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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 4

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Abilene, Texas Reporter a a a it jts the Abilene reporter news Abilene. Texas sunday morning March to 1974 4-a it is required in St nerds that a Man he found faithful. I corinthians 4 2 prayer creator of All the Earth Grant ii such a reverence Lur file As will save us from Quot infill exploitation of thy gilts for our selfish ends. May we seek first thy kingdom and thy righteousness that one Day Vwe Max hear thee sax a Well done Good and faithful sen ant a a amen. Early warnings numerous but unheeded on Oil crisis the debate is largely Academie now but it needs to be documented once and for All that the Energy crisis did no to just burst one dark october morning. Ital her it was Long a building. And the warnings were numerous but unheeded. We cite three sources for this essay. A the a log. House Organ of the associated press recalls two major news reporting efforts that forewarned what was coming. These were not the Only ones but they serve to make the Point. One a series was for evening papers of dec. 7-10, 1970 the other was for morning papers March 0-9, 1973. The 1970 series began a Tihe United states is heading into a Long cold Winter on the Brink of an Energy crisis that could Force Industry shutdowns balloon already inflated fuel and Utility prices and Spur widespread rationing of Oil. Gas. Coal and electricity. Looking backward so years of taken from the Abilene it Porter news March 10-16, 1944 president Roosevelt put increased pressure on finnish officials to withdraw from her partnership with nazi Germany. The Roosevelt statement was issued while russian finnish negotiations were still hanging fire. Covered by thundering artillery fire fifth army infantry and tank units plunged into the ghost City of Cassino Italy but the Advance was impeded by pockets of German resistance and the massive ruins left by a record Aerial bombardment. Plans for an Industrial Survey to deter mine postwar employment opportunities for returning servicemen were announced by a Lack Simmons acting manager of the Abilene chamber of Commerce. A committee of 15 was named to conduct the study. Massed japanese assaults on the american beachhead on Bougainville in the Solomons were thrown Back with hundreds of japanese dead left on the barbed wire entanglements in front of the defending americans. The birth of quintuplets to the wife of an Argenta rancher some eight months ago was announced during the week. The birth of the diligent quilts was kept secret to avoid Public excitement such As attended the birth of the Dionne quintuplets in Canada. The three girls and two boys were described As in excellent health by their father. American flying fortresses blasted mysterious military installations in Northern France following by a Lew hours tho rafts night raiding Mosquito bombers which his targets in Western Germany. The increase of German forces in Yugoslavia to a new Peak of strength was reported in delayed dispatcher. The report came on tho heels of a Berlin statement that Allied commandos had landed on the Adriatic Island of Lissa and that other raids along the Dalmatian coast might be expected. A and barring a minor Miracle the situation next year w ill be even this same series quoted one High . Official a a we be Given up hoping we can prevent a crisis. Now we just Hope we can Stop a crisis from becoming a a in the Wall Street journal last wednesday Vermont Royster in his column cited a headline Over a major Story in his paper on june 2. 1970 a Power crisis. Shortage of Energy threatens Industry. Gas Coal. Oil All Ile cites numerous examples of a few years ago proving that a few National problems have come to us As Well advertised As this one or with As Clear portents of its Ile reminds that a prophets of ill tidings. Can speak but nobody a Roscoe Drummond writing on this newspapers editorial Page last monday morning cites different particulars and was stressing a different conclusion but he reiterates too. That the crisis was Long in coming. A a. It had been developing not just Over a period of Many months but Many years and. While some with foresight were warning about what was ahead nobody did anything about it a he wrote. Hie Arab Oil embargo he continued a Only seeded the oncoming crisis it did t create it. For at least a decade our use of Oil was steadily exceeding Supply and this too was evident to those who were willing to look at the facts. Some looked and none Drummonds Point was that the present emergency a reveals a historic and abiding shortcoming of our government namely that it is competent at managing crises incompetent at anticipating he is eminently Correct. Rut in the present crisis there is not abounding evidence either in the White House or Congress less in the Latten that this tune we can indeed manage our problems. Not so lowly Beans not the Pinto bean too yes say the experts on shortage matters. The Southwest favorite member of the bean family now is in Short Supply and prices have jumped Over 2k times in the past year. H it s any Consolation to Pinto lovers there Are real reasons for the Short Supply and High prices. The 1973 crop was Down by 90 million pounds from 1972 exports jumped during he last half of 19<3 and tile demand increased As housewives turned to pintos As a meat substitute. Pintos Arentt the Only Beans in grocery stores showing much higher prices. Limas. Baby Limas Small White and kidneys All have approximately doubled in Price during the past 12 months. If the bean Supply skins much More. Or prices jump even higher housewives Max find themselves in the reverse predicament of substituting meat for Beans or facing up to the fact that Thev have run out of substitutes. To was it that referred to the