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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - January 6, 1974, Abilene, Texas tEfje Abilene Reporter 'WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 93RD YEAR, NO. 203 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 6, 1974—SEVENTY-SIX PAGES IN SIX SECTIONS 23c SUNDAY -Mc State Sales Ta*Dayan Sees 'Concrete' Move WASHINGTON (AP) — Is-    Asked when Israel would be and Israeli forces along the have approached each other raeli defense minister Moshe    ready    to make    its proposal    at    canal.    very substantially.’* Dayan says he thinks the Is- Geneva Dayan replied 'I    ^    ,srae,    js    liMv    t0    The secretary 'said his role rael. cabinet now    will be    don't    know I    don t think    it    seek an    opening    of    the canal remained one of helping    Israel ready to make a formal pres- will take a long Utile. By now    '    and    Egypt    to    reach positions entation in Geneva for Ute dis-    we are already in a position to    J    Egyptian    forces on the -which both sides can accept engagement of Israel, and    make up our minds    east bank* Also, a buffer tone    because they reflect the just Egyptian forces near the Suez    The    Geneva talks    have been manned b Unjte(, Natjons    aspirations of both sides.” Canal-    largely in an exploratory    f    .    t    h_tu._n    *    .    .    . nhase awaiting ’hi* outcome    •    set    up    bt    tween    ,Dayan said “e v e r y bo d y “I’m going home    and I do    0f    israeli    elections held    the sePara,ecl    armies-    should realize that after    such hope that the cabinet will be j^ec an(j [)-,vans mission    Kissinger said Dayan had a long time of hostility and in the position to form some-    Washington ’    *'    presented the views of the Is- fighting and bitter confrontal thing concrete,” Dayan re-    ‘    raeli government “with his    tion between the Egyptians ported after a four hour meet-    Now.    the conference appar- characteristic lucidity and vig-    and ourselves it is very diffi- ing Saturday with Secretary of    entlv will move into a stage of    or.” Kissinger said he present-    cult to make    even the first State Henry A. Kissinger. It    concrete bargaining, begin-    ed “tome of our own ideas”    step toward an    agreement, but was their second meeting at    ning with a specific Israeli    and that 'in the process of the    I hope we are    in a position to the State Department in two    proposal to separate Egyptian    last few days the two positions    achieve such a    step.” Kissinger called the talks    ll    •    I”    •    I    IS'TSR.'ts Harrison Family Purchases hopeful about the    prospects, i"™ra    Downtown    FuIwiIer    Building The secretary indicated that    & differences between the U.S.    „    nt.An,,D    v, ♦ i    j ♦ i ♦ ,.    .    .    By    GEORGE NEAR    hotel.    nounced at a later date. and israeli position, ave    Reporter-News Staff Writer    -For over 25 years we have    Harrison    also announced nan owe .    pnvf>rn_    The two-story Fulwiler    owned and operated the Wind-    plans for improving the Wind- m*ntS i* rnnfprnwi” he said    Building on the northwest cor-    sor Hotel and the Petroleum    sor Hotel. ! n irip th* talk* p»’ ner of N. 4th and Walnut has Building.” Harrison said,    ‘ Over the past three years ♦b J hlf.,1 -mr! urn Ira    purchased    by O D Harri-    ‘ and with the purchase of the    we have been remodeling and baneful that nmffre*' will he    son of Shrcvel)ort. - a11'1    Fulwiler Building we will have    refurnishing our properties,” • k    -v    family from Mrs. Betty M.    available adequate pal king for    Harrison said. He explained able to be mad ii Geneva.    Tomkins.    our guests and tenants.”    that numerous changes have ♦ ^tcus ® n nil*    The Harrison family owns    The    Fulwiler Building has    been made in the Windsor, in- ment. uayan was pn cipa iv    ^ Windsor Hotel, located    more than 50.(HK) square feet    eluding the conversion of concernedI with rte mutual    acr#ss the alley west of ttle    spaoe.    s„me of the gu,.st rooms int0 t-oniniitnieirn. tat tilU j>    Fulwiler Building, as well as    Harrison    said thai details    elficiemy. one-b e d r o o rn, expected iro 1 r.g. pi r6    the five-story Petroleum    for remodeling the building in-    two-bedroom and three-bed- tor a sizable isiaen wnnarawi    Building on Pine north of the    side and outside will be an-    room apartments, from the canal.       -    _    “We have completed instal- Neither he aor Kissinger dis-    mm    rn    A    latino of an automatic eleva- closed to newsmen the sub-    ll    ^    ____ tor for our guests in the hotel stance of their conversation on    mmumt I lOf |%||)illv    an<l w'thin the next three this and related points, a1-    lllvwl W lrvVI#IVII# monttis we will have remod- though Kissinger said he un-    rn    'he    lobby and dining derstood the Egyptian position    room. Harrison said. noting on disengagement “very well”    A    I    #    that the dining room walls will and attempted to present it    LVillM    MlVAVt    be decorated with scenes of -as fairly I could.”    MB F W'1BHB!    Mmu JI UU    old Al)ilene Decorations in the Hermann Eilts, the U.S. am-    ■ ■ WMB    ■    mezzanine also will be bassador to Cairo, participat-    _ ...    ...    ....    ..    .    nat    changed and new lighting fixed in the talks along with oth-    SAN    C LEM EN E, Calif.    Defense Minister Moshe Day-    tures will be installed in the rJniAin In L'inrlarnvm    er US. and Israeli aides. Kis- (APl. 7 P.1TSulpnt .Nlxon    an.    ballroom. upside down rn Kinaergym    „Bger    h£    T    i*    rr&    “21 ^ _ .. ,, ,    .    ,    alone    for about an hour in his    J ! DUt,^e‘ a P* *    (neI quanti of a million Nicolle Quibell. 3. daughter of Et. and    Mrs. Paul    D. Quibell    of 842 Milford attempts    .seventh    floor    office.    Their first    onions on an accelerated null-    on entertained five friends for    dollars in our property in a hand Stand with assistance from YMCA    physical    education    director Mike    Osborn    session    on    Friday    lasted    ti-billion dollar research effort    dinner at their home.    The    downtown Abilene within the during a kindergvm class. More photos,    Pg. ISA.    (Staff Photo bv John Best)    three hours    to make the United States self-    guests were actor    John    last three years,” Harrison ____  —      —     ’    —    —    ------- sufficient in energy.    Wayne,    Florida    neighbor C G.    said, “showing that we have Hoy L Ash, director of the    “Bebe”    Rebozo,    Patricia Hitt,    confidence in its future.” rjUA    Pjiil*/*    iiMtf    P — —--*—    iiifMiuknmf    Office of Management and    who was in assistant svcr--    Pie    Harrison Abilene prop- ■ lac    LQUSC    IVIOV    hema n    fVIVSlClV    Budget, Bewhore by rommer-    (ary ..(Health, Eduction and    en,es    are managed by Mrs. ■    ■■ w    jj    ~    ■    ■    ■ rn w rn w vlm0rn rn    rial jet for a series of confer-    Welfare during Nixons first    Louise Richards, who has Vnces with Nixon on what    term, and Mr. and Mrs    Paul    been employed at the Windsor The cause of    the fire which    The investigation was stall-    telling how long we’ll work.    The    fire started shortly after    aides called “a succession of    Keyes, a telev ision producer.    Hotel for 15 years, destroyed the Central Church cd Friday evening and contin-    kut jn a case jjge jj js ll:30 a m. Friday and burned    major policy decisions” to be    Spokesmen say Hie Pres!-    The Harrison interests also of Christ in Abilene Friday    ued all    day Saturday as Snell    more than likely that we won’t    as Bremen battled for    three    made before submission of the    dent hasn’t    decided yet when    include a 120-room    Chateau has not yet been determined,    and his crew sifted through    1    *    hours.    The fire seemed to be    ^ budget to Congi-ess late    he will return to Washington.    Motor Hotel now under conand “the probability is that    piles of burned debris in the    come up win an exact    initially in the attic of the    this month.    *    He arrived in California Dec.    st ruction in downtown Stireve- the exact cause will never be    church. “As it looks right    cause*.    building, according to fire re-    2<» flying on a regularly    port. the Captain Shreve Hotel known.” according to Capt.    now,” Snell ventured. “It    ports,    but as it burned, the    Sources indicated their dis-    scheduled commercial jetliner    and < addn Hotel in that city, C.D. Snell who is investigating    might have been the heating    THE    ELDERS of the Cen-    roof collapsed spreading the    cessions \ocused on accelera-    as an energy conservation as well as many other busine blaze for the Fire Mar-    unij.”    trtl Church of Christ met Sat-    fire to the ground floor.    