission to make limited use of official Bank examination reports on the Bank of America National Trust and savings association of san Francisco in the commission s pending investigation registration a new president of the state so a piety is mrs. Myrtle Peterson of j the wow Hospital in san Antonio. Of trans America cooperation West coast investment holding company j the court however modified a j previous decree of the Federal District court which denied the Bank s request for an injunction against i any use of the documents. The appeals court said the commission could use the documents Only in t an investigatory Way and must keep them confidential. The Bank formerly was wholly owned and now is 42 per cent owned by trans America upon whose affairs the commission has been holding hearings to determine whither registration statements of the corporation were sufficiently j false and misleading As to warrant a ban on Public trading in the corporations securities radio Chain miss Darden was elected Delegate to the National convention of the association meeting in new York june 27-30. Highlight of the Waco meeting was an address by Alfred b. Green National president of the american registry of a Ray technicians he discussed a what it Means to be registered and qualifications for band wounded fatally. Justice of the peace Otis West returned a verdict of murder and suicide. W. L. Allison 57. Of Dallas was shot fatally or by Loa c 1420 ice. Of May have to pay for another Driver s carelessness. Complete automobile insurance will protect you from such a financial loss. Motz amp Curtis citizens Bank bldg. 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Tool Tel Louis Ila Ward Quot Dike of Mest Polma a tues wed i pm h a the River Story of i the Quot Community sing Texas traffic toll declines sharply Austin May 8 a a motor traffic deaths for the first three months of the tear slumped sharply under those for the same period in 1938 and 1937, Julian Montgomery state Highway Engineer said today. Fatalities for the first Quarter were 353, or 99 less than the first Quarter of 1938 and 88 lower than in the corresponding period of 1937. Montgomery said the reduction resulted from an intensive educational Campaign by various enforcement agencies and a Quot splendid cooperation by the travelling Public. A breakdown of this year s figures Montgomery added show sunday continues to Lead All other Days in the number of accidents with saturday in second place. The most dangerous hours Are from 6 to 8 p. In. Starting today Pond Elle Prideaux Lubbock May 8 a Vondelle Prideaux. Daughter of or and mrs t r Prideaux has been selected miss i Lubbock a for the 1939 wet Texas chamber of Commerce convention in Abilene. May 15-17. Miss Prideaux is a Blue eyed Blond five feet three inches Tail and weighs 105 pounds. She is a graduate of Lubbock High school and last january completed her work in Texas tech majoring in English and minoring in speech. She will receive her degree in june. Paramount now showing for 9 Days and nights Cecil b. De Mille s Union. Pacific i firt Amit my is Trust Barbara Stanwyck Ai Joel Mccrea. Akin Iii Riff Robert Aristei Mene Overman Brian de Levy Nani tie since a Cecil b. Dem Ile Rob t. Benchley in opening Day latest news american legion presents t. shows and carnival Neh 1939 edition rides employing and shows 350 people featuring Geyer Bros. A monarchs of the air 3 free Many acts Neh nightly features South fourteenth�?2 blocks West of Banner last a son of Day Frankenstein tue 3 a out r plus Ross Allen Quot submarine circus last Day John Garfield in a a Blackwells a Island tues. Wed. Sit. My a a a a i Quot Quot Box office opens 1 45 adm. To 25c by Whitley and his buckaroos in

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