bean As lowly i those Little �?Tcrimes7 s a a i a a ,. I. 111 a i i i j i i j i a a a a a A a a jul a a a. A. A j Al a j a. Tutu juju i a a a a a. Of a. By Art Buchwald Washington a we have been warned by everyone that All the people indicted in the watergate affair must be presumed jailor nit until proved guilty and we concur. Rut there Are crimes they have committed for which Thev must be presumed guilty until proved innocent. Here is a Short list purchasing cheap recording equipment tor Hie president this no Only has caused or. Nixon embarrassment but could be responsible for his downfall. By trying in save a few Bucks on tape machines the former aides to the president must take the blame not univ for tapes that do not exist but also for the erased ones that do. Sloppy filing methods a no administration has had such Messy files since Ulysses a a Grant. Every time the special prosecutor or the House judiciary committee lawyers ask for a relevant paper no one seems to know where it is. This is even More tragic when y of consider that even one around the president looked so neat and clean you just assumed they would keep neat tiles bad bookkeeping before the watergate scandal everyone assumed that president Nixon was surrounded by bookkeepers. It now Tunis oui that no one had any expel erne in finance and Large sums of Money kept getting lost and being put in the wrong ledgers probably the biggest problem was thai everyone was dealing in Cash which is harder to keep track of than checks. Keeping secrets this is one of the most serious charges. As far As we know everyone kept secrets from everybody else in the White House. No one knew what the other person was doing. P r e s i d e n t Nixon if we Are to believe him. Knew nothing Iii All. By keeping secrets from each other it is impossible for the stall to it my k to the same Story when watergate was uncovered. Having a false sense of Security about the by and he it a a one of Hie Many crimes sex officials Are guilty of is believing that the Fri and Cia would follow orders of the White House without questioning them. This false Faith in these two institutions might have been the beginning of their undoing. The tragedy of watergate is that the my and a would not in counted in to cover up goofs in the administration. Belief Iii the mandate this is not a felony but a Misdemeanour. Everyone Mound the president believed the election results in 1972 would guarantee that no one would be interested in How he won his mandate. Had Nixon aides not been interested in winning a mandate there might never have been a watergate. Overachieving Al fund raising the Success of the Nixon fund raising drive was one Quot i the main reasons everything went wrong had the committee for the re election of the president been Short of Money it never would have Iliad tile finances to get them in so much trouble. When you re broke you have no Choice but to put funds into billboards and to commercials. When you re flush you have a tendency to hire spies and private detectives to do dirty work for you. Playing Tennis with each other a the Nixon people Only played Tennis with each Oiler which kept them from knowing what the rest of the country was thinking. Had they 1� t outsiders into their game might have realized that what they plotting fur the president was wrong. Wearing Hie american mag pin in lapels a it is no crime to Wear an american Flag in your Lapel. But it is a crime to believe that by wearing one everything that you jell a grand jury automatically will be believed. Copyright 1974. Los Angeles times i they were their joint Man Euver by Leslie Carpenter Washington it s almost too much to believe a but either the National Headquarters of the Republican or democratic parties has a red hot spy operation going on right now a today. Texans Are National chairmen of both parties George Bush of Houston top Man for the Goh and Robert Strauss of Dallas chief of democrats. Neither Bush nor Strauss will disclose which of them has an espionage network that has just produced a prize the two of them Are sharing with Delight. Here a the Story the Washington chapter of circus saints and sinners is an organization of fun Loving High income local businessmen who have two luncheons yearly each a Honor Inge some National celebrity. It is a Peculiar the prominent person usually a big shot politician but sometimes a movie Star or such is ridiculed outrageously with a Long series of what used to be known in burlesque As a blackout the Point of skits is often obscene. In an unusual Tavvo celeb ties at Onee luncheon both Bush and Strauss Are to be jointly a Honoreda by the saints and sinners Here later this months. Britain faces National bankruptcy by John p. Roche the political shambles that emerged trom the British general election has undoubtedly added to Britain a problems. There has been for example a fearful run on the Pound indicating that liquid capital is being shifted to safer currencies such As the Swiss. However the real Dit i culty for Britain lies in the somber fact that even if the tories had come out with a decisive majority or if labor had done so very Little could be changed. Britain i it in the position of an individual who has been living Well above his Means and suddenly finds himself flooded with creditor s demands for payment. An individual caught in this unenviable position can go to court and get himself declared bankrupt. But when can a nation go paradoxically Given the alleged a special relationship Between tho British and us. The United states must stand at the bar of history As a major contributor to Britain s decline. The first body blow we delivered to the British Economy was. In the period before we were dragged into world War ii the insistence of Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau that we would not finance any British War needs