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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 5, 1974, Abilene, Texas fife Went sporter'WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 93RD YEAR, NO. 322 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 5, 1974 —SEVENTY-SIX PAGES IN FIVE SECTIONS 25c SUNDAY + Ic Stile Slid Tm Briscoe Grabs 70% Ponies Falter Badly By ROBERT E. FORD Associated Press Writer Texas voters deluged Gov. Dolph Briscoe with a storm of votes in Saturday’s Democratic primary to hand him renomination to the state’s highest office. His victory was complete, for shortly after polls closed, the Democratic faithful met in precinct conventions throughout Texas and voted him control of the party machinery-critical for the 1976 presidential nomination maneuvering. Frances “Sissy” Farenthold, handicapped by a lack of cam paign money and professional organization, faded away. Two years ago, she gave Briscoe a fight for the governor's nomination. At a late count, Briscoe had 70 per cent of the vote and Mrs. Farenthold 25 per cent. Two also-rans split the other five per cent. Voters again smashed a proposal that Texas legalize parimutuel race track betting on a local option basis and may have killed the issue for a long time. The wagering issue was only advisory—to give the legislature an insight into the thinking of the electorate. Added to other defeats over the years, the matter seemed in dire straits. Both Republicans and Democrats defeated the betting proposal. Voting sw'ung heavily to challenged incumbents in the district races for the U.S. House. Republicans in a separate primary nominated Jim Cranberry, Lubbock dentist, for governor over Fort Worth law-ver Odell McBrayer. Gaylord Marshall won COP nomination Martin, Young Runoff Due in 61st District By DON FLORES Reporter-News Staff Writer Incumbent state Rep. Elmer Mai tin of Colorado City fell 167 votes short of getting 50 per cent of the votes for the 61st Legislative District Democratic nomination in Saturday’s primary. Martin, .58, will oppose Abilene attorney Mike Young, who trailed 'Martin by 2.472 votes in a runoff election. No Republicans filed for the office. The former Mitchell County Judge led his two Abilene opponents in three of the five counties in the district. District 61 consists of Fisher, Jones, Mitchell, Nolan and much of Taylor County. M. Alton Staggs, president og Big Country Dodge in Abilene, came in third in the unofficial returns. The unofficial complete returns late Saturday night showed Martin with 6,427; Young. 3,955. and Staggs, 2.639. Martin led in the balloting in Mitchell, Fisher and Nolan counties while Young led in Jones and Taylor counties. Mitchell County gave t h e freshman legislator, who is seeking a second term, better than SO per cent of the vote. Martin received 1,702; Ycrag ELMER MARTIN ... in runoff 98, nnd Staggs, 129. The 25-year-old Young recorded his best showing in Jones County where he collected 1,338 of the vote. Martin logged 925 votes and Staggs had 759. In Taylor County, Young, an Abilene school board member, led the other two candidates for the of I ice with 1,154. Staggs followed with 923 and Martin trailed with 635. Commenting on the race from his Colorado City home, Martin said. “I’m very happy, with the very fine vote from the district.” “It is significant the voters Farabee Snatches Seat From Finnell placed Elmer Martin definitly as the lead candidate” he said. He added, “My campaigning is based on the fact of my legislative record, my small town residency and mv livelihood as proof of my effectiveness in Austin for our five-ccunty district. “I wish to express ray sincere thanks for the tremendous confidence expressed by the voters Saturday for this record and for mv reelection to a second teim.” Martin said. Martin also said, “In the runoff ahead, again 111 be handicapped in campagmng. “My responsibilities to the historical Texas Constitutional Convention, which reconvenes .Monday in Aust n, will keep me in Austin. awfay from District 61 and its good cities during almost the entire runoff campaigning.” he said. “However. I believe the citizens of Nolan. Mitchell, Fisher. Jones and Taylor counties will understand this handicap.” Martin’s opponent in the run-off, Young, said, “We intend to redouble our effort and through hard work will win in the runoff. “I don’t feel that Mr. Marlin will sustain his edge in the rural areas once those constituents truck understand how ineffective his representation has been up to this point.” Young added. He also said, “He (Martin) has cla med credit for everything except the spring rains.” Staggs said Saturday night he would delay comment until Monday. By JIM HAGLUND Reporter-News Sunday Editor. Ray Farabee of Wichita Falls overpowered State Rep. Charles Finnell of Holliday •and won the Democratic nomination for State Senate, District 30, Saturday. Early Sunday, with all but four of 29 counties complete, the tally stood: Farabee 38,283 Finnell 24,140 Farabee officials claimed victory late Saturday 'and issued a statement praising “a real fine effort” by the volunteer campaign