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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 4

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Abilene, Texas 3&eporterjtotf the storm goes on the Abilene reporter news a Abilene Texas sunday morning june 23, him if in of from. Thence thou Shalt seek the lord thy god thou Shalt find him if thou seek him with All thy heart and with All thy Deuteronomy 4 29 prayer a so often bemoan the fact that it is difficult to come to know \ on lord. Strengthen our desire and our resolve so that we seek with All our hearts and souls to attain this precious goal. Amen. Nato head raises proper calf Ion on soviet detente nato Secretary general Joseph . Luns in opening the 25th anniversary session of the treaty organizations foreign ministers in Ottawa this week did a masterful Job of putting East West detente in proper perspective. Luns former foreign minister of the Netherlands said the soviet Union considers detente a a one Way process serving the exclusive interests of the soviet he also cautioned against assertions that detente already has been achieved. A the reality is different. Detente is looking backward so years of taken from the Abilene reporter news june 23-20 1044 new York gov. Thomas e. Dewey and Ohio gov. John Bricker were nominated by the Republican National convention As presidential and vice presidential candidates respectively at Chicago. Herbert Brownell jr., 40-year-old new York lawyer was elected chairman of the gop National committee to head the 1044 Campaign. American marines and soldiers after crushing the last organized resistance on the Southern half of Saipan in the Marianna islands. Battled northward in an Effort to secure the Pacific Island enemy stronghold. The United states broke diplomatic relations with Finland because of the close Alliance of the finnish government and nazi Germany. The break marked the end of More than two years of . Efforts to make peace Between Finland and Russia. German defenders in France were reported to have thrown the bulk of their 15th and 17th armies into the defense of Caen but Gen. Sir Bernard l. Montgomery a British forces smashed nine counterattacks by the germans in 24 hours and widened a breach in enemy lines. Battered by russian forces on the ground and in the air the German army on the Eastern front backtracked rapidly toward Minsk Over the same Road Napoleon followed in his disastrous Retreat from Moscow Over a Century ago. The big Bend National Park in far Southwest Texas was scheduled to be officially opened on july i 1944. The Park Complex includes 707,895 acres of desert and Mountain terrain. Former president Herbert Hoover re entered the political wars with a scathing denunciation of the democratic administration during the gop National convention in Chicago charging the new Deal a forged shackles for the liberties of our the War department bowed to Strong congressional opposition and began taking Steps to terminate the training of women air Force service pilots Wasp who were being trained at Avenger Field Sweetwater. Gen. H. In Hap Arnold said women pilots already in the program would continue to perform non combat flying assignments. Not yet an established fact. It is simply the goal of our policies and it would be difficult to improve on the Secretary general a analysis of the current world situation. Detente is not yet a fact but the world has reached a Point for the first time in the years of the cold War when the achievement of True detente seems to be within reach. The illusive goal of True peace also is not yet a fact but conditions have never been More Ripe for bringing an end to warfare in contemporary times. The world however still is straddling a Tightrope where one misstep could bring disaster. That the soviet threat to world peace still exists was made Clear during the Arab israeli War of last october. The russians demonstrated in the Middle East As they have elsewhere in the world that they will use Force when the Kremlin feels advantages can he secured without taking disproportionate risks. This has been a Cornerstone of russian foreign policy since the communists grabbed the reins of government during the confusion of the russian revolution. It has also been shown often since world War ii that soviet leaders from Stalin to Brezhnev Are deterred in their global ambitions by a single Factor a Power of the free world. In every instance where the West a be it nato Seato or the United states alone a has stood up to the soviet leadership the Kremlin has backed off and made overtures for peaceful co existence. Collective Security such As that offered in Europe by nato is a Force which the Kremlin understands. Soviet philosophy with regards to detente As expressed by Luns must be understood fully in this country by our leaders our Congress and the people. Defense expenditures and requested military budgets continue to draw heavy fire not Only from ant military forces but from those who would jeopardize the National Security for pet social programs of their own. While military budgets should not be treated As sacred cows to be approved without scrutiny the defense requirements should not be Given the meat a treatment to satisfy social welfare proponents. If the West allows the Kremlin to gain the whip hand the social programs wont mean a thing in a communist controlled world. We can Deal with the russians treat with them engage in Commerce and work toward actual detente and permanent peace. We can do All of those things in safety As Long As we recognize the face of the opponent a and keep in mind his past record. The West can even