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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Abilene, Texas In Stlene Sporter without or with offence to friends or foes w e sketch your world exactly As it goes Quot a Byron 94th year no. 6 phone 673-4271 Abilene Texas 79604, sunday morning june 23, 1974-seventy-six pages in six sections 25c sunday Fie state Sale to new Minter Park to feature Large Waterfall kiwanis foundation invites donations for $40,000 goal a Large Waterfall will be the Center of interest in the Vera Hall Minter Park downtown the Abilene kiwanis foundation announced saturday. At the same time the foundation announced the estimated Cost of the Park at $40,000, and invited contributions from the Public to finance it. The Park will be built on the site of the Queen theater which is now being demolished. It is at the Corner of n. 2nd and Cypress its. The Waterfall will be 34 feet Long and will Cascade from a height of 16 feet Down a Wall on the East Side of the Park said de Wishcamper president of the Abilene kiwanis foundation which is developing the project. The foundation is affiliated with the Abilene kiwanis club the Park sponsor. Wishcamper said the existing East and North Walls of the theater will be left standing for use in the Park. The Walls will be attractively finished with lath and plaster. A committee headed by mrs. Frances Maurice Brooks designed the Park plan and compiled the Cost estimate. Other members Are Bob Hitt Jim Tittle and Bill Beaird. All Are members of a nine member kiwanis foundation task Force responsible for the Park. The task Force which includes All six members of the kiwanis foundation Board approved the plan. The Waterfall will generate 900 Gallons of water a minute. Falling into a collecting Pool. The water will recirculate. Underwater lights will illuminate the Waterfall. A the Park plan including the spectacular said Wishcamper a far exceeds any Hopes we had when we initiated this project. We said we wanted a Park with a Fountain planters walkways benches Trees and plantings. When the professionals sat Down at their drawing Board with this idea they created a concept of Beauty we did not know was full grown live Oak Trees will be transplanted to the Park outlining it along both Cypress and n. 2nd its. Two identical raised Brick planters will bring symmetry to the Park and provide space for Flowers. Each planter will be Square and surrounded by benches. Walkways will be of washed aggregate. Plantings will cover All the Park site not used for walkways and the Waterfall collecting Pool. The k i w Anis foundation launched a turd drive in mid May and through last wednesday s weekly luncheon contributions totalled $1,865. Wishcamper said a except for a few individual contributions All this Mone it has been Given in response to see Park. Pm. Ca i of i no . Arms going to Egypt Kissinger by Barry Schweid of phantom jets and other Anwar Sadat an american no associated press writer american gear to defend itself Clear reactor for development Washington apr Sec last october. Of atomic Energy for peaceful Victary of state Henry a. His some . Officials say in uses. He then made a similar Singer has assured Israel that cutely that the jewish state pledge to Israel but several the United states does not was running out of Armuni members of Congress sex contemplate Selling arms to lion and would have sue pressed alarm. Egypt or Syria . And is climbed w without tile american a egyptian technical team Rae i officials said saturday. Airlift. Was Here this week to draw up the assurances were Given while touring the Middle a contract to be signed by to israeli ambassador Simcha East earlier this month. Nixon Lune 30 for the nuclear Assis Dinitz in a one hour meeting promised egyptian president Tance. Friday at the state depart a a ment with Kissinger. In in u meanwhile. Israeli defense i i minister Shimon Peres b All Vii a Alif is a planned an arrival Here h in Dimis a Day to work out a Multi Bil in in we 111 in we lion Dollar Long term program tor . Military and economic assistance to Israel. He will by i b0 i _ _ see Kissinger before the Secre la4#bbb Al Aba l a by by a i 4, f 7 t Jeary leaves with president b Thill Hull b Aba Nixon on his Moscow Summit a a Bibb b Quot Bibb # in Bubba trip tuesday. A Peres will also Confer with r defense Secretary James Al 1 0 a la k i m it Schlesinger. Acc wog to an g by a a1 i in i i % it. I Voltl Smool 1163 1 Kissinger and Dinitz agreed a last w Eek in