staff. “We’re really looking forward to the general election iii Nave in b e r,” a spokesman said. Farabee will face Mrs. Mary Kirchhoff of Plainview. a Republican, in November. FINNELL, MEANWHILE, refused to concede. Earlier Saturday, he said in a statement: “At this time we will not concede due to the fact that several prime counties have not reported their totals.” The four-term veteran of the Texas legislature was seeking the senate seat with a campaign that stressed his experience in Austin. Farabee campaigned on his own business experience and maturity and said the voters wanted a candidate who had not been rn the Legislature. Farabee, who won 25 of the 29 counties in the district which has been represented by Sen. Jack Hightower of Vernon, rolled up some of his County Jones F\h«r Mitchell Nolan Taylor TOTALS Martin Sta99t Youni 925    75«    1,33* WI 129 607 923 2,639 969 I 702 2,156 635 6,427 653 it 717 1.1S4 3. >55 RAY FARABEE . . . Wichita Falls man wins most impressive edges in Big Country counties. THE 41-YEAR-OLD Wichita Falls businessman-lawyer, making his first try for elective office, outpolled Finnell 1.079 to 612 in Callahan County. And he beat Finnell 1,873 to 979 in Jones County. To the west of Abilene, Farabee was very strong. He beat Finnell 3.475 to 1,209 in Howard County; he beat Finnell 2,407 to 1.058 in Nolan County; he beat the Holliday legislator 2,439 to 1,182 in Scurry County; he rolled up 1,180 votes to' 618 for Finnell in Mitchell County; and in Fish- See FARABEE, Pg. WA Inside Todoy Where Scandal Matter Is Now Where is the Watergate matter now-5 Where does the impeachment question stand? What have the transcripts done to the situation-’ Harry Rosenthal of AP answers these questions and a box score shows the legal status of major Watergate figures. Pg- MA. Abilene Events Calendar .... 4B Amusements ......... I *3® Austin Notebook ......... SA Berry’s World ........... 4A B a Country Calendar . JI Bridge      «A Business News ...... '0£ Classified    ..... Crossword Punle ........ Editorials ............. Form News ........... Horoscope    .......... * J Hosoitol Patients    * ** Jumble Pusile    •    •    ■    *** Market    8-JOC Obituaries    ...... oil Setting the Scent    « Snorts Tins      “A This Week in West Texas 11A To Your Good    Health ...    13A TV Tab ...........’•’« Women's News........ 1-12D for lieutenant governor over Troy Skates. In other Democratic statewide contests, all incumbents were renominated. Bob Bullock, former Texas secretary of state, won the nomination for the only office where the incumbent retired, winning the party nomination for comptroller over Hugh Edburg. Briscoe ran on a platform of harmony within state government and holding spending within income. Also he held the usual advantage of an incumbent over a challenger. Mrs. Farenthold lost her main campaign plank of two years ago—a demand to “throw the rascals out” of the statehouse. Briscoe never was connected even remotely to the Sharpstown bribery scandals and no scandal has touched his administration. The challenger captured no counties although she won more than a dozen in the 1972 first primary when she trailed Briscoe by 351.345 votes and lost by only 210,000 in the runoff. Republicans soundly approved putting right-to-work and anti-state income tax provisions in the constitution now being rewritten. These, too, were only advisory. Texas Election Bureau returns at 12 midnight from 225 of 254 counties, 158 complete. DEMOCRATS: Governor: Steve Alexander 16.834, Gov. Dolph Briscoe 646.325, Frances Farenthold 244,269. W. H. Posey 19,730. Comptroller: Bob Bullock 556.881, Hugh Edburg 172.919. Treasurer: Jesse James 497,149. Don Yarbrough 362,520. Agriculture Commissioner: Herbert Schroeder 203.842. John White 573.568. Railroad Commissioner: C. A. Kellv 287,595. Mack Wallace 425.863. Pari-mutuel betting:    For 340.677. against 399.387. REPUBLICANS: 106 counties, 85 complete: Governor: Jim Cranberry 34,840. Odell McBrayer 10.400. Lt. Gov.; Gaylord Marshall 30.955, Troy Skates 9.445. Right-to-work: For 41.189. against 3.130. Prohibit state income tax: For 41.365. against 3,304. Pari-mutuel betting:    For 20.682, against 25,495. Wide margin, wide smiles Texas Governor and Mrs. Dolph Briscoe's faces reflect the trend ot statewide returns Saturdav night in the Democratic primary voting. At 11:30 p.m. Saturaav. Briscoe held a wide lead over Frances (Sissyi Farenthold, 551,902 to 198.460. IAP Wirephoto^ Skaggs Demo Vote; School Post Runoff Due Bv ROY A. JONES II Reporter-New* Staff Writer. A total of 12.045 Taylor County Democrats went to the polls Saturday to say that they are against ‘gambling — of any kind. In addition to downing the pari-mutuel wagering referendum by a 2*1 margin, the local Democrats decided against “gambling” on the politics of •any newcomers, giving the party’s nomination to the incumbent in contested races: —County Judge Roy Skaggs, facing his first opposition in 12 years, downed attorney Bruce Stubbeman Wins 62nd Nomination By GARY BALDRIDGE Reporter-News Staff Writer Taking all but one precinct, David Stubbeman defeated Sid