until they had expended their own resources. Before the War British overseas investment was an enormous economic asset but All these income producers for example most latin american railroads had to lie disposed of in what amounted to a fire Sale. The policy was outrageous but it seemed to mesh with president Roosevelt s suspicion of British colonialism. In any event our ally emerged from the War stripped of overseas capital and deeply in debt to various nations of the Commonwealth. As if this Wasny to bad enough. President Harry Truman very Early in his tenure abruptly turned off the lend lease Lap. The rationale for this decision which Truman lived to regret was that Victory Over the nazis eliminated the justification of lend lease. The original decision stopped even items in the pipeline a that is. Ships at sea with lend lease goods were ordered to return a but enough Good sense prevailed in Washington to permit delivery of those materials. Great Britain emerged from world War ii victorious but on the abyss of economic collapse. Fortunately at this Point we moved sanely first with a loan and then with Marshall plan Aid. While this helped the British make a substantial economic recovery in Short run terms. It did nothing to restore great Britain a traditional role in the world Economy. For example. If the British had. Say $40 billion Worth of income producing capital invested in South America or Africa there would be a steady injection of funds and raw materials into the Island Economy As it was Britain was confronted with aut Archy Hie need to be economically self sustaining. Some saw membership in the common Market As a remedy and perhaps if France had not vetoed London a application in 1961 something might have been accomplished. By the time Britain got in a last year a the common Market ironically was coming apart at the seams. What can a free nation do when it confronts collective bankruptcy this is the real hurdle that no British politician wants to leap because the answer is probably a prescription for political suicide. In essence he has to Tell the population that their Standard of living must go Down that there is no alternative to tightening belts working harder owning less appliances and a in symbolic terms a moving out of a House and into a Flat. As things stand the labor party will go half Way with this by stiff regulation of prices rents and tax Dodges a but wage regulation is out. The tories also go half Way they want deflation and wage regulation. But who has the nerve a or the heart a to Tell the British people who have Only recently emerged into relative affluence that the part is Over a it is a Baleful assignment and frankly i am suffused with shame when i think of the extent to which american policy must ultimately be blamed tor Britain a plight. A i distributed by King features Syndicate an expensive test car pooling by computer by Larry Lawrence reporter new s staff writer the state of Texas through its Highway commission is willing to spend $2-10.000 of taxpayers Money for a computerized car pooling project in the dal Las fort Worth area if the Federal government will kick in with an equal amount of Coin of the realm. Basically the Pun would set up car pools among City employees of the two cities through the use of computers to match Drivers and riders by origin destination and work hours. It would provide a test to Sec if such an arrangement would work on a larger scale according to commission statements. There is some Merit to the idea of car pooling in the current fuel situation. But the Pitfalls Are Many even among individuals working for the same organization and one Doest need a computer to discover them. Anyone old enough to have shared in a car Pool during the fuel Short Days of world War ii can enumerate Rome of the problems. Most riders probably experienced at least one time that sinking feeling when the 1 a. A to Quot i a i off Mill Hill a 1974 by Nea inc Quot i am thrilled and proud to announce that we now have a full tank of gasoline Quot Days designated Driver failed to show up for one reason or another. So there you stood already late for the office or military base desperately trying to Stop a taxi or a bus a both of which also were in Short Supply. Riding in a car Pool is a lot different than using Public transportation it s much More intimate and requires a congenial group of participants. A computer might run into a major problem in try ing to organize pools by personalities. Carpool riders become quite close. If one commutes considerable distance he or she May spend More waking hours with fellow riders than with family or friends. It does no to take much imagination to visualize the multitude of problems the computer must solve. Certainly the smokers and non smokers a going to have to be segregated each into their own groups. And will the car pools be further divided by sex or will the computer offer coeducational pools or both for the Long distance commuters will the computer be Able to put four Bridge Pla irs in a car Pool so the Dummy can do the driving one does no to have to be Antiwar pooling to recognize that timely quotes a for Russia this is the Book of the Century. It is conversation history memories. I read ii in 28 hours nonstop. I did t know if it was night or soviet expatriate author Anatoly Kuznetsov on a Book a the gulag archipelago a a an account of soviet prison Camps during the Stalin Era a but there Are people a and there Are Many of them particularly of the younger More in a hurry revolutionary marxists a who think the time of revolution Lias arrived and this is one of the acts of revolution in their Hep. Richard h. Ichord d-mo., chairman of the House internal Security committee predicting an increase Iii political terrorism such As the Patricia Hearst kidnapping. There can be Many a slip twixt the computer and the