tion of a SIO billion research    measure.    ness interests, shahs office.    He said that judgment was    urdav morning, and have an-    No    exact cash estimates of    arid development program based, on reports of the local!-    nounced that there win be a    the damage were available    proposed by Nixon to make    t    Al “THE BUILDING is so com-    tv where the fire was first    Saturday evening.    American independent of tor-    HAmAh KAhfhfiF pletely burned out,” explained    seen, in the east end of the    meeting of the ent ne congre-    .............. eign energy sources by im    UUl Uvll l\U ll VilCr Snelv, -that there is really no    building up in the attic. Snell    gation, men and women, Sun-    . way of telling exactly what    said that either the heating day at 2 .‘to p.m. at the Wood-    IRSToX Aide*    I    he    resider! happened.” Ile added quickly unit or wiring would be Uie lawn ( hunch OI Christ build- 'Not in Service'    ’n d,'’Tdlm'e or a'kitw thai .he investigation would    most likely cuseiu    ,„U. N. ,0lh and Woodlawn.    SAN    FRANCISCO , \Hi    ^    J t    "    rlOUSC WQnCllClQTCJ continue for several days,    Now it is just a process of    san    rnANtihtu (\r) —    1    ,    ■    m    w » though. Arson has been ruled    sifting through tile. wreckage.”    The    elders    have    suggested    The Internal Revenue Service.    than he ongiinatty protea out as a cause of the blaze.    he summed up. ‘ There is no    that members of Central at-    trying to be helpful, sent out a    for what ne nas lermeu 10-    | ----------   -    -    tend services of other congre-    new. release to MO newspa-    jeel independence.    roiirtnpv Fi pc _B    ■    pi    oatinnw c,inriav nvnrninir ^nd    pers, radio and television st a-    Officials said Nixon. Ash    VvUI HIW Y I HW FntAr    gallons Sunday morning, and    tl()ns Jisting tclej)hone num.    Wd White House chief of staff    / I caviler TO tiller    then attend the Sunday alter-    ix-rs .Northern Californians    Alexander M. llaig Jr. also    Republican Borden Cornu noon meeting regarding the    could call for help in untan-    were considering other legisla-    rancher John R <Rkh> An- •    -    I    .    H    future of the church at the    g1,n8 ^ax problems.    tive and budget proposals, in-    ‘ announcuKl Saturdav he SUDerintendent Roca Wmidlawn chm* building.    But    if you called the toll. eluding health, housing and wax a candidate for the Texas IllltllUfclll ''UVV .  ----_L—    fret number listed for people transportation. Legislature in the «3id Dis- outside metropolitan areas, a Th i rile T Horton, 53, a    ILami Bl abas    recording informed you Eli-    T,    f( USS10I)^ ®PP4 *    !,( • cal Studies teacher at .lefter-    ^    USGFV NCW    day the number was "not in    '    Anderson's announcement son Junior High in Abilene,    Jr    TL    wJVI | llVff    service.”    weekend.    1hat he will make a lace in Saturday announced his candi-    J    rn    Greg    Crosby, the IRS's re-    Iii    the afternoon. Nixon    the six-county district ft Hows dacv for the post of county    I    A    lllVAh    A IM A    gional public information offi-    talked by telephone w ith Se-    bv two days the statement by suoerintendent of schools.    y:M.    IV IX ll ll OIDE    cer. explained the number giv-    cretary of State Henry A. Kis-    incumbent Hep. Renal Kosson ...    •„    ,    I    en contained a typographical    singer, after Kissinger's meet-    <D-Snyder! that he will not at the end of th*W»r ^reth^    f    SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.    frarL    ini: in Was pion «dh israeli    sex* another term. ing incumbent Clive Pierce.    W    (API -- W. J, Usery Jr. has    Democrat L. Max Courtney ,, .-arrant    withdrawn his resignation as    lnti#la    Ta/Iou    of Southland became the first Hor ton s a piprf.(»’g    *y v    government’s    top labor    IflSIClC    OOOy    person to file for the District makes the race• p    ‘    JS    trouble-shooter, and has been    IDI seat in the Texas House of office the on y • . ‘    ^    ^    named a special assistant to    l£*YfIC    Fv&llt    Representatives. The post solar anions lh ll county    4    JWm*    the Ficsidcnl. the Western    niSIdHC    I    CAUS    CYGHI    presently is held by Hep. Bill of! ices up fin gin >' 11 • •    White House said Saturday.    ...    M    ■    neatly of Paducah, who as of Other announced candidates    Usery will continue in his    I    Inst    a*    XA//ii/ I liac/1/11/    Saturday hadn’t announced his for county sujierintendent are    tflj    41JHHK    labor fxisition in the govern-    VVI5 \JTiQGT YjUJ I UGSQQ/    political intentions.    m„v    i»    vvivKownv county shools supers ism. and    LIA    tatar’wS    The Texos Constitut.onol AM—I...*. C.l«.d« ll    4    Gait    ...    seeks    Ross,,,,',    po,i Hob Thompson, a special eau-    ffBBVPR    lers as they relate to the ener-    Convention    opens    Tues-    Ao.oMo.eoh    1-3B    ^    ^    (ha)    S(,(,k    thjs    per cent of the vole. cation teacher.    gv crisis.    doy-    Columnists    Stuart    *»•"*    state office is his “first yen-    He    then    ran in 1972 as a Horton has been employed    jn doing so, Usery turned    Long    and Jon Ford pre- -e,rvr* ° r i a    lure” into politics.    Republican against Rosson at Jefferson Junior High for    CHARLES T. HORTON    down aM ()ffer,() become No. 3    view    the sessions on Pg. |JUt “    t0,e,,d0,    JJ    anti lost by about 1,300 votes the past three years.    . . . seeks county spot    man t}lp apb.('IO heirarchy    SA    ond there's a general Bridq#    21    ROSSON, a member of the    in a race in which more than Before that, he spent two    of science degree and master    and thus heir-apparent to fed-    advance on Pg. 9A.    Business Newt ....    Legislature since 1959. *aid    JO. OOO votes were east, years as head coach and so-    of education degree from liar-    el ation H r e s i d e n t George ^Qss trQnsjt jn Abilene ClYssiSed    9.14C    Thursday he wants to devote    Anderson    has been active in cia! studies teacher at Jim    d n-.Simmons University and    Meany. Usery. who will con-    should qet a biq    boost    Crossword Bu**i«    16A    more time to the upcoming    G<)P affairs in West Texas Ned High School in Tuscola    also holds an administrator’s    tinue as director of the Feder-    with the revision of    routes    Ukmnk    4a    ( onstitutional (onvention.    since 1910. Ile lotmeriy served and six years on the coaching    certificate from the Texas Ed-    a1 Mediation and Conciliation    ,    fnr    citv    *•"* New«    7'    Counties iii the district ale    ys a nwmber of the state Restaff and educational faculty    ucation Agency.    Service, will serve as a White    Man    and    storv    Ho^TrYVotioists    UA    Howaid.Scuriy, Duw.son. Bor-    publican Executive Commit- at Hardin-Simmons Universi-    He has done additional work    House adviser “on all labor    pn    IDA    Jumble Rustle    BA    den, Coke and Sterling.    tu tv.    at Abilene Ch! stian College relations matters having to do    *    Markets      1S-20A    Anderson, 44. will be mak* A Lawn native, he gradual-    and Texas Tech Uriverity.    with production, delivery and There is an art to "throw- obituaries    12,    mg his third attempt for elee-    WDERSON    SAID he made ed from Lawn High School in    He is a member of Phi Del-    dispel -ion of energy fuels and    ing'' Q pot. Pg. IB.    Seco a. ....... t,ve 0,fie6 and l,ls ^'<wl try    th(. ratr ,n be<au>e he 1939. He served in the mill-    ta Kappa, a men’s education    power.” a spokesman said.    Settinq the Scene    IB    in the 63rd District    wanted to get name identifier tarv during World W’ar ll and    fraternity, and of Pioneer    In    his    dual    administration    Abilene lawyer tdmund Sport| ...... 1-6,    14C    A one-time Democrat, he    non Re said he had heard at the Korean conflict attaining    Drive Baptist (’htuch.    role. Uscrv will work closely    Yates is still going    strong    Te*a»    21A    ran in 1960 on the Constitution-    the time that Rosson was writhe rank of major and rein-    Horton and his wife. Lois    with federal energy chief WU-    at    78 ofter    51 years os a Tbi, Week in wc*» Te*o«    sa    -j Partv ticket against    US eq from the Army in 1960.    Ruth, have tinct daughters    bam E. Simon, ‘ the White    practicing    attorney.    Pg.    TV Tab (Rub out of Section B)    K(’IJ (k‘()r8f Mahon »l>Uib-    Ste    (    WDH)ATE, Horton received his bachelor    and reside at 992 Leggett.    House said.    15A    w*men'> News    l-UD    bock) and collected about 'h    Pg.    IU. (til. 4 ;

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