Trust the Kremlin to remain peaceful a if we show that War is a risk Russia can not afford to take. French Don t savvy Iby Art Buchwald i Paris a the Good news from France is that the French no longer hate americans. Of anything they Are very sympathetic with president Nixon a plight and cannot understand what All the fuss in Washington is about. My Good Friend Francois said to a Salors Mon Vieux what Are you doing to your poor president a a nothing really Francois. Its just that he a in a slight Jam and they re trying to find tout whether they should impeach him or a but what did he do a Francois asked. A a it a hard to explain. You see there were some people working for his reelection who decided to find out what the other political party was doing by bugging its a email oui a Francois said a what is wrong with that a a it Wasny to just a question of bugging the oppositions office. They also discovered that people working for the president had Large amounts of Cash which they were using to sabotage the presidents a nature element. What else would they do if they were trying to beat the other party a a you done to understand Francois. What they were doing was a i understand perfectly a Francois said rather irritably. A but what is wrong with doing something illegal to win an election a a Well it Wasny to just a question of the presidents people doing something illegal. It turned out that when the people involved were arrested an Effort was made to cover up the crime so nobody would know anyone in the White House had anything to do with a Tje comp ends any politician in France would do the same thing a Francois said. A the coverup As far As we know a i continued a involved a former attorney general the head of the Fri and several people Vety High in the administration. All sorts of evidence was destroyed and some of the presidents most trusted men perjured themselves before the Senate watergate committee and the grand a we read All this in the French newspapers. But you still Haven to answered question. We hat did they do wrong a a Francois How can i make you under stand there was one political scandal after another. The vice president of the United states was forced to resign for taking bribes. The White House kept an enemies list which they were going to use to get people who criticized the president. They also hired a plumbers to break into Peoples Homes and offices. One thing led to another and pretty soon there was some question of a whether the president of the United states himself was a in France we would have been very disappointed if our president Wasny to a a in Hen there were other scandals. Or. Nixon forgot to pay $465,000 in income a Vive la Nixon a Francois said. A then it was discovered that the president had tape recorded everyone who came into his office. Some of the tapes could prove whether he was involved in the coverup of the other crimes. The House of representatives and the special prosecutor asked to hear All the tapes but or. Nixon gave them Only a few which he claimed were sufficient to find out if he was guilty or a any Frenchman would do the same thing. You have told nothing so far to explain Why you keep picking on a Francois i did no to want to Tell you this a but the tapes revealed that the president of the United states puts Catsup on his cottage Francois eyes bugged out. , Why did no to you say that before now i understand Why you want to impeach a copyright 1974, los Angeles times washingtonian advertisement on the car radio gave pause the other Day during which i reflected upon the bankruptcy of this country a Trust. The voice came on in a confidential tone a you know we always did think there was something phony about that gasoline shortage. Of course you can get an argument on it. But Over Here at name of Auto dealer we put our Money where our Mouth was. We went out and stocked up on a lot of big Roomy comfortable cars with horsepower to spare. We were betting you a be wanting them soon. , boy were we right a bankruptcy of Trust is implicit. The advertiser is aligning himself with smart people who know better than to believe what their government tells them and can spot a phony gasoline shortage when they see it. And the pause for reflection is a Little frightening. Of i know we talked about the crisis in Confidence during the vietnamese War. But it was a deep thinkers phrase. The disbelief of the Johnson Era was largely confined to sophisticates who looked behind sounds in the bavarian night by John p. Loch Munich a there was a time during world War ii when every morning at about 4 30 a b-25 was tuned up in a revetment too Yards from Barracks. I would Roll Over and catch remaining hours sleep. There is nothing like exposure to hotel culture to demonstrate the extent to which that immunity vanished with youth. I keep try ing. The last time i was Here in Munich for example i had a Lovely outside hotel room with a splendid View. It was during a Fasching a the pre lenten Celebration featuring innumerable parties and an astronomical intake of after these parties the participants worked it off by joyously singing As they wandered Home a and a a Home seemed to be on a course which led directly under window. It was charming up to about 3 30 ., but after that unendurable. I wound up sleeping with head under two pillows full of Goose feathers a to which i am allergic. I was crying and sneezing for the next two Days. Done to get wrong i like bavarian and fes Bock and am quite prepared to admit that recent environment has probably corrupted . After about to . In Massachusetts All you can hear outside our House is the grass growing. So