Jerusalem would meet hereon the by Wene couple awoke question before these m turned into in i is cretan went off for the sum of i a f my in it talks. Hev discovered the body of a r Quot. Israel has been concerned companion dead on Highway a h x about . Intentions in Light approximately 75 Niue a a a a x Ltd \ r a t of the accelerated Friendship West of a��1 my m # Between Washington and the or and is Chaine Marshi Aoi no rpm pal two Arab states that invaded of Abilene told investigators i Vik wilful a Israel last october. That they found Richard Glen two los Angeles police officers Joe Apodaca and Ray Beach near los Angeles. The Beach detail uniforms con relations with the United Barker. 18. Of 1842 n. 6th dead Jeff Pritchard Wear new Beach uniforms Complete Sist of Blue shorts White t shirts and sneakers. A wire states broken off by Cain in he Highway apparently with sidearms As they patrol a bikeway at Playa Del photo and Damascus in 1967, have struck by a vehicle after the been restored. Nixon is asking threesome had pulled Over to Congress for $200 million in sleep in a pickup a by hav Al a 0 economic Aid for Egypt in the Barker was pronounced a a w la Bibb a Bibb Bibi 1lsca ear beginning july i dead at 7.15 a in. Saturday by i Bra by a flip wimm i 3ip Ibi in Ibi i inn inn in arid is seeking an additional i i la Tiibi Bibb Vav i Chw i my $100 million continue Agency Dunwoody after the couple had by by by fund that . Officials say driven with the body to the i w a a a fould be used for rehab Ilita Tye truck Stop and phoned cabbie witnesses second one charges victim $6.05 Israel has depended heavily Richard Barke Richmond a. A it . When he could t get a a i begged them to leave me flagged Down a cab. Military and econ nut Aid. Cau of deaths1mndinvan f0u"d Cost Thomas Gordon $421 to cab to Stop for him at a Down my glasses and my Wallet so rut he said another Man virtually isolated even by for autopsy ordered by Dunwody. Teeing How gang Barker get Home Friday night Ile town bus terminal. They threw them Down in the lumped in the cab too and no or Western friends. Israel until the autopsy Rop Ori is it i eat before the couple disco w us mugged twice. I he Sec i his Guy came up to me Abey he said. Gordon said asked to be taken to an and depended on a massive Supply completed there is no Way it ered him on the Highway Ond time the cab Driver and told me he could get a he had $14 stuffed into a see a Lobl is away t Apt. Ous Wiley of tho Taylor watched and then took him cab a he said. Cret compartment in the Wal dress a few blocks away. County sheriffs office a Aid Home and charged him $6.05. A i followed him and he and . A i wanted to go Home so inside Teodov a irly inh the rom up Gordon. 60. A pastry Cook at another Guy who jumped from after reporting the mugging bad i told the Driver to go a u Vil St. Mary a Hospital said he an Alley took $400 from my to police he went Back to the area j and take other Man Stamford Art show Taramina is at a Lubbock club problems began at about 10 30 front term Ina land Finay then take me Home. A Plum Cru in mow upcoming. _ but when the cab reached he Stamford Art found i 1 a offices. I i by the other Many a destination he Tion will hold its first civic nor la the Taylor county sheiffs Sar Al Kris Imi vhf vhf a and two men who were wait show Ond sole july 1-4 in 3i office Texas rangers depart a a Bra a Abba a a b0l%wii a my Abba tug there pulled Gordon from conjunction with the on Bride cab ment of Public safety wifi cats the cab and beat him. Taking nu0 Cowboy re a a a Quot of a new _ 0a an j Snyder authorities were a Oak m a la i i i i a his Wallet and the $14. Union. Up. In Iid. Crit won a Punk 4b collaborating on the i Vestiga a if Hill i in/101 a ii blah he said the cab Driver just l4itori�u. 4a Tion till Bill vol viiu6i we Milell watched. Abilene s construction is new 21a we Haven found the exalt Gordon reported the second Sam thus of ho7pi5ifcp0r.cn�, Iii to action of the Vii Eastland rns a harmless but said that chief Vietnam War. Resulting in Sec mugging to police at 12 20 k 7 a to Jumble up ii. 16a by said. He added that 1 a Vosti both dismal Sauad from it Morren and mrs. Blackmon eral accidental deaths from . And climbed Back into a upsurge could. A gators Are looking for a Lehi Zili bad acted properly since it is improper handling. The cab. The cab Driver took res 0 b,9 veer. Pm. Of a 2a. A he. Although a we done to know Lanty Samurda afternoon when sometimes difficult to Distin about 20 training rounds him Home and charged him ,5a recording 2b if it s a truck or what a neared to he a of Nim Guise a live she11 from a train Simar to the one found Satur w-�5 for the ride. Gordon went. P. So quote w in Orter Sheh w As found undo i ground. Day in Eastland have turned a Quot Side for Money gave the a h l ass 7ita Quot 6 a v Ink la Barker will the Knish if of a s Mon . Sawyer said that a of up in the area recently la. Driver $7 and told him to keep o True believer in the Ftp two a 1. to ass St a 3 Mona it at Couch in tho apartment of dangerous ammunition has Walters said adding that they the change. A can system. Pm. Today in history 16a norths memorial Hapel. 