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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Abilene, Texas Livestock show and Rodeo with Parade bands no everything to open Friday see Page 8 roaring to Earth in spin giant Stra Toliner plunges ten to death in test hop airline chiefs passengers on luxurious ship Alder wash., March 18.�? of a at least ten persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored 33-passenger air plane designed to operate through the sub stratosphere plunged to Earth near Here during a test flight today. Witnesses said the plane appeared suddenly out of the Clouds and that the sound of its motors died Down momentarily. Motors race the motors then seemed to Speed up and the plane began a Long crazy spin earthward. The Tail Assembly apparently broke away during the fall. It struck in a narrow Ravine in logged off land. Quot it travelled toward Earth at tremendous said mrs. L. W. Gilbert of Lagrande. There was an exceptionally loud noise not like an explosion but More like a Roar. A it was terrible to stand there and watch it All. The noise was terrific. Even though we were some distance Seattle Headquarters of the Boeing air plane company which built the $500,000 Quot Stra Toliner a named the victims As Julius Barr Boeing teat Pilot. Earl a. Ferguson Boeing test Pilot John Kylstra Boeing Engineer. Ralph l. Cram Boeing flight Engineer and aerodynamics expert. William Doyle. Harry West Boeing flight Engineer. Ben Pearson. P. Giul Nard. Assistant general manager of Royal dutch airlines. A. G. Von Blumauer dutch Ulm line. Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for trans continual and Western airways. The company said an Lith Man. E. B. Kinneman. May have been aboard the plane. For High Altitude the Stra Toliner was the first four engined transport designed and equipped with Cabins and facilities for High Altitude operation 20.000 feet or higher above storms on the earths surface. It was to carry 33 passengers by Day or 25 in luxurious night accommodations with a Crew of four or five and a capacity of two tons of mail and air express. C. L. Egtvedt president of the Boeing company in announcing the ship said Quot we know quite definitely the conditions in this upper zone or sub stratosphere and we Are Able for the first time to capitalize on the inherent flight advantages it offers additional Speed Comfort and this plane was the first of to to see air crash pm. 2. Col. 8 baffling physicians mexican woman at Ballinger gains 240 pounds since Christmas Scales 400 by Jack Nixon or. Ballinger March 18�?Maria Garcia 30 year old Ballinger mexican woman has the doctors baffled. Three months ago she was a Normal working mexican woman with no More worries than the Ordinary poor class of mexican labourers. Three months ago she was in perfect health and weighed 160 pounds which May be considered slightly heavy for a woman of her height about 5 feet and 3 inches but not particularly heavy for a mexican woman As it is typical of their race to grow heavier than other women. Today Maria is at least 240 pounds heavier than she was Christmas. She weighs approximately 400 pounds now and some doctors believe that she May possibly weigh More than that. It is practically impossible to weigh her As she is not Able to stand up. Her tremendous gain of weight approximately 20 pounds per week for 12 consecutive weeks is so unusual in medical history that local doctors Are delving into their medical books and endeavouring to find a solution to her Case. The weight gaining started in late december when Marias feet began to swell slightly and her legs became larger. The swelling gradually spread Over her entire body and now it is her Abdomen which shows the greatest difference to Normal size. Her appetite is not abnormal. She eats Only the usual amount of food which she has been accustomed to for several years. Although As a Rule she is in no particular pain she complains of slight pains occasionally. They Are usually of Short duration however. The mexican woman and her husband live in a one room Shack in the mexican Quarter of the City and their daughter a girl of about 13, Waits on them and Cooks for them. The red Cross and local Relief agencies have been providing food for the family for the past five weeks and giving them All the assistance possible. The Relief agencies were not called until recently As Marias husband. A. B. Garcia usually makes a meager living As a Day labourer. But five weeks ago a. B suffered a stroke of paralysis and since then has not been Able to move his left Arm or leg. He lies helpless in the bed and Maria sleeps on the dirt floor of the Shack. She is too Large to sleep in the bed and the chairs in the room Are too Small for her to sit in so she sits sleeps and practically lives on the floor that is covered with a few quilts and blankets. Some idea of