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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - June 8, 1974, Abilene, Texas GPfie Mewporter -iAett# "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 3 STAR FINAL 93RD YEAR, NO. 356 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 8. 1974-THIRTY-FOUR PAGES IN FOUR SECTIONS Associated Pres* (IP,U.S. Judge Denies Move to Block 'Deep Throat' Raids By ROY A. JONES II Reporter-News Staff Writer U.S. Dist. Judge Leo Brewster has denied the Studio V Theater’s request for a temporary restraining order which would have prohibited local lawmen from raiding the theater and seizing any more copies of “Deep Throat*’ if it is shown. Apparently it wont be shown anyway, however, as the federal judge said he would order that the two copies of “Deep Throat’’ already confiscated by Abilene police be turned over to the federal court clerk in Abilene pending a hearing which he set for IO a m. Friday, June 21. ADVISED BY Criminal Dist. Atty. Kd Paynter of Judge Brewster’s stand in the case, Taylor County Court-at-Law Judge Lynn Ingalsbe refused a request by Tim Finnical of Dallas, attorney for the Studio V. that one of the prints be returned or that he be allowed to copy the film “so it can be displayed during pendency of litigation of this cause.” “There exists no further copies of ‘Deep Throat* in Abilene,” Finnical said. “If you retain this film (in custody), the court will be participatingStranded by strike Jane Miller of New Haven, Conn , sits atop her luggage anil yawns at Rome Airport Friday during a four-hour nationwide strike that halted all public transportation in Italy and stranded thousands of travelers. (AP Wirephoto!Police Comb Neighborhood Where 2 Children Stabbed By JERRY REED Reporter-News Staff Writer Abilene police Friday ques* Honed residents in the neigh-Itorhood where a 7-year-old bo> was fatally stabbed andAmarillo Tornado Causes Extensive Property Damage AM AR I LU), Tex. (AP) - \ tornado touched down here Friday night causing extensive property damage in a three-block area in the northeast section of the city. A spokesman for the Civil Defense Volunteer Unit said no injuries had been reported. Authorities said two buildings in a small shopping area, housing a laundromat and a pool hall, were destroyed. Heavy damage was reported to other business in the area Damage to residences was moderate to heavy, authorities said. The tornado was accompanied by high winds, heavy ram, and a 12-minute hail storm with golf-ball size hail. his older sister suffered multiple knife wounds early f riday in upstairs bedrooms of their home. .Michael David .\tics was pronounced dead at 2:05 a.m. Friday at Dyess AFB Hospital bv Justice of the Peace Roland Dunned} Police believe he died from a single stab wound rn the back which penetrated his heait. Duuwody ordered an autopsy. REELY NILES. .M chad s i:{-\ear-old sister, was iii satis factory condition at the Dyess Hospital Friday    night.    She called police at 12:47 a.m. Friday .shortly after her assailant ran from the house al 3142 s. 9th St. A third Niles    child,    sis } ear-old Hobble,    slept    unharmed rn a downstairs    bed room of the two-story house, police said. Leads were few late Friday after one day’s investigation. A knife tip thought to be part of the death weapon was found in an upstairs licdroom. Sgt. J. W. Dieketi said. ANOTHER BIT ut physical evidence, nine sinhs of blood, were found bv police—three on the back porch and sidewalk and six on the pavement in the 800 block of Ballinger. The wounded girl described her assailant as about five feet, ten inches to six feet tall. el muscular build, in his mid 30s with short dark hair, ac See < MEILS. Pe. JA. Col. I in the censorship which the police have been engaged iii for the past two weeks.” In refusing to release the film or allow it to be copied. Judge Ingalsbee reiterated his earlier verdict that “Deep Throat” is “obscene . . . patently offensive, and utterly without redeeming social value.” He viewed the film May 23 during lawmen’s first raid on the Studio V Theater and iii a May 24 courtroom hearing. He did not view the film again in the Friday hearing after Finnical and Asst. Criminal Dist. Atty. Billy John Edwards stipulated that the second print of the film, confiscated on May 3t. is identical to the one taken in the May 23 raid. JUST PRIOR to the Frida} afternoon hearing on Finm-eal’s requests, Judge Ingalsbe granted a one-week postponement in the trial of two Studio V employes who had been scheduled to stand trial next .Monday on misdemeanor charges growing out of their May 23 screening of “Deep 'Throat.” Dennis John Mizera. 