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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Abilene, Texas Al t Abilene reporter Deris Quot without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it goes Quot a Byro cold 89th yer no. 205 Abilene Texas 79604. Sunday morning. January 8, 1967�?sixty-eight pages in seven sections1,904 for Check swindling 10 cents daily a 20 cents sunday associated press of 2,519 untried cases clog county court at Law # / r % a Jim Jeffrey. Co tilt to attorney by Don Tabor reporter us staff writer there were 2,519 criminal cases pending in Taylor county court at Law at the end of 1966 and according to official records Only two jury trials were held in that court last year. The prosecutor of eases filed in the court county atty. Jim Jeffrey says that arrests have never been made by the sheriffs office in about 2,100 of the pending cases and that the Rise of Impact and new Laws have greatly reduced the necessity of having jury trials. Bradley Miles who took Over As judge of court at Law Jan 1. Pledges a a working court with great Effort toward cleaning up the court docket. Sheriff George Maxwell says his department is hampered by a Lack of information furnished by the county attorney s office in attempting to make arrests. Blame on merchants Jeffrey says local merchants Are a a indiscriminate in taking bad checks which makes up the Hulk of the 2.519 pending cases and do not furnish his office with enough information to give to the sheriff s office. And above it All the majority of merchants quizzed on the matter Are demanding stiffer prosecution. Of the 2.519 pending cases 1.904 arc Check swindling cases. Also of the 2,519 cases 2410 Are 1964, 1965 and 1966 eases. The two jury trials last year compare with eight in 1965, 15 in 1964, eight in 1963 and 29 in 1962. Other related figures show that $29,820.95 in court at Law fines and court casts were paid in 1966 $31,755.8$ in 1965 $28,-512.78 in 1964. $57,166.89 in 1963 and $73,925.12 in 1962. There were 471 Misdemeanour convictions in court at Law last year 574 in 1965, 401 in 1964, 600 in 1963, and 808 in 1962. The vast majority of these in All years Are due to pleas of guilty. There were 1,465 cases filed in the court last year 2,010 in i960 1.814 m 1961 1.311 in 1963 1,354 in 1962. See Edi Torie pm. 8 b there were 1,086 dismissals last Vear 611 in 1965 470 in 1964 590 in 1963, and 712 in 1962. Miles was county attorney from Jan. 1, 1962, until april 1, 1963 Henry Strauss than held the Job until july 1, 1963 James k. Graham was then county attorney until dec 1, 1963, when Jeffrey was appointed to t h c Post. Theo Ash was court at Law judge from sept. 1, 1961. Until july i 1963. Strauss was judge from Tsien until dec. 1. 1963, and James a Graham succeeded Strauss resigning on Jan. 1. 1967. Jeffrey said it has been his experience that jury trials Are held on Only two Type of cases bootlegging and drunk driving he added that since Impact be Gan Selling liquor in late 1962, bootlegging cases have been reduced greatly and that a Law passed in 1965 allows persons charged with drunk driving to receive probation and they now plead guilty. The attorney explained it has been his policy not to press prosecution Many times on Check swindling cases in an attempt to get the checks paid off. $19,900 in restitution Jeffrey estimated that about $19.000 in Check restitution was handled by his office in 1966. Justice of the peace h f. Long who operates the county s Small claims court estimated his office collected $75,000 for see col it pm to. Col. I j i s k. Graham a a judge 3 years f % cos finally. A Leslie c Carpenter reported news capital Bureau a Mington mrs Jac Quelli k Kennedy immediate in Rii spiked gov. John of Nash on her fire t Day with rid who was 63. But her o die the Ini Low in c Ria. Beige j her to try to get along with Conn ally for Politi we a reasons. At bothered mrs. Kennedy v As Jonn Aliy continually say my a great tilings a it out hims ii while needling p resident Ken Nedy All that Day a san an Ionio and Houston or s. Kennedy a surprising sudden dislike of Ltd Onnolly who was trying to get into the same automobile were then vice president Lyndon Johnson and. Sen. Ralph Yarborough. Man Cherie wrote that Yarborough abruptly refused invitations try t Ide in the same car with John on in both san Antonio Andi Houston and that Maury Mav a Crick or. Of san Antonio was responsible for it. Mrs in fined s criticism off 41 blast scene site had been maoists Lold banking soviets react pm. 1ft-a against the proletariat revolution a the posters said. A land and water transportation