Maria s size May be conveyed by the size of the dress she requires. The red Cross asked her if she needed clothes and she Only asked for sugar sacks with which to make a dress. It required to sacks. Too Pound size sugar sacks to make a dress Large enough for the woman. To Cope with Speed rivals deputies vote Baudier dictators Power new governor Stop and think items in a barbed statement the american state department denounced a Wanton lawlessness and the use of arbitrary Force among nations. Thou Shalt love the lord thy cod with All thy heart and with All thy soul and with All thy mind. 1 his is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it i Hon Shalt love thy neighbor As thyself. On these two commandments hang All the Law and the of Jesus. Seventy nine year old Lur in d. Dickinson above became governor of Michigan succeeding Frank d. Fitzgerald who died. Events to come in West Texas Loraine a election of trustees for the Loraine Independent school District set for april i. Santa Anna sex Ranger memorial banquet to be held april 4. Eastland a annual chamber of Commerce dinner set for tuesday night March 21. Odessa a Sand Hills Hereford show to be presented March 23-25. Albany a election will be held april i to decide on consolidation of the deep Creek school District and the Moran Independent school District. Midland a annual chamber of Commerce managers association directors meet March 20 to plan convention. Sweetwater a Nolan county boys 4-h and Fra Stock show Here March 21 and 22. Colorado a Southwest Rodeo association meets Here april 9. Connolly criticizes freight Rote setup Washington March 18.�?,�>>�? senator Connally a Tex protested today that the existing National freight rate system Quot artificially freezes Industry in favored areas of the United states. The Texas senator testified before a Senate interstate Commerce subcommittee in support of Bills by Southern senators calling for a revision and equalization of freight rates. Connally asserted his Home state and the entire Southwest Quot suffer More from inequalities and rate discrimination than any other Section of the United High Bondsmen Here april 6-8 for Region tilt two thousand or More High school Bondsmen will throng Abilene streets april 6-8. They will be Here to participate in Region 2 contests of the Texas music educators association which Are elimination events for a Tri state band meet Here april 25-29. Registration fees have been received by r. T. Bynum. Abilene High school band director and contest chairman from 40 bands and three High school orchestras. He said still More entries Are expected. Judges judges for the Region 2 contests will be Dean Shank of Mexia Ward Brandstetter of Palestine Lloyd Reitz of san Antonio and Ellis b. Hall of Amarillo. Several other judges for Solo events will be announced later. All events will be held in buildings on fair Park grounds except the marching contest to be staged the night of april 7 at the Hardin Simmons University stadium. In the stands for last year s Tri state marching event were 5,000 spectators. Region 2, embracing 58 counties is one of eight into which Texas is divided. All eight will stage contests similar to those scheduled in Abilene and first division winners of each will vie in the Tri state meet with other first division winners from Oklahoma and new Mexico. The latter event is a regional meet on a Par with others throughout the nation and is the final contest for High school musicians. First division winners Here hold equal rank with those Given the same award at other National contests. Bands which have filed entries o Daniel begs school bus safety on new London blast anniversary Henderson. March 18.�? apr gov. W. Lee o Daniel speaking As memorial services were held on the second anniversary of the new London school explosion told texans the loss suffered a May rekindle the spark of love and Devotion to our own hundreds of persons from the East Texas Oil Belt gathered today for the services at pleasant Hill cemetery where most of the 294 victims of the disaster were buried. Of Daniel spoke from Austin by Remote control on a program which was broadcast. Quot men men of Texas let do our part a the governor a a let a not Only make our school houses Safe but before its too late let s discard All of these old rattle trap school buses. Let s protect the lives of our Dearest possessions our Little school boys and the governor described How when news of the explosion in which students and teachers were killed became known a Texas sympathetic Texas spent the Day and night in front of their radios hoping that first reports were exaggerated. But learning As hour after hour ground on that the Stark facts grew Are class a san Angelo. Big Spring Breckenridge and Abilene. Class by Stamford. Ballinger Anson Cisco. Merkel. Vernon Stephenville Brownwood Brady Colorado Winters. Comanche Sweetwater. And Mineral Wells. Class cd Ozona Megargel Santa Anna Knox City Bronte Deleon Abilene Christian College Academy Strawn Coahoma. Class d it first year bands a Cross Plains Baird Haskell Stephenville a John Tarleton College girls band Eden Abilene High school girls band. Class e Junior High schools a Sweetwater san Angelo Abilene. Orchestras entered Are san Angelo. Breckenridge and Abilene. Elliott Roosevelt successor named Austin March 18�?