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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, Abilene, Texas ®jte Abilene Sporter -Betas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Bvron MTH YEAR, NO. 33 PHONE 673-4271    ABILENE,    TEXAS,    79604,    SATURDAY    MORNING,    JULY    20,    1974—THIRTY-EIGHT'PAGES*IN THREE SECTIONS Associated Press (ZP) Old Settlers1 Ranks Grow At the Gap BUFFALO GAP—In ballot-ing by qualified old settlers in Buffalo Gap Friday, the present slate of officers of the Old Settlers Assn. was reelected. This year’s voting was the first using printed ballots rather than the traditional voice vote system. Retaining their posts as officers are Glenn Johnson, Buffalo Gap, president; Ruby Purcell, Buffalo Gap, vice president; Bobby Sayles, Tuscola, treasurer; Mrs. Tom Graham. Tuscola, secretary: and Laney Sandell, Tuscola, veteran official. Attendance at Friday's reunion, 406 registered old settlers, topped last year's by 32. Long attendance record 'Pile oldest visitor at the Old Settlers Reunion in Buffalo Gap Friday was Mary Ida Deal, 98, of Buffalo Gap. Mrs. Deal is said to have attended the Reunion for at least the last 25 years, and most friends said they couldn't remember a Reunion without Mrs. Deal. Staff Photos by John Best Oldest cowboy As the oldest cowboy attending the Old Settlers Reunion in Buttalo Gap Friday, J. VV. May, 94. of Lawn proudly displays the tropin awarded him. May joined many other old-timers in celebrating the two-day event.Impeachment Articles Allege Nixon Cover-Up By JIM ADAMS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (API - Articles of impeachment proposed to the House Judiciary' Committee Friday accused President Nixon of direct responsibility for the Watergate burglary and cover-up and a ‘•pattern of massive and persistent, abuse of power tor political purposes.” A set of four impeachment articles unsigned but apparently drafted by the staff headed by special counsel John Dour would impeach the President “of high crimes and misdemeanors in the conduct of his office” including: —The Watergate burglary, cover-up, hush money, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, allowing of perjury by aides and interference with government agencies for all of which “Richard M. Nixon is personally and directly responsible.*’ —Abuse of power in the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service and in the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg’s p s y c h i a-tiist's office. These were described as “part of a pattern of massive and persistent Skydiver Narrowly Misses Being 'Jonahized' by Jewfish CORPUS CHRISTI. Tex. fAP) — Steve Withers, a 20th c entury Jonah, had one non-Bi bl ir a I thought when he was swallowed and spat forth by a monstrous jewfish in the Gulf OI Mexico. “I just wanted to get the hell out of there,” he said. Withers, 25, was scuba diving with veteran diver John Beard last Sunday about two miles off Malachite Beach near Padre Island. Beard said the two men suddenly spotted the largest jewfish he had ever seen, perhaps four feet in diameter, near some pipeline. A jewfish, also known as a grouper, normally is about six teet long and weighs up to 500 pounds. Described as a good game fish, it flus also been seen up to 12 feet long. “I saw' a shadow'. I didn’t even think it was a fish.*’ Withers said Friday, recounting the incident. “I was gonna shoot it, but wasn't sure whether to shoot or not. While I w-as thinking about it, it hit the bottom. I had a good shot at it but the safety on my speargun froze.” The two men closed in as the fish dived repeatedly at the bottom, clouding the 35-toot deep Gulf waters. Somehow the fish popped up behind the men. “When I saw him, he was about two feet away. I could have touched him. Thats when he hit me. It was like someone running into you.'* Withers isn’t sure what happened next. Beard is. “He just inhaled him,” Beard said. He said Withers was swallowed head first all Hie way up to his rubber swim tins. “I don’t know what hap-See JONAH, Pg. 14A. Col. 5 abuse of power for political purposes.” “The pattern of conduct,” the article reads, “has been at the direction of Richard M. Nixon and on his behalf, acting both personally and directly and through his personal agents at the seat of government and their immediate subordinates.” —Contempt of Congress for refusal to comply with the committee’s eight subpoenas for 147 taped conversations. —“Willful tax evasion,’* for which the article says the President was not prosecuted solely because of his office. The committee itself has taken no action on the proposed articles but has sifted through evidence and listened to witnesses regarding the accusations. The four articles are one of five sets of proposed grounds for impeachment before the committee. Four of the sets were drafted by committee members. The other sets include additional proposed articles of im peachment on charges of bribery in the dairy milk price increase, illegal secret bombing of Cambodia, and the firing of former Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Most members said Hoar did not specifically recommend impeachment in presenting the evidence on the proposed impeachment articles to the committee but one member said “reasonable men acting reasonably would find the President guilty ” Dear told newsmen as he left the hearing room that he believes the evidence warrants impeachment of the President. “That is my judgment a' a legal matter, yes,” he said The article regarding the Watergate cover-up and the burglary itself notes that Nixon was named an unindicted co-conspirator by the Water gate grand jury in the coverup, “For his part in t.” the article reads, “he has been found by a jury to have participated in a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice, but not indicted, solely bv reason of his office, leaving the purs int of jus! r e no recourse but through the constitutional proser NIXON. Bg. UA. ( OI S Ziegler Claims Impeachment Inquiry Becoming 