have Bon stooped and com Murdica und r their control a ruins of the orbit Motel in Las Yogas when six pm Ore were killed and eight injured in an explosion saturday morning. Motel is Lour Block from downtown Las vegas. A Mua Book reports was Chot along with the late president in the nov. 22 Dallas motorcade is the most startling disclosure in look Magazine s first instalment of the William Manchester Book a death of a president a which goes on Sale tuesday. Lit lie new except Lor a few interesting advice against visit rejected Section a books 5 Church 6 Btl Morics 8 Section b Jumble 2 to your Good Hoolih 2 Rusoo notebook 3 astrology 4 business Outlook s amusements 6-7 editorials 8 Oil 9 Section c women s news 1-10 markets 8-9 Section d sports 1-4 form 4 5 classified 6-10 suicidal blast wrecks Motel k a counter revolutionary by Xvi chm red red guards have arrested tons from it Kiiu 6,060 persons according to Wall reports of the flashes came iriv they said the posters in peking. Nud accounts that a showdown ,�?z5 t of Pek 54 killed a was imminent bid Ween comm grip of terror. Japan a Kyodo news service West party chairman Mao tse correspondents re wed red guard Wail posters in Jung and a faction Lead by presently and Public peking reported 51 persons Dent Liu Shao Chi. Liu is act f a Loyal to prop killed. 900 wounded and 6,000mused of being a a Black com Tan Chu. D bounced arrested in clashes tuesday in angrier of the Bourgeois class. A a a a a a a thursday and Friday Kyodo a correspondent in one correspondent represent peking quoted the red guard no the newspaper yom Iuri posters As saying the clash last Aid Defeated a Simo orters of tuesday tied up rail a service in chairman Mao the Tung had 5 called for help from other part n of the nation. S the correspondents said word a of the fighting and the Appeal for help appeared on posters1 pasted on peking Walls Satur for to ctr said my transport was in a of paralysis and that Tele connections were Cut off. Workers and students a czechoslovak dispatch workers and students Section e big country to pull our of see c by Relman Morin Zine. A spokesman for Gardner new York api a presi Cowles editorial chairman. Texas angled sidelights and the Dent John f. Kennedy quoted him As saying the Revi author s meat a attack on the trying to Patch up what he con. Involved on 1.600 words City of Dallas the first in Side red a Petty dispute Between. St ailment is mostly old hat Texas politicians when he met urn in no Way affected the hos virtual la everything else in it his death in Dallas. William Orieal accuracy or Complete has previously been published Manchester reports in his Book a Ess of the Book in new papers. A the death of a president a in that period. November while Manchester writes Sav itself a subject of dispute. 1965, the Book describes Johnson sagely about Dallas he also the feud indirectly involved As a political a cipher. It says makes the astonishing observe Viet president Lyndon b. John he had heard the groundless _ Tion that san Antonio a on an son it Manchester asserts. But persistent rumours that Ordinary Day is a drab a a unappetizing Kennedy might drop him from a i a Llala he also Calls san Antonio it scr Jhing Kennedy a feelings the ticket in the presidential a sly j?p6 fou Al by a. About the three Day tour of Tex Section of 1964. The Kennedy s had Ridden in As m november 1963, Man As evidence of Johnson s a i fl1tsf1s Wpm motorcade with gov. And Orjie legend Unimportance in washing a Kwh Hiim is is Connally in san Antonio and Prospect was Una Pretiz Lton. Manchester say that when from the Airport to the Rice How an j vex eng to the chief exec the vice president wanted to use Tel in Houston when mrs Kern Nedy m the suite told a sudden impulse that she trip seemed to be an impose sometimes mortifying a a disliked Connally munches Man of Hie no promo a ter wrote Ivym Vtha Sci Ituau Mura my <1 s t \ Manchester continued u ,.k.t.d democrats see Book. 2-a. Col he Kennedy asked Why advised k it needy _ some in do you say Quot a 1strongly worded warnings a not a la Ato go to Dallas on the Lour. A the a i mrs. Kennedy in Dallas had be it Viva 1. A. Sui Las vegas a three Story n july Desti Tappa Reo killed so j eight. The rocked is Ion col eve Apt it automatic pistol was found in l Day the posters were signed by poured into banking from note was virtual the Alley behind tin Motel close the peking Branch of the Nank neighbouring Nanhwei province. Saturday by an to a Evered human hand. Hejny proletariat revolutionists a Shanghai and other cities of organization which said it re Kangsu province which in blast that