28. the theater manager, and Stanley Carl Postelniak, 29. a projec tionist. both are charged with “exhibiting obscene material.” a misdemeanor. Mizera is charged with a second count in connection with the May 31 raid. Judge Ingalsbe said he reset the case for June 17 after speaking by telephone with Bennie R. Juarez, a Dallas attorney who said he was hired See THROAT. Pg. 2A. til. 5 Patricia Declares Love For Slain SLA Member By STEPHEN FOX Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - In a taped message received Friday, Patricia Hearst said she was in love with slain Syin-bionese Liberation Arms member William Wolfe and vowed to fight on with the SLA. The 20-year-old fugitive newspaper heiress, kidnaped more than four months ago. reviled her family as the “pig Hearsts” and said she hail been in love with “Cujo.” Wolfe. 23, was known by the SLA as Cujo. his father said a radio station told him Friday. At the Hearst home in Hillsborough. the family spokesman said. “The voice was definitely Patricia’s.” He said the family was “generally depressed” and had no immediate public comment. Calling herself by her SLX name “Tama” and sprinkling lier statement with obscenities. Miss Hearst said she was “reborn” on Mac 17 when “Cujo” and five other SLA members died in a shootout with Los Angeles police. She said SLA members had saved her life when they kidnaped her Feb. 4. She said she was amused at speculation that she had been brainwashed into joining her captors, and strongly indicated she would never surrender “While I have no deatli wish. I have never been afraid of death.” Miss Hearst said. “For this reason, the brain-wash-duress theory of the pig Federal Judge Says Nixon Risks Finding of Contempt WASHINGTON (A Pi President Nixon risks “appropriate procedures under the contempt statutes” by refusing to allow' full access to White House documents wanted in the Plumbers trial. l .S. District Judge Gerhard A. Ge-sell declared Friday. Gesell. in a stern lecture to the President’s chief lawyer, James D. St. Clair, said that Nixon’s shielding of the materials “borders on obstruction” of justice. “I don’t think he understands the consequences of what he is doing,” said Gesell of the President. In a nearby courtroom, meanwhile. Judge John J. Silica lifted the secrecy on a grand jury report which i" known to include the President's name on a list of unm-dicted co-conspirators in the Watergate cover-up. The material is now in the hands of the Supreme Court, how ex er and when it might actually be released to the public was uncertain. At the Capitol, a report by the Senate Watergate committee staff said the Nixon administration had used the federal bureaucracy for political gain and appeared to have violated several criminal laws in the process. The report said the White House and Nixon's campaign committed had taken advantage of government programs, particularly those aimed at minority groups, in a “concerted and concealed endeavor ... to ensure that the administration remained in power.” Later F riday, the U.S. Court of Appeals rejected a move b} several of the Watergate cover-up defendants to disqualify Sirica from presiding at their trial. The petitioners had argued that Sirica was biased toward the prosecution. At the Gesell hearing, the ludge said Nixon and St. Clair had broken an agreement un der which defense lawyers would be able to accompany John D. Ehrlichman in a review- of handwritten note" Ehrlichman left behind at Hie White House. Rebuking St. Clair, Gesell said. “When you make a commitment in open court, you make it to me. You broke it.” The White House policy of narrowly limiting E h r I ic liman’s access to materials he may need for a fair trial is “totally offensive.” Gesell said. “It borders on obstruction.” In the Plumbers case. Ehr-liehman, G. Gordon Liddy and two others are accused in the 1971 break-ui at the ut Hee of Dr. Lewis Fielding, Daniel EUsberg’s psychiatrist. The trial, based on charges that there was a conspiracy to v iolate Fielding's civil rights. is scheduled to begin June 17. To White House claims that "‘•me material Ehrlichman seeks contains highly classified national security information. Gesell has offered to re-v iew the documents in a closed hearing. Gesell said “The position by the President that he will not allow this man to be represented by his counsel is offensive.” Referring to St. Claj; '* see JUDGE. Pg. JA. ( el. 4 Graduation Prayers Gain High Approval RICHMOND, \a. (AP) - A federal judge Friday upheld the right to hold prayers at a high school graduation ceremony. “I can hardly see that the few moments devoted to tlie>e prayers can create any signiti-cant risk of advancing religion.” l.S. District Court Judge Robert R. Merhige Jr. said. In a suit tiled by three graduating seniors of Douglas Freeman High school in suburban Henrico County, .Merhige had been asked to ban the scheduled invocation and benediction on grounds that they violated the doctrine of separation of church and state and court decisions prohibiting prayer in public schools. Merhige said atter a hearing on the suit Thursday that he would rule quickly so an