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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - June 29, 1974, Abilene, Texas rntporter --iDftrei"WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 3 ST FINAL 94TH YEAR, NO. 12 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE. TEXAS, 79604, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 29 1974-THIRTY-EIGHT PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Associated Prest Of) Modern Robin Hood Giveth, But the Low Toketh Awoy SALT LAKE CITY <AP»-He called himself “Robin Hood Public Parking Aide” but his exploits on behalf of overtime parkers have been halted by the law. A couple of weeks ago, Richard Wessman, 24. began walking the streets of downtown Salt Lake City putting coins in expired parking meters. He would leave this card on the windshield of the overtime vehicle: “You have just been rescued from a $3 parking ticket by the Robin Hood Public Park ing Aide. This was done as a public service and can only be continued with your help. Please send $1 to continue this service." Attached was a stamped envelope addressed to VVcss-man's residence. He received $12 from a test run and last Monday went to work in earnest, distributing nearly 300 cards and feeding that many meters. Wessman, who used to deliver stocks for a brokerage firm, said that by Thursday, he had received about $25. The costs went for his postage and the change for the meters. Then the law entered the picture. Salt Lake City Attorney Roger F. Cutler said he phoned Wessman and warned him that he may have violated city laws. Wessman has agreed to quit his enterprise. City la\v specifies that It’s a violation to park for more thari a specified time in a given parking spot no matter how many times you feed a meter. Tires are sometimes marked to determine if a vehicle has been parked at a meter for more than the posted time Agreement Hinted In Missile Talks MOSCOW (AP) — President    sources. Nixon anti Soviet ’-ader Leon- More on Moscow trlpLPg.», 9A    Whitf    House    sources    raid id I. Brezhnev announced Fri-    Nixon and Brezhnev would re- day - rn a manner that aug.    had    <4ncMed    ,alks 1*« Saturday Bested agreement - 11 hat thew    and *"“*»«» had fc“"c'fr^    morning and that by that time "“J* alre?dy ?a"    another agreement between dealt with “the question of ad;    weapon* a>stems-    ,he two nations would be like- ditional measures to limit    There    wouid appcar to be    jy the antiballistic missile sys- I i m i t e d scope for further    that    It terns of their two countries.    aLTeement in the ABM area    Indications    were thai it ...    .    ..    agreement    rn me am un    would involve economic mat- Since negotiating room on inasmuch as a treaty negfiat-    armaments    The the question was limited, it    ed at the 1972 Nixon-Brezhnev    I! * seemed most likely that any    summit here committed each    al Friday to three accords^wt- new accord on ABMs likely nation to maintain only two    J™ would freeze the sophisticated ABM sites — one lo protect its 8 Jr.    T    r defenses a, their present level.    cap,la, and one elsewhere. Following four houis and IO    However, neither country is mg the day to expand their minutes of what w-ere de-    known to have taken maxi-    cow elations and to continue scribed as “very direct” nego-    mum advantage of the 1972    them at Brezhnev's Crimean tiations during the day. the    accord. The Soviets have an    villa late Saturday and Sun- two leaders said the ABM    ABM system to protect Mos-    dav. question “was discussed.    cow only and the sole Amen-    brezhnev    reportedly wanted A joint statement added:    can system is installed at    to make a stag affair of the “An exchange of opinion ako    Grand Forks> N D    stay at hjs Black ^ dactia took place on the question of    xhe    two leaders    expanded near Yalta and the White limiting nuclear weapon tests.    their schedule for summit    House at one point indicated The discussion on this ques-    talks and put their approval    Mrs. Nixon might not accom- tion will be continue1. ”    on agreements to develop arti-    pany her husband there. The tact that the statement    ficial hearts, design houses for    However,    it was learned lat- reterred to continued discus-    earthquake-prone areas and    er that the First Lady would •rn    M    .    a    sion °* Puttin" new curbs on do research on energy go along. I on^v-flirvv Ttnrk    underground tests while say-   ------- - 1    J J    ing nothing about any need for    I The extent of flooding of Kickapoo Creek in Peoria. Iv alter floods, which caused millions of dollars in damage fl!^.L.dis.!!u?sion^n_,^B>.ll.    iHSIOt    TpyOy    . UL, is shown bv the quarter mile of washed out rail* the past weekend. (AP Wirephoto)    —    , radim,.»•«      ...Eta£»T.