-p a governor w. Lee o Daniel today accepted the resignation of Elliott Roosevelt son of the president As a director of Texas a. Amp m College and appointed h. L. Kokernot jr., of Jeff Davis county to the position. Read them 184 people took advantage of our 7 Day special on want ads in this Issue. Aside from these Many other new ads Are listed today. We Are continuing this special a few More Days. If you Haven t listed an and do so now if you have and need another phone 7271 12 words 7 Days 90c the Abilene reporter news classified department nazi propaganda tricks in third coup revealed Berun March 18 a up a Adolf hitlers third bloodless territorial acquisition in a year was built on a carefully planned and executed propaganda Campaign by nazi experts in Czechoslovakia. Spearhead of this High powered propaganda drive was Ernest Kundt czechoslovak Deputy who was trained in the Konrad Hen Lien school which successfully brought Czechoslovakia s sudeten regions into Germany last autumn. Kundt no cooperated fully with Honlein while heading the German delegation in the czechoslovak parliament was left inside Czechoslovakia to Lead the nazi Campaign after the Munich Accord sept 29. As undercover agent met in czech cities under Swastika banners the steam rolled movement gained momentum. Kundt received a a Large sum of Money to distribute among needy germans in Czechoslovakia. Jewish films were banned. Press censorship already rigid under the czechs became nazi like. Prague University was jews became a minority. On february 13 Kundt 42-year-old, Hitler mustachioed exponent of nazism said Quot the position of germans in Czechoslovakia is unbearable. Certain czech circles have Learned nothing from the events of 1938. German Dom in Czechoslovakia is the concern of the German then an internal fight within the czechoslovak state arose Between Prague and Joseph Tiso Premier of autonomous Slovakia. Tiso ousted even while Germany was declaring officially that she was a uninterested a nazi agents in Bratislava were bringing their activities to a finish. Tiso was displaced by Karl Sidor As Premier on accusations of encouraging separatist agitation. But Tiso remained the White Hope of the germans Ferdinand Durcansky ousted by Prague from a Cabinet Post along with Tiso. Was Given use of a Vienna nazi radio station to attack the Sidor government. Slovakia declared her Independence of Prague. Carpe Tho Ukraine. Third part of the Federal state tried to follow suit. At this propitious moment Kundt again stepped Forth borrowing a Page from the Story of sudetenland. First rumours then reports and finally Flat assertions accused the czechs of a a terrorism against germans. Casualties were said to be mounting and Hitler a protector of All germans a was a a forced to intervene. President Emil Hacha came to Berlin. The nazi fuehrer told him what to expect and the czech state ceased to exist the same morning. Nazis reject denunciations of czech coup by the associated press Berlin March 18�?tipi�?Germany tonight promptly rejected British and French denunciations of her Conquest o Czechoslovakia declaring they a lacked every political Legal and moral at the same time Chancellor Hitler called Home his ambassador to London. Herbert von Dirksen a to Russia sought in triple front Paris March 18�? apr the chamber of deputies voted Premier Daladier unprecedented dictatorial Powers tonight As informed quarters disclosed a Frenck British move to enlist soviet Russia s Aid in a triple front against German economic pressure on Rumania. The sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 321 to 264 in the chamber. Senate approval at tomorrows session was considered a foregone conclusion. In another move to put the nations defences Iii order the Premier called an emergency Cabinet session for tomorrow at which members of parliament a make a reciprocating a said he would ask approval of Garner writes on debt paying new York March 18.�?<>p a the new York times in a special dispatch from Washington says vice president Garner wrote a writ prevents tech election Groesbeck. March 18-dist. A a Edge Fountain Kirby granted a temporary injunction restraining the Board of trustees of �?