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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 5

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Abilene, Texas 4m in 11 i j 11 Ess 4 n ii. I a. Is amp it thwarted Streaker policemen escort a Man wearing a big Nixon mask to a waiting car outside i s. District oui in Washington saturday. Police wrapped a coat around the Man Atter lie lowered his pants in a streaking attempt outside the court where seven former presidential Anil Campaign aides pleaded innocent in tin watergate cover up. A wire photo doubt lingers if convention can finish in 90-Day period by i ski Luv of Porter news Austin Astin two months Haw now passed in the n a liminal convention and Hopes of completing work on .1 new Constitution in 9 1 Daw seem dim indeed. The Constitution to Convell Tim is consumption 01 u Days of session time on the Educa finn article was surprising is Penally in View of the fact that the article which emerged was fairly close to what the present Constitution says about education. Tiik major it Ham ii. Mid one which property taxpayers will like a lot is an he Ort to Complete the abandonment of tin state property tax ii the voters approve the present 10-tent per Hoo state tax which finances Collen buildings will to phased out general slate revenues will pro \ ult even More mile. R build jugs for the 22 colleges outside the University of Texas arid Texas Aam systems which now Benefit i rom the state wide propel to lax hut the 13 half Days of convention debate on the education article showed real differ Austin notebook ewes look i ii Back Iii retrospect it is almost hard to believe How Many lie Nee and heated words Wert spoken As they made a Complete Circle Anil came Back to a Point pretty close to where we already Are. A ii no 1 .1 <1 Leal change a rep. Dan Kubiak of Rockdale education committee chairman agreed. A ii does give the legislature a Lear mandate to provide Good education for la Texas children. It does Weed out a lot of the trash and cuts tin word age from 1 Ihm t it words hut it will be. As it ways has been up to the hayride the the stated Money goals the mint has Tate to i til to meet in Woi people would not sup an education article which makes Radical change. I believe they will supped this one a Al Blak. But others who spoke tor the Din Ilion arte Ford would Trail Kennedy in Texas by Joe Belden Din Dor. Lite Texas poll vice president Gerald fwd. The republicans most Likely candidate for . Today would have a difficult time winning Texas against sen Edward Kennedy As the democratic contender. But Ford would do better against sen Henry Jackson Nethol Pom Hie candidate the Lexa poll indicates. Former new York gov Nelson Rockefeller who has unsuccessful sought the hop nomination before a a weaker candidate than Ford in this state when measured against Kennedy. To gauge the relative strengths of major aspirants to the presidency in 1976. The Texas poll has queried a Cross Section of 501 adults in a series of trial heats. A significant result is that none of the four personalities included in the Survey can Muster a majority at this time. Ted Kenneth. The strongest received a 41 0-35 per cent vote against Ford and a 44to-2 per cent vote against Rockefeller. Here Arl the que stems asked by the Interne vets followed by the replies a is u p p 0 s e tin democrats nominate Edward Texas poll and the republicans nominate Gerald Ford. Which one would you favor at this time a Kenned. La Ford .35 neither .15 i decided. 9 Quot Between Henry Jackson As the Democrat and Gerald Ford As the Republican which one would you favor tor president a Ford 1> Jackson �.29 neither. 15 undecided. 21 a now Between Edward Kennedy As the Democrat and Nelson Rockefeller As the re publican a Kennedy .44 Rockefeller .24 neither .21 undecided la apparently despite the damage watergate May have Dom to the Republican party the Survey shows the great majority of self styled republicans would still vote for the gof candidate. Even among independents the usual tendency to vote Republican continues to exist though not As marked As among avowed republicans. Would have Beer he had written r Cie said it different if All alone. A bul democratic Compro Misc is always necessary t achieve a decision Quot he said i believe this is a Good com the final Vole on secant Reading was 9871, indicating that tempers of Many had nol cooled and that a Large no Holly Felt it was not an a copyable Compromise. A equal educational oppor Tummy was responsible for much of that opposition. Black members like rep. G. J Sutton of san Antonio Felt it did not go far enough. Conservatives like rep. Billy Wil Rumson of Tyler Felt it went too far. A some of them thought that would be interpreted by tin courts to a that each child must have the same number of Square Het in a school k lib Ink said. Quot i had that language checked out by some of the Best constitutional lawyers in Texas including Charles Vian Wright the Republican and they Felt it was tin right language to use. I believe it in a commitment to do the Best we can for All out children and i believe the people of Texas want others voted Quot no Quot because they wanted to break up the i diversity of Texas Penna nent fund which yields Revenue Only to the University of i e x a s and Texas aim systems. Others were opposed to the fund created in the document for the other 22 state universities. Some did not like tin idea of taking away from the legislature the right to abolish the state Board of education. If it should choose. Bei Wien i hem these issues built up the 71 a no votes. W Hether i Fiat will i converted into a defeat by the voters for the full document i1-a question yet to to resolved but this three weeks of de Bate demonstrated How seriously the he delegates take the Basic issues of state poll by and