«h Compt** Reads Thoughts ^ -_____ — M. I I    R    I    NEW    YORK (API — Abba Scientists in Menlo Pork.    ing    too close a generally ■ ■■IPI    ^    I l|PAlUilC 3T I al# A B#|PA# TAB    Khan, the former Israeli for-    Calif., design a computer    dismal    first half of 1974. 11# p IrlvVTII# QI LhHv rn I VV VVI eign 1■*?“• thev s?* «»n n™*0!a pa. 7b. m    t    *    mg professor this fall at Col-    person s silent thoughts. umbia University where he    pQ    3a    A«ws*m*«t»............UA By KITTY FRIEDEN    ACCORDING    to    the official brought the child to shore and scene, said the accident oc- will teach courses dealing    *    Amole** ... ......... 41 Reporter-News Staff Writer    report of Texas Game Warden applied artificial respiration. curred on the south side of the with diplomatic affairs.    The Senote Watergate com- church Now*..........14 UA COMANCHE — Two unre- Billy Works who patrols the 1,111 e*lolts revive the girl lake near a boat ramo    Khan    will teach multilateral-    mittee staff blames bur- cios*i«o4 ...    I-UC lated accidents occurred on    in..    ana    were futile, the report said.    ism in modern diplomacy;    eaucratic    bungling,    and    Comic* ...      4.7C Lake Proctor IO miles east of and iwliml nussine about 6-30    Tbe    Cook    family was wa-    takln 10 l0. currents rn Middle Eastern na-    not    John    B.    Connolly,    for    WM ..    .    ... «A here Friday, one taking the end noticed miming about 6 30 tlun Texas anU en    ni^tjaiia Ijriri it.    ',#m,hsm J*4 case    thwarting    possible    cr,mm-    fcX*'.' .V .VV. . « 7» life of a 5-year-old girl.    1    route lo London, England, lith. 1^. i n Ii t i    o nwar and peace in the Mid-    a|    charges ogoinst a biq ObOu.m............ SC Mirv rook i the daughter    The family began to search where Cook was being trans- night to Nalley-Pickle Funeial    east.    dairy    cooperative    in    1972.    Oil .............. 12.1IA Orland Mr, dames:U    fwred by Gulf Western of New ><»"-Big Spring.    P»    8B‘ . 'I bounced dead by De Leon Jus- spn,'^'1’ a" aUlU ,rUm B,g    Sam    Marshall,    member    of    Dep^ Sf Bm^Elhott pmliament.^1 “ **    wjE? N.w.........13* tire of the Peace Howard Bak-    v ^    the Comanche escue Squad. who could not be reached for -----— *“..........* “““*--—*——-—- cr about 8:20 p.m.    Preston Reed of Blanket a volunteer group called to the comment    m    mmm    m aa #- aj o m....    AsLsivst Fischer Resigns Chess Title rciOii s nearT wonaiiion    a b°ating acddent and was ■ W W    m    ■    taken from Comanche Com-    LOS    ANGELES    (AP) - have decided against my paThe federation said the 1975 munity Hospital to Hendrick    World    chess champion Bobby    ticipation in the 1975 world    contest will involve a maxi- m ll    I    •    ■    •    Memorial Hospital where she Fischer has resigned his title chess championship match, r ■    nu    nrnnrhlTIC    was to undergo surgery.    m a dispute with the Interna- therefore resign my FIDE mum St game*, the winner I    IWVI I^Jr    l%fl ll rn 19    \ hospital spokesman "sakT tional Chess Eederatkm over world championship title.”    being the player who obtains ■    "    Virginia Murphree, the daugh- conditions for the 1975 world    Fischer had sent the federa- IU victories. If after the 36 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina    mobbed his office to ask that    He suffered from a serious    tor of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mur-    chess    championship match.    hon. meeting in Nice, France,    games, neither contestant has HP) _ President Juan D    he slav.    illness in late November phree of Friona, sustained leg    .IiOS An8eles 1imes said    ll!    lhe necessary- IO points, th* peron is suffering from infec-    h,>.i*h    h-, Wn which his doctors diagnosed lacerations and was in satis-    winner is the player who has tious bronchitis which has    J4 ,nr    1 v    as a bronchial condition. At factory condition late Friday.    I he Times said Fischei sent would defend his title    won the most matches. If both mmnlicated his oast heart dis* Ii agile tor the past lew years.    a cable to Dr. Max Euwe,    The federation announced    are eoual th#* chamnion re P ISO his doctors said Friday    ,,e undenveflt surgery in    T'    1    a    I h l    Further details were not president of the federation. Wednesday night that the taluses title ease hts doctors sam friday    Spuin Moro returning from    called it a slight heart attack.    available. Comanche    County    saving:    Fischer proposals had been    tams im title. Th* 7# 1-pur/i/i nresidpnt    exile a vcar ago. and he bas    Some doctors feared that    Sheriff’s offices and Game    “By    getting a limit on the    adopted. But it was not known    The    Times said Fischer s the 78-year-oia presiueii    been under medication for    Peron could become seriously    Warden Works were    investi-    number    of    games in the    if there were revisions that    proposal was that    draws no; needs “absolute rest ana    several ailments.    