Pool. Considering the propensity of computers to miscue in handling simple matters such As sending the right Bills in the proper amount to the Correct addressee it would be fool Hardy to forecast what the first computerized Texas car Pool printouts Are going to suggest As carpool companions. Assuming that the use of car pools actually Are a necessary Means of saving fuel. A half million Bucks still sounds like a Bunch of Money to spend just to set up the system in a couple of Texas cities of you multiply that by ail of the cities in the country which might desire to implement such a system the total Cost might assume the proportions of India s National debt or the Gross National product of Mexico. There must be better ways to go about solving problems created by the fuel shortage. Car pooling at Best would be a Stopgap measure and considering the migratory habits of americans today it would take a computer going round the clock to keep pools full and of it rating. Of government a Federal state or local a wants to get people out of their automobiles reliable up to Date and efficient alternatives must be offered. And this Doest mean a mass transit system which stops ten blocks from the Home of hip user. America is no longer a nation of walkers. The half million Dollar test in Dallas and fort Worth if it comes off probably will show that less than a Quarter of the employees involved would participate in car pools. Dallas has estimated a per cent of its employees would take part the percentage Well might drop after a few months of frustration on i he part of riders. Why not a simple card system sans computer of people wanting to share rides the Pentagon with All its computer capacity has used such a card system for years to help move its 2.1,000 employees. And it works i e d i t o r a note Lawrence prior to coming to Abilene was on Active military duty assigned to the Pentagon for 2a years hence his reference to that ear sharing system somehow either Bush or Strauss has managed to get a copy of the script for All the blackout skits in Advance. Neither will confess responsibility. Anyway the two of them Are sharing it a and preparing their responses to fit what is said in the skits. The toppers of the Republican and democratic parties Are in fact working together on what each will say. Once the luncheon is held the audience is in for a Surprise a and May never know How Bush and Strauss could reply so instantly and so directly to what they Are supposed to have heard for the first time Only minutes before. Big John without even being Thoro texan John Connally and his a a Start status triggered so much irritation among his big Rich Montero Bay Jamaica neighbors that they Are now paying out extra Money monthly to protect themselves from Conn Aliyy a Fame. This came about after Donna by bought a Home in the Ultra exclusive try All development on the outskirts of Montero Bay. Pollard Simons Dallas millionaire started tryall As a a piece of paradises for those approximately in his own income class once Connally had bought a House in tryall which he Seldom visits according to his neighbors it became an instant major tourist attraction. Ancient jamaican sightseeing buses belched Clouds of smoke from their exhausts All Over tryall and other jamaican visitors drove by in their rented cars a All wanting to look at Connally a Island mansion Retreat. A we practically had a traffic Jam complained one tryall neighbor. Disgusted. Conn Aliyy a neighbors had a Gate placed at the tryall main Entrance manned around the clock by guards at int neighbors expense to keep out the sightseers. Sing along one of the Best liked Texas couples in Washington or. And mrs. James Pipkin formerly of Houston gave a dinner in their suburban Home Here in Honor of another of the Best liked Texas couples Here rep. And mrs. George la. Mahon of Lubbock. There s nothing tho masons who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last december enjoy More than group singing so that s what All the Pipkins guests did Atter dinner. Among the guests were old Houston intends. Watergate prosecutor and mrs. Leon Jaworsky it was one of the very few social events Jaworski has taken time for during his Busy Washington Days and nights. The Pipkins Home by the Way is immediately next door to the House Spiro t. Agnew bought Only a few months before resigning As . Vice president. Pipkin w ill be retiring soon As View president of t Taco the company he has spent a lifetime with following his University of Texas graduation. Mrs. Pipkin is from an old Lubbock family and is among Washington a most beloved hostesses. Lotteries new Hampshire started it All. But eight states now have state run lotteries a arid rip. Wright Patman of Texarkana has pushed the panic Button. Patman who regards any form of state supported gambling As a contrary to Public morality a a has written thousands of religious leaders urging their help in stopping the spread of state lotteries As a substitute for raising taxes. Want to write to Congress l or readers convenience in Contu Maung Wiki members of Cong its Hie addresses of Texas to. 3 senators and the congressmen serving the West Texas area Are Given Here Umar Burleson congressman 17th Texas District canc of House Post office Washington d c., 2u515. Geouge Mahon congressman 19th Texas District care of House Post office Washington. Ilc., 20515. Bob Price congressman 13th Texas District care of House Post office. Washington d.c., 20515. W. R. Poage congressman Lith Texas District care of House Post office Washington. ., 20515. 0. C. Fisher 21st Texas District care of House Post office Washington. D.20515. Lloyd Bentsen. U. S. Senator care of u. S. Senate Post office. Washington. ., 20510. John Tower . Senator care of . Senate Post office. Washington d.c., 20510

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