McKinney 5.024 to 3.438 for the Democratic nomination from State Representative District 62. Complete election returns for Taylor County show that the 35-y e a r -o I d Stubbeman carried all boxes but No. I at First State Bank, where McKinney took 56 votes to Stubbeman's 50. Now Stubbeman will go against Republican Rick Clayton in the November general election. Clayton was unopposed in the GOF primary. OUT OF the 31.176 registered voters of Taylor County who reside in District 62 t most of Abilene), 8,462 cast ballots in the legislative race. Although his support was manifest in every precinct, Stubbeman’s biggest totals came in Precincts 5, 6 and 49. Precinct 5, the Old Boy Scout Headquarters at 3309 S. lith, gave Stubbeman 305 votes to McKinney’s 204. At the attorney’s own precinct, No. 6 at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, he received 299 votes to 188 for McKinney. The tenth largest box, No. 49 at Johnston School in onrtlv west Abilene, gave Stubeman 285 votes to McKinney's 181. Both candidates run quiet, low-key campaigns, counting on individual voter contact and small social events rather and than public aopearances speaking engagements. And both were surprised at what thee considered to be a poor voter turnout. “IT W AS a race where both Mr. McKinney and I were running for the office and not against anything." Stubbeman See STUBBEMAN. Pg IHA Evans by a comfortable margin of better than 2-1. carrying every one of the county’s 46 boxes in the process. —Billy G. Yarbrough, who served * under retiring Clive Pierce for the last 15 years, topped the five-man field in the county school superintendent's race. He will face teach-er-businessman LaWayne Harris in the June I runoff alter Harris survived a battle with teacher Bob Thompson which went down to the last box. (All three defeated candidates said later Saturday they will swing their support to Yarbrough in the run-off election.) —IN A RACE which wasn t decided until the last box was in. County Democratic Chairman Larry Cunningham withstood the challenger of attorney Charles Scarborough, finally winning by 125 votes in the closest race of the night. —There was no incumbent in the race for state representative. District 62. but Taylor Countians gave attorney David Stubbeman a 5.024 to 3.438 victory over insuranceman Sid McKinney. Stubbeman will face Republican Rick Clayton in November’s general election. In the other state represen tative race. Taylor County Democrats gave Abilene attorney Mike Young a 2-1 margin over incumbent Elmer Martin cf Colorado City, Young needed every one of the Taylor County votes, too, as Martin scored heavily in the other counties to take a commanding lead and miss winning without a runoff bv less than 200 votes. THE FIN .AL Taylor County figures gave Young 1,154 to 635 for Martin and 923 for Abilene businessman Alton Staggs, in the race for the Dist. (^nomination. There is no Republican opponent in November. _ In the statewide races, Taylor County Democrats continued their trend of backing “incumbents” in nearly all of the races: They gave Gov. Dolph Briscoe Kd margin of better than 4-1 over challenger Sissy Far-enthold (9,361 to 1,993»; backed incumbent state Treasurer Jesse James by 6.522 to 4.992 over Donald B. Yarbrough; Commissioner of Agriculture John C. White over Herbert A. (Peanut) Schroeder: Railroad Commissioner Mack Wallace over challenger C. A. Kelly. Toombs, Ezzell in Runoff Bv GERALDINE SATTERWHITE Reporter-News Staff Writer Borden County Judge Glenn Toombs wil face Michael H E z z e 11. Snyder Elementary School counselor, in a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the 63rd Legislative seat being vacated by Renal B. Rosson of Snyder. Toombs got a total of 5,729 votes in the district that includes Borden, Coke, Dawson. Howard, Scurry and Sterling counties. Ezzell, with 5,149 votes, carried both his own county. Scurry, and Borden County in the. closely contested race. Mary Thomas, wife of a Big Spring attorney and the third candidate for the Democratic nomination, got 1,684 votes. Rosson. who is serving his eighth term in the Legislature, did not seek re-election. Winner of the runutf election GLENN TOOMBS . . . . Borden County judge will face Republican candidate John ll. (Rich) Anderson, Borden County rancher, in the November general election Anderson. 44. ran against Rosson in 1972 and lost by about 1.300 votes. Once a Democrat, he ran OI the Constitutional parly ticket in 1960 against U.S. Rep. George Mahon (D-L ubbocki and got about >5 per cent of the votes. Toombs, a native of Merkel, is serving his first term as Bor few County judge. He served the county as deputy shernt from 1959 to 1963. Ho attended Amarillo Junior College aud Texas Tech University * Knell is from Wharton and was graduated from Abilene Christian College in 1966 and received his M.Ed degree from ACC in 1969. He moved to Snyder in 1967. info clin CVU Bor Ccitt Dawson Ho wold Scurry Sterling Totals I nail Thomas I tomb* 745 J38 635 1860 IOO! 64 »,!»« 75 271 ICH 3 I 13 35 1604 141 412 1608 HSI im id l»2* ;

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