incapacitated for some time.    gating.    match,    the    FIDE delegates    Fischer found unacceptable.    count and there be    no limit to medical attention to covet    _    ------ __------- ----------------- ----------I  ---2------ the number of games played whatever eventuality.'* said a    But if the final two placers medical bulletin signed by    #    I    rn    I    ll    m m    •    |    ^P|    B    ^*|#    |    a    tied 9-9, the champion would =■«-= Daniel: No More State-Paid Charter rlialits “■=....« Peron s wife and vice presi-    rn    awa    W    WWWW ■    •ara    lished ut Fischer's request ar- dent, Isabel, returned Fiiday    jgj. ^ vvon the w-orld fife from a two-week European    Bv    GARTH    JONES    er intended for delegates to be    the following: Daniel, Alkin,    points, plus 12 cents a mile for    flight to Abilene for the pilot,    from Russian Boris Spasskw tour, arriving only a half hour    Associated    Press    Writer    able to charter planes to their Ray or Sen. Jack Hightower, any automobile travel to and for $296; a May 24 flight from two years ar,o "ave the title before the medical bulletin    AUSTIN,    (AP)    — Constitu-    home and back at state cost.    D-Vernon. “I’m sure Sen.    from the airport,’’ Daniel    Paducah to Austin. $397, and a    to the first player to win slv was released.    lienal Convention officials said    The other two signing the let-    Hightower will also abide by    said.    May 27 flight from    Austin    games. The president has been at    Friday there will be no more ter were* Gov. Dolph Briscoe the wishes of his (convention    Ray says Heady has already back to Paducah, via Abilene,    .    _ home for the past 12 days with    state-paid charter plane flights    mid Texas Court of Criminal    administration) committee,”    been'paid a total of $3,229 in    for $412.    Lena Grumette. a friend of what doctors called flu. He for Rep. Bill neatly, Appeals Presiding Judge John Daniel added.    state tunds since January for    Ray said Heatly’s charier richer s, said she didn't think has been seeing only his clos-    D-Paducah.    F. Onion .lr.    Ray    said he sent back to    charter flights to and from the    flight bill was the only ex-    nscner was resigning his ti- est aides.    And, said Convention Prest-    “As of this action I am not    Heady Friday a $1,105 bill for convention.    pense voucher refused for con- Since his dramatic home-    dent Price Daniel Jr., there    £,),ng to sign any more vouch-    three charter plane flights to    Heatly’s    pilot, Sam Jennings    vention delegates    since Janu-    “He's the best public rela- coming last year, Peron has    will be no repayment    for    ers for charter planes, trains.    and from his Paducah home.    of Abilene, told The Associat-    arv. No other delegate has    dons man in the world,” she been more of a spiritual sym*    flights already made, as    far    buses or charter anything,”    saying the expense voucher    ed Press earlier this week he    asked for repayment of chart-    said. “I think this is just the bol than a statesman.    as he is concerned.    Daniel said.    did not conform to convention    had another $1,600 in bills tor    er flights, he said.    prelude    to    his    demands    for    the Peron threatened on June 12    Daniel made the announce-    Daniel said Sen. A. M. Alkin, travel expense requirements. flights that he had not submit-    Daniel said it would be up to title match. to resign if not assured of ment Friday after he and two D-Paris, and James Ray,    “lf I made a flight in a ted to Heath-.    the Convention Administration    “Bobby has told me many wide support for his pro-    other top state    officials, who executive director    of the con- charter plane I would think I    Ray    said the $1,105 rejected    Committee whether any effort    times that he wants to retain grams. Hours after he spoke,    set the pay and compensation    vention fell the same way.    was entitled to the regular    expense voucher listed a May    is made to recover the money    the title for as many years as scores of thousands of bellow -    for convention delegates,    is-    Any convention expense check    commercial air fare, coach    17 charter flight from Aust. ii    already paid to neatly for the    possible,” she said in an inter1 iug, di'um-hanliug followers    sued a letter saying they nee-    must be signed by any two ut    fare that is, between the two    to Paducah, with a return    plane flights.    view. < ;

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