'Shambles' SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. fAPi — President Nixon’s chief spokesman Friday accused the chairman and chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee of making “a total shambles** out of the panel s impeachment inquiry. In two sessions with newsmen. White nous*1 Press Se cretary Ronald L. Ziegler was sharply critical of the chairman. Rep Peter \V Rodino, D-N.J.. and chief counsel John Boar, a Republican, contending they have been “putting aside all the principles of fairness.” Speaking out a> the committee besan considering articles Lake at Lowest Level Water Rationing Is a Possibility at Winters By KITTY FRIEDEN Reporter-News Staff Writer WINTERS - For the first time in more than 30 years, residents of this Runnels County town face possible watt-! rationing. According to City Secretary Buford Baldwin, the city’s water source, Lake Winters, is down to about 80 to 120 million gallons — a level that Mayor Homer Hodge describes as its lowest since being built. The lake, located five miles lrom town, has a capacity of approximately 782 million gallons. BALDWIN estimated about tour or five inches of rain is needed within the “next few DPS Chief Cites Indebtedness To 'Many Fine People of Area' By LORETTA FULTON Reporter-News State Editor BROWNWOOD — The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said Friday that he w'as “deeply indebted to many fine people in Brownwood and this area” for the new area office building here. Col. Wilson Speir of Austin was in Brownwood to dedicate the nine-room brick building located in Commerce Square. About 150 citizens and top MPS uiLuals attended the dedication and open house. SPEIR especially praised Rep. Lynn Nabers of Brownwood, former Rep. Ralph Wayne of Plainview' and Sen. Grant Jones of Abilene, who was then a representative, for their efforts in getting a bill passed three years ago to help finance new DPS construction. The law allows part of the driver license fee to go into a building fund. Speir also expressed appre ciation to former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes of Brownwood for his help in getting the bill passed in the senate. Speir also expressed that the people of Texas bad allowed the Department of Public Safety to grow- as much as it has. He said the department wns created in 1935 with 300 persons in it. Now, he said, the DPS ha> 4.300 persons including 2,300 See DPS, Pg. HA, Col. 4 weeks" to prevent rationing.    charing another reservoir with    In the meantime, Winters 'This would seem to be the    Ballinger.    residents    were    asked    Fndav case,” said Hodge, confirming    The    mayor    said Winters had    to limit watering of shrubs the estimate. “Tile ground is    entered into a contract with    -nit to stop lawn and garden so cracked and dry that with    ?n engineering firm for a fea-    watering alto -’her Baldwin these little thundershowers we    nihility study    on    Elm Creek    to set we don't get any runoff.    detcrnnne an adequate water-    „e    sald a fn, weeks pnm The mayor said he could not    tiled for the two cities,    Friday's    request fitment had recall the year that Winters    been asked to cut down on did have to ration water, but    THE'    *    probably    ,    d    „ “if was sometime in the 30n.”    si art work in    the    near future, He explained that at that time    he said.    See WATER.    Pg.    MA.    <    el.    6 the water supply was the Old City Lake, which is now used    ■    *    »    m "irss....«, Longview Resident 1946 as a result of that ration-    “ mg, he said. Now the city is    B a    #    m ^    - torfdng.into the possibility of    Hi!ft    III CfOSH MCQT BALLINGER (RNSi — An    day in guarded condition. elderly Longview man was    Investigating Highway Pa- fry*-—............ ma    WIW Md to Wife injured En-    j L ; s A*t»oio*y .............. IB    cay afternoon wrhen the cur    .    ,    h    - lf****        SB    they were driving smashed    Angelo said the accident ap gSShP” ........ tile    into a tree just east of here.    Pixentlv occurred when the Comic. ... I""Itic    William Thomas Stamps, 73. .tumps aiitnniubile, traveling Editorials  4A was pronounced dead on ar-    on    ' s drove off 'hr ................ JC    rival at Ballinger Memorial    tt'1 SH*e 1,1 ,uatl and OUtZXL............ k?    Hospital shortly after 5 p.m.    struck a tree about five mites oil    ’♦*    His wife, Ione, 63. was taken «*«* Ballinger. Sports ...    ..      mc    Inst to the Ballinger hospital    Mhy Stamps lost control Today in History ......... SB    and later transferred to Shun-    wa . not immediately deter- Tv Scout ......    7.7. 13A ,,on Hospital in San Angelo,    mined, Langcy said Women') Nows ....... 2.3P.    where she was listed late Fn-    The bodv was taken to Allen*    IC of impeachment against Nixon, Ziegler also was critical of the committee's Republican counsel, Albeit Jenner. Responding to a question. Ziegler said. • i ve never had a very high opinion of Mr. Jc oner" Ziegler, who emphasized thai he was talking as Nixon > spokesman, said Rodino has been “falsely presenting a picture of faime'.s" and that Boar and others on the committee start ‘ have shed their raise cloak of impartiality.” The Nixon spokesman express e d particular outra e that Dour on Friday directly urged Nixon's impeachment before the committee. He contended Dour was “out of order in the extreme'' and should be “severel; and set i-oilsly challenged ' Vsked what be thought I loaf s proper role should be Ziegler '•aid the chief counsel .should simply present the evidence to the committee in a fair maimer and permit members to reach their own con-c lusions.Dies, Wife Ballinger Davis Funeral Home in Ballinger pending notification of relatives. The body is to be taken to LeKoy Rader Funeral Home in Longview. Ile vc as a retired safety engineer with the LF. Myers Construction (' o rn p a n v. He was born June 28. hah, iii Ferrell Survivors are his wife, Ione and a daughter. Mrs. Ere Barr of Ruston, l.a.^ ;

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