242 mrs. Barbara Blackman. Bern Brocht Back to the May have come Tom it. Woi Quot ii just had a bad night Quot Akile a a i n i Quot Quot Quot Carnie tho Rev. Tan nip,.,mrs. Blackmon said she states since the end of the ters at Mineral said.____________amin�?1.3$ women new 1.12d Nee death pm. A a. Col 4found the object saturday morning while straightening my b a a a a pm 0 a ethiopian group Froes american nurs6johnnie Morren who called a a it. Hood to Send a bomb Crew Addis Ababa Ethiopia eritrean province. Her release. Three americans the pastor of the Freehold lease but one account said vhf to Eastland. A members of a Gerril Karl a father the Rev. Al and two canadians kidnapped Bible Fellowship Church said the Rev. Or. Mull the a h in. Pirt the ,. Morren said at first he la Independence movement re Mer Dortzbach said at his on an Oil exploration Mission a state department official ther of nine including two on 1 be outskirts thought the Shell could have leased a pregnant american Home in a suburb of Denver in Eritrea three months ago Bruce Reynolds told him and sets of turns said a Debbie of Rassav a after d our Day been one of Many souvenirs of missionary nurse unharmed colo., that what the couple did Are still held. His wife on Friday Neotia picked the wrong weekend to Camel ride. Nother said Suie the Vietnam War that some saturday after holding her for next would depend on Debo mrs. Dortzbach was taken tons were improving and get kidnapped a we had a tri walked under surveillance for sex i had probably Lett at the 27 Days in the wilderness. Rah a physical condition. Hostage May 27 at the mis their daughter might pc re pie graduation that week a two or three Davs to tile Civ apartment. Deborah Dortzbach 24, of a they May leave for a week sinary Hospital at Gumda 25 leased this weekend. The guerrillas have been Shrp a. Mrs. Blackmon said she Freehold nj., said. A i m All in Europe or come Home for a Miles from Asmara where a a we a heard a of rumours fighting for the Index Enfa Eiki carefully Laid the object on a right. I feel Fine after walk week or so of he she and her husband worked. And the last letter we received of Eritrea for to years but Bijj Sii Hilf ,.rri the mattress and left it alone at ing alone into Massaway. A red said. But he added that he a dutch nurse. Anna stick from Earl was t optimistic. Recently stepped up their act 1 Nodi h i i i Morrene a instructions until . Sea port 450 Miles North of understood mrs. Dortzbach Werda 54, was killed. But or. Reynolds told us to cities. They reportedly at i ii ii aug asked Larry Sawyer and up. 4 Barry Here. She is six months preg had been Well cared for by her mrs. Dortzbach is the believe him he said. A and tacked vehicles on the Road 7 n v into a. Haul a Kitsch of the 47th ordnance Nant. Captors. Daughter of the Rev. And mrs. Boy do we believe him now a Between Umar a and Massa 1 . V 7 ? Quot detachment at it. Hood a mrs. Dortzbach telephoned the nurse said her Faith William w. Mull of Freehold. The minister added a Deb a alter widespread mutinies j req its was Rived by helicopter. Her missionary husband. Kart. Kept her going during the four the Rev. Or. Mull said of his Bie decided it was gods will in the ethiopian military. "7 1u> a Jim in. Quot in the ordnance experts Idem i and was then flown to an Emu weeks she was held by the his daughters release that she go there and she was mrs. Dortzbach said she had a u jelled the Shell As a training tonal reunion with him at As eritrean liberation front. A a it a just tremendous it s in his hands and thankfully been treated Well. There were a Suva m counter round. They described it As Mara the capital of Northern the group gave no reason for he has brought her Back Safe different versions of her re see nurse pm. 6a, col. 8

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