i prepared for this visit with some cunning asking for an inside room lugging foam rubber pillows and even buying some earplugs. We arrived around noon at a splendid hotel were escorted to a splendid inside room overlooking a seemingly peaceful courtyard and took a Brief and wholly peaceful Nap. Of. It was so quiet away from the Street and the trolley cars. However about six a As we were preparing for the evenings entertainment a i suddenly had premonitions of trouble to come. There was a strange sound in the courtyard resembling bricks going through a greenhouse. I went Over opened the two sets of windows raised the outside Bamboo screen and peered Down. Earlier i had noticed two Large steel bins a now i Learned their function. They Rara world were the used bottle receptacles for the hotels four or five restaurants Beer cellars and other eateries. Beer is the Standard Vintage there Are Over 3,000 breweries in Bavari and the Days Supply of empties filled about five Large wagons of the sort used to take Luggage out to aircraft. A substantial bavarian was dumping empties by the Case but a As any sensible person will immediately recognize a whole bottles take up much More space than fragments. So every few minutes when he had reached the appropriate Point the bottle breaker would reach for a tool that looked like a Sledge with a wide Flat Hammer and vigorously proceed to smash his latest layer. He really Laid to with a vengeance but i consoled myself with the thought that if this was done Between six and seven ., it would cause no problems. The night went Well with All the Goose feathered items including that thick quilt which is not tucked in a germans must come equipped with a chromosome that keeps it from sliding off exiled. I was sleeping the sleep of the just until five thirty when to consternation the morning bottle breaker appeared upon the scene to dispose of the nights accumulation. The morning bottle breaker unlike his compatriot was a cheerful soul who whistled and occasionally Yod eled As he worked. And his technique was completely different he threw the bottles one by one into the bin. Indeed As i watched him i began to suspect that he was a College professor whose psychiatrist had recommended this Job As an outlet for aggressions. He sometimes used a full wind up sometimes a sidearm and i swear he had a spitball in Reserve. Instead of standing in one spot he moved around carefully aiming his missiles. After admiring him briefly i began to wish i had a bottle to floor him with. But strangely enough not another person on the courtyard seemed to be disturbed. My wife who i sometimes suspect could sleep through the second coming did no to let out a Peep. Well in went the earplugs and Over head went the foam Pillow but nothing could eliminate that joyous Yodel. So there i Lay mentally writing this column and for the first time in life secretly envying those with hearing problems. But i also planned revenge next time we will ship Over our daughter with her i i and Rock collection and with specific instructions to Start the serenade at 5 30 . It May Lead to a break in diplomatic relations with Bavaria but its time they Learned what real noise is like. A distributed by King features Syndicate Alamo proud heritage by Larry Lawrence perhaps to an 11-year-old granddaughter Busy with her camera the Alamo appears to be a Large edifice a Large enough to equal in size its place in Texas history. To the Grandfather hovering nearby however the historic Mission seems Small and is dwarfed by the san Antonio Skyline As shadows of tall buildings stretch across Alamo Street and touch its weather worn face. Traffic a always moving like a 5 of clock Rush a swirls by and around the famous landmark As town folks and tourists alike Rush thither and Yon Bent on daily tasks or sightseeing ventures in and around the Alamo City. The cacophony of life in a big City comes Forth full blown yet the Tranquility of the Alamo seems almost undisturbed. Even with the sounds and movements of a bustling Metropolis surrounding you it is easy to let the mind Drift backward through the decades. The 20th Century disappears and once More this Mission stands on Virgin soil and the mind visualizes that fateful year in the Distant past when the unselfish dedication of a few brought immortality to the Alamo and to its defenders. Most of us know Many of the names for they have been a part of the heritage Given to us in history books in Texas schools. The whole of Texas history including the stand at the Alamo was brought vividly to life for generation by the comic strip Type books of the 1930s printed and distributed by a major Oil company. We have lived in Many Texas cities with streets bearing the names of such heroes As Bowie Crockett and Travis. Yet each time we visit that historic shrine the Awe returns and we wonder anew what manner of men were these who fought to the death against a mexican army of overwhelming superiority in weapons and manpower. The Alamo appears too fragile too delicate to have provided even slight Protection for its defenders. Modem arms could reduce it to rubble in a matter of minutes. The Battle of the Alamo was As history notes a loss for the texans. But it bought precious time and it sowed the seeds from which the Republic of Tex barbs a 1874 by la inc. By Phil Pastoret explaining Why its not your fault takes six times longer than to Correct it. Add to your dictionary of collective nouns a unanimity of yes men. Pretty soon the City slickers will be trucking produce to the country to sell As a farm fresh vegetables. Of All the nations trucks were stacked in the grand