�07 a today Hon taken by Britain yesterday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to London. France following Britain s Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home a to the government announced that its rejection of the Brt Tiah and French denunciations had been delivered to the British and French ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes charging that Germany a course in Czechoslovakia was illegal and a violation of the Munich agreement. These developments occurred As reports of consternation came from european states within Arm s reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watched the gathering Cloud of criticism imperturbable. Tonight the returning British envoy sir Nevile Henderson took a train to London. In London it was said von Dirk sen ambassador to Britain since last april i was expected to leave sunday while All Europe anxiously watched the lengthening Shadow of the Swastika Adolf Hitler Rode from Vienna amid tumultuous Quot heels a to a secret stopping p be on his Way to Berlin. He left to lieutenants the task of imposing the nazi will on Bohemia Moravia and ironing out relations with Slovakia Germany a new protectorates. The fuehrer was expected Texas Clergyman be Gerdav that he straining la Board of trustees of i fuehrer was expected to believed Quot an obligation assumed is sex a theological College fro make a triumphal entry into Berlin believed a an obligation assumed is to be met a whether owed by an individual organization or nation. The vice president the times said had modified a six year old Rule against expressing himself on Public questions to give his views on debts to the Rev. Paul a Martin pastor of a Wichita palls tex., Church in connection with the liquidation of the indebtedness on a new Church building. A if we look to Good Faith in the individual then to an equal or greater extent should we be Able to expect Good Faith and Honor in a group of those individuals whether they be joined by economic social or spiritual Bonds a the newspaper quoted Garner As writing. A was the aggregate of character of the citizens of a nation determines the National character of that nation so v 4 a meeting to elect or attempting to at 7 30 p m. 12 30 p. In. Abilene elect Clifford b. Jones president of time sunday the College. He named Baron Konstantin von i Neurath former German foreign the order was obtained by George w. Winningham Farmer who resides East of Mexia and named l. L. Steele of Mexia and other tech Board members. Atty. Gen. Gerald Mann in a a Ulm requested by Steele declared Jones recent election to the presidency of tech was not constitutional because Jones technically was a member of the Board at the time he was chosen. Winninghamm a petition for the order set Forth that Mann had ruled Jones appointment was illegal and the Board of trustees had Given notice they would meet at Houston March 20 and would reelect Jones at that time. A emr. Winningham As a taxpayer minister and president of the secret Cabinet Council As re chs protector of Bohemia Moravia. Von Neurath responsible Only to the fuehrer will have supreme Power Over 7.000,000 czechs who have become German subjects. Collegians choose representative pair decrees calling to the Colon specialists from a number of military service classes. Carol willing French sources said meanwhile that King Carol of Rumania had advised Britain and France of his willingness to resist Adolph hitlers eastward drive if they could provide markets for rumanian exports of which Germany now is the greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was said to have asked Paris and London for a reply within 48 hours on what support they could give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the two governments these sources said asked Moscow if the soviet Union would join them in buying from Rumania to Block Hitler foreign minister Georges Bonnet conferred in Quick succession with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatar Sci British ambassador sir Eric Phipps and Jacob suits soviet ambassador. By the terms of the decree Bill Daladier could dissolve political parties ban Public meetings and newspapers prolong parliaments life or dissolve it or virtually put France in a state of mobilization without obtaining parliamentary approval. Daladier refused to give the chamber any definite information on what he proposed to do with the decree Powers. He said they were military measures and could not be debated openly. Edouard Daladier to Rule As dictator raise Tariff on Reich products the weather does the collective character of the alleges that the appointment individuals composing a group de Termine the character of that Garner has maintained privately. Jones and payment of his salary would be a misappropriation of funds of the taxpayers because Jones appointment would be in i endowed with the titles of Joe College and Jane coed Avery Lee and Ona Faye Tittle of Hardin Simmons University were selected last night As the All collegiate couple of Abilene. Presentation of the Honor came of As