it would indicate that the Many other issues yet it be resolved will take far More debate than originally Hue been planned. Convention president Price Daniel or. Decided at the enc of debate on the education Ai tide that perhaps he had beet a Little too democratic. He announced that rules will by very strictly enforced in Thi future to prevent the time wasting procedures which extended the debate on the first article so Long. But if the others take a Long As the first perhaps gov Dolph Briscoe might have 1 Campaign platform Plank to bring the boys Home Iron the constitutional it invention by Christmas. By Harry k. Rosenthal associated press writer w Ashington a Pih r. Haldeman. John d. Ehr Lichman and John n. Mitchell once president Nixon a chief aides and confidants stood before a Federal judge saturday and pleaded innocent to charges they conspired to cover up the watergate affair. They entered their innocent pleas in a closely guarded courtroom along with Charles w. Colson. Robert c. Mardian. Kenneth w. Parkinson and cordon Stratham All former White House or Nixon reelection committee employees. Ehrlichman and Colson also pleaded innocent to charges levelled by another grand jury a that they violated the rights of a California psychiatrist by sending burglars into his office. The proceeding before chief . District judge John j. Silica lasted Only six minutes. A was i Call your name please state to the court How you plead to the charges a said the clerk. James capita Aas the seven men and their lawyers stood before the Bench. Mitchell charged with six felony counts in the indictment. Was first in the unprecedented Rol Call. A not guilty to All counts a said the former attorney general Here from new York where he is on trial with former Secretary of Commerce Maurice la stuns on allegations that he trailed a favor for a Campaign contribution. Then Haldeman. A not guilty on All t ii e n Ehrlichman. A not guilty on All then Colson Mardian. Parkinson and Strachan. A not even in their arraignment the men were Given vip status. None had to fill out the customary probation forms or undergo fingerprinting a the usual procedure. None had to kit St Bond to remain free. Their trial is scheduled for sept. 9. Six months to the Day. Sirica will preside. If there was Strain in the reunion of one time associates a in the same courtroom where the watergate burglars stood trial 14 months ago a it did t show. Mitchell Shook hands with special watergate prosecutor i on Jaworski under whose leadership the charges were brought. A John How Are Good in see you again. Jaworski said. A Are you in Good health a Mitchell asked fairly Well a said the prosecutor and moved off. As the others arrived they Shook hands All around and stood in clusters talking. The even men were represented i la lawyers at the proceeding. Police and marshals were eve cry w Here identifications were checked to gain Entrance into the courthouse. Everyone had to sign in but lawyers performed the chore for the defendants. A Metal Detector scanned everyone for weapons before entry into the courtroom. Outside the courthouse on a gloomy Damp Day. A crowd of he spectators jeered As the most easily recognized defendants pushed through. Quot Meg Heil a some shouted at Haldeman and Ehrlichman. How does it feel a someone shouted at Mitchell who had made no secret of his Toufi Law and order stance As attorney general. One Young Man wearing a Nixon mask dropped his pants but police were in no mood for streaking. They surrounded him and hustled him off. The watergate indictment charges All seven men with conspiracy to obstruct Justice by attempting to thwart the investigation into the watergate burglary and wiretapping a by deceit Craft trickery and dishonest the conspiracy indictment listing 45 overt acts. Alleges a train of lies. Use of influence to throw investigators off the track and payment of hush Money to the men who plotted and carried out the entry into democratic party Headquarters on june it 7972. Each count in the indictment returned March i carries a maximum sentence of live years in prison. Mitchell was charged in five additional counts obstruction of Justice two counts of lying to a grand jury one count of perjury and one of lying to Fri agents. The to Al maximum sentence on All counts is 38 years. Haldeman and Erlichman who were Nixon s chief of staff and Domestic adviser each Are charged with one count of obstruction of Justice and three counts of lying. Maximum s c ii t e my e is 25 years. Polson formerly a while House special counsel faces a maximum of to years in prison Parkinson lawyer for the reelection committee to years and Stra Ehas formerly in the Nixon-mitche1�?T Law firm and later Haldeman a personal assistant 5 years. Silica took the pleas from Ehrlichman and Colson in the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrists office As a matter of accommodation. The other four men named in that indictment will be arraigned thursday before . District judge Gerhard a. Seseu. Ehrlichman is charged in tho Ellsberg Case with one count of conspiracy to violate the rights of the Chi artist or. Lewis Fielding one count of lying to the Fri and three counts of lying to the grand jury. Those charges carry a maximum 30 years in prison. Colson is charged in the Ellsberg ease with one conspiracy count to years. Ehrlichman who has gained weight since his Senate committee appearance and Haldeman. His former Brush Cut now fully grown out. Joked with the sketch artists in the courtroom. A that s awful that a horrible Ehrlichman told one artist. He asked about drawing methods saving a live been doing a Little sketching at but to newsmen Fie said a i Don t have anything to say Ai this Haldeman. Too. Said. A i m not going to answer questions at this Mitchell ran the Gauntlet of spectators and newsmen outside