Canyon driving would be much easier. As sprang to full Bloom. The Battle was lost but the War was won and our Alamo became the Symbol of Many a supreme sacrifice in the cause of Freedom. Laughing children and adult chatter break into the reverie and the mind returns to a hot summer Day in 1974. Granddaughter Kelly Perry is about ready to move on to other interesting spots a like the zoo at Brackenridge Parkland to buy souvenirs for Brothers Jeff and Lawrence and other Sweetwater relatives and friends. That a Okay because shrines Are made to be seen photographed and later remembered. But the mind continues to dwell on the Alamo and All that it has meant to generations of texans and what it represents in this material age in which we live. Does the first sight of the Alamo still cause the hearts of Young texans to skip a beat do they know that within its Walls some of the most heroic deeds of any age were performed to provide them with the Freedom they enjoy today have they a today a Young texans a and Young americans a been fully imbued with the dedication the perseverance the love of Freedom and country and the unflinching gallantry of those men who met their ultimate Fate in a Small Mission on Texas soil if we can truly answer yes then our state and our nation need have no fear for the future. The men of the Alamo proved that no obstacle not even death itself can overcome the precepts for which they stood and fought. A remember the Alamo became the Battle cry and it has been uttered Over the decades throughout the world. But today perhaps we should say a never forget the Alamo and what it it was a shining Light in the fight for Texas Freedom and commits each and every texan to keep it undimmed during his or Ber Span of years. A Larry Lawrence is a staff writer for the reporter news Trust chasm by Tom Bratton what the government was saying and to the Young who had a natural interest in doubt. Most americans still believed. According to a University of Michigan poll in 1964. 70 per cent of us believed what elected officials said. Today according to the same poll the figure is 30 per cent. Pollster Lou Harris says that in 1966 41 per cent of americans had a a great Deal of Confidence in members of the executive Branch of the comparable figure for last year was 19 per cent. And when advertisers begin to Appeal to those who knew the governments announcements were a phony a the crisis in Confidence is no longer a crisis. Its a rout. There Isnit enough Confidence around to warrant a sales pitch. One More comparison when John Kennedy told us about the cuban missile crisis 12 years ago the reaction was immediate and unanimous. A yes sir or. President. What do you want to do a today an astonishing number of americans a again according to the polls a actually believe that Richard Nixon was personally involved in the watergate burglary. Since there is no evidence whatever to suggest it Why do so Many people believe it mostly i venture because Richard Nixon denies it. What if an american president stood before the cameras today and told us of another missile crisis what if he showed pictures As Kennedy did would it be another a mph Onyx what percentage of americans would think the pictures were at least As fake As those bound volumes of the White House record to which or. Nixon gestured on to Vietnam gets a share of the blame. Lyndon Johnson is to blame for making promises he keep and then manipulating the facts to make it look As though head kept them. The generals in the Pentagon Bear a Large share of responsibility and i Hope that somebody at West Point kept a record of All those lies the generals told a big lies about casualties and Little lies about pipelines. Surely one of the lessons of that War is that in a democracy a lying general will eventually be a losing one. And some of the bankruptcy of our Trust is a healthy turning away from hyperbole a a tiredness with everything being a number one a every trip a Urf great journey for peace a every crowd some kind of a record so that even millions of ragged egyptians out to cheer our president arouse our suspicions rather than our Pride. We know How Thev got there. But mostly i suppose its watergate and or. Nixon s refusal to Tell us the truth about it. Trust is no longer smart. It s not in. From Trust to disbelief took about to years. How Long will it take to build it Back again a copyright 1974, los Angeles times want to write to Congress for readers convenience in communicating with members of Congress the addresses of Texas . Senators and the congressmen serving the West Texas area Are Given Here Omar Burleson congressman 17th Texas District care of House Post office Washington d.c., 20515. Lloyd Bentsen . Senator care of . Senate Post office Washington d.c., 20510. John Tower . Senator care of . Senate Post office Washington d.c., 20510. George Mahon. Congressman. 19th Texas District care of House Post office Washington d.c., 20515. Bob prick congressman 13th Texas District care of House Post office Washington d.c., 20515. W. R. Poage congressman Lith Texas District care of House Post office Washington d.c., 20515. O. C. Fisher 21st Texas District care of House Post office Washington d.c., 20515. Timely quotes a a we re constantly seeing ads seeking runaway kids and constantly seeing a passing Parade of distraught parents. Since the Federal government does no to see fit to do anything about it i guess i a Ivan Nachman sex Federal investigator and founder of the National runaway in formation Center Clearing House designed to reunite runaway children with parents

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