said two rounds of ammunition ill from a member what Wallet with a Perl from a Quot a t to d1 it Ion a r x persons and injured of the same Caliper were found in the Florida ear downtown Are a was authorities said 1 1 2> a a by on expo identification cards issued to r. Be believe was touched j Paris and containing an someone firing a Bullet Arizona permit to carry expo Amite. Rive were found in what re a Ohof said the blast entered Maine of room 214 the Wallet or in room 211 of the orbit inn. Also contained a California drive proved registered to a or. And my. R or License they said. J 1 arts of Hollywood. Calif Franklin said it appeared they a re driving a cur with so Pone a 1 tar the Tim into a in Jtj 1c i f t. P. A dynamite taken to the Motel of Roy Carlisle Aid Paris 28. A and his wife Christine 22, had in Emer surrounded Thone Calle to h a a phone eludes banking. Shanghai is 170 Miles Southeast of banking. The ctr dispatch placed the workers Force at half a million. It Quet d Ltd guard leaflets As saying the workers was to Luard organi Core surrounded and liquidate the r item has been de alien. An est is of the p . My Anu Wiig in i it Tui Vav us a a a. Anderson wer a when mrs. Retentive. It appeared to him that i an air plane he had to apply to a 1 a a. Of \ Rice presidential Johnson ought to be Able to re Brig. Gen. Godfrey a shuehnl11 1 in. Her husband a on j s up. Pute himself Kennedy s air Force aide a and a Al flu 0 a i Ike a that shr a t a a a to a hat would continue the Hadr min m mrhar. The Tnp seemed to to an to a a Mcdow Lac hover Rinaud aia nuns Jon. Man a i extreme sensitivity registered at the Motel listing Hollywood it alii., As their Horn town. The Olk Waeen the Anderson were driving was rented in i Fla. Carlisle said officer a a. A room. Detective l t. Paul Gulas Aid however that no Miocich a a a a a had been found. Police found wires in the Hack a seat of the f lord dalt a which item 400 000 support i t i of Zed prop Ganda chief were reported to be Matching to banking from Shanghai and other nearby districts. Account eel Ogeth a posters Kyodo gave to which it said was r or from the red c in Pekin a on tuesday. 100,000 Mem hers of the a a workers red corps attacked the banking a Zoe to Duvak dispatch told a red guards organi a their Finger no is and Earr were chopped off their Tongue Cut out a is a a r to i Lake surrenders stand him ail Day. Hes just one Home highly charged with in of those men of 1 Dort t of amt turn statement know t just cant Bear his sit Kennedy the Book acting there saying All these great things about him Elf. And he a _ a seems to be needling you it Vou Are of 4. Is printed in italics ail i Mam Hester quotes one of the a you must t say you Dis five. Sen. J. K f of a he him Jackie Kennedy is in very dangerous the body of Edward a Mann Acudo it. The water there is choir director of the 1 s a a Quot a z Pate 1 would a 1 in it Heon t 37-Ui Abii Law Quot he ,u"1 in Al nut 30 �3 do Quot a 1 Hris Quot a Rhu h Learned that the couple Thev a uld not explain that would continue the had t lived in California for Franklin said Thi was an in be of alcoholic hover More than a year dictation someone had planned a now age dim try. George i Rankin suicide a probably right in the 5 Euri he vote was 2,308 to 1,808. Or. Said a charred .2 a Caliper Middle of downtown a then Shimoun said it a a ded to detonate the Dunam p0fh5d that som it n the Motel. Re Ted had a a thai i Nowac ill True this would be the most spectacular suicide yet in thi1 amed gambling resort. The 73-uni? Motel virtually led a the blast i four Iff of the Yoeur of i. Four 60,009 captive on both ride men persons were killed and 400 the fighting who underwent were seriously wounded. The h workers uprising on this Day was led by i Sieving described As a Kangsu province comr ii nist parly soc Plary to killed a on thursday and Friday clash s broke out again and 40 persons were killed 500 wounded and 6,000 arrested. I did the make Clear who made the arrests. Those arrested Deni Ned. These Uris biased by the red pendent for t a a the ii Rino were n Manns Dot act toward him. In m been Coz v0� 0ak Creek Reservoir inc up to a lot of these Texas 11,e otters v. No urge r Kenne wag recovered at about businessmen who weren to for to bypass Dallas the to j m saturday just South him before. What he was real Saemg in the car was that he going to run ahead of me in Texas Well that s All right Bassadore Adlai e St Fyson Wells said the boat which he w i a d e the recovery Wasj Clinton. Moated by Jim Simpkins. Bud tended blocks from town casinos and two n from the lavish Las vegas 5 of gambling resorts. Police Aid the bodies will he positively identified sunday 5 Horn dec 7, 1928, in they said the rooms <1 mo., where he in a Ida j we re n t accused Tan was accused wednesday pm or cd Ajna with guards on leu Chi Chun Aneth Down president Liu Shao Chi main. Pro 801 j j mile a i. Of of a Miree being con 5 was a posters contended strip ducted by Mao and his a Deputy Premier Fao Chu. Party Quot a aimed heir defense minister propaganda chief was behind a Piao the clashes. Fao 60. Emerged As a u r t h ranking Cornu line o in a party Shak Kiich demoted Liu from set Heather Ujj w us a. P a Aiu Ruay just Sou Iii 1 Quot a air �?