apical could be filed before Monday night's commencement exercises. The defense said it had not made any decision on whether to appeal to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and wanted to study Merhige’s decision more thoroughly. Terming the matter “sensitive and difficult.” Merhige emphasized in hi" decision that the primary purpose of the graduation exercise is eer-emonial and the prayers are “so fleeting” as to constitute peripheral event" He said he was convinced that even though the ceremony was an official school function. “there is no element here of calculated religious indoctrination.” He noted that invocations and benedictions are common-1> made part of numerous public ceremonies and namer-OU" court decisions have found them to be permissible Merhige said he didn t think the students challenging the prayers ran any great risk of being oliended by what the clergymen said and added. “It saddens me to think that some might be offended.” LTV Execs Body Found DALLAS (VI—A partially decomposed body located alit r a dog carried a skull to an apartment was identified Friday as that of Dan Burney, LTV Corp. senior vice president who disappeared atter leaving his downtown office 17 days ago. The identity of the bod} was conLrmed by Deputy Police Chief Walter Fannin based on medical examination of dental charts. The headless corpse, clad in slacks, a white shirt, and brown shoes, was found in a grotesque manner. A dog carried a skull to an apartment in Southeast Dallas earlier in the morning, and police then found the body in a heavily-wooded area. Investigate r William King. who told Mrs. Burney her husband's body had been found, said, “she was in tears when we got there. She knew why we were coming.” A Catholic priest wua with Mrs. Burney at her home. King said. “She was upset, }i*t she did not know what had happened,” King said of informing her. -At least now she knows.” Burney was last seen as lie left his office about ll p.m. May 21. There were no clues until earlier this week, when police arrested Paul Edward Johnson, 29. and charged hun with theft in Burney’s c ai Burney's body was found within walking distance of tin1 location where Johnson was arrested. Johnson remains iii jail under 8100,000 bond. Police said they would present evidence oil the robbery charge to a grand jury Monday. A spokesman said tiling of murder charges would bo de-iayed until at least Heckles bee BUDY, Pg. JA, I ol 8 Hearsts has always amused me. Life is very' precious to me, but I have no delusions that going to prison would keep me alive, and I would never choose to live the rest of my life surrounded bv pigs.” In Emmaus. Pa.. Dr. L.S. Wolfe, father of the SLA member whom Miss Hearst professed to love, said her description of him as a gentle and beautiful man was correct. “lf you are the gentlest of men and afraid of nothing, and see how people are treated. then you must go mad.” Wolfe said. He said he wanted to send a message to Miss Hearst: “Come see me because I understand and tell the ... FBI to just stay away from this house because I can talk to Patty and I can help Patty and I can have Pattv do the right thing.” Young Wolfe had been an adv iser to a black studies program at Vacaville State Prison. where he met Donald “Cinque” DeFreeze, who became the SLA’s leader. Wolfe. DeFreeze — who i ailed himself “General Field Marshal Cinque” - and four women died in the fiery shooi-«*uf. “Cinque” was mentioned later in the tape. “I «iied in that fire on 54tii Mreet, but out of the ashes of it I was reborn. I know what I have to do. My comrades didn t die in vain * I renounced my class priv ilege when C-n arid Cum gave me the name Tania.” Miss Hearst said. “Cujo was the gentlest arid most beautiful man I ever knew.' she said. "He taught me the truth a" he learned it from the beautiful brothers in C alifornia’s concentration camps. “We loved each other so n uoh. And his love for the people wa> so deep that he was willing to give his life for them. Our relationship’.* foundation was our commitment to sec TAPE. pg. 2V Col IInside TodoyBoston Changing Puritanical Image With Porno Shops Boston, the city once known for the puritanical phrase Banned In Boston,” is zoning a district that will be tile exclusive domom of porno shops, sex films, and girlie shows. Pg 6A Congressional attempts to help Jews emigrate from the Soviet Union are hav mg the opposite effect, sass Sec of State Henry Kissinger. Pg 8A. The nation s unemployment rate rises to 5 2 per cent in May, reflecting increasing joblessness among teenagers, the Labor Department re ports Pg 7B Amusement!    JC Acrology Brdfc    go Church News    4,51 Classified    |.JO Comics    |,7C Editorials    4A Form    fA Markets    |,7| Obituaries    70 Oil    JOA Sports    1-4,IC Today rn History    ID TV Loa    4C TV Scout    SC Women'* New*    2JB ;

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