the concluding feature of a pen Abilene e him Vicinity partly Cloudy a Lichi Wormer Munday. Weot Texas fair. Warmer in Nouth portion Tui Nlay monday fair cooler in the Panhandle. Kast Texas Lair Munday and monday. Mild temperature. Oklahoma i air Munday and monday cooler in went and North portion monday. Tom per Ati has the times adds that the Federal ovation of the decision rendered in government s debt a will never be paid if recurring deficits Are allowed to build it higher and higher a the Case by attorney general his lawyer l. W. Sheppard stated. By carnival sponsored by the Junior class of Mcmurry College in the school gymnasium. A nearly 200 College students attended the Penny carnival. They enjoyed games and Side show attraction. All with an admission of one cent. A. M. A. Is. Al. Is. I. 4341id. 43to. A4 Midnight Niche and hoi r a i i3 4aa. R a9la to. Ii. So. Ooh Lomot temperature is to p. In. Yenta Day 13 and 48 a ame Date a year Ace 84 and a a unset yesterday a 48 Sunrise today 8 44 Sunset today lao beginning Morch 27, ending april 20�? reporter news contest to name personality child who will be the personality child of 1939? that is the title that will go to the baby boy or girl who is awarded first place in this years baby contest sponsored by the Abilene reporter news and Thurman s studio. The picture of the personality child will adorn the front Page of the baby Section which the reporter news will publish sunday april 30. Selection will be made from photographs by a committee of judges. Other honors will also be bestowed in the 1939 contest to the following age groups and also in special groups As follows babies under one year first second and third places. Children one and two years of age first second and third places five honorable mentions. Children three four and Floe years of age first second and third Pisces five honorable mentions. The cutest set of twins five honorable mentions. The child who comes the greatest distance to enter the contest. The titties boy with the most freckles. The cutest Little red headed girl All parents ire invited to enter their children those children under six years of age. The picture of every child entered will appear to the baby edition. April 30. Entries win be received beginning monday morning. March 27. All entries must be made at Thurman a 1124 North second Street none will be received at the reporter new. All pictures will be made at Thurman a and no pictures May be entered except those. Requirement for entering is an entry fee of $1. Which will be the Only expense required of any entrant this will entitle each child to have his or her picture made to have it printed in the reporter news and to receive one portrait for its own. Last Day for entering the contest will be thursday april 29. The hours during which pictures will be made Are 8 a. In. See contest of. 2, col. I Washington. March 18.�?u a on the heels of the state Depar ment s strongly worded Denuncio lion of Germany s absorption it i Czechoslovakia the Treasury o j dered an extra 25 per cent Tari today on Many products that to Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it was Tai in with the state department knowledge but refused commie when asked if it was related Germany s seizure of the czech Republic. A the action a he said a Speaks flt i 1 there seemed Little doubt Hov Ever that this economic blow i i Germany could be interpret other than As a forceful exp Essic of this country s displeasure i i what Sumner Welles acting seen Ary of state called yesterday to Wanton lawlessness of the occupy i Tion of Czechoslovakia. It recalled too that president Roosevelt said in his message to Congress last january there were Means a Short of War but stronger and More effective than Mere words of Bridif Home to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own the Treasury ordered the extra Tariff by imposing what Are know As Quot countervailing duties a effects 4pril 23. The tar if act of 1930 provide that such duties shall be levied i addition to regular tariffs a on an foreign products subsidized in mar facture or Export by the govern ment of the country of origin no recognition in View of Welles expression be terday., diplomats Here were con Vinced this country would not recognize the nazi absorption c Czechoslovakia. The administration also authoritative sources said will give com Olete moral backing to the fight b Vladimir s. Husband the cacti minister to prevent his dismembered country a legation Here fron falling Toto German hand. West Texas newspaper Wirt Abilene reporter a without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it . Vol. Lvi to. 389. Zug Mottl Fth at Abilene Texas sunday morning March 19, 1939�?thirty-six pages in three sections e i ilk m?1 a. A a Quot Ync i a a i am Muin Pica api Price five cents

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