�1u1 ii if in i ii us lieu he Walt. . No by ays. Were sen. Hubert 11. Hum Lejure he reportedly went Down Sayers and several other All a graduate of Central Mil is prey of Minnesota House whip keeper \ f Welk �1 Abilene civil defense. An state t ollege. In Hale Boggs of Louisiana am said thit the body was recover Abilene emergency service it. A a member of Rexan Well that s All right Bassadore Adlai l. Steu hmm p i in dragging operation about boat operated by Stan Rhomas masonic Lodge Here Iii him but for heavens and Texas National committee ?5 feet so uth of the red buoy was also dragging when the re Simeral a us Gemma Lake Don t get a thing on him. Man Levron he Hon. Which had been placed on the covery was made. M Riding with Elliott s Mccau e that s what 1 came look Magazine is approximate it put where Many boats ral Hong Low u hero to heal i m trying i he death of a president dih believed to have Furtat. From Ahi Ieno san Cin a. I., 1 so Beau Down to Start by getting two people these reports appear m the first in the same car hating no Hod will Souri the arc fun i of people these reports appear m Ine Jim Down when is a it a a Angelo Sweetwater an if they of four instalments total in at Monda afternoon As j 111 ride with 000 words. The Laganne is f.0id other to former i Ici put f j Bree on anybody. A so she shut nearly time _ Rejaee before the 1 Ltd 1 act. Spoke in Spanish mrs. Kennedy spoke in -9 ish in Hoshon to the Lula night of not a or Quot i ill Magazz sought to retrieve a Duck i mpg Ira me or of it Effort since Tim Ait to scheduled to reach news stand sly a p. A it off if a next tuesday morning. Her Apo car had shot. It began. �525 s. Lasalle. Revisions Northeast of dam Navy divers from Corpus Fame Oish mrs John f. Kennedy with the site of the recovery Christi had St ure hed Urc us dons Kan two is Drew her objections to Public was Northeast of the dam. Wells Cess fully Friday and Pari of Klapy l. 1 Bunja to non by look after editors made said that recovery workers had saturday lmo3 Quot a 1 include his wife. Fern Stanford Leve b r a d and y Home at brother enee mis items. Mrs it the it Onie revisions. She has not probably passed Over the spot or Mann was a Field repro o Lite it Riv to his m o t h it i n v however authorized the Pas-1 several times in their daily tentative for the Abilene re mrs Sarah l. Mann of Clinton fhe two people Kennedy Ages that appear in the Maga dragging operations since the Porter news and served Asmo end to hit hard James Paris. 28, and to eighth Pia Only Mao. L co last in and August. I Tiei m $ department of Commerce Essa weather Bureau Crather map put a 10-0 a us wife Chri a Ine 22. H oily. Chou in Lai pro recede to o in the emf c o t d Vood All George f. Per of orcs 67 and Toner Archt Listi the posters reporte try said Tarm 40-45, Sis wife Ai John r. Meli 57, sed it Auwerter. About no. 60. Pro Mau a rest appt a led to do Tion a by banking officials j�0� a Cal a a at Otto it n one nday. My his wife Lillian by Iena a for assistance. But a y or you High i. No a c a it la Suorsa y night 1> Nark Call injured were Lewis Cali Mer. Wei fan instead conservative d sided 1 faction Vujih thelo Back temperatures Sal . Sat. P m. 42 50. And his wife Laura. 66. 1 Taos supp Rte 2 a Rio on. Id. Hgt be my Rich 70. A terrorism 44 my his w fro Calif if ajar nes m san be. 24 a correspond Shimun Sai sent for t d the 38 29 my his i m and a be Boh Chari i. Of. Las Arce \ e 73 a claimed that event la began a Taos m Yides Prea d terror 27 27 24 and his w Ite Essie by Siop ism in Ank is which 1 a aused High and to Fer 24 Nour s ending i bloody insider is to same at last year three 1 a in room one in a a Odin were two in Ara third. Found in a tiler and \ a they Are i scale Massack a a rugs m a sorting be and la frantic to Large ire scat Struggis 1 St not to it it Btu it a -49 Sun rim h7ft Sunspot min by 5-50 b apr Reading at it pm i humidity at in . 48 Par today j 28 so cent

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