both coming and going. Haldeman Colson. Ehrlichman and Strachan avoided the crowd by leaving Tough the basement. Status of Bills Washington a the Italo of Maori legislation in Congress budget control by Cong res passed House in Senate committee election comp in Reform passed sen a e in House committee elementary and secondary education Art Extension a Otma House act in n Senate committee Energy emergency i Eli lotion passed Congress vetoed. Senate tailed to Ovet ride Energy a it Quot Dall profits to in Houe committee. Impeachment inquiry in House commit to it re Legal services corporation passed mouse end Senate awaiting Cor prom be. A Inmom wage increase passed be ate m House committee n e w s in e n % sources Protection in House and Senate committee no fault insurance a in House and set a a committees. Pension plans regulations Passee or ate and mouse awaiting Romp miso tax Law revision in House committee Trade negotiation a Hority passed House. In Senate committee. Rail commissioner chooses manager aus i in. Lex. 1 a Railroad commissioner Mack w Allace named Barbara Boykin of Austin saturday As his state Campaign manager mrs. Boykin practice Law and served As assistant county attorney in Midland before moving Here with her huge band. Cue Bov Kin. Chairman of the Texas Industrial Accident Board Wallace was appointed commission member last year and is running for the rest of a term expiring in 1979. John Mitchel was attorney general ii r. Haldeman. Sex chief of staff John former adviser Harles Olson. Was special counsel Kenneth in Arkinson. Committee lawyer Gordon Strachan. Sex Hald Etnan aide Little known Vesco likes to be known As generous by Arthur Everett associated press Riu it a new York a he is the Man most talked about at the criminal conspiracy trial of former atty. Gen. John Mitchell and one time Commerce secret Ary Maurice stans. His name figures in almost every sentence of testimony. Yet he Isnit even there and few in the courtroom have Ever seen him. He is financier Robert l. Vesco. A fugitive in latin America and the Bahamas since his troubles with the securities and Exchange commission made him a Pivotal figure in the Case. A Wheeler dealer in the mod style Vesco built a global financial Empire Worth billions before he reached the age of 35. It was structured around his flagship company International controls corp. Of Fairfield no it was the 38-year-old ves cons secret $200,000 contribution to president Nixon a reelection Campaign in 1972 that involved him with Mitchell and stans on charges of conspiracy and obstruction of Justice. It was the largest Cash contribution of the Campaign a emr. Vesco is a Man who likes to be identified As a generous giver is the Way key government w lint s s Harry Sears once put it. However the government claims mole than generosity was involved that in return for yes cos contribution Mitchell and stars impeded in Sec fraud investigation of the financiers corporate activities a there was an agreement Between Mitchell stans Vesco Harry Sears and certain others to sell political influence for $200,000 in the government charged in its opening trial statement a it s cheaper than paying a lawyer a Vesco was quoted in trial testimony As saying when a business associate remarked about Thi size of the donation in the european circles Iii which he moved Vesco had .1 reputation As the biggest spender of them All. I used to live it up like no one else i have Ever one acquaintance claimed. Sears said Vesco contributed $100,000 to Nixon a 1968 Campaign and proposed to double that figure in 1972 Quot because he was a helluva lot Richer in 1972 than in 1968.&Quot s e a r s said Vesco once pressed a $10,000 Check on him As a Reward for a favor with the remark a i May seem like a lot of Money to you trill its Small change to when business took Vesco to Europe it was not uncommon for him to Fly Back weekends to watch his sons play Little league baseball. He spent More than $60,000 on his company s 707 jetliner providing it with a Sauna Bath a discotheque. .1 spacious kit Hen and other airborne amenities Sears former Republican majority Leader of the new Jersey Striate went to work for Vesco at the end of 1971 As a $60,000 a year Legal aide. Iles he it four Days on the stand before the trial recessed for the weekend and is due Bac k As a witness on monday. A Grant of total immunity from prosecution induced seals in testify against stans and Mitchell although lie claimed Mitchell was still a Friend the immunity negated Sears indictment with the other three. Mrs. Inez Trammell office a Macer mrs. If in Wnm hat Bam Arith Minim to fun my his 22 run of Aat Emetile office 6 at Cataline Sipari Ama. Has Saar Verisa Aari of in asset to a ump Cost Mars. Tau it impatient Taai phone 69? 1200 South 14th amp Winters freeway Zales jeweler our people make i s number Hie a hawaiian hospitality a Holiday one and two week Tours Waikiki Honolulu amp Oahu 329. From Only Ului a v o to id be Xii featuring famous hotels tour features a a to p i j Lefoi n Dalia 36 departures a 74 via Sramo International 747 or pcs to Del a j a int to j a f r a Flo 1 # greeting r a Honolulu b Alt tron sters out in. Air soft a Titi orals b get of quoted Nee a g and Continental breakfast b porterage at Airport and Sot. Honolulu tor two pies is of cd Gage per person b City Punchbowl tour b complimentary Beach bog b six nights hotel Occo Moda on in a Kik. B Sno a Trade Vena escort o final w Rity charge Fop colourful by churl write or Cahay travel service inc. Ait univ a steamships a Tours a a Ive 1726 North third a Abilene to Salt it 79, a 6 8 46 l7qwntown showcase Square 673 4957 fiver Oaks Village 673 8211 american express in plead innocent watergate t the Abilene reporter new s Abilene Texas. Sunday morning March to 1971

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